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Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Goals (VMG)
NCPAG Student Government Structure

General Plan for AY 2012 -2013

Our NCPAG Student Council

General Plan
NCPAG SC internal guidelines


Since its establishment in 1952, the University of the Philippines National College of Public Administration and Governance has been pioneering the discipline and practice of public administration in the country and in the Asian region. Designed to help the Philippine bureaucracy rise from the war, UP NCPAG has been training public employees and officials of the present and of tomorrow. This year, our college turned 60, celebrating its Diamond anniversary. Like a diamond, our country has been under all sorts of pressure (political, economical, environmental, etc.) and public administration and good governance is one of the forces that can shape this nation into the true gem that it is. With this in mind and as we welcome the next 60 years of NCPAG, the NCPAG Student Government is committed to moving forward and bringing good governance to the Filipino people through the delivery of relevant projects. This primer contains the structure of our NCPAG Student Government, our VMG, our NCPAG Student Council officers and our plan for AY 2012-2013. With the theme of Moving Forward, the NCPAG SG aims to continue sharing our principled leadership and good governance principles to the University and the Country. SULONG LINGKOD-BAYAN, NCPAG! AND AS ONE NCPAG, LETS MOVE FORWARD! PAGLINGKURAN ANG SAMBAYANAN!


Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Goals (VMG)
NCPAG Student Government Structure

Our NCPAG Student Council

General Plan
NCPAG SC internal guidelines

PART I: Our Vision, our Mission, Our Goals

We envision a committed, responsive, transparent, accountable and socially relevant NCPAG Student Council, practicing good governance, promoting an academically excellent and empowered NCPAG Community that upholds the rights and welfare of students and the Filipino people.

In continuing NCPAGs tradition of excellence and relevance in advancing the study and professional practice of public administration, the NCPAG Student Council is committed
To move for Good Governance by promoting transparency, accountability, responsiveness and excellence towards Nation building

to move for solidarity by engaging the students in socially relevant activities in celebration of its sixty years;

To move for relevance by asserting NCPAGs role as a respected institution in the University; and

PART I: Our Vision, our Mission, Our Goals

1. To increase student participation in college, university and national activities 2. To ensure that every students voice is heard and respected in national and local issues 3. To strengthen the ties between the faculty, staff, alumni, students and other stakeholders within and outside the college 4. To effectively utilize the resources of the NCPAG Student Government in the delivery of services 5. To maximize every students potential 6. To instill in every NCPAG student the values of good governance through the creation of relevant projects 7. To ensure the efficient, effective and sustainable delivery of sustainable basic services to the NCPAG Student Government 8. To foster an atmosphere conducive to learning and the holistic growth of the NCPAG students 9. To ensure proper and systematic documentation in administering the Student Government 10. To ensure timely release of statements and minutes in ensuring transparency and having an informed constituency 11. To be accountable and uphold integrity in our service 12. To respect all students regardless of sex, ethnicity, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation


Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Goals (VMG)
NCPAG Student Government Structure

Our NCPAG Student Council

General Plan
NCPAG SC internal guidelines

PART I: The NCPAG Student Government Structure

PART II: The NCPAG Student Government Structure

The NCPAG Student Council (NCPAGSC) is composed of the Executive Council (EC) and the Legislative Council (LC). The NCPAGSC is elected at large by bonafide students of NCPAG during the local college elections, before the Academic Year ends.
It shall be the administrative and implementing arm of the NCPAG-SG. It is composed of the Chairperson, the ViceChairperson, the Administrator for SocioAcademic Affairs, the Administrator for Internal Affairs, the Administrator for External Affairs and the Administrator for Finance. The NCPAG Representative to the USC works hand in hand with the External affairs administrator.

The LC is policy-formulating arm of the SG. It is composed of the House of Undergraduates Assembly (HUA) and the House of Graduates Assembly (HGA). The LC then elects their respective Speakers and Secretaries/

Our NCPAG SC is structured with two CO-EQUAL branches in the EC and LC. (much like our Philippine Bureaucracy with 3 co-equal and independent branches)
Under the office of the Vice-Chairperson (VC) are the ff: offices THE NCPAG STUDENT COUNCIL AUXILIARY CORPS and the Batch Representatives. The VC acts as the officer-incharge for the NCPAG Student Council Auxiliary Corps and acts as as the coordinator for undergraduate batch representatives as well.

The SCAC is the volunteer arm of the NCPAG SC, composed of the 4 standing committees SocioAcademics, Internals, Externals, and Finance.

For this year, the LC created special LC committees to make policy-making more efficient. The 4 special committees are the Environment and Community Rights, Gender, New Students and Sports and Recreation.

PART II: The NCPAG Student Government Structure

The GA is highest decision-making body of NCPAG-SG. The GA is composed of Under graduates Assemblies Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors; and the Graduates Assembly

As the GA, YOU are the HIGHEST DECISION-MAKING BODY of the NCPAG SG. YOU amend and ratify this Constitution and its by-laws including the General Program of Action prepared by the SC; YOU Elect the officers of the SC; YOU review decisions made by the SC and adopt remedial actions if necessary; YOU evaluate the performance of the Officers of the SC and assess its programs in accordance with its Constitution; YOU initiate impeachment proceedings or work for the suspension of any SC officer on grounds provided for in the Article VIII of this Constitution; and YOU can compel the SC officers to call for a GA meeting through a petition filed by at least ten percent (10%) of the GA

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. TUESDAY, June 26 THURSDAY August 2, 2012 TUESDAY Sept 4, 2012 WEDNESAY Oct. 11, 2012 FRIDAY Nov. 16, 2012 WEDNESDAY Dec. 5, 2012 THURSDAY January 17, 2012 WEDNESDAY Feb. 6, 2012 FRIDAY March 15, 2012

NCPAG SG consists of the NCPAG SC and the GA.


Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Goals (VMG)
NCPAG Student Government Structure

Our NCPAG Student Council

General Plan
NCPAG SC internal guidelines

PART III: Your NCPAG Student Council

Ma. Theresa C. Carlos

CHESS| 0905 703 8009 Beatrice marie m. achacoso BEA ACH| 0915 540 6795

Charmen a. balana
CHARMEN| 0915 406 718

Alvin roy s. intal

Alvin| 0917 736 9343

Alaric alexander topacio

ARIC| 0917 568 9272
#internal affairs and finance administrato rneeded SPECIAL ELECTIONS THIS JULY

PART III: Your NCPAG Student Council

Paolo f alcantara .
PAO|0926 538 3383

Krista emmadelle andres KRISTA|0905 625 6526

Paolo f alcantara .
PAO|0926 538 3383

Krista andres
KRISTA|0905 625 6526 Raymond clarence rodis RAYMOND|0917 690 6488 Hanna giselle miralles HANNA|0926 470 5717

PART III: Your NCPAG Student Council

Russel Jef Castaeda RUSSEL|0917 555 0771

Marikirs de guzman
MK|0926 736 1029

Cristymer sheena pimentel

SHEENA | 0917 558 9053

#onemoregraduatecouncilorneeded SPECIAL ELECTIONS THIS JULY

NIKOLE ALICER NIK|0917 541 7154


Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Goals (VMG)
NCPAG Student Government Structure

Our NCPAG Student Council

General Plan
NCPAG SC internal guidelines

PART IV: General Plan

# 1 2 3

Event/Project NCPAG SG Office Cleaning NCPAG SC Comprehensive Planning Recyclables Sale

Brief Description General cleaning and inventory of materials Planning for the entire AY 20122013 Income Generating Project

Date April 5, April 13-15, Month long

# 4

Event/Project Forming Bonds

Brief Description Policy proposal to give a block to NCPAG freshmen

Appointment of Acting Internal Affairs Administrator

Appointment of Councilor Miralles as Acting Internal Affairs Administrator until the announcement of winner s of the special elections
Strengthening our ties with the Faculty

Faculty Consultation


Brief Description


8 9

LGU Consortium
Oil Deregulation Paper ForKNOWgraphy 1: SR Selection

Bringing our expertise to the LGUS

A paper on the oil deregulation policy An information material on the 2012 SR Selection

on-going May 20 22,

PART IV: General Plan

# 10

Event/Project NCPAG SC TBA

Brief Description NCPAG SC Internal Calibration and Team Building A UP and NCPAG Tour for our New Students (Freshmen, Shiftees and Transferees) New Students Orientation Resolution SCAC Orientation and Team Building Resolution Convening the Batch Assemblies for the batch elections

Date June 9


New Students Tour

June 10

12 13 14 15 16

Pakilala Smoking Area SCAC Team Buidling Vendo Machine Installation Batch Assemblies

June 14 June June 15 June Month Long

PART IV: General Plan

# 16

Event/Project PAgbaba60: Run for Good Governance

Brief Description A run promoting the principles of good governance

Date July 1

18 19 20

Street Painting
Acquaintance Party Organizations of the Week Special Elections

College Pride , in the streets and in our deeds

Get to know the entire NCPAG community Showcasing the four NCPAGbased organizations For finance, internals and one Graduate Councilor

First Week
Third Week Month long Last Week

# 21

Event/Project ULAM UP Love Awareness Month Gender Equality NCPAG at sixTEA

Brief Description A month-long information campaign about our own University Resolution promoting gender equality in NCPAG Celebrate our diamond anniversary with your favorite milk tea Be proactive review and propose amendments to our constitution

Date Month long August Month long Month long

22 23


Constitution Review

PART IV: General Plan

# 25 26 27

Event/Project NCPAGalingan Young Blood Tatak Botante

Brief Description A community Intramurals Essay Writing Comelec Satellite Booth for voters registration


Second Week Third Week

# 28 29 30 31 32

Event/Project Servicio I Government Hub Civil Service Exam Staff Appreciation Day NCPAG SG First sem evaluation

Brief Description Official Publication of the NCPAG SC Satellite Booths for NBI, Drivers License Civil Service Eligibilty Exam A simple appreciation day for Evaluation for the improvement of the NCPAG SCs service

Date 3rd Week 2nd week October 2nd Week 3rd Week

PART IV: General Plan

# 33 34 35

Event/Project NCPAG SC Sem-Planning NCPAG SG Comprehensive Survey Andres Bonifacio Movie Screening

Brief Description Planning for the Second Sem Survey to know the true needs of the NCPAG community Month long movie screening at UP FI, in celebration of Bonifacio Day

Date During Sem Break 2nd week Monthlong

# 36

Event/Project Young Blood

Brief Description Essay writing contest

Date 1st Week


Forum on AIDS awareness


The Yearly University Wide, carol singing competition. Support the NCPAG Singing Administrators Belen Making Competition BIG.BRIGHT.LIGHTS. NCPAG SG gives back this yuletide season (For geriatrics) Celebration before the Lantern Parade

1st Week

39 40 41 42

Belen Lantern Parade Outreach Program NCPAG Year-end Party

TBA TBA 2nd Week TBA

PART IV: General Plan

# 43

Event/Project National Congress on Good Governance

Brief Description Tentative Theme: Upholding Democracy in the midst of the Upcoming 2013 midterm elections

Date Jan 11-13

# 44

Event/Project Forum on Voters Education Staff and Faculty Appreciation Day

Brief Description Education can not make us all leaders, but it can teach us which leaders to follow Lets thank all our educators that mold us, one way or another

Date 3rd week


2nd Week

# 46 47 48 49

Event/Project Young Blood Servicio Outrage Thanksgiving Party

Brief Description Essay writing contest Second issue of the official NCPAG SC publication Battle for a clean 2013 elections A celebration of the past AY

Date 1st week 2nd Week 1st Week 2nd Week

PART IV: General Plan

BASIC SERVICES Bisikrental NCPAG Website Printing Services Signages Random Day Academic Assistance (tutorial) RA services

RESOLUTION Forming Bonds Special Elections Tambayan Guidelines Alternative Venue Resolution Transfer of Bank Account Gender Equality Smoking Area Vendo Machine Loading Machine

Income Generating Projects Basura mo, Pera Natin Readings Tambakan NCPAG Merchandise Locker Rental Run for Good Governance Bonifacio Movie Screening

Projects and Events

N-Force Training Bantay Gobyerno Makialam Forum Series LGU Consortium Forum of Oil Deregulation forKNOWgraphy Series New Students Tour Pakilala: New Students Orientation Fortify SCAC Team Building Young Blood NCPAGalingan Acquaintance Party NCPAG Quiz Bee Takbo para sa PAgbaba60 Sky Lantern Debate Cub Crme dela Creme

UP Awareness Month Sportsfest Tatak Botante CSC Exam Government Hub Servicio Staff Appreciation Day Bonifacio Movie Screening Bet na Bet AIDS Forum Lantern Parade Belen Making Karolfest NCPAG Christmas Party NCGG 2013 Voters Ed Outrage Thanksgiving Night