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An Incriminating Juxtaposition

Rev. William Cook

Are you weary of "single-issue" people talking about abortion? Are you as tired as I am of hearing Yes we can? According to CNN, officials expect 2,000,000 fawning fans to attend the inauguration of America's 44th and first black President, Barak Hussein Obama. Once in office, President Obama has promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) which will remove every legal impediment to abortion in America. According to the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), FOCA will guarantee "reproductive freedom for future generations of American women." What is "reproductive" about abortion? How many Americans will attend the 35th annual March for Life (MFL) two days later to mourn the brutal murder of approximately 50 million innocent American lives since the U.S. Supreme Courts landmark Roe v. Wade decision giving women the right to terminate their pregnancies at any time, for any reason? How stark will the juxtaposition of these two events be and what will it say about America's values and priorities? In 1998 and 2001 approximately 225,000 attended the March for Life, the events high water mark. Will attendance at this years March reflect the growing ambivalence toward unborn life in America? Will actual attendance figures reflect societys resignation to a practice that continues to have a profound impact on Americas political, social, and demographic future? Or will it demonstrate a growing momentum in support of life? Sunday, January 18 is Sanctity of Life Sunday (SOLS) for the pro-life movement; it is one out of fifty-two Sundays each year when churches are encouraged to commemorate the American holocaust through teaching and music that remind churchgoers of the "fallen" unborn as well as the eternal value of every God-created human life. Notwithstanding the token attention that abortion receives once each year on SOLS, abortion has become little more than a faint blip on the radar screen of most evangelical churches in America. Many church leaders view pro-life activism as an annoyance or distraction from more important spiritual activities and programs. Pervasive apathy in the Church toward abortion does not bode well for the unborn in America or the Churchs evangelical mission. How can we expect God to answer our prayers for spiritual awakening when we turn an apathetic ear to the cries of the unborn? As long as the Church remains disengaged, the death toll will rise and the implications for Americas future will remain grave. We must not mistake Gods patience for His approval. With each abortion, America is storing up wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God who will render to every man according to his deeds. (Romans 2:5-6)
2009 William Cook