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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Note: Please read the APPROVAL PROCESS HANDBOOK 2012-13 1 How do I overcome problems in accessing

the AICTE Web Portal? The accessing of AICTE web portal requires some system requirements which are available under System requirements on the home page of AICTE. Kindly ensure that the configuration of your system with respect to hardware, software and bandwidth meet the system requirements 2 I have Windows 2007 in my computer and Internet Explorer version is 9. It does not support to open the AICTE Web Portal. Please guide me Please upgrade the system 3 Where can I find the formats for different approvals / application forms for New Institute / technical Campus / Increase in Intake / Closure / Supernumerary seats under PIO, NRI category / Change of name / conversion of women to Co - Ed / Foreign collaboration etc. There is a single form for all approval processes and available under Login for AICTE web portal on the home page. Within the form various options will be available for selection of the process. 4 I have lost / forgotten User ID and or password issued to me in the previous year How do I log in? A special link is being provided for this purpose. Please DO NOT apply through Request for New User Id. You will need to pay Rs. 5000/- through payment gateway (e-payment), on the portal to enable you to log in. The payment has to be made by all institutions including Govt/Govt Aided/Universities 5 How long will it take me to get a new User ID after making payment of Rs. 5000? You will receive the User ID & Password immediately on successful payment. These will be sent to you to the email specified by you. 6 How will the previous pending applications (ie applications filed in 2011-12 for establishing new institutions) be processed? All such cases will need to apply afresh and will be treated as new applications. This applies to all applicants whose applications have been either rejected or are under process now 7 Regarding infrastructure, which guidelines i.e. those in old approval process handbook or in new approval process handbook will be applicable? Since all such pending applications are to be uploaded afresh, these will be governed by the new norms.

Whether Government or Government-Aided institutions are exempted from paying the processing fees? Government / Government aided / Central University / State University are exempted from paying the processing fee. Self financing courses shall be charged the processing fee. However Rs. 5000 for User ID and Password will have to be paid by all.

How do I upload my documents? The supporting documents need not be uploaded by the Institute. However, supporting documents as applicable vide appendix 17 and appendix 18 of the approval process hand book 2012 2013, shall be created as separate dockets for each supporting document and submitted to RO after the submission of the application form on the web portal, i.e. if there are 40 supporting documents to be given, then 40 separate dockets will be created with serial number as given in appendix 17 or 18 (as applicable) of process handbook along with the name of the document clearly written on top. Please do not enclose any document which is not specified in the Appendix 17 and 18. Do not file all documents into a single bound volume or a single file since these will be scanned and uploaded at the RO.

10 How do I upload the videos required? Institutions will provide video on CD Compatible with Windows Media Player duration of not more than 5 to 10 minutes while submitting application at Regional office. Regional office shall carry out upload activity. 11 How do I upload Teaching Staff data? Please download the Excel format provided on the website, fill the same Offline and upload it as mentioned in the User Manual. 12 How do I upload support staff data? Please download the Excel format provided on the website, fill the same Offline and upload it as mentioned in the User Manual. 13 How do I upload Student data? Please download the Excel format provided on the website, fill the same Offline and upload it as mentioned in the User Manual. 14 How do I capture Thumb image of staff? Use a Biometric Image scanner with the following specifications Resolution Image Capture Size 500 DPI + 2% 0.5" x 0.7"

Image Output Capability Image Output Format

8 bits per pixel, 256 gray-levels .bmp / .jpg

A recommended device to do the above is USB Fingerprint Sensor: Hamster IV or Hamster Plus from Secugen or equivalent 15 Which finger image do I scan? Left Thumb 16 How do I upload the Thumb image of staff? The scanned image file shall be attached to the respective faculty data in the portal as per procedure described in the User Manual. 17 How do I capture Photograph of staff? Colour photograph with Resolution Image Capture Size Image Output format 72 dpi 2x2 .bmp or .jpg

A recommended device to do the above is any USB Webcam or Digital Camera. 18 How do I upload the Photograph image of staff? The scanned image file shall be attached to the respective faculty data in the portal as per procedure described in the User Manual. 19 Whether Professors of Applied Sciences viz. Science and Humanities stream are eligible for the post of Principal / Director? No 20 What is the maximum age limit permissible to be eligible for the post of Principal / Director? 65 Years 21 Keeping in view that the norms regarding infrastructure have been changed in the new approval process handbook, certain alterations in the approved building plan submitted in case of pending application may be required. Is it permissible? Such alterations are acceptable only if some internal partitioning are involved in such alterations without affecting the layout plan and outer boundaries 22 Whether collaborations and partnerships between Indian and Foreign University are allowed in second shift? No

23 What are the norms for PGDM programs Refer Appendix 9 of the approval process hand book 2012 2013 24 Whether it is possible for the existing institutions to form a Technical Campus of few existing institutions and a newly proposed institution? Yes 25 Can I apply for a Technical Campus which has more than one Institution running same program Yes 26 Can I apply for a new Institute under PPP / BOT Model anywhere in India No. This provision is available in 241 districts where no AICTE approved Institution exists. See appendix 16 of the approval process hand book 2012-13 27 My University / Program / Course etc is not listed in the drop down menu seen in the web portal. What do I do? If such details are not available in the drop down menu, please send an email in the appropriate form. This can be addressed only at the system maintenance level and approximately will take 48 hrs to be corrected / added to the drop down menu. 28 I want to apply for Tuition fee waiver scheme. How do I do? Tuition fee waiver scheme is mandatory in all AICTE approved Institutions to the extent of 5% of intake and is applicable to all courses. These are supernumerary seats. The admissions will be done by respective State Governments by inviting applications and declaring a separate merit list for this category. 29 Who is eligible for Tuition fee waiver scheme? A candidate whos annual family income is less than Rs 4.5 laks. 30 Error message on the Portal, Server Busy-----etc Retry after some time. Also Check your Bandwidth, H/W specifications, browser version and browser settings 31 Slow system response Check the bandwidth. Required bandwidth is at least 2 Mbps at your machine end. 32 I have clicked on submit button by mistake though the form is still incomplete. Avoid this situation. However... 33 When can I press SUBMIT button? On pressing SUBMIT button, the application shall become NON-EDITABLE. Hence press this button only when you confirm all the entries and correctness thereof. 34 Can I open more than one application id?

No 35 Do I need to SAVE every time? No. The system Auto Saves 36 Can I start Diploma courses in the existing Degree college? Yes. Only in the second shift provided the same course is running in the Degree Program in the first shift and there is no UG, PG Course running in second shift 37 Can I start any Program / Course in the Existing Institutions? Yes. Any Program under Technical Campus or Courses in the First / General Shift 38 What Programs / Courses can be started in the Existing Institutions in the second shift? Programs / Courses as in Table 10.1 of Chapter II, can be started in the second shift, provided the same is running in the first shift. 39 Can I apply for Diploma Courses along with degree courses in the same Institute? Yes. Only in the second shift provided the same course is running in the Degree Program in the first shift and there is no UG, PG Course running in second shift 40 My Processing fee is calculated wrongly What should I do? Every process has a processing fee. If you opt for a certain process by pressing the tab, then that processing fee will be added to your total fee even if you leave the form / field blank. Hence pleases check the tabs that you have pressed. 41 When should I submit Hard Copy of all documents to RO All Documents shall be submitted in person to RO within five days of the application form being submitted on the Web Portal. 42 How should I submit the Hard Copy of Documents? All required documents shall be kept separate and in a box file. DO NOT bind in any form the required documents. 43 What other documents are required? Along with the required documents, you need to submit the receipts of the Affiliating university, the State Government and the printed application form generated from the Web portal. 44 Can I submit photocopies of all required documents? Yes. However they should be attested as required, readable, not torn, and not folded or crumpled. 45 I have a Problem in importing Data from Excel format Read General Instructions for filling the Excel Sheet from Details for Importing Application Data from Excel Sheet (Download the latest Excel sheet) in the announcements section on the home page of AICTE Web Portal. 46 How do I fill the data in the Excel Sheet

Use Drop Down Menu if available. Else, enter the Data required. However do not copy data from other records / Cells which creates validation problems and may not allow you to import data. 47 I have a valid LOA for two years or till 2013. Should I fill data? Yes. It is mandatory. All institutions who have been issued LOA but not started the program, should apply in the portal for EOA 48 I have a valid LOI for polytechnics / Diploma. Should I apply on the Web Portal? Yes. The new process has no provision for LOI. 49 Are provisions to be made for Physically handicapped students Yes. This is mandatory as per provisions for New as well as existing Institutions. 50 How do I process for appointing teaching, administrative and other staff? Complete all Processes other than issuing appointment letters by the time you are issued LOA or Extension of approval letter after which you shall upload all staff data on the Web Portal. 51 I want to start a new Course in my Institute. What shall I do? The Registrar of the affiliating University needs to certify that the course is duly instituted in the University. Based on such certification the drop down menu shall be updated for entry of data. This is also applicable to autonomous institutions. 52 I have one institute that conducts two different programs such as MBA and MCA or Engineering and MBA etc. Earlier, I have been given two different EOA letters. However I have a single Principal / Director for the two programs. How should I fill the data on-line? In the Program tab, add both the Programs as existing Programs. You will be processed for issuance of a single EOA 53 I conduct PGDM and MBA programs. Am I eligible for two increases in each of these? No. PGDM and MBA are both Management Programs. A program is entitled for only two increases. 54 We have AICTE approval for conducting PGDM program. Can we add MBA as additional Course? Yes 55 Can we add new Courses and Programs Yes, subject to the rules as mentioned in the Approval Process handbook and subject to no deficiencies 56 By mistake we have filled some wrong information on web portal and pressed the submit button, then we took another user ID and password, and again filled the information. Accordingly, there are two Institutional IDs and both IDs have print options for EoA Letters. How to delete the first application and ID? All are advised to register for only one ID per Institute. Beyond this the query may be

raised to AICTE 57 Can I edit last year Data? No. If for some reason the data needs to be edited, the same may be informed to AICTE 58 What are the modes of payment allowed for remitting the processing and other fees? Only payment through internet banking is allowed this year. All institutions are requested to have internet banking facility for their corporate accounts. 59 Shall we get more chances to correct our deficiencies after submitting the application? No. It is not possible to correct the entries after submitting the application as the applicants can view the deficiency using the deficiency tab and make sure that their data are correct before submission. 60 What is the difference between program and level? What is course? The programs are Engineering, Management, Architecture, Pharmacy, Applied Arts & Crafts, MCA, HMCT whereas level is Under Graduate and Post Graduate. However Diploma will be treated as a Program. The Course means Civil, Mechanical etc. offered under a program. 61 How many courses can I apply and likely to get sanctioned for existing institutions? If there are no deficiencies, an institution can apply and get approval either for two additional courses or increases per program per level 62 What is Technical Campus? In my institution several programmes like Management, MCA, Engineering and Architecture are run. Is it necessary that I should apply to convert my institution to Technical Campus? Please read 1.0 under Chapter 1 to know more about technical campus. It is neither mandatory nor required to convert such Institutions to Technical Campus. 63 How do I apply for a Technical Campus Apply for EOA of all Existing Institutions on the Campus Apply for New Institutions to be set up for different Programs on the same Campus each separately Select the Technical Campus tab in any one of the constituent Institutions on the Campus. This will be treated as the Parent Institute. A separate ID for the Technical Campus will be generated. Rs. 2.0 Laks processing fee on account of Application to Technical Campus has to be paid. Under the tab Technical Campus enters the IDs and Name of the constituent Institutions that you want to be included in Technical Campus, one below the other. You may check the deficiency of the Technical Campus using the deficiency tab If there are no deficiencies then the application for Technical Campus will be processed further for approvals. However, if there are deficiencies that may not be possible to be rectified, constituent Institutions will be processed further for approvals like EOA individually.

64 Di have to purchase e-journals for polytechnics This is optional for Polytechnics. However the other rules remain the same. 65 I have Engineering Institute where Management Program has been allowed to run as a course in the past. Can I apply for two additional divisions in Management Program in the same Institute if there are no deficiencies No. 66 How to do the above? And how do I apply for the Technical Campus to share resources First you will need to apply for conducting Management Program in a new Building as a New Institute When this is approved, you will be allowed to shift the division of management currently running in the engineering Institute to the new Institute. You will be eligible for two additional divisions in Management Program in this Institute if there are no deficiencies. Now you will follow the procedure as indicated in answer to 63 above. What are the entry level qualifications for Part Time Diploma programs 67 Please read the Annexure II of the corrigendum of 18/11/11 68 Who can be appointed as Director / Principal / Dean in a Technical Campus? The Director can be from any program running in a Technical Camus but needs to have qualifications as per that program The Head of the Constituent programs shall be called Principal / Dean The Principal / Dean of the Constituent Institute will be from respective programs running in a Technical Camus and need to have qualifications as per that program Can I share e-journals in a Technical Campus 69 Yes. However the subscription shall be for all programs being conducted within the Technical Campus 70 Can I share e-Journals between different Institutions run by same society / Trust / section 25 Company No 71 Who conducts Admissions for Part Time Programs? The Competent Authority of the State Government 72 Are super Numeracy seats available in second shift No seats are approved under super Numeracy category in second shift 73 Can I conduct PGDM as a part time program No. Part Time Programs shall be approved only in University approved Courses 74 Can I convert PGDM into MBA?

No. Apply for closure of PGDM and apply new for MBA under Program Management. 75 Is it necessary to create infrastructure, labs, computers, books etc for the additional courses applied at the time of making application online. Yes. All infrastructure, labs, computers, books etc for the additional courses applied needs to be created at the time of making application online. Required faculty for the additional courses needs to be appointed after the approval of the courses but before the next academic year starts. 76 I have paid excess processing fees earlier during 2009, 10, 11. How do I apply for refund of the same. A Refund / Recovery tab will be provided on the portal. You will need to apply online with all the details as required. 77 Can an Institute where one batch has not yet passed, apply for a new PG course? Yes 78 Can I pay through RTGS or Pay orders the processing fee? No. All processing fee shall be paid only through Corporate Internet Banking facility 79 Can I apply for a new course in lieu of a course that I want to close? No. Closure and increase in intake are two independent activities 80 Can I affiliate one Course / Program to a University and another Course / Program affiliated to another University No