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President Barack Hussein Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

If Philippines and United States are real people, they would be siblings; United States is the big brother and the Philippines is his little brother. United States has been the Philippines sanctuary over the years and history can affirm it. Whenever the Philippines needed help, the United States always comes to the rescue to give a hand, like when hes hurt or when someone is threatening him. As a big brother, he also teaches him how to defend himself to anyone whos trying to use him. He gives some tips to make his little brother better, too. Just like a big brother to his younger sibling/s, whatever happens to the United States affects the Philippines. Like the time when hes having financial problem, the other one is affected too. And every little brother would idolize and admire his big brother. Meaning every action done by the United States can influence the Philippines gravely. This is where youre Excellencys ObamaCares Health Care Reform enters. Nothing is more important than the health of every citizen. Your health care plan would truly benefit a lot of people, especially the ones who cant afford it. But removing the provision of birth control and abortion coverage in your health care plans would help its beneficiaries, more for they wont experience the side effects of it, they wont have the diseases that can cause it and most of all they wont deprive a life of a person. Having abortion and contraception in your health care plan gives the women the opportunity to try it. Opening them to this opportunity is opening them too to the side effects of abortion and contraception. Oral contraceptive pill has its side effect such due to its component estrogen and progestin. Breast swelling and tenderness, vaginal discharge, high blood pressure and gallbladder disease are problem caused by estrogen component. For the worst case scenario, one could have a heart attack, stroke or breast tumor growth because of estrogen. Progestin brings weight gain, depression, fatigue and tiredness, high cholesterol, irregular menstrual bleeding and suppression of immune system. Heart attack and breast tumor growth are the worst that can happen. Abortion pills like Mifepristone, Ella, Plan B have its side effects too. These pills can cause excessive bleeding and increase vulnerability to infection. The

Food and Drug Administration admitted too that six women died because of Mifepristone just within six years of the products approval. Although it really has it benefits, these factors should be consider too. Better safe than sorry right? Sex with the use of contraception can never be truly safe always, it is sometimes unreliable. 1 in 6 condoms fails, at worst 1 in 3, and pills do not offer protection from STDs. There are over 50 STDs and some them are deadly, AIDS for example. Fifty percent of the people who have AIDS right now are between the ages of 15 and 24. The use of contraceptives during premarital sex has been increasing from 56% in 1985, to 76% in 2000-2004 and to 84% in 2005-2008, and that is before contraceptives your health care plan. How much more now that it is for free? It will just give rise to unwanted Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) from premarital sex now that contraceptives are for free. The provision of birth control and abortion coverage also deprive the life of an embryo. Abortion pills are simply abortion indirectly. Abortion kills the life of a fetus while abortion pills kills or prevent a fertilized egg to live. These little angels could be the next famous doctor of his generation, or the best lawyer in town or even the next president of your States. But unfortunately he wasnt able to live that long. Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius said that reducing pregnancies will cut the health costs. But the other risks and side effects (what is mentioned above) of contraceptive and abortion pills could increase the health costs instead of decreasing or cutting the health cost. The well-being of the people is the number one priority here and having such things as contraception and abortion would be ironic. It would just harm the woman herself due to the side effects she got in it, STDs rates would definitely increases and more life will be taken away.The Philippines do really look up to your country and every decision made affects us. Its kind of sad to see that one day murder is legal and you dont have to be a Christian to say its wrong. But its never too late to fix things. And for sure you wont regret removing the provision of birth control and abortion coverage. It gives respect to women; it treasures life; and most of all, you set a good example to other countries. Anyway, thats the right thing that big brothers do right? Good Day Mr. President and God bless us all!

Sincerely Yours,

Beth Zaira E. Lipana