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Quadratic Equation Calculator

Quadratic Equation Calculator Now we are focus on math topic quadratic equation calculator. The name of quadratic comes from quad. The meaning of quad is square. It is a simple quadratic equation calculator. It is used to solve any quadratic equation very quick and without any error. This calculator will find real solutions, also called roots, for a quadratic equation. You simply need to enter some data about your math problem in the empty fields and more specifically: The parameters of the equation: A, B and C The general form of this equation is ax2 +bx + c = 0,where a0. The formula define for the quadratic equation is ax2 +bx + c = 0, where a = coefficient of x2 , b = coefficient of x and c = constant. Solving formula for solving quadratic equation is: x = (-b b2 4*a*c)/2*a). the meaning of is one time plus and one time minus.

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By solving we get two solution. One positive and another is negative. And the value b2 4*a*c is called the discriminant. Because it can discriminant b/w the possible answer. If it is positive we will get two possible solution and if its value is zero then we will get only one solution and its value is negative then we will get imaginary sol. eg Find the roots(x1, x2) of the quadratic equation, x2 + 2x - 8 = 0. From the above equation, the value of a = 1, b = 2 and c = - 8. To Find X: Substitute the values in the formula below x = (- b b2 - 4 * a * c) / 2 * a We get the roots, x = (- 2 22 - 4 * 1 * - 8) / 2 * 1 x = - 4 and x = 2 which means x1 = - 4 and x2 = 2. The tool below enables the user to solve an equation for x using a calculator. Solving for x generally means finding the value of y which corresponds to a given value of x. . Fractions for x Calculator is used to calculate the unknown variable 'X' to solve the proportion between two fractions. Steps for solving the unknown value x. step 1.Let's look at this equation: A/B = C/D

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Step 2 . If A = x (unknown value) and B,C and D are known values, then 'x' is given by: x = CBD If B = x (unknown value) and A,C and D are known values, then 'x' is given by: x = ADC. If C = x (unknown value) and B,A and D are known values, then 'x' is given by: x = ADB. If D = x (unknown value) and B,C and A are known values, then 'x' is given by: x = CBA Eg. Solve the equation 6/10 = x/18, then solve for x. Here: A = 6, B = 10, C= x and D = 18; So, C = x =AD/B = 618/10 = 108/10 = 10.8 ;by solving this equation we get x=10.8 Now we have to focus on the factoring trinomials calculator to factorize any trinomials. Enter your expression and after pressing the button, we will see its simplest form.The symbol ^ means grading. You should use it in your expression. Sometimes there may be alternate forms of factorized expression. the

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