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Mashia is an old master of many disciplines who started to practise in 1 966. Mashia was lucky enough to practise all over the world with very old master s, while himself he was still very young. He is one of the last witnesses of the world of the past with the complete knowl edge of the techniques of the origins, the music of the origins, the dances of t he origins and the writings of the origins. This man who has been spending his complete life practising and learning ma rtial arts and the philosophy of the origin had also a very active life. He took part in some wars to protect the weak people. All his lifetime Mashia has been applying the spirit of the knight, using his sword to protect anybody who needed . Today this master is old, blind and ill. In spite of this, using his knowle dge of energy and philosophy, he looks incredibly young and tonic. He travels in the world going on to protect people and fight for justice. At the same time wh en he stops somewhere long enough he is teaching his school of "Den". Since the year 2000 this master has been going on teaching his own discipline, the "Den", the spirit of truth. He is a man who is coming from another world and, mostly, f rom another time. He is the incarnation of everything we have lost in our modern society that is dying due to lack of real knowledge. Meeting Mashia is an incredible experience in your life, a journey to the o rigins that will give you the keys for your future. This man accumulates more th an 30 Dans in different Japanese disciplines and the highest titles in Chinese o r Indian schools like the title of Hanshi in the Japanese tradition. If you have t he luck to meet Mashia during one of his journeys you will have the chance to di scover how amazing his physical and energetic teachings are.


Den means real origin, biography, roots and is the door of understanding and contr olling the present by knowing the real past. It is the only school that is able to give the real meaning of the tattoos of dragons burned on the arms of the Sha olins in the past. Without this comprehension nothing is possible in martial art s or in a philosophical or spiritual evolution. The school of Den is based on a very deep historical research to go back to the real origin of fighting, and philosophical and spiritual teachings. As well the teaching is strongly connected to the original music, the original communic

ation and writing, including languages which are written in runes. This school concentrates on the origin of real martial-arts like Karate-Do, Aikido, Judo, Jo, Bo, Nunchacku (han kei and san setsu kon), Sas, Sword, Ninjuts u , Agoge from Sparta, Kempo Shaolin, Shaolin from China and Wing Tsung, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kong, Tuishuo and Capoeira. It is also linked to the real old yoga, massages, meditations and the complete philosophy of the origin. The basic aim of this school is to teach the following: "Only the one who really knows what the past was is able to evolve positively in the present that will lead to a wonderful positive future.