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Work Experience:
Intern, NBC Washington DC Bureau, District of Columbia - Assist in network level news research, editorial and operaNonal coverage - Work for broadcast and digital producNon on a daily basis

May 2012 - Present

Producer/Reporter, KOMU TV-NBC, Columbia, Mo. May 2011 - May 2012 - Led a newsroom team and produced three fast-paced local newscasts every week - Organized and wrote dierent news elements including headlines, teases, and scripts - Communicated acNvely with reporters, anchors and directors to ensure clean on-air product - Worked in a one-man band as reporter, on-air presenter, writer and video editor - Covered local news in mid-Missouri area of more than 14 counNes Writer, Video Editor,, Columbia, Mo. August 2011- January 2012 - Synthesized mulNple media perspecNves of specic stories - Produced well-wriZen scripts in broadcast style of 2-3 minutes length - Use Final Cut Pro to produce a nal version of the story for air in a ve-hour shi\ - Received anchor training in both English and Chinese Reporter, KBIA Radio - NPR, Columbia, Mo. May 2011- July 2011 - Monitored local news events of the state capital - Produced concise and accurate scripts in radio style - Used Cool Edit Pro to produce a nal version of the radio story in a three-hour shi\

- - - - - -

Bachelor of Journalism Missouri School of Journalism Fudan University Major: Radio-TV Producing Major: Broadcast News Columbia, Missouri Shanghai, China

Strong team leader and eecNve communicator, interviewer and reporter Experienced in working under deadline pressure and skilled in mulN-tasking Procient in video shooNng and ediNng with Avid News CuZer and Final Cut Pro so\ware Fluent in English as a naNve Chinese speaker

- -

Member of Kappa Tau Alpha (NaNonal honor society in journalism and mass communicaNons) Bachelor of Journalism Magna Cum Laude

References: - Stacey Woelfel, News Director, KOMU-TV,, 573-884-6397 - Randy Reeves, ExecuNve Producer, KOMU-TV,, 573-884-6397 - Jim Flink, VP of News,,, 573-442-4557