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Green Factory Building

IGBC Green Factory Building Rating System is voluntary. Rating system is valid for 3 years. On completion of 3 years, projects can validate/renew based on the prevailing latest version. Site Selection and Planning Compliance with local regulations Goal: building design complies with the required statutory and regulatory codes Compliance options: Approval of the plan from the competent Government authority and of all statutory requirements relating to construction of the project Provide an approved plan and drawing and declare that no clearance is pending Soil Erosion Prevention & Control Goal: To control soil erosion and thereby reduce negative impacts to the site Compliance Options: Provide photographs to show stockpiling of topsoil, submit a narrative describing the measures implemented or provide the erosion control plan adopted. Water Conservation Rainwater Harvesting, 50% Roof and Non-Roof Run-off Goal: Increase the ground water table Compliance Options: Provide drawings detailing the rainwater harvesting system, specifically the capacity. Provide details of captured rainwater usage with calculations capture at least 50% Low Flow Water Fixtures Goal: Minimize non-process water usage by installing efficient water fixtures Compliance options: Select water fixtures with certain flow rates and submit product manufacturers data to confirm the same. Energy Conservation CFC-Free Equipment Goal: Compliance options: Refrigerants used in HVAC equipment and unitary air-conditioners must be CFC-Free and provide a declaration by a responsible party for the same. Minimum Energy Performance Goal: Optimise energy efficiency for non-process use in the factory building Compliance Options: WHOLE FACTORY BUILDING ENERGY SIMULATION Demonstrate compliance of the proposed factory building performance as per ECBC (revised version May 2008) / ASHRAE 90.1-2004 standards by a whole factory building simulation. Simulation is to be carried out for achieving comfort temperatures of 28 + 2 deg C. OR PRESCRIPTIVE APPROACH The project should meet the applicable criteria as established in prescriptive measures of ECBC (revised version May 2008) / ASHRAE 90.1-2004, for each of the following: SHGC for glazing areas Lighting power densities Chiller efficiency (for air conditioned buildings) Material Conservation Handling of Non-process Waste (Post Occupancy) Goal: Ensure effective non-process waste management, post occupancy for recycling and safe disposal Compliance options: submit detailed drawings of waste storage area and their location; with facility to segregate at least 5 of the following nonprocess waste generated in the factory Organic waste Plastic Paper, Paperboard Glass Metals

E-waste Lamps Batteries

Indoor Environment Quality and Occupational Health Tobacco Smoke Control Compliance Options: Smoking should be prohibited inside factory. If the local law permits specifically assigned outdoor smoking areas provide details on how the building complies with the requirement and how it would be implemented Minimum Fresh Air Requirements Compliance Options: install fresh air delivery systems in all the occupied spaces of the factory building Avoid use of Asbestos in the Building Goal: Encourage factory design that eliminates the risk of major health effects associated with asbestos exposure Compliance options: Eliminate the use of asbestos in new factory building design. In case of existing buildings, if asbestos is already being used, have a phase-out plan in place. provide details on how the building complies with the requirement.

ASHRAE The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers ECBC Energy Conservation Building Code