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JESSICA S. KIM WORK HISTORY SUMMARY Ms. Kim is the lead Tier-1 Business Analyst/System Engineer in the AT&T Information Technology BU and concurrently led on Layer-3 major infrastructure investment projects: Juniper Router Certification, Network-based SNMP Community String Server, IPv6 Gateway Development, Cisco CRS Multi-chassis Core 20G/40G/100G Network Technology Program. In her previous contractual term with AT&T she led on GMIS in India ISP license/TEAM 10.TE/MPLS-FRR/AGN-L3 Core & Edge/IRSCP URL Blocking for India Government in year 2008~2009. She was the Lead RFP Data/WAN Architect in the AT&T Signature Account General Motor(GM) Converged IP (Data/VoIP/Video) US$1B Bid RFP Response team in year 2006~2007. Ms. Kim has served senior/executive positions since 2001 in the APAC IPTV market. Prior her re-homing back in US market, she was the General Manager in the Telecom Business Unit of the TWOWAY Communications, Inc. and focusing on building wireline IPTV service offerings/head-end applications for Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) between 2003~2005 in Taiwan. She led the CHT Media-onDemand (MoD) IPTV infrastructure deployment team between 2002 and 2003. She served a Vice-President of Technical Sales & Marketing in WANDL Inc. in 2001 to market IPAT and MPLSView in the US & APAC markets. She was supported by the AT&T Solutions in Asia as the Chief Program Director(C-Band Manager) of CHTs IPTV MoD-1 pre-sale bidding cycles joined with Alcatel & Acer. Before growing her career into IPTV emerging markets in the Asia Pac, Ms. Kim was a Program Manager, Project Manager and Lead Architect of AT&T Solutions for major outsourcing accounts. From 1988 to 1995, Ms. Kim was a Member of Technical Staff to AT&T Bell Labs (now part of Alcatel-Lucent). She holds an M.S. in Computer Sciences from the Monmouth University and a B.S. in Industrial Education from National Taiwan Normal University. Proven Records and Project Experience Highlights: Twenty-five (25+) years service development and business enablement experience in the areas of planning, design, integration, develop, implementation, deployment and life-cycle management of the Managed Converged IP (CDN, IPTV, Security Offers, Managed Router, Managed Fixed & Wireless WAN/LAN, Managed Switch, High-speed Bandwidth Management, Unified Messaging Services, Real-time Stock Quotes & Trading Service etc..)

Established the Best Practices for the AT&T-EIT Tier-1 System Engineer role, Requirements Lead in compliance with AT&T ExpressOne/IT UP/Streamlined ITUP processes. Led business/functional impact assessment on AT&T Service Assurance IT projects. Conducted risk/project scope/requirements/financial & tax/schedules of AT&T IP Layer3 engineering work in the founded Global CIO ExpressOne, ITUP programs. Performed damage control with fixes on the Layer-3 infrastructure IT/OSS programs/projects. Design, planning, strategy development, business impact analysis of the large-scale VoIP enablement and migration project for GM. A five-year long term contract and the total revenue recognition is about US$1B. Podcasting, IP/Mobile TV content, Internet TV content syndication solution development in a start-up environment Venturi Mobile Access + Wireless LAN acceleration solution development for GM/GMAC 5,000 users through remote access. Supported MNC out-sourcing/out-tasking customers in the banking (JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup), insurance (CAN, Aegon/Transamerica, Prudential) and financial security (Merrill Lynch) segments. Led and executed multiple data center projects: 1995 Chase data center backup and recovery plan, 1998 CNA insurance data center assessment, 1999 Aegon/Transamerica data center move and merge case. AT&T New York Global Client Service Center (NY GCSC) Tier-4 engineering & support from 1994 to 1995 on multiple international router network deployments, improved client center network monitoring capabilities, co-location and hosting. Established the Network Health Check and led on the WAN Assessment, SLA, and network performance offers under the Network Professional Services (NPS) consulting practice in AT&T Solutions/NMS. Participated in the final forming process of the AT&T Shanghai Symphony Telecom JV planning in 2001. Established solid business relationship with Chunghwa Telecom MOD leadership team and continuous working with service engineering team from 2000 till present. Consulted IBM Greater China on the CNC BOSS FAT and implementation deployment planning in 2005. Actively worked with UTStarcom for Greater Chinas IPTV/broadband business development initiatives. Viewed as a technical authority/guru in the AT&T Solutions Professional Services organization and IPTV/broadband market in Greater China. Extensive laboratory hands-on testing experience on layer-1, 2, and 3 service/network infrastructure and CPE vendors. Proven track record from building a successful team and providing leadership in an increasingly fast product/service delivery cycle and start-up environment. Strong organizational and project management skills. Executive presence and interpersonal skills to executive levels of customers, channel partners, investors, and the marketplace. Comfortable in dealing with multinational cultures. Fluent in English and Chinese. Professional Experience:

Kim, Jessica S.

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Layer 3 IP Core & Edge Network System Engineer (1/2008 ~ 12/2011) AT&T Information Technology, Global CIO, Major Accounts Contributions & Achievements: Requirements Lead on cloud/network-based SNMP Community String Server to manage the production network devices with a unique SNMP community string value per device. Requirements Lead on New ES-Type-1 FPC Certification and FIB Localization for MIS Juniper Edge router. Developing the End-to-End Engineering practice include the Defect Reduction Initiative, ReqPro Requirements Management Tools to support the IP v4&v6 Dual-Stack Gateway development. Led IT Full OSS support for control introduction phase. Lead the IT System Engineering team on Cisco IOS-XR Taiko Technology program, enhance the OSS tools on supporting the higher density Ethernet card upto 100GE. Manage AGN+-L3 MoW L1-L3 infrastructure technology refresh program, three years long-term investment since 2007 for US$100M+. IT lead on GMIS in India L3/L4 enhanced security offer and support India Government business development with requiring a in-country ISP license for AT&T. Assessing the IT OSS financial/resource/risk impact to the program and projects, manage the AGN+ Big View presentation material for IT senior executives. Deliver the enhanced Service Assurance network management functionalities for MoW Layer-3 IP network: CBB(US), AGN(MoW), MPLS TE/FRR, TEAM 10.TE, IRSCP-URL Blocking & ICDS. Interface with the T2/T3 OSS lead System Engineers to define the enhanced features to support the IT global technology refresh program. Function as business/technical liaison for internal client - AT&T Labs Network Management Planning & Engineering group. RFP DataWAN Architect (2/2006 ~ 2/2007) AT&T Business Marketing, Signature Account General Motor, Contributions & Achievements: GM 2006/2007 Program Converged IP RFP pre-sale enablement, Solution Architect & Business Analyst EVPN/Managed MPLS network design, CoS Cleanup, InfoVista/VitalSuite EVPN Performance Analysis, AT&T PC-Globes EVPN US & MoW cost/price data modeling and pricing impact analysis, OPNET & WANDL QoS modeling tools evaluation, MPLS growth Analysis VoIP migration impact assessment, migration planning, Data/Voice Side-by-Side Analysis, Notel/Avaya/Siemens PBX upgrade planning. 5-years budgetary analysis for the technology refresh on the global VoIP enabled MPLS network, Cisco routers CPE assessment Nortel MCS 5100/5200 IP Conferencing & Collaboration network-based vs. premisebased solution architecture planning. G.711 & G.729 call density engineering, failover design, call/usage volume analysis. 2007 GM Network resiliency, single-point-failure requirement analysis

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GM global EVPN network availability analysis AT&Ts QoS Strategy, method and approaches for GMs converged IP network GMAC wireless VPN Venturi solution development Author of Data/WAN in-scope service elements of Technical Solution Document (TSD), Technology Roadmap Author of the Pre-sales Design Document (PDD), service descriptions, logical designs, engineering requirements, etc. General Manager (9/2003 ~ 11/2005) Telecom Business Unit, TWOWAY CATV SERVICE INC. Contributions & Achievements: Expanding company service line into Chunghwa Telecom; forming the new business unit to focus on the telecom market in Greater China and build IP-based offer for the emerging Triple Play market; VOD, VoIP, video conference. Launched the MPEG-2/H.264 program team to emphasize on the broadcast and ondemand market. Leverage Harmonic Convergent Systems next generation encoding technology to secure the growing IP market. Estimate potential revenue is around US$3M in 2005. Launched two DSP-based STB offer with Cisco & Roxus in Beijing and Astri in Hong Kong to target IP/xDSL service operators in Greater China and Asia market. Co-chaired the business development responsibility with CBBN president, Andy Cheng, to expand the current HiBuilding business operation scope from HiNet to CHTN MOD service. Proposed channel sales partnership on FTTB & MOD service promotion plan in year 2004. 802.11g outdoor AP product launch and go-to-the market planning in 2005. Played strategic consulting role to support CHTs leadership team. Chief Program Director (1/2002 ~ 8/2003) Chunghwa Telecom MOD Project, Taipei, Taiwan Contributions & Achievements: Completed the US$26M MOD mission through consecutive career phases: bid & proposal under AT&T, consulted implementation phase for in-country partner Hwacom and finally sealed a partnership with CHT for a service operator role. Coordinated and executed IP/ADSL VOD broadband technology deployment programs to support on-going business as well as future business growth. In charge of the product/services R&D that includes the high level architecture design and reviews. Overseas the overall integration process and service acceptance testing process. Constantly refined the deployment process to improve the cost structure and efficiency. Ensured highest standards of product development in timely fashion, managed the financial risk and exit criterion. Met the service requirements according to contractual basis with high satisfaction from customers.

Kim, Jessica S.

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Scoped the new business as a service operator for CHT and led and executed on business and financial planning. VP of Technical Sales & Marketing (6/2001 ~ 12/2001) WANDL, Inc. Contributions & Achievements: Forecasted annual, quarterly and monthly revenue streams for company-wised product line. Managed the Asia Pacific & Greater China region to maximize sales revenues and met corporate objectives. Managed and developed sales and sales support staff. Developed IPAT, IP/MPLSView Go-To-Market plans to ensure revenue growth year 2001. Established Professional Services line to utilized skilled on-board resource group from potential consulting market. Firmed up technology partnership with Juniper/Unisphere and InfoVista. Managed personnel activities of staff (i.e. hires, trains, coaches, appraises, rewards, motivates, disciplines, recommends termination as necessary, etc.) Established and managed effective market programs with Huawei and jointly hosted trade shows with Cisco & Juniper marketing force for China market events. AT&T (6/1988 ~ 5/2001) Project Manager/Senior Consultant (3/1998 ~ 5/2001) AT&T Solutions - Networking Professional Services (NPS) group provides expert network and software design, engineering, and assessment consulting services to AT&T business units and customers. Contributions & Achievements: Program Manager led on several multi-millions RFP bid and proposal exercises, engineered technical proposal negotiated pricing with technology vendors. Showcase project Federal Reserve Bank US$45M. Project Manager/Technical Lead on Aegon & Transamerica WAN Strategic Network Assessment engagements with P&L responsibilities, managed daily on delivery process and resource team, coached junior members up to speed. Conducted global performance analysis and network health check into Asia and Greater China for Fortune 500 customers, included CNA, 3M, Mckinsey and McGraw-Hill. Mastered leading broadband router/switch/muxes vendor's technologies, includes Juniper, Cisco, Nortel Networks etc. Knowledge level and hands-on skill have been recognized in preceding consultative projects. Led on the AT&T Solutions Predictive Network Analysis Services in conjunction with the external vendor NetOps. Solid working experience on market leading-edge SNMP-based tools & IP protocols.

Kim, Jessica S.

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Developed Internet/Intranet required understanding: securities, firewall, Internet scanner, WEB accounting tools, intrusion detection tools and VPN implementation. Managed Network Consultant (8/1995 ~ 3/1998) AT&T Managed Network Services provides managed IP or wide-area networking services to the MNC customers. MNS offers include Managed Router Services, Managed Switch Services, and Managed Firewall Services etc. Contributions & Achievements: Led service development phase on the Bay Network MRS offer. Developed Engineering Troubleshooting Guide (ETG), Technical Service Document (TSD). Led on the Allstate Insurance multi-millions nation-wide router deployment project. The scope of the Allstate agent network is greater than 1,000 locations. This pilot initiative would serve the long-term multi-year outsourcing contract. Engineered and developed the Cisco PIX-based firewall offer. Lead architect on Chase Manhattan outsourcing project, re-engineer Chase Global WAN, solved the frame relay network performance issues, designed and deployed the SONET infrastructure to interconnect the data centers. Replicated and established the managed offers into AT&T Global Client Service Center. Member of Technical Staff (6/1988 ~ 8/1995) AT&T Laboratories (formerly AT&T Bell Labs) is the world's leading corporate research and development organization in the telecommunications industry. AT&T Labs focus on developing the network of tomorrow and, in so doing, maintaining our leadership as a developer of next-generation solutions for the Internet and AT&T's networks. Their mission is to exploit technical innovations for the benefit of AT&T and its customers by implementing new technologies and network advancements in AT&T's services and operations. Contributions & Achievements: System/Test Engineering focused on new service development & technology evaluation to enhance companys product capabilities and service line. Designed and Developed AT&T Fractional T3 Service Demo, supported domestic market trade shows for new service launch Led on vendor product evaluation for High Bandwidth Management 3/1 MUX Testing. Engineered an Informix SQL BSS MIS System to track BUs technical marketing support activities. Led system engineer for defining PRINCE-M Expert System requirements and developed new markets for PRINCE-S Network Synchronization Expert System. Participated ESC InfoWorx Release 2.1 ORT/FOA Performance Test Led TSC Study of the FFAST Adjunct Architecture evaluation.

Kim, Jessica S.

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Implemented AT&T Image Scanning and Verification into Retail Banking Platform. Designed application system configurations and users guide. Designed screen oriented GUI of Branch Automation Starter Kits. 3B2 Messaging Product Co-residency Performance Test: Designed the laboratory test bed configuration. Developed functional and performance test plans. Designed traffic load measurement scripts for 3B2 Messaging Server and PMX/TERM. Administrated System/75 XE switch. Conducted hands-on Product Acceptance Test, Co-residency Test, Peak-Hour Soak Test and Long-Hour Stress Test. Evaluated test results using a performance measurement tool SARX. Documented the release notes, performance characterization reports, troubleshooting reports and modification requests. Software Engineer (11/1984 ~ 5/1987) Prediction Systems Inc. Contributions & Achievements: Software programming of the GSA simulation modeling system, developed functions and call procedures. Digital VAX/Micro VAX OS platform administration and maintenance Managed in-house releases and conducted regression tests with implemented scripts High-Tech Instructor (9/1979 ~ 7/1984) Nan Kang Vocation High School, Taipei, Taiwan Contributions & Achievements: Full-time teacher for the vocational high school in Taipei, Taiwan. Focused on the mechanical industrial factory layout, design and mechanical drawing. Professional Skills Management Skills Staff Management, Budget & Financial management, Program/Project management Damage Control & Risk Management International Business Development- Strong in dealing with AsiaPac & Greater China Multi-nations culture Languages - Chinese, English, Taiwanese, Japanese Exceptional Leading Skills with Entrepreneur Spirit

Technical Skills Certifications: Microsoft: Cisco CCNA, CCNP, EMC SAN/CCIE (written), CISSP (pursuing) MS Project, MS Visio, MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint

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Languages: OS Systems: Hardware:

Pascal, COBOL, FORTRAN, Shell Scripting, Sed, Awk, Perl HP-UX, SUN OS & Solaris, Windows NT/2003/XP, Linux, IOS, IOS-XR TSR/OSR/GSR/HPER Technology, AVICI, Juniper, Cisco, Unisphere Ascend B-STDX 8000/9000, Lucent C500/550, Unisphere Ascend BSTDX 8000/9000, Lucent C500/550, Kentrox AAC-3, Cisco/Nortel Networks Routers/Switches/Hubs, 3COM Hubs, NetScout LAN/WAN probes, Cisco/IDNX, Timplex/LarseCom/New Bridge switches/muxes, FT2000/DACS III&IV/Adaptive/Fuijitsu SONET ADMs, Visual Networks/Paradyne/Racal Smart DSU/CSUs, NORTEL T45 Codec, xDSL modems/routers Cray Comm. Frame Relay Encryptor, Cisco PIX firewall, Checkpoint Firewall-1 for AT&T Managed Firewall service, AT&T Intrusion Detection, IP/IPSec for Cisco routers, DDoS, IP/URL Blocking, IPTV video content protection MPLS-TE/FRR, VPLS, XPON, FTTx, xDSL, WiFi, Frame Relay, MPLS Frame Relay, ATM, lease line T1/FT1, T45/FT45, SONET, ABM/ABMII/HBM, T3-Video, Optical/DWDM PPP, PPPoA, PPPoE, STP, TCP/IP, IGMP, DHCP, HTTP, FTP, TFTP, Telnet, RIP, OSPF, IGRP, EIGRP, IS-IS, BGP/RFC3107 HP Openview NNM, SunNet Manager, Optivity, CiscoWorks, VisualUpTime PAC/PAM, NetScout Manager, Concord Network Health, InfoVista, Sniffer Pro, BMC IP/Optimizer, OPNET, WANDL IP/MPLS, NetQoS, PixelMetries, Ethereal, Wireshark Encoder: Harmonic, Optibase, Tandberg Video Server: Bitband, Concurrent, Infovalue, Kasenna, NCube/OVS, SeaChange, SGI/OVS, Streaming21 Set-Top Box: ADB, Amino, Tcom&dtvro, Kreatel, LG, NUMA, Pace, Roxus, SetaBox, UTStarcom Middleware: Alcatel(ImagicTV, ThirdSpace), Infogate, Myrio, Orca Content Security: Irdeto, NDS, Verimatrix, Widevine INSTAR, GCP, GFP-IP, RUBY-Data/IP, AOTS, PMOSS ATM, HFC, FTTx, IP-DSLAM, xPON, IP Core Router(AVICI, 7513, GSR, Cisco CRS-1 Multi-Chassis), HPER/Edge(Juniper M series, M320, Unisphere), ADSL/ATU-C(Nokia,Samsung), ADSL/ATU-R(Ambit,DLink, Comtrend), Mobile/Wireless Backhaul Solution, Femtocell 3G/4G CPEs.



IP Protocols: IP/SNMP Tools:

IPTV Technology:

AT&T OSS: Infrastructure:

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