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Cristian Carter



Cristian Carter

English version by Daniel Lara Cid English – Spanish Translator Graduate in Translation Universidad Católica de Temuco Chile


Cristian Carter


“´Descend from the depths of yourself, and manage to see your good soul. Happiness is also made by oneself with good behaviour”.

Are you happy? It depends on anything?


Happiness, as an integral permanent state of mental spiritual joy, related to internal and external factors, is what any intelligent person aspires as life’s main goal, and it is related to the great values taken from the great philosophies and behavioural sciences, in order to achieve them concrete and stably through them.

The present text is mixed with freedom – without any prejudice or interference - , assertively looking the content of the things, but the form, with mottos, questions, glosses and metaphors; and transversally, the philosophical and scientific teachings, that I have learned from great master and specialists – from the classical, traditional, political, mathematical, religious, spiritual and scientific studies (classical, modern and religious philosophies, Buddhism, Christianity, Moslem, Reiki, Yoga, psychiatry, psychology, sociology, quantum physics, law, etc.) - , which, rationally and spiritually illuminated, and through meditation give us directions and tools in education and transcendental values, which points at a same sense and are intrinsically related concepts, which serves us to grow in this challenge day after day: “the way of life”.

This growing way is individual, and reaching it is the responsibility and duty for everyone and it is the goal of a transcendental permanent happiness. That’s why it is necessary to study, educate and do meditation permanently – consciously and relating the mind, questioning the cause of things; of course, having limits in superior human values -, mainly dealing with emotions and relationships. This knowledge is not thought in college and professional education, and is seldom integrated in families and in our today’s Western culture. It’s only because of it that it is possible to understand, progress and give new reading material, so a reflexive, awake, free and open mind is required, which comprehends more, differently and deeply - “Watch if you have eyes, and hear if


Cristian Carter

you have ears” – because there’s no growing up, nor transcendence without that


Several transcendental topics in everybody’s life are dealt, which are beyond themselves, with an academic and intellectual purpose – leaving away chains of ignorance and prejudice, which link us to basic primitive inferior levels of human development -, and allow us reflect in bias of mental, cultural, social and spiritual development; and through meditation and reflection, mental exercise – thinking – and reaching by yourself maxims that open up your mind and discover great truths, values and true happiness, which is beyond material issues, because it is just appearance (no prejudice about the importance of it in daily life and a life in decent conditions which a human being deserves) and more related to integrity and physical, mental, psychological and spiritual harmony; of love and self-care and to others; of empathy, truth, transparency, and solidarity; of a good link to nature and spiritual issues; intelligence, especially dealing with emotional and social well-being; of respect for life, our environment, and each and every living being. All these concepts are extracted from great values, philosophies and researches, which need to be known and analyzed personally, to achieve a healthy life with permanent happiness, beyond challenges and circumstances.

It is always achieved “elevating thinking to a level which anyone can establish as a general behaviour pattern”, healthy, fair and focused on everybody’s happiness. That’s why this book is called “Universal Mentality”, and deals with transcendental topics – in subtexts - , as ethics, life as law, beauty, intelligence, sexuality, human rights, virtue, God and the Universe, and a personal proposal.

I hope that you can consider the points of this book through a free reflexive meditation, with a transcendental sight, optimistic and happy, recognizing us consciously. Also, I hope you can achieve a decent, loving, healthy and genuinely happy life through the book’s teachings.


Cristian Carter















Cristian Carter


1. ABOUT OBJECTIVE ETHICS, GOOD AND BAD “Decency of being, of acting, is plenty of virtue.

“Decency of being, of acting, is plenty of virtue. One is made of the other, and it is richer when pursuing the integrity of people; a proportional acting, close to peace, loyalty, control of rage, avarice, jealousy, and other negative values, proper to people, which while time go by, we see how it seizes anyone who find it first, and approaches to gigantic steps to corruption more and more; downfall seems imminent, and we see it is a constant in mankind, but everything is not lost, advances in social, civil and political rights and new freedoms demonstrates that all the previous sayings are present, and the evil power is strong, but no more than good, and it’s too strong, that doesn’t let it predominate over the other; thus, there’s a hope, and nobody who writes anything different never gets involved in one or another, which is not important, but believing in good is, while being conscious of bad. We can recognize both words, and fighting for it more and more is worthy, Decency of being”

So it is necessary to determine the limits between good and bad, and considering the uncountable thesis which history has originated from secular, religious and spiritual philosophies, and beyond policies made through judicial normative, we can say that the GOOD, decent thought and act, which is also clever, polite (understanding, knowledge, change) and adequate (because the effects of good, as well as bad, are generated unavoidable in the same sense, internally and in the mean it’s done. Sooner or later,


Cristian Carter

good vibrations attract themselves, as bad vibrations always do the same; that’s why people think about what to do or say) “is free to do what it wants, while it didn’t objectively hurt anyone else or himself/herself, physical or psychologically, because of a positive conduct, omission, or negligence”. This rule is applied to every analysis about people’s behaviour and it clearly has, as reference, the superior values which humanity has considered, being mainly, as stated on the United Nations declaration, respect for people’s dignity, freedom and equity.

So, for instance, killing is bad. Why? Because anyone hurts physically to anybody else,

and also, psychologically to their inner circle (an exception can be self-defence). Another example is a parent who doesn’t feed his/her child, because this omission affects his/her physical and emotional development which can cause his/her death. Robbery and fraud cause physical damage in the other’s personal assets, and also

Gossiping about anybody else, making

(a conduct

cause by envy – we wish what we don’t have or what we aren’t, and if we don’t, destroy that people verbally – misfortune, frustrations and internal problems which are expressed in that way, normally sexual or materially; why other person’s private issues can be so appealing if it doesn’t hurt others?, clear damaging, improper behaviour, which causes public shame and psychological damage (except in cases of humour, information, etc).

psychological damage in the one who suffers.

others feel uncomfortable and nosing around his/her own personal issues

Raping or abuse

causes physical and psychological

damage in

the victim.

Incest is harmful rather in the damage on possible vices on descendants (which is just a simply political position, because in certain historical moments it was regarded as a nobility right), and also damages and vices the indemnity of children and teenagers’ free sexual growing. It’s quite similar in paedophilia (according to psychology, having sex with 14 years old children or under; and legally, it’s sanctioned as raping), or rape for abuse in power circumstances over the child; or damaging public property, which is a damage to the State and affects to physical and psychological life quality of everyone.

Taking drugs damages the familiar and social environment, and also the person itself. Dependency on sex vices mind and can affect productivity (Foucault), like getting rich at others’ expense, with no legal cause. Killing animals indiscriminately not for feeding or science usage damages the animal physically and the conscious – the psyche – of all the human beings who believe in respect for life, and it can also


Cristian Carter

affect future generations, and so does destruction of nature, or anyone who offends a blind or disabled person, because it is a psychological damage for him/her. And the analysis of cases continues.

From it, disapproval and necessary social and legal protection proportional to damage is generated. We refer to objective damage, because we can’t regard an act which is just detrimental from a relative subjective personal point of view as wrong or immoral or deserving social and/or legal protection, against the respect for culture and customs, which can exonerate it in certain circumstances. For instance, if a person regards that a woman can be punished for walking down the streets without her “gurca”

(unfortunately, in some countries it is still compulsory), and it can’t be taken into account, because the damage allegation is, in the same way, opposite to dignity and equity of every person regardless of her sex, I mean, her Human Rights. Or even, the damage allegation made because a couple of men kiss each other in the street, because, although it affects the person’s Victorian morality – “bad secret sex”, “evil abnormal homosexuality”, based on prejudice, ignorance or, occasionally, hypocrisy and jealousy – that only allegation or complaint can also be dismissed because it’s opposite to human rights, people´s dignity, freedom and equity and scientific reasoning (see the text about sexuality, and mainly Foucault, Kinsey, and other great sexologists, psychiatrists and psychologists).

Still, if we analyze finely those cases, we can see that who makes damage and deserves the sanction because of lack of ethics and reasoning, that person is precisely the one who complains about the false injury or dreadful action, because it damages psychologically that woman or that couple in her/their consideration as individuals and dignity as human beings. It also includes can lead to battery, assassination, depression, or serious traumas, particularly in depressive personalities (personal style caused by affective links, which searches just for public recognition; also see phobic and obsessive), and that allegation is also opposite to basic principles and values of mankind which allow us to live in a diverse peaceful society.

dangers of sects and certain

positions which can become absolute based on prejudices which had multiple origins, and are opposite to transcendental values – human rights – and warn us to be careful and think before judge and act, demonstrating that we are superior animals, with genuine

The previous


are a conscious warning about


Cristian Carter

capability of reason, in order to live in a world of conscious and general well-being,

which must be concreted in all over the world right now.

These thoughts and behaviour opposite to human rights – self-respect and to others,

love, life, physical and psychological integrity, freedom, equity – are primitive basic

aberrant principles and an insult to ethics (immoral themselves), beauty and

intelligence; such as making an attempt on other’s life or assets, or all kinds of

discrimination (racial, genre, sexuality, religion, income level, etc.), which millions of

people have suffered for a long time. They normally come from childhood trauma s ,

physical abuse or rape, or from a bad upbringing based on ignorance prejudice or scarce

capacity of reflection and real understanding of good and bad (he/she only repeats and accepts what the others say), or from a wrong interpretation and comprehension of

religious quotations, said in other contexts. All of these are immoral conducts and

thoughts which evidence the existence of psychopathologies or unhealthy “poor”

manners (“poor” meaning lack of mental and spiritual values) of thinking and

perceiving life, because of the previously explained causes, in the person who thinks in

that way, because whoever not respecting dignity and human rights, suffers those

disorders. For instance, a Nazi who believes his/her race is better than his/her, a

fraudster, a burglar, a jealous gossip person, a murderer, or a dictator of behaviour and

conscious on behalf of the good of all, or a being who, on behalf of a god, condemns as

a sinner or regards as a deviant to somebody who belongs to another religion or is gay,

denying with it all his/her rights, such as having his/her own family (who normally have

sexual traumas – see Foucault, Freud – or political interests or just dependency, because

of lack of clarity of values, from the belonging Church). That’s why it’s necessary to be

certain about those values and teach them to young people, which are the future and the

guarantee of a better world, if raised and well educated.

As we can appreciate, ethics are not as subjective as vulgarized in relation to reasoning

because of uncertainty, because it has certain clear limits, which are twin concepts:

human rights and transcendental superior human values.

It is also essential, since this moment, –not in one hundred more years – that the UN – a

democratic entity, representative of the whole world – would have universal power,

regardless of the (non)existence of approval from the States, in order to warranty the

basic transcendental human values which allow us to live with justice, peace and


Cristian Carter

fraternity, minimal issues for all person’s optimum quality of life, regardless of the place they live and can be prone to his/her free growing and happiness.


Cristian Carter


ABOUT RIGHT TO LIFE, ABORTION, DEATH PENALTY AND EUTHANASIA “While mankind continue massacring to their fellows,

“While mankind continue massacring to their fellows, the animals, suffering will reign, because anyone who sows sorrow and death cannot harvest nor joy, nor peace, nor love and happiness” Pythagoras

LIFE is the gift from God, - from something which transcends and covers us – and it is good to take care of it in all sense.

From this gift, intelligence is a part of the gift in an advanced and complex way compared to other animals, and sometimes it is used for ridiculous purposes against ourselves, nature and environment, and it is supposed that the other animals had less development and neuronal complexity, so, therefore, they have less intelligence, which is doubtful, because of cruelty, damages and destruction for unconscious and lack of transcendental integral intelligence of human beings.

The disasters we have made have been historical facts, known for everyone: wars; atomic bombs; thousands of deaths on behalf of God or ideas of sick people; animals killing and cruelty; and destruction of flora and fauna, to benefit financial interests of


Cristian Carter

some sick people (psychopathology because of lack of conscious of human superior

human values, like respect for life and sustainable development for the future


Harmony with nature, intelligence and spirituality is an invitation for develop a better

world in harmony with the entire Universe, because everything and everybody are

connected in behaviour. Every act has a consequence in the world (Newton), and is

based on thinking (quantum physical)

So, what we think about?

Life, in all sense, in all its facets, human and animal, deserves respect and protection.

It is not just the beautiful speech which hails from it; it is certain that through its

genuine respect and protection, the needed conditions for a healthy life are created, and

transcends beyond the possible arguments in favour of it.

The posture in favour of it, banning abortion, death penalty and euthanasia, is a deep sight which leads to other state of universal development in terms of integral social

happiness. Without respect for life, any advance is just material and short-term.

IF WE SAY NO TO ABORTION, then protecting our lives, and, of course, with the

basis of creating the conditions for those children, in order they can grow up in a world

containing the minimal conditions which enable their integral growth and development,

such as food, affect, values, clothing, education, health, justice and freedom. It’s a fact

that while creating a social dynamic of respect and development in groups of harmony,

because the society itself becomes supportive, a conscious society in where each and

every one of its inhabitants are benefited of this consciousness of life and good.

The same can be applied to the CASE OF DEATH PENALTY, against a system in

which sanctions are proportional to crimes; and in which the ones who can’t or don’t

want to be reinstated in society could be on places in where the rest can’t be affected,

because also the State must look after safety and respect of human right, life and

psychological and physical integrity of the other inhabitants, who’d grow up in a safer

world in order to reach their happiness.

To proclaim about right to life is useless if neither we look after the ones who DON’T

WANT to respect it. In this instance, the state must be strong, of course, regarding to

limits in human rights, as procedural guarantees.


Cristian Carter

For instance, it’s absurd to collectively achieve high minimum wages and be killed while going to work from home, To the taxi driver, or the jeweller who’d been robbed four times during the year. It’s also as unacceptable as living behind bars and jail safety systems. The victims of those crimes also have human rights to look after.

The system also gives means for people who want and are willing to change and be reinstated in society (training, job opportunities, psychological and psychiatric therapies, etc.), because all of us can also fall into behaviour instability and we deserve to be given another chance, to find the light again in a plural altruist society.

There are other known crimes as murders, which cause great clear sorrow to social mind and victims; certainly, that murderer’s death causes a surprisingly wide shadow, in which a more violent society causes more violence. Without affecting the other strong effective means that society uses for defence, it must be based on superior arguments, such as human’s life and dignity.

THE CASE OF EUTHANASIA, which comprehends the psychological pain of a sick

person suffering a disease, and, of course, battles with physical pains with all thecomplex tools created for science, is a way to accept the failure of life, and it shows that our society hasn’t gone forward in order to ensure the person’s happiness beyond worldly material problems. The professionals must be focused on mental behaviour branches and spiritual masters in order to teach people to enjoy life in a happy positive way.

Here I say that the problems will be problems according our point of view of life; the problems don’t exist without us, we are the problem according to our particular point of view. “Let’s learn to be flexible and to charge the life happily, beyond factual circumstances”.

Euthanasia is a sign of our life in a society overwhelmed in materialism, being love and spiritual issues the most important things to reach the feeling of happiness we deserve, which constitutes an upper right we must reach.

In my life, I’ve known hundreds of unhappy bitter frustrated people although they have


Cristian Carter

money and power. It’s good to learn about studies on happiness and its connection to

lovely interpersonal relations.

Life is, ethical and legally, the most appreciated item (that’s why it’s specially protected

in international treaties, including respect to physical and psychological integrity); so,


except for self-defence – the state of need (I mean, to damage an asset in order to save

another one of more category; e.g.: I break a door to save a person), cannot exempt

from penal responsibility to someone who makes an attempt on other person’s life,

even to save his/her own life; precisely, because life is a legal item, ethical and,

naturally, the most transcendental, the most appreciated and the item with the higher


So, those interpretations which lead to exempt from someone who kills another one to

save his/her own life are old-fashioned and wrong, for instance, a person eats anyone

else in order not to die for starvation, or the one who kills a child in order to “calm

down the Gods” (if only God can justify death) . This is produced because it leads to the

absurdity of automatically make an attempt against right of life, which is a basic

immanent human right, and furthermore, it can be used on chaotic cases of political or

food crisis. Furthermore, following the same logic, the one who kills other one in order

to extract his/her vital organs in order to save his/her own life, must also be justifiable.

The latter case mathematically shows that while the same logic exposed in the previously seen examples exists, an unforgivable absurdity also exists.

The right of life therefore requires from everybody, the respect for dignity of each one

of the living beings, and their right to integral and freely develop themselves on the

basis of dignity and love, which leads to a happy world, which can be reached. It is easy

if we want it, if we have thoughts and behaviour which leads to respect.

Transcendentally, we are what we want to be. The penal sanctions and huge fines that

countries give to abuse against animals and protection of flora and fauna are right in this


Every decision and thought we have has an effect on our lives and environment, so we

are right if we change in this sense, based on a world of relativism, those essential

values, human rights, that if they outweigh in our conscious and minds, foretell a sure


Cristian Carter

way of happiness and sustainable development for the whole humanity.

In the last decades, the world has substantially changed, technology, values and conscious (the natural rights, which are deduced by goodness and love) have advanced and improved, and now, we have reached a point in where if we don’t concrete these superior values, and the darkness, negativism, evilness, corruption, envy, extreme competitiveness, lack of solidarity, lack of love, and other negative emotions and thoughts – which show our low mental, cultural and spiritual level – continue in the political speeches and in our lives, we are ad portas of our failure as human, in where depression, stress and sadness will be taking over.

Otherwise, if we take our conscious, worldwide, of this gifts of God, or something superior, or nature, or the Universe – or as you want to understand them, looking at the content of this message – we will take over from a mediocre, unhappy, ill and unfair society, to a BETTER, HAPPIER one, in where, as a whole humanity, from the same race and nature (we all hail from Africa and have adapted to the means; in science, the concept of “race” doesn’t exist), beyond material differences, colours, sexual options or religious believes, can live in peace, responsible freedom (respect to oneself and the others) and love; which are the basis of the honest happiness, transcendental and raised from our internal ego, and is then expressed through each one of us, through our behaviour, in everyone’s happiness, based on the respect of universal superior values, or human rights.


Cristian Carter


3. ABOUT BEAUTY, INTELLIGENCE AND VIRTUE What kind of people is beautiful? Beauty is a subjective

What kind of people is beautiful?

Beauty is a subjective issue; it depends on several factors, cultural patterns (the concept of beauty taken from our social environment), life history (the taught concept of “The Prince Charming”), education (the studied concepts on aesthetics), interests (what I can regard as beautiful), etc. All this factors tell us what is beautiful, because there is a different answer for everyone, without affecting the existence of theories (Theory of selection, Darwin), modern studies about certain proportions found on the likes of people about facial or corporal beauty; even so, it still depends on the eyes of the observer and its state of integral mental, psychological and spiritual growth.

The aesthetics, the ideal of beauty, as the good for ethics, is an important part of interest for someone who searches for growth in every aspect of life, integrity – body, mind and soul, as the Greeks stated - . The ethics itself doesn’t achieve the complete good without taking the aesthetics into account, v.g. a beautiful place to live in, will give, psychologically, a better level of life and behaviour predisposition on the person, and the life improvements made by a person is expanded in a general social welfare. These are twin concepts, which together make the best part: a good act is also beautiful.

That’s why a person’s beauty is a harmonic conformed average and projection of a personal integrity. What that person projects to me will tell me if he/she is beautiful or


Cristian Carter

not, and it will depend on several factors and not only on a mere material aspect, which would be quite basic. It will cause an attraction or a refusal, and even, to fall in love with that person.

Body, mind and soul – or the order you prefer, these are copulative factors -. A beautiful person is a person who fulfil these standards, beyond his “race” or sociocultural concepts – takes care of his/her body, exercises – proved on a sportive psychology, which also causes a positive behaviour projection; without absolutes, sportive people tends to be mentally healthy - he/she eats healthy, keeps hygiene in all aspects, takes care of his/her spiritual relationship, believes in a superior being, beyond entity, name,

religion; a direct relationship, which creates transcendental values in life, and over all, he/she has a special significance: He/she is intelligent, witty, a bright healthy mind, with values and with emotional and social intelligence, keeps in tune with others, and has a transcendental looking, tends to sublime and wisdom.

Intelligence is a concept which covers several sectors: literal, expression, social, interpersonal, empathy, emotions, mathematics, linguistics, music, arts, strategies, etc. The most this person has or is concerned on develop his/her mental capability in more aspects – a similar capability in all human beings, generally an 8% of their mental capability uses, more for ones, less than others -, the most I feel interested in, more beautiful this person seems to me, because he/she searches for the excellence or raises in more aspects, for education or talents, there is a quest for the best, the good and the beautiful – everything is related.

Clearly, not all the persons has all the intelligences, and I remark the emotional and social intelligence the most, because the person who has it generates richest affective links and exists a better predisposition to face life problems, greater and best management and manipulation of social factors (I mean, manipulation in a positive sense), and a healthier, more intelligent, more polite, better and more refined relationship in intellectual terms, which allows the fluency of love and to reach the love more easily.

In my personal experience, a person can a priori physically attract me, but his personality, his scarce capability of empathy, politeness, values, his basic primitive form and mental stiffness, his low capability of internal control, especially in negative


Cristian Carter

aspects such as anger; prejudiced ignorant people or directly antisocial, such as marginal, or wealthy but impolite people (I want to make clear that the most of the wealthy people I know has good sense, criteria, respectful to others, adequate, virtuous), or drug-traffickers, Nazis, fascists, terrorists, fundamentalist people in religion and politics, antidemocratic people, of absolutist ideals, or psychopaths and other people without empathy, without respect to universal human values, everyone at the same position: antisocial people, with a low level of social intelligence, who don’t regard the respect for people’s dignity, freedom and equality (What kind of beauty can these people appreciate? Can we consider as beautiful to someone who enjoys mistreating people or animals?) In this civilized world, people with good sociocultural, mental and spiritual levels generates refusal and would seem abominable.

Anyway, it’s good to build bridges with each and every human being, because through coexistence and exchange of ideas, it allows to knock prejudices down and rises the reflection in the others, which also allows the realization, and through this, the rehabilitation of behaviour, rising to this superior level which redounds in his/her greatest happiness, which is expressed and trespassed to the environment, being now part of a better world in conscious and clarity, which is also for us.

Physical beauty is not as important as mental sanity is, and more preferable – as I said before, beauty is an open but subjective topic, without detriment of our body care - . This person is charming, polite, of good level, cool, nice, lovely, and virtuous, with character whenever possible, who tries life’s pleasures healthily, of a tolerant and universal mentality, concepts that are sustained by a high level of humanity, wisdom, happiness, good sense of humour, good cultural level and marvellous criteria, who make them transcend as a person and bring up new positive energies, and existing a congruency between his external and internal image of him/herself; they find acceptance on me and are those kinds of people I can fall in love with, because I always

want the best, the excellence, and that kind of person is

is beautiful.


Cristian Carter


4. SEXUALITY, HAPPINESS AND HUMAN RIGHTS Straight? Gay? Bisexual? It’s such a complex topic, which

Straight? Gay? Bisexual? It’s such a complex topic, which depends on how you know

yourself and what you know about the others

answer you can give according to your surrounding sociocultural group: Victorian or conservative, or liberal and democratic. If you choose to hide or you are able to respect your own dignity and be consistent with it; or you choose to be as your family advises:

religion, social group, or even get married to someone you don’t love. Your options are:

to be happy or a person in disguise, the other’s slave.

know it, definitely; beyond the


Everything is just an edge of this interesting and complex topic, full of prejudices produced by cultural and historical factors which are important for the people’s lives, mark and depict them as they are, which make them happy, integral, healthy or disturbed, full of repression, traumas and frustrations that can culminate in other more serious problems, including psychopathologies, which threaten the person and his/her environment’s good life quality.

It’s true; it can be hard, as several aspects of life. You must have clear values and be brave on them, your self-consciousness and your value clarity towards superior goals secure your actions, and through a prudent intelligent way based on the respect and love


Cristian Carter

for him/herself and the others you can achieve any goal, despite of your negative

surrounding environment – people can change and transform their thoughts and

negative actions into positive – and every action in accordance with principles such as

love and truth results in futures which consolidate the true happiness.

Otherwise, as the experience has already said, it will be beard for some years, until

nature, conscious and internal sanity arises carrying more problems and when youth was

left behind.

Although despite this, the honest well-intended actions always give more mental

sanity and better final results. Fear is an emotional factor, and like anger, distorts

thoughts. The value in values, in superior principles, gives sense to everything, and

without them, everything is worth nothing. Even money is worth nothing when living a

fake life. The inside peace, the sincere relationship, respectable to yourself and the

others is the one which gives the true, stable and transcendental happiness. Reflected in a mirror, happiness doesn’t know anything about masks, lies and deceptions, but when

they exist, especially in this topic, happiness doesn’t exist, it’s just apparent.

When that honesty and clarity exist with yourself and the others, you are able to stand

everything – clarifying that the one who refuses is in a low intellectual, value,

psychological and sociocultural situation (psychopathic) which is expressed in an

opposite attitude to human rights (we are and act as people), something that doesn’t

occur in the sociocultural elite, I mean, the best ones, the smartest, the more altruists,

the more educated, the wisest. In that intellectual, sociocultural and value elite doesn’t

matter everything I’m writing in this book. This topic is not new, but has been

overcome in accordance to studies and reflection.

Money is left behind, because although the wealthiest can have access to academic,

intellectual and artistic groups, it doesn’t always happen, so the economical capability

on the concepts of virtue, sociocultural or intellectual elite, or any other connotation of

nobility are excluded. For instance: known criminals, drug-traffickers, murderers,

psychopaths, gangsters, left-wing and right-wing dictators, terrorists, etc. have made

large sums of money; although those people are far of the ideals of the concepts of

excellence of the biggest “bonis homes” in the History of Humanity, such as Socrates,

Plato, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Saladin, Jesus Christ, – beyond regarding him as

God or Son of God, which is not a topic which deserves further discussion, although I


Cristian Carter

think that anyone of his philosophical level deserves to be addressed as Son of God – Mohammed, Buddha, the Master Usui in Reiki, José Manuel Balmaceda, James Carter, John F. Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, and many others.

That’s why the history has never considered academics and intellectuals inside this line, without detriment of considering them as murderers, bad men – who had entered privileged groups by pressure, since the access can hardly be denied, and, even though, they would never be part of it – or “poor men”.

Continuing, I must say that sexuality is a part of our essence as a person, and if lived healthily is good to our minds and bodies. Science guarantees this – just take the opinion of any specialist in the topic, such as Kinsey, Freud, par excellence; or European sexologists, such as Dr. Costler and Willy; or recent ones, such as Michel Focault or Eduardo Pino, all impartial, no sectarian intervention – and praxis and logics confirm it. The happiness and sanity of a person with an active sexual life according to

his/her wishes is evident: his/her good mood, his/her skin colour, his/her behaviour is

more relaxed, less uptight, is lovelier and happier, etc. Everything previously exposed is understood in the free spontaneous sex, not involved in vices such as force or abuses, and without falling into paraphilias ( paedophilia, gerontophilia, necrophilia, zoophilia, etc.), or excesses, because any pleasure can be harmful.

Also related with the point of intelligence, it’s known from psychiatric, psychological, advertising and marketing studies that most of the people don’t think, and get carried away for form, appearance rather than the content of the things. That’s why the whole society tends to be manipulated by politicians and advertisements. The 80% of the people don’t understand the messages, and rather assume those messages based on the form the topic is expressed; from this, politicians and religion have had taken advantage of this, carrying on consequences that only the History knows, verbi gratia: millions of deaths in the hands of the Nazis, with precepts based on racial issues, claiming superiority of one’s over others; or deaths caused by the Holy Inquisition, and deaths because of religious or political doctrines, or sexual condition; abominations that still occur until today keep on happening, although, thanks to God, less than ever, since the conscious about human rights is strengthening.

This illiteracy – intellectual, spiritual, educational and of superior values and social


Cristian Carter

and emotional intelligence

-, in sexuality,

is expressed

in that negative


produced by several factors, such as historical (Adam and Eve, “sex is bad”, “dirty”,

“perverse” if it’s not used to procreate, so you must be guilty for pleasure, stories that many people accept without thinking), political and economical, interest of the State to manipulate people’s behaviour ( in the 19th Century, to secure the population or the existence of needed labour force to secure to enrichment); and before this, the

hypocritical Victorian point of view (Focault),

Century), which emphasizes negative connotation of sex, silence, secrecy, and public refusal, sex just for reproductive purposes. Everything previously exposed was later expressed in the 19th Century in the sacrosanct law (positivism), the only guiding ideal of our lives, which compulsorily expresses prejudices and institutionalized ignorance, making the will of the king, governor, or “democratic” multiple groups easier. This follows the same classical tyrant monarchical patterns which prescribe, forbid, censor or declare something as licit or illicit through norms – “judicial power over sex” – depriving or limiting freedom and pleasures, everything to keep the power under

control, without existing any objective, logical, scientific or of transcendental value

in rewind with natural manners (17th

fundament, only prejudices in recognition to what was exposed above and anyone’s will, manipulating the majority’s ignorance about sex. And without detriment of the famous but empty phrases such as “for morality and good manners, concept overcame by ethics based on consciousness, science and transcendental values and human rights, which in a modern socioculturally developed democratic state are rejected, because of its subjectivity and scientific rational poverty in human values.

As a remark, in Greece there were no forbids, nor sanctions, nor codification for sexual behaviour, since it wasn’t relevant for society; without detriment of the existence of a moral which tends an aesthetical point of view of sexual behaviour –dietetic, economic and erotic – especially in the marriage and the relationship between teacher and student, where homosexuality was perfectly appropriated and beneficial. This kind of ethics, created by philosophers and politicians, in order to protect their sexual power, was not in accordance with the values exposed in this note; indeed, a relationship between two men of the same age was regarded as inadequate, and also, in the poorest groups and women were excluded of this prerogatives (Artemidorus). In other words, inequality was reigning and it attempted against dignity and freedom that every human being has naturally, in order to be with the person he/she loves or cherish.


Cristian Carter

It’s necessary to go into great detail about the “moralist” (since there’s nothing about moral, because it attempts against people’s dignity and freedom, human rights) or Victorian position about the reproductive function of sex, to secure the human species, as if we were slaves to the State system (of the “Matrix”, enslaving power of the tyrannical entity), not involved into fundamental rights; a thought that is perverse by itself and has generated atrocities in pursuit of the blood throughout the History and the power in the hands of mentally ill psychopathic people (such as Hitler and several other dictators). This demonstrates the vulnerability and simplicity of the relativism of thinking with Machiavellian purposes (power, money, etc.) and that the “animal” human being, still endowed with a better level of neuronal complexity, generally doesn’t use for good purposes, but may be able to justify all kinds of perversity and discrimination, not respecting the human rights and universal values, in order to reach different purposes for mentally disabled persons – from the obscure triad in psychology, away from love and empathy, for oneself and the others; this triad is composed by:

egocentrism, narcissism and Machiavellanism, among others; in where the subject

doesn’t bother to affect the basic rights of people, animals and environment, in order to

pursue his/her evil desires. Otherwise, a mentally healthy person will always take into account the effects of his acts on the others’ rights.

That’s why those kind of people who use arguments which necessarily become sophistic or false in pursuit of any goal, CANNOT hold any public or private authority charge, because from this, the unfair damage to others raise, from lack of criteria, respect for other people, low levels of emotional, social and spiritual intelligence, and mental and psychological sanity which must have to take decisions over people’s lives; in where universal superior human rights and values doesn’t matter , such as to be conscious

personal, cultural, social, professional and

about people’s freedom to develop in every

familiar aspect, without limits, except if these freedoms attempt against those same

be discriminated or arbitrarily



values, principles and rights; and, furthermore, cannot










behavioural scientific principles and arguments accepted in human rights and respective sciences; and that all person must be respected on the fact of being person, except if it objectively damages to others physical or psychologically (here, the state preventive measures, prison, detention, etc which also respect the precedent rights and the adequate process are applied).


Cristian Carter

We can say that goodness, based on love and universal values previously exposed throughout this text, is the smartest wisest act in a long term, more polite and adequate, which attracts good and keeps away the negative consequences of psychopathologic behaviour, common in damage situations.

We must notice that this point of view (sexual relations / reproduction), that in some countries in where full freedoms have been accepted, developed countries in society and cultures, still babies are getting born and families are formed, the ones in where living is more pacific and full of dignity. Humans keep on procreating and death is more near for other reasons, as the sad direct deaths or caused by illnesses, war situations and pollution (everything scientifically proved and studied).

Even though, actually the thesis of “negative sex”, repression of sexuality and pleasure, of sex as blame, “dirty”, “wrong”, came to aggravate insanely the interest

for sex (monetarism of sex, private, sex-pleasure in hidden places, sentiment of guilt,



frigidity, premature ejaculation, etc; and also, frustration and unhappiness, leading to

psychopathologies, suicides, or insane ways to face the sexual desire or homosexuality,








etc.) and creates the need of express the sexual desire through literature and the narrative genre in the darkest secret (for instance, the writings of the Marquees of Sade, or the anonymous author of “My secret life”, or the confession before the priest, and worrying about the sexual life of other people to create controversy), because according to that psychopathologic point of view about sex, it is “ugly”, “wrong”, “dirty”, “homosexuality is abnormal and anti-natural”. These thoughts are derisory, since sexologists, psychiatrists and psychologists –such as Freud, Costler, Willy, Kinsey, Pino, Focault, etc. – have already prove it, and also the flowing nature (the wise nature that flows healthy and spontaneously) proves that sex is positive, healthy and natural if it’s lived freely, in accordance with the actual sexual condition and without excesses.

This psychopathological point of view about sex, which is unhealthy and opposite to the self-flowing nature, has transcended until nowadays, but less than ever, depending on the sociocultural level or the trend of the analyzed group; people with a great deal of mental stiffness and deeply rooted prejudices, people who prefers to emphasize the protection of the State interests, as if we were to disposal of it; or others most respectful


Cristian Carter

about people and their freedom to develop in all the aspects of their lives, who are to

disposal of the person, in order to reach their happiness, avoiding all kinds of

discrimination and unworthy treatment. It’s evident that the moralist position that

commands under their idea of sexuality as a means to procreation, attempts against the

basic principles of democracy and human rights.

For good, product of the sociocultural development because of the highest flow of

information provided by the technology (Internet) and the conscious about people’s

dignity (Democracy and Human Rights), we can testify than young people, the new

generations, take the sexuality in a lax and natural way, and the free management in

accordance with the real sexual condition; again, coming back to a positive state and

connotation, what is a healthy and adequate behaviour in every aspect; talking in

physical, psychological, social and value terms, related to truth and universal values; of

course, with limits for abuse, perversions and excesses, typical of each and every


It’s something curious and anecdotic that the celibacy – a completely irrational and

anti-natural institution – was founded by a compulsory disposition of a sex-dependent

such as St. Augustine, (read his biography and his book “Confessions”) who, when he converted into Catholicism, “apparently” left sex behind – thing that I doubt about -,

and meanwhile, forbid it for the rest of poor priests in the future, that must “apparently”

leave their natural sexuality to meet a requirement, in order to have a spiritual

connection (which is honestly ridiculous, because God, the Almighty Creator, gives

sexuality to people, or nature, or the Universal energy, as you want to understand it).

The opinion of the most of priests I have known (I has been educated in a Catholic

school and University, and also was raised in a Christian family) think that is

unnecessary. I know that some priest still have an active sexual life, that doesn’t seem

immoral or reprehensible to me; far from it, it is obvious to any sensible person and

with honour on universal values, because of the important on sex in the human species,

which must be care, furthermore of its spiritual relations, other aspects, or as said in

Reiki, other “chakras”, or important points in life.

The “chakras” are seven: nature, sexuality, self-esteem or ego, love for others, social

intelligence, intuition or intellectual capacity, and spirituality; in where every person


Cristian Carter

that searches for happiness and integral growth must have them developed and in

harmony. As we can see, psychology, psychiatry, healthy behaviour, big philosophies

and universal values are intimately related and have the same basis: ethics, health, and

respect for human rights, love and happiness, among many other points.

Sexuality and its relationship with nature are “chakras” or important points in life,

which we must develop in harmony with the other aspects in life, and we, as animals,

need to express; where repression breaks the subject mentally, making him/her to take

other psychopathology behaviours, such as bitterness, depression, or even, sexual

paraphilias (all the behavioural sciences of the all-important authors are replies and

authorized in that same sense, review and study the cited authors; in fact, the ones that

make opposite affirmations are rapidly discredited for their all-important colleagues,

because are based on specially religious prejudices, and a false way to understand the

divine issues and because they attempt against basic human rights, such as freedom).

Without being great professionals or illustrated we can come to the same conclusions.

We must only observe and analyze the world, the human behaviour and nature, with

love and clarity on universal values.

A time ago, based on the “invocation of God”, a Muslim country based on religion

sentenced to death to 2 young men because they were caught and later, accepted their

homosexuality, situation that motivated sanctions from the UN. It’s clear that, related to a universal objective ethics, those countries are in a very deplorable cultural

development level, and we must be clear that by accepting the religious and cultural

diversity can’t justify that absurd situations, because the persons’ essential rights go

beyond the place he/she is into, and beyond the culture he/she belongs to, and any

thought and policy must also have the human rights as limits.

It’s true that the position of the most of the Christians doesn’t reach those extremes;

the base for discrimination and prejudices is the same. There’s no difference in the

position of the Muslims (but the latter can apply the discrimination to the extent of

regard to the “sinner unfaith gay” as a criminal, and therefore, they establish penalties

and physical punishments, which is clearly an attempt against mankind and the UN has

the duty of act in pursuit of the defence of the human rights in an effective way). The

lack of respect to people’s freedom and dignity is the same, and as I said before, it has

no reason and is apparently psychopathological (beyond the supposed prestige and


Cristian Carter

power of an institution, which doesn’t imply that all the things said there are true and in

accordance with superior universal values), and we can say that the interpretations that

lead to a part of the Christians to regard homosexuality as wrong, is opposite to the

transcendental taught of Jesus Christ, and any other great philosophy and any other

great master, because from them we can, unmistakable and inevitably, extract a message

of love and freedom, and respect of every being, with clear limits, the consideration of

others in objective terms (responsible freedom).

Have these absurdities and interpretations equivocal to the true messages and superior

values given by God, or an illuminated prophet (as you want to understand it) – which

humans have also transferred them, after hundreds of years and in several languages,

born and written in a different historical context – made Nietzche crazy, which that

made him rebel against drivel and creates his thesis about The Antichrist?

And we say that there is no reason to it because it is already proved, it is an objective

scientific fact, that homosexuality is not an illness, nor disorder, and sexuality, the

sexual condition, and sex, is prevented by the UN, since it is in accordance with the

value of dignity of all people, freedom, and right to protection of their lives and physical

and psychological integrity (everything is linked). Although we aren’t specialists, we

can discern the complexity, reality and normality of the topic and its actual

impossibility of further treatment (beyond some people’s point of view, who internally

keep on being); treatment that doesn’t exist because that’s not an illness, it’s a reality, a condition, which recently has been discovered that is caused by genetic factors based on

the genes mainly contributed by the father. But that affirmation is not such important,

because the most important issue is to respect the dignity in its homosexual condition (a

trend mainly found in men, ¾ according to studies, Kinsey, so it’s such a prejudice to

talk about minorities based on ignorance about reality), and has the human right of

integrally develop itself, in each and every aspect of his/her personal, professional,

family and social aspect; and, also he/she has the same duties that any other person has,

such as to respect the other’s rights, dignity and freedom.

Then, from the human nature, the respect for people beyond their sexuality (in which

sexual condition is included), race, religion, political ideas (while democratic), their

shape, the existence of physical or psychological disabilities, etc, is extracted. They

continue to be persons and that’s why they deserve respect, dignity and freedom;

especially when objective physical or psychological damage to others or him/her


Cristian Carter

doesn’t exist. In this sense, it’s evident that the refusal or the social sanctions are the

inappropriate behaviour that, as said before, is based on prejudice and ignorance.

I’m absolutely sure that God, who I firmly believe in, doesn’t discriminate His beings,

the one who He created: blacks, whites, gays, lesbians, Muslims, Protestants, Catholics,

Jews, etc.; and from Him and the given reasoning, the respect to al living being comes.

If anyone says that God doesn’t want that, and that He guarantees these discriminations,

it means that he/she has understood or thought nothing, and I can assure that is not God

or a good way of understand and interpret him, and there’s no reason for worrying,

because God is good and He is in the bases and principles of every great philosophy and

in all good actions we make as a human being, as fraternity, non-discrimination,

solidarity, protection of the weakest, respect for the other, etc. If God judges, according

to those thoughts and actions, it will be the base you will be judged on, if you want to

understand it that way, or if you want, pursued your transcendental consciousness, your

super-ego, or that superior being you believe in.

About this point, those exegetical – literal – interpretations

written by men in the Holy Text s , who conform the religions (without detriment of the

divine invocation and the importance of these institutions in pursuit of the internal

international social peace and other praiseworthy aims), is a real cause of hate, deaths,

discrimination, sufferings, that don’t belong to God, - who’s good - and I understand

them, because it’s something that the History has proved, as true actions and perverse positions that make humanity sick, normally managed by supposed prophets or God

dignitaries, or high priest, who make profits or power through managing people’s

ignorance and low capacity of reflection.

of created passages and

In any case, this can be justified, beyond the respect of cultural differences, any

arbitrary differentiation and bad treatment, based on sexuality; the human rights are

superior to any other consideration and the States and Universal organizations must

respect and protect. Beyond the subscription of treaties, they must prevail in the

Universal order. The reasoning, the superior values and God (the universal energy, the

nature, or as you want to see it) require this.

It would be good to include among the constitutional rights a express norm that forbids

any kind of discrimination, – although I think that it’s not strictly necessary, because is


Cristian Carter

already protected by the First Article of our Constitution, and in the same sense, by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Historia de la Constitución, by Francisco Cumplido Ph.D.) – and also a compulsory norm of the rights and duties of the sexual education, psychology – about notions of emotional intelligence - , and about constitutional basis and human rights worldwide, which would bring long-term benefits in our society.

I also believe that, for a harmony between the First Article of our Constitution and Human Rights, related to the principle of equality and dignity, it would be good to eliminate the crime of sodomy, and in the crime of minor’s rape to insert the figure of the older man who has sexual relations with another one youngest, under 18, in order to have the same treatment and the same sanction as in the case of man-woman relations, and in both cases, as now, to punish the power abuse or the minor’s mental disabilities. I must remark that the State is not serving to a specific group (such as Muslims, Christians, etc) in order to satisfy senseless absolutisms (universal values). The Democratic State serves to all the people, immerse in the reason and scientific basis. The State must act in pursuit of the Human Rights universally recognized by the “ius

cogens”, the body of law, and the universal doctrine ( without exceptions.


best, the wisest), in all event,

If we go into greater detail, the complexity of this topic is more than demonstrated. In fact, Kinsey, Freud (and the following generation of sexologists, psychologists and psychiatrists) have demonstrated that sexuality is a hard to classify and categorize topic. In comparison: is a person good or bad just for one action? Can a

person be classified as gay just for a homosexual experience in a ship, in a boarding school, in a jail, in a depression or for a homosexual thought? Can a gay become straight just for having sex with a woman?

Kinsey has demonstrated in a study made with hundreds of thousand people that homosexuality is the normal general rule, so to talk about sexual minorities is wrong and a kind of prejudice and ignorance. In fact, Kinsey demonstrated that 5/6 of men has a homosexual inclination, practised or not, in a top, bottom or versatile role. That situation is indifferent, because the most important thing is what happens in someone’s head, what his/her real desires are, beyond being living with or dating a woman. Kinsey made a scale from 1 to 6, in which thousands of people were identified. 1 is for


Cristian Carter

completely straight (only 1/6 was identified in that way, although it was made in the

1920s) and 6 is for completely gay.

Anyway, it is important to remark that the sexuality and the homosexual inclination has

been the same th r oughout the history , the same indexes and percentages, but it has been

shown in certain historical époques of cultural significance and freedoms (the Greek

and Florentine époques, 3rd Century BC and 15th Century AD), and the same occurs in

the actual societies, for instance, the Netherlands and other European countries, Canada,

Australia, etc.; and, the greatest sociocultural/intellectual in the group, the most














comprehension of sexuality and normality in nature and everything that was told above.

In an interview made to psychology students, among them, Vicky Chelech, of the

Universidad Mayor, I thus respond this topic:

Straight, gay, bisexual, are illusory concepts. Following Freud’s complexity, what

was recognized by the Greek masters and analyzed in my personal experience and my

experience with others, I think that sexuality is ambivalent, unstable, because it’s related

to many factors; not only giving preponderance to Eros – sex itself, the animal part - ,

but also with psychological factors, virtues, integrity, interests, the charm of the other,

giving now preponderance to the Philia – love -; thus, it’s clearly explained by Socrates,

Xenophon, and other great philosophers of this time. Furthermore, other factors exist,

such as loneliness, desire of pleasure, boredom, depression; external factors that make

us lose our inhibitions; for instance: drugs, alcohol, etc. So, the sexual interest in

another person can be found in a great many of causes. The important thing is to

recognize what’s happening and that’s natural, is not bad, except for the edges said above, which go together with excesses and psychopathologies.

That’s why the homophob e s are people who hide their homosexuality in a strict and

concrete position in order to avoid falling into it; furthermore,

traumas in their sexual education or personal experience, violence and repressions since

childhood, that distort their point of view about sexuality. Why they must offend anyone

else who’s made no damage on him/her? The heterosexual – straight - , with a healthy

it’s aggravated by

clear mentality, is tolerant and has a position of tranquillity and confidence about

his/her sexuality. If it is reasonable, it also can’t be acceptable to hate anyone else

without an acceptable reason, such as physical and psychological aggression in


Cristian Carter

objective terms. The only presence of other diverse is not a justified reason to damage

him/her, and evocates something that internally happens, of psychopathological nature.

Let’s add that the indexes of infidelity and sexual transmission diseases are similar in

men, women, gays and straights.

Healthy people, exempt from traumas, are tolerant. Let’s remember something quite

punctual about double speeches: more than one thousand priests have been accused in

Brazil for abusing of children (something that, unfortunately, happens around the

world), and created a manual to abuse of them.

Overthrowing prejudices of ignorance, always based on the studies about this matter,

it’s clear that paedophilia (sexual relations with children under 14 years) is a perversion,

completely different to homosexuality,

are heterosexual

so most of the paedophiles

(85%). They don’t enjoy in the fact of being a man or a woman; they do enjoy and take

pleasure in the power they have over the defenceless children.

Considering the human rights and universal values, leaving behind all kinds of

discrimination and arbitrary differences, and the ignorance of prejudice, the

authentically democratic and civilized states must accept the homosex u al ma r riag e ,

because there’s no sustainable reason in values and scientific reasons to deny it:

1. In the scope of the human rights and basic norms in our Constitution, as dignity,

respect for people, equality in the eyes of the law and their freedom, the gays have the

right to get married and the State mustn’t prevent it, because the State must respect and

promote the respect for people. The freedom of a person to choose to get married,

beyond his/her sexual condition, is a human right, and a democratic state respect people

and serves everyone by equal, without discrimination by sex, race and belief, so it must

create conditions for their integral development in the material, psychological and spiritual aspects.

2. In the scope of scientific behaviour, it is proved that the indemnity of children, or

their free growing and raising free of vices, especially sexual, is not affected by the

parents’ sexual orientation, anything different to what happens when different kinds of

abuse exist in the family unit, such as physical, psychological and sexual, for action or

negligence, affective shortages, desertion, which can create serious psychological


Cristian Carter

disorders affecting the person’s whole life, if the adequate treatment is not available;

matters that can happen, no matter if the family is straight or gay.

As we said before, it’s proved that the most of the paedophiles are heterosexual, so, can

we forbid

gay marriages because of it? Or do we must forbid the straight marriage















conclusions would be absurd.

The family is constituted by people who are united by blood, legal or affective links.

Normally, families are constituted in base of marriage, but it’s not a general rule. The

democratic states recognize unmarried families as well and protect that forms of family.

Related with it, the marriage isn’t always made to conceive, have children. For example:

In the retirement years, the marriage is in chapter of death, or both are impotent; but the

marriage and the family still exist. Also, the families who adopt children in a posterior

stage or add own children of one of the spouses to the new family still exist as family.

So, can we deny the right to get married and form a family inside the marriage to them?

To deny that right to get married is a lack of respect for dignity of all the persons,

because if they want to get married, the State can’t deny that life option to them.

Furthermore, everyone knows (it’s something that behavioural sciences have proved),

that in the countries in where the gay marriage is accepted, families have an elevated

cultural and emotional

of culture,

democracy and tolerance, which is our main objective, to grow in every aspect.


It also




in terms

And now, if a young child is affected by the attitude of others who discriminates

him/her, what’s the right attitude of a truly democratic state: to take away the children

to these loving parents, because of the fact of being gay? So, do we must to forbid

marriages of native people to prevent their children from further discrimination? It

would be absurd and opposite of these parents’ human rights to be with their children.

The right attitude of the State, in accordance with the human rights and the dignity of

people from the State organisms – according to the constitutional order of promotion and respect for human rights - , is to protect the children in case of discrimination or

crimes, and to apply the pertinent sanctions to the responsible ones of that kind of

discrimination, and in any case to deny the right of paternity or maternity. The children

must always stay with the right and most capable parent, that’s the point, with the best,

the one who gives him/her the most of love and emotional wealth, education and better

life conditions. Here, in these points, is the truth protection of the children’s superior


Cristian Carter


It’s not reasonable to protect an interest avoiding the basic values in human rights, which are protected to a constitutional and international level; the person’s dignity is over any consideration. It’s the maximum value to be protected, the summit of all the rights. The true respect for a person thus begins, and leads to a better society. From all the issues exposed and understood in this important and interesting topic of people’s lives and happiness, the conscious generates great personal and social effects, comprehending them in positive and natural terms.

In all this process – even of the moralist judicial political relationship, based on the speech of the censor power, freedoms repressor, which at least deserves a temporal liberation - , the accentuated opposition is generated, and it will always rise before censorship and hypocrisy (not only in sex, but also in any analyzable topic), con more force and basis; and then, when the knowledge exists, the consciousness and the speech in pursuit of superior values rises, which, in democracy and as well as the communication media and the sociocultural advances, grows in an exponential way around the world, ensuring the continuous advance in human rights in pursuit of a better world, welfare, freedom and respect to all human being and their right to integral development, especially in an all-important topic for the happiness of everyone, as sexuality.


Cristian Carter


5. THE VIRTUOUS PRINCE, THE GOOD GOVERNOR When I was younger I read a book that

When I was younger I read a book that captured my attention, “The Prince” by Nicola Machiavelli, which I found a little bit repulsive, because it was quite opposite to the values I was already learning.

Today, after years of studies in transcendental consciousness and meditation in philosophy, psychology, sexology, law and the great religious philosophies, Christianity, Buddhism, and also, yoga and Reiki, and the teachings of the great masters in my daily life, and more than three years of retreat of ordinary life, in reflection; I’ve reached the conscious, in what I confirm that intuition; that the same thought can be favourable in a short-term, but less clever in a long-term, for a happy healthy life. Having clear that all those great thoughts and philosophies are related, since they have common basis - as the common asset, the respect to all person’s dignity, freedom, love and happiness -, I give and deliver this text about the virtuous prince or governor, a fresh, young, transparent, transcendent, with sight of future, open-handed,


Cristian Carter

universal and integral point of view that has been exposed throughout the text; a point of view far from all vice and corruption, and Machiavellic customs and practices, obscure, ill and pathological in all point of view; nearest from the transcendental reality that hails from the conscious and meditation of the great philosophies, as human rights, which is based on the people’s dignity, which allow to reach their happiness in a healthy environment; with the objective to serve as and refresh the basic principles for the new generation of politicians, or in any public or private position in where power over others is practiced; and also for whom wish to keep young, despite of their age – with goes together with the happy, free and healthy lifestyle in love and happiness, keeping away bitterness, negativity, depressions and lose of desire to know new things in life and dream of a better world.

The bases, the universal values are the ones that lead us to take care of us and our environment, and grow in harmony. The consciousness, through the hard, daily and continuous meditation and thinking – which is necessary in our Western societies - , is that inexorably lead us to these great mottos and values, and to the true happiness; which is near to self-esteem and love to others, more than material things, such as

money, degrees or others; which are not other things than a person’s refuge in basic stages of growth and maturity in the mental, emotional, social and spiritual relation, and therefore, far from virtue.

This growth that we are all called to, for divine or natural grace, is learnt by conscious, which arrives thanks to the illumination of integral universal meditation; in where the connection with God is found, with the universe and environment. As the greatest historical characters, philosophers, scientists in different areas, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, sexologists – as Goleman, Kinsey, Freud, Christ, Buddha; and Swami and Reiki masters, as Usui - have done it, as other free virtuous clever man can have done it too, through meditation will reach the same conclusions and values; that hey hail from the Universe, from God, who’s everywhere; who give us a complex intelligence for the ones who want to transcend, grow and be truly and transcendentally happy; being a contribution for his/her social group and family; based on universal values, such as dignity, freedom and equality of all human being, and no place for discussion are the limits to any speech.

Arriving to this intellectual, value and spiritual state, by needed consequence the


Cristian Carter

integral virtue rises, in where there’s a complete care for oneself, and love for others, thanks to the abstraction, the exercise of the mind through meditation – the art of thinking - , and also the body care.

THE VIRTUOUS PERSON IS INTEGRAL and has a healthy thinking and acting, so, therefore, is a decent person, what means that:

He/she has a good life, good mood, and happiness. A virtuous decent person can’t be

a bitter,

money – a material issue, not intellectual and of excellence – doesn’t give any virtue, nor decency, nor real happiness; for instance, in the case of drug traffickers, corrupts,

dictators, etc.

envious, prejudiced or tyrant; despite of having millions of dollars, because

In this sense, the chemical dependence on drugs is also alleged. When the level of dopamine and serotonin in the brain decrease, it affects the emotional control and, therefore, the behaviour (see Dr. A. Céspedes); and related to the drug traffic, it’s something known the disinterest on the respect of these persons for the human rights and the others’ physical and psychological integrity.

That’s why he/she has an active sexual life (doesn’t suppress his/her sexuality, because












psychological and corporally affects him/her, because it attempts against hygiene; and without paraphilias and perversions, such as paedophilia and sex-dependence) and goes

with her/his real and true sexual identity (gay or straight, “if these

classifications do exist”, because sexuality and persons are complex; we love more than a part of our bodies, we love a person in his/her spiritual, value, emotional, intellectual and physical integrity). This point is all important, because the one who has a healthy honest sexual life to his/her real desires, is a FREE person, with more elevated happiness indexes and is HEALTHIER psychological and spiritually – it’s easier to find psychopathologies in this person – , so, mentally, she/he is prepared to take better decisions for others in transcendence of common assets.

in accordance

A person, who’s not honest with his /her real sexual orientation, or sexually repressed, is a person who’s got big internal psychological problems, internally unhappy (with great fears, childhood traumas, prejudice or an insane way to see sexuality, etc.), so


Cristian Carter

he/she becomes a frustrated, bitter person, and even can arrive to serious mental

alterations, and his/her personality is dark or stuffy, which influences his/her thoughts,

actions and decisions, so, she/he’s not suitable to take positions to service other persons,

since his/her mind doesn’t healthily work for his/her sexual repression, caused by

his/her fears, prejudices, sexual traumas and ignorance, which link her/him to an

intellectual, value and spiritual poverty; he/she is, therefore, a socioculturally “poor”

person and seized with his/her own unhealthy ways to see sex and life,

psychopathological by themselves, and that can be externalized in perversions

(paraphilias), such as paedophilia, power abuses, bitterness, and anything that could

make her an antisocial human being. In the life of a virtuous and really happy person, it

is important the reflection about his/her sexuality with a healthy natural point of view,

educated in human freedoms and psychological sciences, in order to be happier in

sexual honesty and sanity.

The body care is quite important. To do some sports, healthy food, unused of toxic

substances, and take care of the environment he/she lives in, in order to make it

healthier, removable and light (to live in light places) – and as everything is linked –

mathematically makes possible a virtuous circle (see sports psychology).

A better, sublime psychological state; he/she do sports because he/she loves and takes

care of her/himself (and also releases hormones, which make this possible).

Because he/she feels better, his/her mind – therefore – works better and that helps to take better decisions, more elevated, upright, and transcendental for oneself and the


His/her values are clear and universal, as a result of the exercise of the art of

thinking, meditation, arrives by him/herself to the comprehension of why about

everything, based on studies and free reflection.

He/she relates better to other people – social intelligence, or chakra of socialization - ,

there’s more love to his/her environment and happiness in the daily life.

Also, it exist an exquisite spiritual connection, high-profile, beyond the religion or

belief he/she professes; as a Son/Daughter of God, as we are in equality, it transcends in

love and dignity.

= with this, he/she achieves their happiness beyond any material or environmental


Cristian Carter

issue, and therefore, projects and gives more happiness to others.

As I said before, everything in life is linked, and all the issues exposed before is a link

of everything. Just as sufferings, past and future frustrations lead us to be bigger, freer

and happier, once overcome.

These truths are the most important in life and this intellectual, value and spiritual

integrity, and care of our “body temple”, is what a person who gives directions to our

fates in any private or State body must and is required to have.

The virtuous men, open-minded, sublime, of universal values and developed mentality

and full conscious about the Universe and the environment (in the sense of the

exposed in this and other texts of this book) are the ones who must practice State

positions, in order to lead the whole humanity to the way of happiness through his/her

thinking and decisions; I mean, of happy life, healthy, based on the love among human

beings, respect for everybody and all the living beings, and of the responsible full

freedom, I mean, limited respecting of physical or psychological damage on oneself and

the others.

The man with a basic, primitive, closed, retarded, full of prejudices or concrete

mentality, based on irrational customs of religious nature or selfish political decisions,

far from light and illumination of reason, meditation and sciences, especially

behavioural, psychological, sexologic, economic, etc, CANNOT, by essence and

definition, to take an authority position in a democracy, because a true democracy (the

only form of civilized state) has a limit in human rights and universal values, and a

person. For instance: that he/she represents a racist sect, or a religion, ethically cannot exercise power over them.

This can be negatively proved as understood in sex, discriminating against human rights

(see above the chapter about sexuality) of natural rights and international treaties about

dignity and freedom of the homosexuals and women.

This kind of people – who many times only take these positions for power, in order to

take the position to earn a life (which is legitimate) - , being their point of view short-

term and unimportant, leads to a value, cultural, intellectual and spiritual poverty of

his/her environment and the whole humanity; because, precisely, it generates the


Cristian Carter

dynamics of baseness of the corrupt human being, with thirst of power in pursuit of material issues, more than transcendental values to grow in fraternity, dignity, freedom and happiness, characteristics that give us the true happiness in love.

That’s why the one who wants to be a governor or an authority in any position, and tends to get power in everything as possible, must be virtuous, with “high mentality” and to be clear in the universal values; this integral way to see life and things, an elevated mental, cultural, value and spiritual philosophy.

Otherwise, it won’t transcend in positive issues inside his/her environment, and it will not more than bring suffering or show his/her psychopathologies and ethical, intellectual and spiritual decadence; or will pass as another governor, of an ordinary thought and socioculturally poor on integral social and emotional intelligence and transcendental wisdom, in order to give the country or the organization an integral level of economical, cultural, social, value and spiritual development; which ARE the all important topics, the rest is just accessory and technical issues, and the clarity of these topics leads the mankind to the continuous happiness and the transcendence.


Cristian Carter


6. ABOUT GOD AND THE UNIVERSE “You only can create and interpret the reality”, “you

“You only can create and interpret the reality”, “you are what you want to be”, “you see what you want to see”, “if you have faith, you can move the mountain”

God is everywhere, understands everything, is wisdom, transcendence, nature, infinite goodness, beauty, superior intelligence, energy flowing across the Universe, all behind everything and can be manifested in anything. Everyone hail from Him. We are beautiful sons and daughters of his creation and he allows that everything is in harmony and coherence in their continuous development. He is the energy that makes the whole Universe move, and makes life possible.

He exists, and is present in every moment of our lives, of every being in the whole Universe.

At the same time, we are connected to him, anyway possible. These are the ones who are in a superior degree of integral growth in all the aspects of their lives, especially in the social and social aspects. They are the so-called “illuminated”, such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Socrates, Aristotle, the Master Usui, Alexander the Great, and many others who are intelligent and exceptionally wise; which goes beyond managing a science or art with a exceptional skill. This doesn’t refer to a development level, in maturity and integral transcendence.


Cristian Carter

And, as we, who are God’s beautiful sons and daughters, to mean Jesus Christ is

quite right, because of the rich content of his words, who’s Son of God and God at the

same time, because, through him, precisely, the truth is delivered in universal

transcendental human values, such as respect for freedom, love, and equality: the keys

for happiness.

Politically, the Church has modelled this image, based on the patristics and beyond.

This has been proved and overcome; especially the manipulation of the word of God

made by the ones who transcribe throughout the times, and the diverse purposes, such

as political and religious, for the use of deities; so, it’s advisable to catch the form of the message, the universal values, and to take care about exegetically exactly follow the

words, because it can cause absurdities and to wonder, in the base of the intelligence

given by God, the reason of things.

In life, to keep bases clear is always good, because through them we can extract the

solutions to daily problems.

Nevertheless, we can observe that, in every wise illuminated being, the same bases, the

same superior values exist, and today, they represent the human rights – a

fundamental issue in a civilized society - ; such as the respect for the person’s and own

dignity; freedom, equality and non-discrimination, solidarity, and others that we can

keep on extract from the concept of good and respect for all person’s dignity.

All these concepts are related and its application, which is known as emotional and

social intelligence, virtue and integrity, leads to the person’s true happiness which is

applied in his/her life and, consequently, others’, because God called everyone of us to

follow him and give our lives sense.

That’s why anybody who proclaims or pretends to be illuminated, wise or virtuous

against these superior universal values, urges everybody to hate, all kinds of

discrimination (racial, sexual – of gender and choice - , religious or political), death or

depression; getting away from life and happiness, will always be remembered as a

coarse dictator, psychopath or mentally ill; concepts that are related, too.

TODAY, THANKS TO THE SCIENCE, something that the illuminated had already


Cristian Carter

discerned, it’s known that thousands of millions of galaxies exists, as well as thousands of millions of planets.

It’s also important to remark that many theories that were ridiculed in the past can be scientifically proved; such as the Earth’s shape, her rotation throughout the Sun, and quantum theory, which are very important to understand the nature of divinity and the Universe. (In this sense the quantum physics, Reiki, yoga and Buddhism are closely related).

And, in this sense, thanks to the intelligence God gives us, it’s easy to mathematically deduce the high “probability” of existence of other planets with intelligent beings, in low, equal or high degree. It can be simply assured. To manifest the opposite would be irrational, obstinate, far away from all illumination and virtue and of high vanity, as the sole fact that we, the humans, are God’s only creation. It seems pathetic to me, an intellectually poor thought.

Indeed, the fact that some animals also can think is also demonstrated, but with less neuronal complexity, but is also a mental process in a low or high degree. How would more advanced beings?

In this beautiful circular process of contraction and expansion of the Universe, of the continuous fusion and then, the continuous “Big Bang”, which is an infinite process; in where God is precisely that, who’s behind, that energy present in everything that he created.

Thus, after the “Big Bang”, the matter is made, thanks to the energy which gives the conditions for this. That energy is behind everything, because it doesn’t exists as matter (or that is seen, until today, as matter in the atom and sub-atom); it’s simply energy that allows the development of all matter, the substance and content of every existing thing (See Quantum Physics); and as, among others, Einstein, with a visionary view, quoted, this energy, not matter (as we are used to understand) exists, and is the same and intimately related to matter and time.

As we are viewing through the comprehension of this, that the spiritual issues and the science are not away, but it’s true that issues aren’t new – as quantum physics –; in the


Cristian Carter

future this relation can be scientifically and publicly demonstrated, with more advanced

systems and techniques , which is already happening in quantum physics, in the study of

the sub-atom; in where the new is discovered (you are free to give names and

classifications), and, as we cannot conclude that there’s nothing, - because we wouldn’t

exist, otherwise – the question about what’s behind this will arise again, and I think that

we’ll always think of the energy as a sub-content of the matter.

I think that, because of this comprehension about energy, - “the so-called God, spiritual

or natural universal force – we can explain that people using their minds in a higher

proportion – to the 8% of common people – can understand and manipulate the energy

and, through this, the matter, such as great figures such as Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha,

prophets in all the religions, the Master Usui and other Reiki Masters; and other more

common, but not less important, such as folk healers and witch doctors (for instance, the

“Machi”, Mapuche folk healer), who can manage this energy by reaching such a level of

comprehension and mental and spiritual relation, and can cure ill people based on love,

something that can be later proved as other historical proposals, and I think that we’re

close to quantum physics in this way.

After that great explosion, of this little surpassed piece of matter, the stars, planets and galaxies were born, and in just one of them, by divine magic, we are here, the Earth and

human beings, capable to think with complexity, with emotions, but at the same time, a

very destructive being, who also can create beauty things; which raises after the

continuous evolution process in all the things and beings of the Universe and is also

God’s work and creation; as the science and all the existing things, exist in God’s


The millions of galaxies that also have millions of planets are in a continuous

accelerated expansion; which will sometime stopped and back again to a fusion process,

until a brand new Big Bang, and then, to the infinite.

It’s also proved that other minute living beings exist in other nearest planets, such as

microorganisms, and it’s clear that, as quoted above, is mathematically impossible that

we are the ONLY intelligent living beings in the Universe.

But, what’s God shape?

This question is patently obvious and annoying, just thinking of God in a solely human

physical form; and also, among humans, to sign a solely group of this supposedly


Cristian Carter

intelligent mammals as the chosen ones (the Jews). God is over everything, he’s the alpha and omega, is the personified goodness, love, energy and wisdom that naturally flow; he’s the truth, the great superior universal values, and of course, he’s over the human beings.

It’s truly a shame, intellectually and a vanity, to believe that God, in his great universal creation, only takes care of the human beings. Perhaps, that’s why these mammals suffer the most, because of the vanity and lies they live in.

God is everything, allows life, and we are one of his beings in the Universe, and that, with an advanced intellectual capacity, and as Sons and Daughters of God, we are called to virtuously and integrally grow and develop, in every aspect, with goodness, solidarity and love for oneself and the others, in order to reach the truth happiness; in peace and harmony with the other beings of the Universe and our planet.

We can reach a happy transcendental with having positive thoughts and actions, in order that, after our days, once our body, our matter dies, our energy, our spirit, which God and the Universe gave us, can advance and come back to God and then, as God allows it, to come back to a better world, which we are responsible of.


Cristian Carter


7. BASES OF THE UNIVERSAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY “UDP” WELCOME! The Universal Democratic Party is a political
7. BASES OF THE UNIVERSAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY “UDP” WELCOME! The Universal Democratic Party is a political

WELCOME! The Universal Democratic Party is a political party with universal values, transparent, based on love and happiness, with high mentality, searching for virtue and excellence; secular, with scientific contents in behavioural sciences with a transcendental, ecological, humanist, democratic and general welfare point of view; of freedom, respect for person’s dignity, without any kind of discrimination (religious, sexual, economical, racial, etc.).

The reason and superior values guide it, and are extracted from the basis of great philosophies and current behavioural, psychological, economical, and other sciences; in order to give happiness to everyone, for their integral intellectual, value, physical and spiritual growing, that allows happiness in society.

Leaving behind the old, antique, bitter, basic, sad, short-term, unhappy, prejudiced, absurd, poor, primitive way to see politics and life, full of lies, hypocrisy and ill ways to see the healthy natural pleasures, represented by repression or excesses; power games based on personal interests; dictatorships of religious, sexual, social, racial or any other prejudices – which keep virtue, harmony, and love among human beings away, that give us transcendental happiness.


Cristian Carter

Every person deserves a decent level of life, and, at least, education, health and justice must be free and of quality. The State objectively replies only by the damaged cause by their agents, and also must apply elevated taxes which allow satisfying the proposed expenses and that people can see the benefits from this. It is always preferred to benefit the weakest part (solidarity). For example, establishing deadlines to pay debts to avoid auctions caused by short delays, as the states had helped the companies and banks, also must protect and help people, who are the ones who finance the State. The power lies in the people and direct participation means must exist, the people’s election positions must last less time and a vast participation through plebiscites.

And, it remarks the content of the things, goodness, truth and transcendental intelligence, rather than forms, appearances, materialism, and customs opposite touniversal superior values which lead us to happiness.


As everything is linked and our vision is modern, dynamic, integral, transcendental and universal, it is necessary that education – no matter whether the system is public, private or mixed (accessory issues) – is ought to be a “must” for everybody, and must be efficient, in order to teach people to be virtuous and integral, in where children and teenagers are the base, and they must receive special attention in their care and dedication in values, emotional and social richness, and knowledge, and also, to give them decent social conditions, entertainment and access to culture, information and technological medias.

There is the consciousness – supported by the behavioural sciences – that a good base in young people consolidates a better developed future in the social, economical and cultural aspects; with less problems, violence, crimes, corruptions, depressions, stress, psychopathologies, etc.

That’s why each and every educational system must teach certain all important topics for virtuous, good and happy beings, taking care of their values, minds, bodies and


Cristian Carter


In that same sense of the freedom of speech, the art of thinking, meditate and academic intellectual discussion in all educational levels is protected in all public and private educational institutions. A person, although attending a private institution, can never be sanctioned by his/her democratic free sayings, except for callings to violence, terrorism and discrimination, I mean, which attempts against human rights and universal values.

Some vital primary elements are the notions of psychology, to have citizens with a better capacity of understanding, relativism of positive thought for a healthy behaviour; better in the comprehension of their emotion s , for a major personal control and better social relationships; improving their intellectual level in social intelligence, in order to give better tools in the capability to resolve conflicts; making clear the transcendental goals of life, differentiating between the important things and the secondary ones of life, and, then, allowing oneself to healthier thoughts, expressed in healthy behaviours, a happier life, more fraternity and brotherhood, which the true individual social happiness

gives. Of course, these precepts are taught by capable professionals with minimal secular, universal, precise and concise contents.

This topic is quite important, because it is close to the main goal of the State, of allowing people’s happiness and development in every aspect of their lives; I mean, to guarantee everybody’s dignity and common assets; and that is why, nowadays, it is necessary to modernize the main contents of the education based on the current sciences, such as psychology, psychiatry and sexology; which are related to the greatest thoughts and teachings of the wise illuminated men in the history: Aristotle, Socrates, Alexander the Great, Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Master Usui in Reiki, Foucault, etc.; and from any illuminated being due to the permanent meditation and superior thought.

Today, there’s clarity and conscious of studies and philosophies, that the true happiness

is not present in the material issues, degrees, professions, jobs and others, which are just

a part of personal integrity and happiness; but it’s achieved with love and care for

oneself and the others, with equilibrium, harmony in the essence of being, virtue and the person’s mental health, as well as decent life conditions; all these concepts are linked. It’s more than demonstrated that an excellent professional isn’t necessarily a virtuous,


Cristian Carter

upright and happy man/woman; for instance, since his/her poor emotional management and bad social relationships, make him/her an unhappy, and even, despicable being. So, to award a degree, a profession and material goods to the people is not enough, and the education and incentive from the other well-treated topics are essential to reach a common welfare and real happiness in life. The environment’s welfare eases the individual’s happiness, and the individual’s happiness eases the social welfare and happiness.

Conscious people, with an integral point of view, universal values and developed thinking, with a high level of analysis, meditation and thinking, allow a better society, harmonic, with universal and environmental conscious, tending to love and solidarity, allowing the existence of real, permanent and transcendental happiness, for oneself and the others.

Furthermore, it is essential for a better happy society to establish basic contents of human rights in a universal context, in order to make the others know what their essential and universal rights are, such as life, limit to physical and psychological damage for oneself and the others (responsible freedom), and equality on dignity; in

other words, egalitarian respect for the mere fact of being people and can never be physically or psychologically damaged by other people or the State.

Let’s remember that everything in life is linked, and this content of human rights is closely related to social intelligence, psychological sanity, love and happiness. Also, minimal contents of economy must be taught, in order to administrate better their own and the others’ possessions and their lives, definitely. All these three vital contents must be consciously efficiently taught by those teachers and academicians who love their profession.


The freedom of expression, information and transparency are important icons which guarantee the democracy; so, censorship, repression, or penal punishments cannot exist; the freedom of expression is a human right, basic, sacred, inalienable and goes before the State, because it is given by God to each and every human being; this guarantees a


Cristian Carter

free thinking, without taboos, and the democratic operation in a democratic society allow the advance to everyone’s truth and happiness.

The constitutional principle, guarantee of freedom and democracy, of freedom of expression, without censorship or penal repressions is established, except for penal sanctions for movements or callings opposite to human rights, terrorists and discriminative behaviours, especially callings for violence.

Every censorship or punishment made from spoken expressions, especially in pursuit of academic, intellectual, artistic or value discussion, or in pursuit of the truth for superior goals, are opposite to human rights; and demonstrate the protection that the corrupt person or the dictator provides to the free citizens: a virtuous person is not afraid of deal with any topic and discuss it, and the transparency is basic in his/her life. Every topic, even private, is licit when is not a crime and can be publicly dealt. This allows the society to develop in an advanced mentality with universal values. Any kind of rule defending the corrupt person or tyrant is eliminated, as the crimes of slander, or other ones in special laws that penalizes the opinions made from any media, limiting the right of information via the press or restricting communications; and penalties for calling to violence, terrorism or discrimination are established; for

instance, Nazi, Fascist, homophobic, racist or other groups without any transcendental universal values and human rights are sanctioned and banned, since they are unconstitutional and must be sanctioned.

It is emphasized that any person can freely express his/her opinions – publicly or in private – and stating their opinions by any means; without detriment of indemnity for caused damages and penalties in case of calls for violence, crimes, terrorism or any kind of discrimination – racial, sexual, religious or political democratic ideologies - , or any irrational distinction recognized as a discrimination in the human rights doctrine.


Taking care of the previously reviewed universal values, and relating to the dignity and freedom that every person has to express in a healthy (no violence) and democratic way, respecting the minorities and power alternation, any group can freely organize in any


Cristian Carter

aspect; social, sportive, cultural, and – also – political groups, while being respectful of the universal human rights, especially the respect for dignity, freedom and equality of every person, and no discrimination; basis of democracy.

The multiplicity of groups expressing different opinions in the frame and as limits of the human rights is basic for a healthy and civilized democracy, and with virtuous integral authorities who are in pursuit of superior goals; in other words, a free society, no fear for free ideas expression. Opposite to these ideas, it is the corruption and despicable acts of human beings who try to be in the power just for it.

Any person, independently or supported by or member of a political party, can opt to any public position and elected by people. So, to accede to a position, requirements are eased and any democratic or bureaucratic obstacle protecting to the already “system fixed” ones; which is seriously opposite to democracy, alternation, new ideas and people in the power; a topic which corrupts and, of course, to society.

The formation of political parties is eased, with fewer requirements and no limits in its existence more than a certain popular support, as, for instance, to have five thousand members to its formation and continuance. Then, the multiplicity of parties, of easy creation, continuance and organization; allows access with others, to reach transcendental goals and the happiness for everyone.

In this sense of sanity and civility, the popular representatives obtain the most of popular voting, and another law system of counting, opposite to these principles, are eliminated (for instance, abolishing the binomial system); giving the system most honesty, transparency, justice and, therefore, legitimacy. As in the right of free expression, the right of life and the protection to physical and psychological integrity, the political participation is a basic sacred human right.


As said before as a main idea, and related to all previously said, the one who exercises an authority position, especially paid with all the citizens’ money, in other words,













Cristian Carter

positions and its functions.

As persons who exercise power over other people, and their wages are paid from everybody’s money (taxes), mu s t be integral, virtuous, apt and capable. They must be, essentially:

Socially intelligent: He/she knows how to relate to other people, of good healthy lifestyle. This is obvious and, no doubt, that a person without emotional social

skills, without any







having psychopathologicaldisorders,


as narcissism, machiavellism, or psychopathies, etc. Because of this, he/she CANNOT, is not capable, nor apt to order the others’ lives; so, he/she cannot have any authority position, since their psychopathologies and lack of conscious and humanity, is not healthy and his/her mind does not work properly to service others.

Technical abilities are not enough, - “to know how to read, add and multiply” – he/she must know how to live and have universal values, know what the basic rights of each and every human being are, and have a developed mentality; otherwise, he/she has no legitimacy, nor mentality to take decisions. A basic, concrete or rigid person cannot take any authority positions, because he/she lacks of mental capacity to do that. Skilful people in interpersonal relationships are needed, who are affable, empathic, good people; with an integral view of life, with a developed

mentality, overcoming psychological topics and trivial arguments, which are managed with a cultural level and acceptable knowledge over them; must be clear in human rights and universal values.

Must be specialized or well versed about the exercised position: for instance, if a hospital director, he/she must, at least, be a trading engineer, or academically qualified to manage big resources; in other words, he/she must be academically skilful for the position to be exercised.

Every position must be elected by applications. This is necessary for transparency, to select the best ones; it avoids corruptive actions, such as contacts or political quoting; therefore, only the more capable, intellectually and socially, are elected, which also guarantees everybody’s equality to opt for a position in which everyone of us pay for.

And, in his/her job, paid by the country, must be carried out efficiently, in


Cristian Carter

pursuit of giving effective solutions,

superior transcendental country’s happiness.

without bureaucracy;


for the

in pursuit of the

and the





In a world in where everything is linked, the economy is essential to achieve a better personal and social life. And, the option the civilized developed countries had tended to is a market social economy; which implies that property is allowed, to develop any economical activity and the right to undertaking, and wealth; everything having social benefits from the State, ideal for the people in need or the ones who need it to have an economical undertaking and accede to wealth.

Wealth and profits are not bad in this sense; opposite to this, everybody has the right to develop in every aspect – professional, familiar and material wealth - , with full respect for human rights, sustainable exploitation of natural resources and without non- polluting technologies, respecting the legislations; with a fair decent treatment to workers; without fraud any other corrupt or criminal means, attempting against good practices and transparency.

These rights are established as essential and basic for the human rights, and must be respected by the State, which also must encourage their development in all the social

statuses; I mean, the poor and the rich deserve egalitarian respect and benefit from the State policies to keep on developing in all the aspects; except for logical issues such as expropriation for public profit, with fair indemnities in market amounts; and administrative and law control measures to allow the free market with an egalitarian access for everyone.

In this same sense, and as a part of a social market economy, it is essential that the State gives insurance and decent benefits to every person which allow a person to live like a human being in friendly healthy spaces and means, and allow their development and undertaking in all the aspects of their life.

Thus, it is important to establish decent retirement pensions, with a minimal of the


Cristian Carter

50% of the worker’s average wage (see my book about Retirement Pensions System), beyond the system – public or private - ; but it is more important to allow retired people to have a decent life quality; also, complemented with other benefits and State or private insurance.

The quality education is an essential right for everyone, no matter whether the system is public or private (a secondary issue, by the way); including postgraduate courses in national and international institutions, according to the worth. So, money must not be an obstacle to continue studying and making a contribution for the country’s progress.

Decent salaries make life and free development possible, and not only surviving. This is complemented to other health, education, justice and leisure benefits that the State must guarantee. In other words, a minimal of material aspects is given to allow a person can freely live in a healthy environment to be happy.

The State must guarantee the right of health, beyond the place where somebody lives, through its public or private system, or non-taxpaying welfare benefits, the health benefits that tend to protect the right of life, and sanity in everybody’s physical and psychological integrity. As said before, and as everything is linked, these are basic essential rights of each and every human being, to reach happiness.

Wealth is healthy; though, it is a severe inhuman ethical fail that many people suffer of famine or for not having a health benefit or economical resources; this is unbearable in a universal level, and unjustifiable, because the world is full of resources. Then, the State will promote the measures (for instance, necessary valuations), to protect this right and be prone to a better wealth distribution and better access to it.

Here, I want to remind that the governors’ capacity of management, aptitude and intelligence is essential to promote common assets. Everything is possible and depends on good thinking and actions.

In this same sense, the justice is a fundamental issue, and must be focused in a policy of protection for the victim and punishment for the guilty; in every aspect – civil, criminal, and others. The guaranteed professional defence to the victim and the guilty is basic. And also, the state, through its takings, must give benefits to leisure, art, culture and


Cristian Carter

sport, essential things for a healthier and happier society.

Any country following the precedent maxims, principles and universal values, can be an example and light for the other countries around the world, which must allow and encourage the wealth into its inhabitants, in order to be prone to, let everyone know and guarantee the previously described principles and basis with the power that was healthy and transparently won, in pursuit of welfare and happiness of the whole mankind.


In this integral, elevated, transcendental view, happiness is established as the transcendental concrete goal of the State for their inhabitants.

In this sense, apart from the already reviewed points in these bases, the State will encourage leisure, entertainment, sportive and recreational activities and in all its statements. It would also allow and subsidize the most vulnerable, the elderly, and people who don’t own enough resources (e.g. “middle or low-middle class”), in order to travel and do sports and recreational activities.

Also, it is necessary to create friendly spaces to make this possible, connecting to and respecting nature, which is for and of everyone, created by God, Mother Nature or the universal energy (whatever you want), for the human’s communion, as a part of her, which all of us deserve access.


This topic is integrally dealt, in education, prevention, sanction, treatment, and rehabilitation: harshness, a strong criminal policy against delinquency, corruption, drug trafficking, and crimes against Human Rights and Democracy (for instance, the ones who take part in a coup and dictators).

The priority is the citizen’s security with adequate pacific behaviour; without detriment


Cristian Carter

to procedural law and Human Rights, that must always be respected.

In case of severe crimes, penalties are toughen up, and have to make effective themselves, especially in case of crimes against other people, drug trafficking and corruption; with education, prevention, and society security systems and high integral inclusion, and an effective process of polishing, treatment and rehabilitation.

Enough faculties are given to the district attorneys, judges and the police to act efficiently, with limits in the human rights, and their integrity is completely protected, with the necessary measures, to toughen up penalties for threats and actions against those authorities, without detriment of the proper control of their actions.

The system must protect the honest citizen, victim of crime or abuse; that is the priority, and the State policy leads not to protect the corrupt person or the one who make severe crimes. If clear, and taking into account the due procedure and other procedural principles, since all of us can incorrectly or unfairly accused of any crime and make mistakes because we are spiritual, emotional and rational beings, and we are not perfect and we can change with the proper treatment.

So, the State comprehends and helps to rehabilitate criminals, and strongly sanctions to the one who persists or doesn’t want to change, for any psychological or psychiatric reason. In this sense, the one who commits severe crimes against people or society, and/or is a

real danger for society, will be left apart from it in adequate institutions, respectful of




rehabilitation, if possible.












I must insist that any person or entity (for instance, a fierce dog or a psychopath) that is a danger for society cannot be free to put others in physical risk – this is a basic and minimal issue for a free, pacific and secure society, in where the State fulfils the role of ensuring the protection to life, physical and psychological integrity – and must be dealt

or sanctioned, beyond their age and condition. For instance, a young who reoffends or murders, or, especially, a diagnosed psychopath – taking care of the human rights – must be in a rehabilitation process that tends to a real social reinsertion, or in a permanent treatment, in adequate institutions, if he/she is a danger for society.


Cristian Carter













reparation and sanction of the executed damage, for the commitment

of a crime,


negligence and blame, or breach of contract; so, for example, for the one who makes some damage by driving inebriated or for a breach of labour or consumers rights. What the courts are ought to fix, which based on these principles will establish high amounts, generating a virtuous circle, in where more responsibilities exist, and more diligence from the people to avoid to pay high indemnities for the damages the others do, there

are more investment on safety, conflicts are solved through conciliations, avoiding the boring and expensive intervention of courts, and then the society works better for everyone’s happiness.


A country with the universal values and bases described in this book, is an example and shines in the world; has a universal, transcendental, humanist, integral, deep – not superficial – and democratic view; with a pacific conflict resolution, no wars, an environmental concern, with alternation in the power, and respect for Human Rights and minorities; and acts based on the reason in pursuit of dignity, freedom and equality in every person – without any kind of discrimination - ; everything with the aim of the happiness of everybody to be reached.

In this way, the free circulation of people and goods with other countries around the world is allowed; creating and encouraging treaties and agreements for this; where the contracts of employment, remunerations, social security systems, savings, etc., are respected beyond the place the homeland is located; which allows the most of happiness for someone, once respected their legitimate and healthy interests beyond the place he/she is established.

Geographical boundaries with other countries are mathematically established with electronic gadgets and top technologies, as soon as possible, in order to give stability

and guarantee further peace, in order not to discuss them again and focus the advance of with the other countries in transcendental economical, cultural and social issues.


Cristian Carter


A healthy environment must have full respect for nature, flora and fauna, and ecosystem. The production means and industries must respect the preceding precept. Then, a renewable economy of natural resources exploitation is established, and protected places are sacredly preserved, and that protection must not be removed. In case of infraction or damage to nature or animals, sanctions are hard. We live together with them, and respect the environment, flora and fauna, and if we exploit must be responsibly, in pursuit of preservation for the next generations.

Also, healthy places for life are generated, in where the policy of construction and town planning is to deliver decent and aesthetically nice housing places and harmony with nature and adequate spaces for growing. It will be tend to give benefits to beautify and extend the current buildings, public and private, connecting to natural and universal harmony.

For example: The urbanization must be in the whole underground country. Vast effective green spots must exist in a whole town and in all sectors of a city for recreation and sports. Treatment systems for solid and liquid wastes and a policy of recycling must exist. There is encouragement and protection against noise pollution. Clear policies are made for the use of alternative renewable energies, such as solar energy or others; in the production of energy and for cars and locomotion; through incentives, credits, subventions, and others. Everything is prevented through an appeal on the grounds of unconstitutionality at a court, which will have faculties and measures of sanctions.

In the same sense, the disabled must always have access to each and every public or private building; nice light colours are chosen for construction and locomotion and every set; dark colours or black are not chosen; always light colours, not stressing, colours appealing mental sanity and socialization.

All the previously said makes a healthier personal social life possible and makes


Cristian Carter

everybody’s happiness easy, which is the goal of this text.

SYMBOL: THE EAGLE, the meaning of freedom, the transcendental superior view,

the transcendental truth, the nobility; and a HEART, symbolizing love.

COLOUR: LIGHT BLUE, the meaning of transparency, universality, freedom, truth,

trust and closeness to the Universe and, of course, to divinity.

“The pro Superior Universal Values reason, Human Rights, Respect for Dignity of

every person, respect for life, non-discrimination, freedom, are the keys for social

and individual welfare and happiness”.

If you believe in it, WELCOME