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Company introduction....

Bata Industrials Safety remains very important in the work place.However,today's workforce demand more from their footwear.They want extreme comfort from shoes that look good but keep them fit and healthy at work the same time. That is why at Bata Industrials we are fully focused on the wear experience and perception of the men and women who wear our shoes. Every day their wishes and needs drive our efforts in research, development and design. driving us beyond the current norms, Further in protection, further in support, further in fit and durability.


The company that evolved into Bata shoe organization was first registered in the town of Zlin Czechoslovakia on August 24, 1894. It was innovative from the beginning in that its founders intended the company to be a shoe manufacturer. By 1905 Bata had grown too some 250-company employees. At 2200 pairs per day. In order to meet growing demand during the early years, new production machinery was found in other countries and innovative show making technique were devised by skillful and resourceful Bata employees. New kinds of shoes were introduced using new way to promote them. Batas reputation as the innovative industry leader has been, maintained ever since. Despite the outbreak of the first world wart material shortages, manpower shortages, corbels and other challenges, sales increased to about two million pairs by 1917. By 1918 the likelihood of the companys 6,000 employees could only be guaranteed

by aggressive marketing and future foreign expansion .In the early 1920s Bata established new companies in Poland, Yugoslavia, Holland, Denmark, the united kingdom and the USA. In the early 1930s Bata and Czechoslovakia were the leading footwear exports in the entire world. Bata also create companies while provided the communities with rail services, building construction, Insurance, publishing and new tannery. Now the Bata shoe organization is the largest manufacture and under of footwear operations span the globe through 75 companies in 60 countries which together buy, sell and produce shoes in almost every country on earth. These include shoe factories, tanneries, engineering plants, producing shoe machinery and moulds, product development studies, quality control laboratories, hosiery factories and 6300 retail stores and 100,000 franchises more then 60,000 people are employed, producing and selling approximately 270 million pairs of shoes each year. Primarily for internal markets .An additional 40,000 people and their families depend on hobs in support services created by Bata operations .


Bata came into being in 1942 at distance on 18 km. from Lahore with due entrepreneurial dynamism it expanded and grew by leaps and bounds presently claiming to be the largest shoe manufacturing unit in Pakistan .

To be successful as the most dynamic, flexible and marketresponsive organization, with footwear as its core business

To grow as a dynamic, innovative and market driven domesticmanufacturer and distributor, with footwear as our corebusiness, while maintaining a commitment to the country,culture and environment in which we operate

Other information...
Business Type Manufacturer

Company Type Buyer or Seller Contact Info Phone: +92-21-4313141-2 Seller

Public Limited

Fax: +92-21-4313176

Email: URL: Selection: They select people on the basis of their qualification and skills in order to meet the strategic business goals of their business. They also strictly follow the EEO and A policies during the selection process. Bata comprises three divisions:


It annually produces more than 12 million pairs of leather, rubber, canvas and PVC Plastic footwear of high quality. Bata pur has its own tannery where leather of high quality is produced and is being consumed ion the manufacture of footwear of all kinds of cater to various marketing segments and exports .In accordance with the expansion program a new modern unit at maraka , Multan road Lahore was established in 1984 which produces highly sophisticated leather shoes on the most modern machines .likewise the company ,being leader in the market ,has future plans of further expansion besides updating existing auxiliary operations like quality control laboratory ,product development department and engineering workshops, etc.


There are many departments in BPL which are described under below : 1.Personal department 3.Purchasing department 5.Other department 7.Production department 2.Finance department 4.Marketing department 6.Tannery 8.Leather factory

9.Plastic factory 11.Designing department 13.Merchandizing department 15.Training department PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT

10.Rubber factory 12.Laboratory 14.Costing department 16.Distribution department

The organizations effectiveness depends not only on how it is structured but also on how well its personnel are selected, trained, directed motivated and evaluated. The personnel department of Bata shoe organization well aware of its responsibilities selects the qualified, experienced, hardworking and persons after observing them from different angles. Once the person selected he or she is motivated through several incentives. For motivational purpose sometimes personnel department assigns a challenging project to a person. Similarly some sort of other incentives and goals are given to the personnel for the purpose of motivation and performance evaluation . All these training ,developments and motivational practices ultimately contribute to the overall progress of the company. FINANCE DEPARTMENT Finance , another department of Bata Pakistan Limited, deals with the financial aspects of the company. That department every year prepares aggregate budget of the company and that budget is further broken-down into several sub-budgets. The finance department keeps records of receipts payments, income and expenses of the company .That deals with the wages and salaries of the employees .It also has a responsibility to handle the assets and liabilities released issues .Furthermore ,it plays a vital role in the preparation of income Statements ,Balance Sheet and Tax documents. PURCHASING DEPARTMENT Purchasing department headed by Purchases Manager, deals with the purchases of raw material that is ultimately used to manufacture different stores of products. Actually that department not only maintains records of material essential to produce the products but also considers the average weekly consumption of one particular material in factory.Purchasing department acquires raw material through two channels. Local Purchases Imports


The company mostly acquires raw material form different business people dwelling in Pakistan. Generally, its local purchases are Buckles, Straps, lashes and chemicals that are used in production of leather, rubber. IMPORTS:

As mentioned earlier the company makes all out efforts to get raw material within Pakistan, then no other option left except the import of that required material from other countries. The imports are done through letter of credit which is the safest way of doing international business.

Marketing programmes that identify and satisfy customers needs have always been a top priority in the B.S.O. As a result, entirely new types of selling systems have been created and standards developed that have influenced the shoe business world wide. These have resulted in marketing polices and guidelines being laid down to assist the companies in training personnel and introducing modern marketing techniques. The most important meeting of the year takes place each spring in Europe, when more than 200 participants from product development, marketing, retailing and personnel attend Shoehorn of one week.

i) Soaking ii) Liming iii) Deliming iv) Splitting v) Drying vi) Dying SOAKING: That is a process where water and chemicals are applied and original position (when these were flay of from the animals) of these skins and hides is tried to brought lack. LIMING: In this process several chemical are injected in hides whiz become slightly. These limed and moisturized hides can be kept in stores for a long time. These chemicals injected hides are also called wet blue leather. DELIMING:

That process is contrast to the liming process where injected chemicals in liming process are dejected from hides so that these can be utilized for shoe manufacturing purpose. SPLITTING: In this process skins and hides under-go splitting to reduce thickness. DRYING: Here drying up process of skins or hides is done. Mostly two or three methods are used to dry up the skins and hides. DYING: The needed color is given to the skins and hides in this process. Generally black, dark brown and light brown colors are given to the skins and hides. The dying up process ends up with the finished from of leather.Finished leather is transferred to leather store wherefrom it is forwarded to leather factory according to the requirement of this unit. .


Leather factory consists of several departments, is a crucial mechanized unit of Bata shoe organization where different components of the shoe are prepared and combinations of these components ultimately produce the shoes. Although leather shoes are produced in leather factory yet two types of sales are used in manufacturing leather shoes. i) Rubber sole ii) Leather sole

If the rubber sole is required to produce a leather shoe that sole is acquired from rubber factory. On the other side if leather sole is required it is entirely produced in leather factory. The entire leather factory has been divided into several departments to prepare different components of leather shoes. In one department different components of leather shoes. In one department different pieces are taken from leather sheet and in another department these pieces are tailored on the sewing machines. Another department places buckles straps etc. Another department is bewitched in finishing and removing toothed edges. RUBBER FACTORY

Rubber factorys process are same as that are in leather factory the only differences are In the rubber factory rubber shoes are manufactured whereas in the leather factory leather shoes are manufactured ( The daily production of rubber factory in about 31,000 pairs of shoes.

Bata Shoe Organization always keeps eyes on the changing circumstances, fashions, trends as well as preferences of the customers. However as changes take place in market. Bata is also required to cope with metamorphosis in market conditions with the changes in product line and changes in designs of the products. The professionals are also sent abroad for training every year to attend designing and other international seminars. This gives the first hand opportunity to survey new trends in the word market and to distill the best of these in their own designing for the customers.


Bata Shoe Organization has its own laboratory where professionals busy to examine the quality of materials and ultimate products. Each new brand first checked in the laboratory and after the confirmation the production is start. The laboratory also conducts systematic research med at improving manufacturing process at Batapur.

Merchandising department occupies the back bone place in the entire production of Bata Shoe Organization. That department shoes whole planning for production. i) Seasonal Planning iii) 4 Weeks Forecast ii) 8 Weeks Forecast iv) 1 Week Forecast

MAIN OBJECTS OF COSTING: To provide a forecast of the estimated result on:a) Any particular shoes b) the total factory half year production plan.. To reduce costs, while maintaining or improving quality. The basis of all our costing is the seasonal production and sales estimates, which tells us the production, deputies and price and profit, adrift, article-wise. The retail sale price of our shoe comprises component for:a) Material b) Wages c) Expenses The total of these makes the retails sale price.

The company operated a department solely dedicated to following emerging trends in fashion. This enabled Bata to continue to cater to changing customer tastes. He pointed out that although the company initially established itself selling school shoes, it was

now quite settled in the markets for men's and women's footwear as well.He also said that the company was expanding its outlets to provide customers with more choices in stores. Parking lots were also being added so that customers could shop at Bata more conveniently.Thank you, come again!The company has also made a conscious effort to improve customer service.

Product Design
International designers and technicians conduct advanced product research and establish strict quality control procedures. The focus is on introducing new and exciting products which are competitively priced and give value for money. Whether it is new product or design, Bata's strength lies in worldwide global presence. While local companies are self-governing, each one benefits from its link to the international organization. To remain at the Top, Bata India invests substantial amounts in developing new concepts and designs which set standard for the industry. Its recent break through products under its "Bata Tech" brand is the result of untiring efforts of its Product Development Dept.

M.Imran malik Carlos Alberto M.Rashid Syed Asad Ali Zil Hassnain Aziz Ahmed Mrs.Saqib Hammad Qadir Managing Director Director finance Head of HR Purchase manager Retail manager Wholesale manager Production manager Quality assurance

M.jamil Naeem saad Malik

Chief enginer Plant manager

M.Amjad khan

Plant managers

Total Quality Management

Bata Industrials is devoted to the highest level of quality management systems. This is reflected in our ISO 9001 accreditation initially awarded in 1996. We are convinced that all of our business relations play a vital role in managing the chain of quality. Suppliers, distributors, our own staff of course and last but not least our customers. We have therefore deployed a comprehensive total quality philosophy that affects our organisation, processes, activities and interests. This enables us to maintain and continuously improve our high level of performance.

Bata Today....
Serves 1 million customers per day Employs more than 40,000 people Operates 5000 retail stores Manages a retail presence in over 50 countries Runs 40 production facilities across 26 countries

Bata shoe Organization companies are involved in every face of the business of shoes.Throughout the world, Bata companies service customers from the store sales floor tothe factory floor.

Bata Shoe Organization companies have built successful retail store concept to satisfychanging customer tastes and needs. Each store features merchandise targeted to different lifestyles and people. 2.MANUFACTURING Batas revolutionary business concept was to industrialize the shoe making process

of that day. That type of thinking has been the driving force behind the Bata Shoe Organization success. The Bata Shoe Organization has been as innovator in the manufacturing of shoes over the years. 3.WHOLESALING The Bata Shoe Organization enjoys a unique position in the wholesale market place. Global economics of scale enable BSO plants to offer quality products at local process ,with many operating at ISO standards, and have attracted production contracts from many international footwear brands.


Bata is using its raw materials from his different suppliers. Some of the suppliers are local. Along with their own production, they are also outsourcing for some of their products. They are keeping a check on the quality of the products from outsourcing and using their own brand name. The raw material coming from their suppliers are stored in the warehouses. These raw materials are then moved to the production area, where the production is being doneand the finished good are moved towards warehouse again for storage after proper quality inspection. They are their own distributers and they have their own stores allover Pakistan. The operations manager needs to get in touch with the suppliers and inform them about the exact nature of supplies that are needed to fulfill the client requirements. The operations manager needs to constantly ensure that the supplies are ready for the project on time. It is especially important to find out where the problems might occur.

Product presentation
All the items are clearly marked with the price, size and description of the materials used to make the product, thus saving you time and making your choice easier. Your purchase is guaranteed. You have the guarantee to replace the purchased item if it is still intact and accompanied by the till receipt

They select their product designs according to their customer needs. And they are continuously bringing changes as the customers demands for new products. They are

using the latest equipment and machinery to meet the customers demand and to provide them the product they need. Bata to achieve competitive advantage inBata products over the competition in the area of quality, prices and sales appeal.

Project Management in Operations Management

Project management is considered one of the most important functions of an operations manager. A project can be of three types: materials management, service management or both. materials management is the primary form of project management, service management is a recent addition to the project management portfolio. Increased competition among companies in the recent times has resulted in additional responsibilities being added to just about every PM portfolio. Services management is one of the areas an operations manager is usually expected to look after. It is not unusual for Operations manager to have both service and material elements in one project. Both materials management and service management assignments start from the moment the company receives an order for products. The assignment, depending on the agreement with the client, may or may not be a continuous process. 1) Project initiation stage 2) Project planning and design stage 3) Project execution and construction stage 4) Project monitoring, evaluation and controlling systems 5) Project completion (if not continuous) 6) Project execution stage (if continuous) with input from evaluation stage