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Living Today with WWJD

I have just spent the last couple of hours watching the movie WWJD. If you dont know it, it is about a rundown Church in a rundown town that in responds to the question What Would Jesus Do?. This question has been central to my life as a Jesus Freak and now as a follower of the Master. The film was based on book was written as a series of weekly chapters for a youth group, it was never subjected to copy-write and became the second bestselling book after the Bible. If one of you doesnt know the story can I titillate your imagination? In the beginning of the film a drifter arrives in town where the people of God have seemingly lost their way and are unwilling to offer any kindness to a stranger. He looks for accommodation then work from the members of the community of faith and at the eleventh hour for the Church, the building was planned for demolition, he walks up to the front of the assembled faithful has his say about how they had in no way lived up to the mantra of What Would Jesus Do and promptly collapses in front of the people. His heartfelt words turn the members about and they save the church from demolition and as the small group grows they save the town from a devastating investment and eventually restore the town from its rundown status. It is an idea that is worth consideration for our communities here and now as we seek to present a viable alternative to what our society offers today. The question this presents us is. How well we know and apply the teachings and life of Him we live to serve? This rather comes down to a question of Religion Versus living the Way of Jesus. You see Jesus was about reconciliation both with other people as well as God. He even went so far as to say that if we are in prayer and remember a brother with whom we have an issue we should stop praying and go and make it up with that brother. He came to set people free and to feed the hungry as well as the homeless. How much different would our world be now if we took that as our focus rather than ignore the poor and hurting. After all how can we help everyone? And didnt they get themselves in strife without our help so why cant they get out the same way? These questions devolve from the self centred mind of man not from the heart of God. Remember what God did to make things right between Him and us; He sent His Son to die for our sin and shouldnt that be central to our treatment to the alien and the stranger even the hurting among our midst. Jesus does call us to do the things He did. He even take the position of saying that if we do not deal with the hungry and homeless with the love that we give Him then we do not love Him. This is the clearest that He speaks to us about the needs of our fellow man. How can we turn our backs on the hungry, hurting, and homeless when Jesus places such a value on them? Furthermore the treatment of our friends, neighbours and enemies could lead to the possibility of introducing them to the Master if we deal with them as He would. Isnt that worth putting ourselves out just a bit? Just to introduce someone to the Master?