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Why are the rear tires of a tractor bigger than the front tires?

it is because we need large torque at low speed.there fore rear wheels are made bigger.because of these wheels more torque will be produced. torque is inversly proportional to speed. in a vehicle when we attain high speed then torque decreases and when speed is low torque is more. How many firing orders are there in a straight six engine? The firing order is the sequence in which spark is sent from the distributor to the different numbered cylinders. there is only 1 firing order per engine, but each engine manufacturer may use a different one depending on how the engine is built. Remember all stright 6 cyl. engines fire in this order. 1-5-3-6-2-4 and 1-4-2-6-3-5

What are slack adjusters? Slack adjusters are used to adjust for wear on s-cam brakes on heavy and med. size trucks.

Why do the call a tractor trailer truck a Semi? A semi is a type of trailer. A semi-trailer, as opposed to a full trailer, means it only has axles at the rear of the trailer and a full trailer has axles at the front and rear of the trailer.

What does the L mean on the shift? Assuming you are referring to the shift lever position of an automatic transmission, "L" refers to "Low" or "First" gear. It is the highest ratio forward gear of the transmission and is intended to move the car most easily from a standing start.

Who invented the gasoline tractor? John Froelich in 1892.

How do you shift a 13 speed transmission? There are two switches on the stick the you put the splitter in normal and the range selector in lo. You then select 1st gear, and rev up to 1500 RPM or so before each shift you change to 2nd, and then third, then forth. to go to fifth you move the range selector (Usually a black lever on the front of the stick to Hi then put the stick in the 1st position, then to go to sixth you put the rear end splitter forward to the "over" position, for 7th you then place the Splitter in "direct" and at the same time and with one smooth motion you place the gear shift in the next gear and Split it the same as you did the last gear and then the same for the next position on the stick, and do the same for all the other gears.

What is a tractor trailer protection valve? protection valve maintains air in the tractor brake system in the event of the trailer air lines becoming compromised.for example, if a trailer line is leaking, broken or disconnected

Will dust cause the radiator to over heat?

yes if the dust has stuck to radiator,and blocked the cooling fins, it will sure enuff cause over heating. with engine off, you can usually wash dust and other debri out of radiator fins from the engine side, using a not use a pressure washer as this will damage the fins

What is the fuel consumption of a 100 hp tractor?

18 liters/Hour (Approx)

Why is there a resistor on a solenoid?

It reduces contact noise by reducing large voltage and current spikes as the relay is opened and closed, called a snubbing resistor.

Why do tractors have their exhausts at the top? Most tractors have the head (or top half) of the engine facing up so the exhaust goes up anyway. Also some tractors are equipped with rear exhaust for orchard and low ceiling work. Hot , noxious, and loud exhaust gases (more so on larger engines) are discharged up above the operator for obvious reasons.

How do you calculate the cylinder capacity? first we need to know some important information 1-the distance the piston travels in the cylider top to bottom we will call this (s) 80mm 2-then we need to know the cylinder circumference we will call this (d) 84mm (8.4cm) 3-we will call the capacity we are looking for (Vh)....? ok all we need to do now is: 3.14 (P) x d2 (3.14 x 70.56) divided by 4 (this is the deciding factor number by which the forular works) = 55.3896 then we must multiply this number by (s) 80mm or 8cm for simplicity we will say 8 this gives us 443.1168 rounded up this gives the cylinder a capacity of 443,3cm3 or 0.4 litre

so our Vh is 0.4 litr if you have a four cylinder motor then simply multply this by 4 of the number of cylinders in total.

Why do you put water in tractor tires? Any fluid in tractor tires adds weight to the tire/tractor, thereby adding better traction. An Anti-freeze type fluid should be used instead of water in cold climates where outside air temps drop below freezing.

What is no-spin axle? It means that when you get the rear wheels stuck in mud or snow or something, when you have the vehicle in gear and try to move, the rear wheels get equal power so even if one wheel is free, it won't spin. Other names for the same thing is posi trac, or limited slip differential.

What is a tandem truck? A tandem truck usually refers to the amount of axles on the trailer or tractor. A single drive axle on a tractor would be referred to as a single, or the same for one axle on the trailer. I have seen it referred to the amount of tires on the end of an axle. When there are two tires on the end of the axle, that would be referred to as a dual, not a tandem.