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Calories in Indian Food - Indian Food Calories - Calorie Chart of Indian Food
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Here is some information about the calories in Indian food. Read about calorie chart of Indian food.

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Calories in Indian Food

If you wish to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to eat nutrition rich food and exercise regularly. What you eat directly affects your body fitness, so it becomes all the more necessary to be aware about the number of calories in Indian food and the nutritional value of the food you are eating. It is advisable to consult a dietician and gather knowledge about the Indian food calories and then decide your meal. Eating high calorie food item is not recommended for the daily meal, but you can always relish them once in a month or so. If you get lured into trying fad foods, which you know contain loads of fats, then you can consume it once in a while, but in moderate quantity. But then after that you have to gear up yourself for doing a vigorous workout, so as to shed off those extra calories that have got stored in your body. It's all about maintaining a balance and you will never put on weight. If you've eaten more, so compensate it, by eating light food in the next meal and by working harder, while carrying out your workout. Keeping fit is in your hands, but all that is required is a sincere effort and then nothing can stop you from achieving success. As vital is to eat healthy foods, that are low in calories, equally important is to apply the right cooking method. You should avoid items that demand deep-frying, because then that would involve extensive usage of butter and oil, that will shoot up your calorie intake, making you overweight. Here is the calorie chart of Indian food, so keep a track of the calorie intake and adopt healthy eating habits. Calories in Fruits per 100 Grams Calories in Apple 56 Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories in Avocado Pear 190 in Banana 95 in Chickoo 94 in Cherries 70 in Dates 281 in Grapes Black 45 in Guava 66 in Kiwi Fruit 45 in Lychies 61 in Mangoes 70 in Orange 53 in Orange juice 100ml 47 in Papaya 32 in Peach 50 in Pears 51 in Pineapple 46 in Plums 56 in Strawberries 77 in Watermelon 26 in Pomegranate 77

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Calories in Vegetables per 100 Grams Calories in Broccoli 25 Calories in Brinjal 24 Calories in Cabbage 45 Calories in Carrot 48 Calories in Cauliflower 30 Calories in Fenugreek (Methi) 49



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Calories in Indian Food - Indian Food Calories - Calorie Chart of Indian Food
Calories in Fenugreek (Methi) 49 Calories in French beans 26 Calories in Lettuce 21 Calories in Mushroom 18 Calories in Onion 50 Calories in Peas 93 Calories in Potato 97 Calories in Spinach 100g Calories in Spinach 1 leaf Calories in Tomato 21 Calories in Tomato juice 100ml 22 Calories in Cereals per 100 Grams Calories in Bajra 360 Calories in Maize flour 355 Calories in Rice 325 Calories in Wheat flour 341 Calories in Breads per piece 1 medium chapatti 119 1 slice white bread 60 1 paratha (no filling) 280 Calories in Milk & Milk Products per cup Calories in Butter 100gms. 750 Calories in Buttermilk 19 Calories in Cheese 315 Calories in Cream 100gms. 210 Calories in Ghee 100gms 910 Calories in Milk Buffalo 115 Calories in Milk Cow 100 Calories in Milk Skimmed 45 Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories Calories in Other Items in Sugar 1 tbsp 48 in Honey 1 tbsp 90 in Coconut water 100 ml 25 in Coffee 40 in Tea 30

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