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Vampire Lore Guide

Written by Kaylan Lyndell, with inspiration from Jenn Lyle

Site Note: Many notes in this original document pertained to White Wolf's LARP system (ie: "requires RST approval"), and not to role playing done during tabletop games. I've removed most of the LARP references from this document, and I hope that what is left will serve as a good generic basis for ALL VtM games. It's also been spell-checked by me. :) Author's Note: This document is meant to serve as a guide to STs and players alike in the use of Lores. It should not be cited as rules. It is a guideline, nothing more. First off, Lore are not facts. They are not supposed to be facts. They are highly biased towards the point of view of the group that they represent. This means that they are going to be skewed, and possibly even untrue. Simply because you, as a player, know something is true OOC-ly does not mean that your PC knows it, even if he has extremely high levels of that particular Lore. For example, you will note that in Tremere Lore, the lower levels indicate a near certainty that Salubri are evil, infernal monsters. Most players familiar with the Clan will know this to be false. However, your PC does NOT know this to be false, and should react to discovering information on Salubri based on what HE knows, rather on what the player knows. If you let on that you know a hidden secret, you never know whose ears that knowledge might fall to. Creatures of the World of Darkness should never, ever trust each other blindly. With Lores, you have snippets of hard-won information at your hands. This is a bargaining tool of immense power within the World of Darkness. Use that information carefully, cautiously, and above all, quietly. In an uncertain world, knowledge of what is happening, knowledge of what is really out there, this is something that you can use to manipulate nearly anyone who knows less than you do. Why should you give a petty neonate, or a rank cub, the same knowledge that you have when he makes a far, far better tool for you without it He doesn't NEED to know this information to work for you. Speaking of potential enemies, it also bears mentioning that most groups in the World of Darkness are, if not diametrically opposed to each other, tenuous allies at best, even within a given creature type. Yes, you want to learn about your enemies. But at the same time, your enemies do not want you to learn about them. And you don't want your enemies to learn about you. If you teach someone, they may very well teach someone else, someone who IS one of your enemies. You should be afraid of this. .. and then you should look at what you know and be FAR more afraid. This is knowledge that can alter the way you view the world. It can set your life on edge, cause you to watch your back. This may be what's really out there ... and it may well get you killed if you let on that you know it. But say you're a player who just saw the blue-skinned lady turn into a scary shadow monster. You know that the Kiasyd just went into Tenebrous Form out of character, and would like to justify having some Kiasyd Lore based off that. Well, first, it'd be a really, really good idea to be able justify knowing what a Kiasyd is in the first place. And then you should be explaining how you knew that was Obtenebration. And after that you can start explaining how you know that Kiasyd HAVE Obtenebration in the first place. And then ... well, you see where I'm going. It's all interconnected, really, and without the keys that you need, you can't put the pieces together to make sense.

Insider vs. Outsider Lores

Only members of a given group can have Insider lore. All others have outsider lore. This isn't to reflect the specific knowledge, per se, but it reflects the fact that an outsider hasn't had the opportunity to observe the nuances and actual habits and traditions of the sect. Outsider Lores should be considered to be at least one level lower than the Lore chart reflects unless otherwise noted in the Lore chart in


Kindred Lore
Kindred Lore 1: What a Fledgling would know Basic understanding of the necessities (blood) and the banes (fire, sunlight, and wooden stake) of a vampiric existence. Rumor that the biblical Caine was the first vampire. Some say Kindred war among themselves, for various reasons. Know many common Kindred specific terms. The concept that raw power comes from the blood You know that Kindred are separated into Clans, tracing their heritage back to a single very old Kindred. You are aware of the names of the most common Clans in your area (i.e. Brujah, Toreador, Lasombra. Etc.) Understands the traditions surrounding Elysium Kindred Lore 2: What a common Kindred would know The concept that the closer one is to Caine the more power a kindred possesses You understand the Embrace, the Blood Bond, creating Ghouls and Diablerie Has heard of the Book of Nod Has rough knowledge of major events in Cainite History, such as the First City, Second City, Carthage, Anarch Rebellion, Founding of the Camarilla and Sabbat, etc. Can give short descriptions for 7-9 clans Some say the world will come to an end when the eldest awake. Kindred Lore 3: What an Experienced Kindred would know Can name the 13 clans and knows the VtM, VPG, and SPG descriptions, in general specific terms. Includes the common weakness of each clan. Has a basic understanding of the ten primary Disciplines (Animalism, Auspex, Dominate, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Protean, Presence, Potence, Thaumaturgy) -- think general overview but not detailed V:tM write-ups May have heard rumors about one of the rare clan specific disciplines (Chimestry, Necromancy, Obtenebration, Quietus, Serpentis, and Vicissitude) Knows several of the legends of the First Days or Gehenna. Knows many of the old terms and their meanings Can name a couple of the Antediluvians You have heard rumors of Golconda You know of the Gangrel/Tzimisce war against the Tremere. Kindred Lore 4: What a Scholar would know You know the commandments of Caine (Pg. 76-77, 84-85 Book of Nod) Basic knowledge of the minor bloodlines, to include disciplines common to them - think general overview but not detailed V:tM write-ups Knowledge of a few of the Elder powers available in the ten primary Disciplines -- again think general description not detailed write-ups Has heard rumors of the Inconnu May know something about Golconda Can name many Antediluvians and many of the major Methuselahs, may know some vague legends about them Can see the hidden meanings in day-to-day Kindred politics. Kindred Lore 5: What an Elder would know A working familiarity with several editions, variora, and translations of the Book of Nod as well as some other apocryphal writings

Experience with Cainite society is likely to be more accurately measured in millennia rather than mere centuries Knows some general details about the Jyhad and who the some of the real players are. Know the legends surrounding the Diablerie of the Antediluvians (Saulot, Brujah, Cappadocius) Has probably seen the equivalent to a full copy of the Book of Nod (although several drastically different versions exist) Having suspicions where an Antediluvian sleeps Know about the City of Enoch in the Shadowlands, and its recent destruction.

Camarilla Lore
Camarilla Lore 1: What an unreleased childe would know. There exists a secret society of vampires, which keeps itself hidden from the mortal world. That you are never to expose your new vampiric nature to any non vampire. Vampires refer to themselves as Kindred, the use of the term vampire is offensive to some Kindred. You have heard of a group of Laws, known as The Traditions, but are uncertain as to the specifics or interpretation of these. You understand the very basics of the Camarilla Social Structure, and know of the proper place and behavior of an unreleased childe. You know that you and the one that made you may be destroyed for your actions, if inappropriate. You know of the Tradition of Elysium, in that it is a safe place, which cannot be soiled by violence, or other acts of disrespect. Camarilla Lore 2: What a newly fledgling would know. You know The Traditions and can state them without hesitation; you also know the common interpretations of them. You know the powers and responsibilities of the Domain Officers, and who holds them within your domain. (i.e. Sheriff, Harpy, Keeper of Elysium, etc.) You know the basics of the Prestation System. (Trivial, Minor, Major, Blood, Life) and are able to participate in the system of Boons. You have heard rumors of other groups of Kindred, but know no specifics of their sects. (I.e. Independents, Aututark, and Sabbat), you may have even met some kindred, which claim not to belong to the Camarilla. You have heard the names of nearby Camarilla Princes, other kindred of high standing, and those of the Oathsworn You tend to use the Common Parlance when speaking of things (pg. 59 VtM) You know how to present a childe for release to the Prince. Camarilla Lore 3: What and experienced Kindred would know. You know the basic history of the Camarilla You know of the Clan head, and their powers. You know well the stereotypical horrors and tales of the Sabbat. (No specific powers or clans, but general tales of horror) You may have attended a Conclave. You know of the Edict of Barbs/Convention of Thorns. You know the Traditions and procedures of Princes Symposium. You know of the Red List, and who has been made Anathema. You know the system of Prestation in and out You know the intricate details of the Blood Hunt or Lextalionis (pg. 137-140 The Guide to the Camarilla) You know of the Treaties with the Assamites and Giovanni, and the specifics of such.

You know the unwritten traditions and customs of the Camarilla (The Protocols of the Camarilla) Camarilla Lore 4: What a Scholar would know. You tend to use the Old Form when speaking (pg. 60 VtM) You know how to contact and approach an Archon properly. You can identify most cities of the chronicle as Camarilla, Sabbat, or Anarch held You know that the Followers of Set were asked to join the Camarilla at its founding, and that they declined. You know the names of public Archons and the Justicar that they serve. You know the proper Traditions and Customs of a Conclave or Princes Tribunal, and the use of Ordeals. Camarilla Lore 5: What an Elder would know. You know of the existence of the Alastors, and other divisions of Archons (pg. 6-22 Archons and Templars), Not detailed descriptions, but rather that such specialties exist. You are or were known as a major voice of the Camarilla You know how the Justicars are selected, and of the politics involved at such a level. You know how to contact a Justicar and probably survive You know the names, and clans of the Founders, as well as the details of the very founding of the Camarilla. Anarch Lore Anarch Lore 1: What a known Anarch would know Understands rep system Has heard of the Convention of Thorns Knows of the several interpretations of the Edict of Barbs Understands the difference between mortal anarchy and the Anarch Movement Understands how one goes about becoming a brother Can make a Static Lore Challenge to determine the rep of another Anarch Anarch Lore 2: What a proven Anarch would know Knows several interpretations of the Convention of Thorns Can name a few of the more well known gangs Can name a few of the more prominent lone wolves Knows that Anarchs are divided into factions Has probably heard of Danton/Exsangue Has heard of Anarch Curses Can make a Static Lore Challenge to determine the gang of another Anarch (or if they are a Lone Wolf) Anarch Lore 3: What an established Anarch would know Knows basic history of the modern Anarch Movement Can identify a few Anarch held territories Can name a number of Anarch gangs Can name a number of Lone Wolves Understands the different Anarch factions (moderates, terrorists and militants) Has heard of Anarch Rituals Understands what one Anarch Curses does Aware of prominent Anarchs (Andi, Blade, Top, Stryfe, etc.) Can make a Static Lore Challenge to determine the faction of another Anarch Anarch Lore 4: What a studied Anarch would know Knows something about the causes behind the original Anarch Revolt and its history Knows about the Golden Age of Piracy

Can name most Anarch held territories Understands what one Anarch Rituals does Understands what all of the Anarch Curses do Has heard the legends of the great Anarchs (Galaric, Troile, Caine) Can make a Static Lore Challenge to determine the history/background of another Anarch Anarch Lore 5 Knows the entire history of the Anarch Movement, past and present Knows that the original Anarchs became the Sabbat Understands why the Sabbat hate the Anarchs so much Understands all of the Anarch Rituals Likely present (or at least alive) at the signing of the Convention of Thorns May have participated in the original Anarch Revolt Can garner rep, gang (or Lone Wolf), faction, and background history of another Anarch without a Challenge Assamite Lore Assamite Lore 1: What a Fidai should know Knows the Khabar as words, not necessarily the meaning. Knows that Haqim is the Founder of the Clan, and is at war all other Kindred. Knows the very basic structure of the clan. Assamite Lore 2: What a Rafiq should know Knows the basic history of the clan. Knows the meaning behind the Khabar, but not necessarily understanding. Knows that there may be factions within the Assamites. Knows that the elders arrange all contracts for them. Knows their Castilian. Knows what the Du'at are. May have heard about the Ritual. Assamite Lore 3: What a Castilian should know Knows the history of The curse. Knows and understands the Khabar, word for word. Knows that there are factions within the clan and may belong to one. Knows about the Ritual. Knows how contacts are worked out. May have heard about Assamites having Thaumaturgy. Knows about the Unconquered. Knows the locations and movements of the Assamites under his Command. Knows who Du'at. Knows their Silsila. Assamite Lore 4: What an Elder should know Knows the history before The Curse Knows about Assamites having Thaumaturgy. Knows how to make contact with the Unconquered. Knows what Ritual can do. Knows who the Master is. Knows whom all the Silsila or Elders are and how to contact them. Assamite Lore 5: What a Silsila should know Knows the History of Golden Age. Knows where the new Alumet is. Knows how to contact Assamites in any area.

Knows who all Castilians are and how to contact them. Assamite Lore 6: What the Du'at know Knows the history of the Beginning. Knows when and where the Clan is moving and against whom. Knows who all Rafiq are. Assamite Lore 7: What the Master knows Knows the true location of Alumet. Knows where the Unconquered meet and where they maybe found. Knows all members of the clan and their located. Brujah Lore Brujah Lore 1: What an unreleased childer would know You have heard the term Brujah and understand it You have heard the term scholarly warriors You have no clue what The Call is You have heard the term Rabble You know that Brujah tend to anger quickly Brujah In Clan Disciplines are: Potence, Celerity, and Presence Brujah Lore 2: What an up and coming Neonate would know You understand the terms iconoclast, individualist and idealist and know which camp you fall under. You have heard of the call You know that status is earned by physical prowess You have heard of rants and may have attended one You know of the 7th Tradition -- don't get caught You have heard of Troile and Carthage You understand that getting a Brother killed is a crime and have heard of the punishment of such. (remember the 7th tradition here) You know that Brujah tend to be rebels in their way of thinking Brujah Lore 3: What most Ancillae know You know that the 3 camps work together despite disagreements You understand the concepts that make up the three different camps You know the stereo-types of the individuals in the three camps You can recognize the names of the Elders of the clan You know the names of the important Ancillae You know when to and when not to make The Call You have heard of Raves and may have attended one You have heard of running The Gauntlet as punishment You know that the most heinous of all crimes is the betrayal of a brother You know the punishment for making the call inappropriately You have heard rumors of the Brujah involvement in the 1917 Russian uprising You understand the Call Brujah Lore 4: What a Brujah scholar would know (Note: Note at this level you have become more locked into the past and have begun to lose touch with clan mates, you become paranoid, and, at ST discretion, get the negative trait of paranoid, without the bonus from it) Heard how one locates a Rave and may have used the clues to do so Heard of a tradition that the elders have called the Debate Heard iconoclast Brujah elders do not attend Debates An understanding about the fall of Carthage and the role of the Venture and Toreadors with it.

A familiarity with the Ancillae of your camp and some in other camps. A relationship with some of the elders in your region. Heard of the development of the Clan weakness, and stories of its development. Heard rumors of the True Brujah An understanding that it is difficult to separate the fact from fiction within the Brujah history Heard rumors that Brujah himself created the written language Heard rumors that the Brujah were involved in the separation of the colonies from Britain Have an understanding of the Call enough to know the consequences of it Brujah Lore 5 (Note: At ST discretion, you gain the derangement Paranoid, but gain no bonus from it, to reflect the fear of the knowledge you possess) You understand the role of the other clans in the history of your blood You believe there was a possibility that Troile was coerced into challenging his sire either by Brujah himself or others of the 4th Generation You have an idea of Varojas role in the Sabbat and infernalists You understand what really caused the fall of Carthage You have heard rumors of walking hypnosis You hear rumors of the Brujah helped to form the Sabbat You know what the Call is really about You possess knowledge most scoff at and your name and word have become sullied You have knowledge of the existence of True Brujah and may have met one. You understand that the True Brujah are remnants from the past with the power to manipulate time Research hints that the Brujah are a driving force behind the Sabbat You have a basic understanding of the history of the Brujah, as presented in the Clan book You no longer can recognize your brothers unless they are famous or infamous Caitiff Lore Caitiff Lore 1: What Neonate or Childer with basic teachings would know. Caitiff are Clanless Caitiff are looked down on by clans and princes Caitiff can be adopted into clans and generally be treated much better (but still never full members of the clan) Which clans are more sympathetic to the Caitiff Various ways a Caitiff is created (embrace, cast out of clan, etc.)--some reasons for the prejudices against Caitiff Features (or lack thereof) of Caitiff vs. clan blood. There are prophecies about Caitiff that Caitiff will cause bad things to happen How to survive as a Caitiff (general need for clan sponsorship, etc.) Caitiff Lore 2: What a well rounded member of the Clan would know Knowledge of inside Caitiff world (phone system, prominent Caitiff, etc.) Knowledge of prominent Caitiff haters Knowledge of varying philosophies about Caitiff not commonly spoken among the clans (Caitiff superiority, Caine was a Caitiff, etc.) Heard rumors of Joseph Pander and the Sabbat Panders Caitiff Lore 3: What a student of the Clan would know Knowledge of some basic interpretations of the Gehenna prophecies Knowledge of recent Caitiff history (the Alexi Darba revolt), how they were treated, prominent Caitiff in the past Knowledge of the Panders, how they succeeded, how they are treated in the Sabbat, etc.

Caitiff Lore 4: What a dedicated scholar of the Clan would know Heard of legendary Caitiff such as the Stoneman In-depth understanding of the interpretation of the Gehenna prophecies about Caitiff Caitiff Lore 5: What a dedicated scholar is able to find out after centuries of research. Some Caitiff have been known to become very PARANOID (Derangement) after learning so much about Caitiff. This level reflects knowledge of various fragmentary legends and histories developed by the SA staff. As there is no universal or collective history, they are not universal. Instead, legends and rumors the scholar has heard will be dependent specifically on what areas he has researched. Know the origin of some blood Caitiff elders This level reflects an understanding of the various knowledge and information available from level x4 Followers of Set Lore Followers of Set Lore 1: What any newly embraced Follower of Set knows. You are familiar with what clan you are. You know other people don't like you because you're a Setite. The Toreador might be an exception to this, whom we have had a long and loving relationship with. You know that there is a god called Set that you're supposed to follow. You know that Set is an Egyptian god and that he was equated with death, storms, chaos, and darkness. You know that there are temples, usually associated with the Masons in a town. (You have no idea where or what is in them.) You know that Setites don't like light. You know that people equate you with reptiles. You are familiar with the basic uses of Serpentis. Followers of Set Lore 2: What any neonate who has been sent out on their own knows. You know that you are not Camarilla or Sabbat, but part of an independent clan. You know that most people believe you were embraced to corrupt, even though that's not necessarily the truth. You know that you are extremely sensitive to light, because of some part of the religion that has to do with Ra. You know that others consider you evil because you are a corruptive snake. You know who your priests are and listen to what they say. You are aware of what it means if someone is named -Osiris- within the clan. You know where your temple is. You are familiar with the intermediate uses of Serpentis You have heard stories of Magi, sorcerers of the clan but have no idea who one is or what they do. You have also heard of the Medjay, Warriors of the clan and protectors of the temples. You know there is a pecking order to the clan, and that cult leadership, temple construction and skills are needed to advance on it. You have an idea how to build a proper temple, but are unsure of the exact expectations. You are aware of one or two of the most prominent national cults. You are familiar with the story of Set and Apophis, and you know that worshipping Apophis over Set is bad. You have heard the legends about Set and Osiris and that they fought with each other. You are aware there is more to the story then just the Joseph Campbell version. Followers of Set Lore 3: What those who have lived have found to be true. You know that Setites often masquerade as other clans, and which ones are the easiest to infiltrate. You know that there is a third generation of vampires that are supposed to bring about Gehenna

and that Set wants you to work towards that end. You know where the Regional Temples are and how to get to them, you've seen them, you know the priests. You have gained enough knowledge of Setite ritual and ceremony to be able to mimic it to a city sized cult. You know the Paths of Set, that there are Typhonists, Ecstatics, and Warriors and that each of these has its own duties within the clan. You understand the advanced uses of Serpentis. You are aware of the Path of Corruption, a general overview of what it does, and that the Followers have access to other Paths. You know the in-clan Status system in detail, and are fully aware of how to advance on it and how to lose status as well. You are aware that the daughters are the status keepers of the Clan and they alone can name someone -Osiris- . You are fully versed in the different requirements for building various temples, up to and including Continental temples. You have heard of any Followers of Set with 9 status or more. You are aware of all the national level cults and a handful of the smaller regional ones. Followers of Set Lore 4: What Elders who have seen and studied have found. You know a sizable amount of Setite ritual and ceremony and have enough knowledge to run, construct and consecrate a regional temple in your city, as well as the basic information for running a Continental temple. You know the location of the Grand Temple for your continent and have been inside, you know who the High Priest is. You know that Set and Osiris fought, that Ra was their father, that Ra cursed Set, and that is why the Setites fear the light. You know that there are many clan secrets that you have yet to see. You know that there are mummies, or something like that, and that they are dangerous. You have heard rumors of the Daitya ... who worship a god other then Set. You know that the 3rd generation have agents roaming around and that the 3rd generation shunned Set and this is why we corrupt. You are aware of 3 or 4 various paths of Setite Sorcery. You understand the elder powers of Serpentis. You have heard of any Followers of Set with 5 or more Status. You have can recall any Follower's lineage if they have 9 status or more. You are familiar with all the active cults, regardless of size. You are familiar with the paths of Sutekh and Typhon and their core beliefs. You are also aware that The Path of Ecstasy and Path of the Warriors are branches of the Path of Typhon. You are familiar with the Follower's rivalry with the Illuminati. You have heard stories involving Saulot and Malkav. Followers of Set Lore 5: Those who have taught what they have seen and studied. You are a philosopher in the ways of Set. You know all about the rivalry written in texts about Set and Osiris, you know of Isis and Nepthysis, you know of the Mummy Horus and the Cult of Isis. You have the ability (though may not necessarily) to construct, consecrate, and run a Continental temple and speak frequently with the High Priests of your continent, as well as those in other continents and the Grand temple. You are familiar with ritual and have studied extensively in Egyptology as well as Setite Lore. You are familiar with the fact that there are Followers of the faith who worship different gods but still hold to the same tenets of the path. You might have met a few even. You have heard rumors of a bloodline that lives in Mexico.

You are familiar with all the paths of Setite Sorcery You can recognize almost any Follower of Set, at least by name. You can recall any Follower's lineage if they have at least 1 or more Status You can name all of the major Setite temples throughout history

Gangrel Lore Gangrel Lore 1: What a recently embraced childe would know This character has been embraced within the last year or two and probably only recently was told what clan he was. He has met a handful of his kind and is just on the cusp of entering Gangrel Society, such that it is. Your clan seems to abandon their new children for no other reason than to see if they survive. The Gangrel are generally wanders, without a home, preferring the wilderness, and with no established leader. You're heard mention of gathers, huge affairs where tales are swapped, but you've never been to one. You are aware of the clan disciplines of standard Gangrel and familiar with the basic levels of each. You know Werewolves and gypsies are rumored to tolerate your clan more than most. You know that most of the time the clan is lead through strength of Arms and Character. Gangrel Lore 2: What an adopted and recognized childe would know This character is finally at home with being Gangrel. He could have embraced within the last 50 or so years, but has spent some time with others of his clan and is becoming aware of what it means to be Gangrel. If his Sire did not abandon him, he has been released. If he was abandoned, he has been found and taken back into the clan. As a Gangrel, he is more aware of the social aspect, which impacts their day-to-day existence than the historical aspect. You are aware that Princes tend to allow you free access into their cities and you're rarely required to introduce yourself. You know that the Clan is somewhat split, with some remaining a part of the Camarilla, and other claiming their independence. You know that when Gangrel frenzy they grow more animalistic. City Gangrel are associated with the Sabbat and no longer see themselves as part of the Gangrel Clan. You know about the yearly gathers in which Gangrel tell tales. You may have even been to one. You know Gangrel traditionally swap tales when they meet and you probably have a few tales under your belt about friends and associates that you can pull out when you meet someone. You know how the discipline Protean can, on rare occasion, produce different results for different Gangrel. These are slight variations in how the discipline manifests itself. (i.e. Fight/Flight Forms differences, Differences in Eye Color, Etc.) Gangrel Lore 3: What an established Gangrel would know This character has been a Gangrel for many years. He or she is a well rounded member of the clan. They know what it means to be Gangrel. This level represents time and experience, as well as self study. They are aware of the clan History, but not all the details. Overall, history isn't that important to them. Yet. You know how the Gangrel interpret the Traditions. You know that the Gangrel generate a large number of Caitiff due to their embrace practices. It is rumored those City Gangrel associated with the Sabbat are different. The werewolves prefer to be called Garou and should be avoided. Beyond this, you must buy a separate lore. You are familiar with all Gangrel in-clan disciplines through the advanced level and can generally recognize them in use even if you don't possess them. The clan has an alliance with the gypsies, also known as Romani.

You recognize the names of the movers and shakers in the Gangrel clan (what few of them there are) You know mythology has it that Ennoia was the mother of the clan. That is, she was the first 'Gangrel'. Beyond that, you've heard several stories, but aren't sure which to buy. Gangrel Lore 4: What an older Gangrel would know At this level, the Gangrel is starting to realize that there's far more to those old tales than just the telling. This is the stage where they begin to sift through the rumors for the grains of truth. This indicates personal time spent researching items that might detract in some fashion from local events. Elders often have this if they don't spend any additional time in researching events or information. You know much of the recent history of the clan. You know about Ennoia, Enoch and antediluvians. You actually know a few movers and shakers in the clan personally. The Sabbat bloodlines are two groups, one like us, called Country Gangrel and another, City Gangrel. The last possess the disciplines Obfuscate, Celerity and Protean and often exhibit insect or odd animal characteristics. You know there was a once a war between the Gangrel and the Tremere, and know of the disappearances of some of the clan, which resulted in Gangrel involvement. You have heard rumors of Gangrel that spend most of their unlives within the water. (The Mariners) You have heard of the history of the Anda. Gangrel Lore 5: What a Gangrel Scholar would know Now the Gangrel is confident he or she is aware of the true history behind his clan. He is dedicated to research and study as well as seeking out new information and knowledge. He can listen to the tales and recognize the artistic embellishments. He has the established history down. But he also knows they are more secrets out there and he is still looking. You're very familiar with the myth of Lilith (and all the various interpretations) and know most of the traditional story as presented in the Gangrel Clanbook. You know the rumors about Ennoia in Australia. Your presence at the yearly gathers is generally assured. You've heard rumors about the Waelkyrige and their activities. You are familiar with the expert level in-clan disciplines and can generally recognize them in use even if you don't possess them. You know the history of elder Gangrel PCs in the sanctioned chronicle. Giovanni Lore Giovanni Lore 1: What a recently embraced childe would know. The Giovanni seem to be distrusted by other vampires. The Giovanni seem to leave other vampires alone, and vice versa. The Giovanni pursue Necromancy, money, and the means to acquire both. Mortals don't have the same reaction from being bit from a Giovanni, compared to other vampires. All Giovanni seem to be all related either by blood or marriage. Giovanni Lore 2: What a neonate would know. Giovanni shouldn't teach Necromancy to *anyone* else. The Giovanni and the Camarilla have an understanding called the Promise that keeps you out of each other's face. Not all Giovanni were Giovanni when they were mortal. The Giovanni is the youngest Clan, but asking about it might be a bad idea. An exceptionally bad idea. The popular notion is that Family is the Family. Sects are for losers.

Giovanni Lore 3: What an established Giovanni would know. The Treaty of 1528 'Promises' that the Giovanni will not interfere in any Kindred affairs. The Giovanni Clan Head is Augustus Giovanni, who should not be talked about. You have heard of the Path of Bones, and may be on the Path yourself. Its observed that Wraiths stick together in sects, such as the Haunters, like vampires do. Quite familiar with the Clan Hierarchy of Don - Consigliere - Primo Consigliere - Bruglione Augustus. Giovanni Lore 4: What an older Giovanni or a student of the Clan would know There's a rumor that Augustus diablerized his way to the top in the Dark Ages. It's been rumored that there are even more Necromantic Paths out there. It's been rumored that Necromancists can write their own Rituals. You know better than to attempt to contact Venice without talking to your Don first. Giovanni Lore 5: What an dedicated Giovanni researcher would know. You have heard rumors of the Premascines. The rumors of other Necromantic Paths out there seem to be true. You have heard rumors of other practitioners of Necromancy. Its been rumored that the Clan the Giovanni eliminated were the Cappadocians. Giovanni Lore 6: What a dedicated Giovanni scholar is able to find out after centuries of research,or with access to the secrets of the Mausoleum. Only a handful of characters should have this level. Information at this level would shock other Giovanni. You have gained some familiarity with the existence of other Necromantic Paths. You have heard rumors about some 'rending of the Shroud plan'. You may have heard about the Nagaraja, and that wraiths fear the Harbingers of Skulls. You may have discovered evidence of the existence of the Premascines. Giovanni Lore 7: What only the most dedicated Giovanni scholar would know after centuries of study and research. Secrets here are often kept in the hands of Augustus and his advisors. The secrets of the Jyhad lie herein. Has a confident knowledge and opinion of the Nagaraja and Premascines. May have once spoken to Augustus himself. Has a confident knowledge of the planned rending of the Shroud. Has heard suspicions as to what the Harbingers of Skulls *really* are. Malkavian Lore Malkavian Lore 1: What a Fool has stumbled across All Malkavians are incurably insane, yes. But you are beginning to see what gifts this insanity truly bestows. Often times, Malkavians will execute elaborate practical jokes or Pranks. They are often harmful, and are only occasionally funny to onlookers. Malkavians occasionally talk about Malkavian status, but it always seems like a joke. Somehow, if one Malkavian knows something, they all seem to know it. Madness seems to follow wherever Malkavians go. Malkavians often recognize each other on sight, and are linked to each other mentally. You know of the Clan's Founder, Malkav, and have heard that he was an utter madman. Malkavian Lore 2: Truths a Maniac can uncover Some Malkavians call insanity a curse while others embrace it and try to claim that madness sets them free. You've heard both sides of the argument. Pranking is a tradition among the clan, meant to teach a lesson to outsiders as well as insiders. The clan has no real structure - or if it does, it changes so rapidly as to be incomprehensible. You have heard a few of the common Malkavian myths such as the Cain and Abel story and the Elephant story.

You understand the duality of Malkavian Clan Status. The mental link Malkavians share is called The Madness Network, and any Malkavian, given the proper focus, can access it. This link seems to fuel their recognition of each other as well. You have heard that Malkav was cursed for vanity, for cruelty, or perhaps for knowing too much. Malkavian Lore 3: What only a Madman would find The duality of Malkavian Madness is clear to you, most likely from personal experience. You understand how many common derangements manifest in Malkavians. There is no apparent relationship between the clan and its antitribu, and they do not seem to function together or recognize each other the way most Malkavians do. You've accomplished the rather daunting task of tracking the larger Malkavian lineages. You know several names for the Madness Network (The Coweb, the Greater Dream) and understand the theory behind each term. You know the Rhyme of Malkav (Malkav's Words from The Book of Nod). You have heard a story that Malkav was torn asunder in ancient times. Malkavian Lore 4: Patterns that a Lunatic believes You are familiar with several philosophies and theories about Malkavian Madness (possibly writing or researching a few of your own) and can easily debate the duality of Madness. The antitribu have always had the power of Dementation. Rumors state that they may have spread it to the rest of the Clan. Even obscure and ancient lineages are known to you. Dementation was a normal Malkavian power in ancient times. You know there is much more to the Malkavian Madness Network than communication and visions - the thoughts of dead Malkavians seem to reverberate there. You understand how Elder Malkavian Disciplines (like Sybil's Tongue and Babble) interact with the Network. You have heard about Malkavians 'uploading' their personas to the Network, although you have no idea how it's done or if it's possible. You have heard multiple accounts that Caine told Malkav a secret, and that this secret drove Malkav mad. You have some personal evidence that Malkav might be alive inside every Malkavian, or perhaps alive within the Madness Network. Malkavian Lore 5: What a Fool wishes he could forget You know why Dementation left the Clan in the Dark Ages, and have a suspicion of why it came back. You know many details, stories and accounts of the workings of the Madness Network and you're getting an idea of what it really is... You know many legends about Malkav, but most importantly, you have hints about the secret Caine told him. Nosferatu Lore Nosferatu Lore 1 They're the ugly ones and they collect information. You know who the local Nosferatu are, but only those who often show up in public. They can hide in plain sight, speak to animals, and a very strong. They exist in sewers and out of the way places. They seem to sneak around a lot. You want dirt Talk to them. Nosferatu Lore 2 They say that the Nosferatu appearance is part of a curse, if you believe that sort of thing.

They have a deeper reason for collecting information, but details are sketchy beyond that. There are rumors... They're watching for something. No details, though. Want to know something about the cities around yours, and who can be blackmailed for what? If they can't tell you immediately, give them a couple of weeks and they will have something. Nosferatu Lore 3 They look the way they do because legend has it that Caine cursed their Sire for his vanity, or so you've been told. They gather information to safeguard themselves from their enemies. You know of most of the Nosferatu in the region, including those who don't make public appearances. You know that the Sabbat and Camarilla Nosferatu will often meet in their Warrens to exchange information unrelated to sect. You've heard they're watching for Nosferatu specific hunters. Legend has it that they are of the same bloodline as the Nosferatu, but are even more twisted, more bestial. (Clan insiders know they are called the Nameless Ones or Nictuku.) You've heard many of the Elder Nosferatu were very religious. Some whispers say the Gargoyles are related to the Nosferatu somehow. Nosferatu Lore 4 You've heard the story that Nosferatu was cursed for his betrayal of Caine, along with other versions and details of the tale (mighty hunter, extremely handsome, spurned a woman, etc.). You know one or two names to contact if you need to get word to the Elders of the clan. You know know that the Nameless Ones are called Niktuku, those who were blood-bound to Nosferatu at the time of the curse had it doubled on them. You know that some of the monsters of legend are of their ilk, and you know that, unlike the stories, they have not disappeared in the mists of time. You know that something watched you once, while you were Obfuscated, and you felt like prey. Back in the Dark Ages, the Nosferatu lived mainly around the Mediterranean, and may have had something to do with one of the holy orders. You've head that the Gargoyles were created from blood of Nosferatu mixed with other things by the Tremere. Nosferatu Lore 5 You know all the stories of the origin of the clan, and have evidence to support your own particular version. You know -- and are most likely known by -- the Elders of the clan all over the world, including at least partial knowledge of who their childer are. You know the legend that the Niktiku believe that if they kill off all the normal Nosferatu, their curse will be lifted. You've heard that Baba Yaga, the crone of Russian legend, is one of the Nameless Ones, and her name fills you with dread. You may have of other names of the Nictuku, including Abraxes, Lord of Mists, Nuckalavee the Skinless, Gorgo- She Who Screams in Darkness, Echnida the Mother of Foulness. You know the thing that looked through your Obfuscate was a servant of the Nameless Ones, and it could have grabbed you at any time. It just chose not to, but it will one day. You know that the Nosferatu used to control the Order of Saint Lazarus, a branch of the Hospitallers that aided lepers. The Nosferatu used to bear that as a nickname in those days. You've been hearing rumors of Nosferatu digging very deep into the earth, finding ... things they shouldn't. Nosferatu Lore 6 You are aware of the movements of the clan on a national scale, and have information about

the Clan and it's members that is rather obscure. You know the Nosferatu gave shelter to the Salubri in the Dark Ages, when the Usurpers stole the Salubri's place amongst the Childer of Caine. The Nosferatu in those days often followed a Path of Enlightenment that dictated that God had cursed Caine, and created vampires, to punish the wicked. Those things under the earth are a danger, as they are associated to the darker powers of the universe. You know that it's war between you and the Nictuku. They aren't interested in Jyhad, they don't follow the Camarilla or the Sabbat -- they just want you dead. And so you gather information in the hopes that you will spot their movements in time to get out of their way... Nosferatu Lore 7 You are ancient, and if you weren't around at the clan's formation, you have first-hand accounts from those who were there. You are aware of Clan issues on a global level, and are almost able to predict where the Nictuku, will strike next. Almost. You know more of those who consider themselves the true children of Absimilard (you even know his name) You have no trouble believing that Baba Yaga ate the Brujah Council in Moscow. You may have had a close encounter with one of them -- you escaped as one located your Warrens, you were the only member of your warrens to survive a Niktiku attack because you could run the fastest, etc. You know that the protection of the Salubri was more to spite the Tremere than save the Salubri. Ravnos Lore Ravnos Lore 1: What any Mulo might uncover Aware that the Ravnos are a specific kind of vampire You have heard that they are in some way related to Gypsies Aware that people do not tend to trust most Ravnos You know that the Ravnos do not ally themselves as a whole to other kinds of Vampires A lot of Ravnos are made from Gypsies You know that Ravnos often travel, usually in groups Ravnos tend to be criminals of some sort If you shut the Ravnos out of a city, they will return in greater numbers and trash it Beware the Ravnos' Evil eye Ravnos Lore 2: What most vampire Gaje might realize Honor between Ravnos and freedom are highly valued Few people tell Ravnos where they can or cannot go, lest they invoke a Treatment They and the Gangrel have a bitter enmity in their past You probably know a handful of Ravnos related Rom words, such as: Kumpania, Gaje, Phralmulo, Kris, etc. You have heard of a Path of Enlightenment among the Ravnos The groups the Ravnos travel in are led by a Baro You know the local Baro and suspect he may be ruled by others Ravnos Lore 3: What Phralmulo must be taught While Gypsy curses are rare, the Ravnos can alter reality; how strongly that alteration affects a person depends on their will and beliefs. The Ravnos created in Europe tend to be from the Rom, though many of the American Ravnos are not. Traditional Ravnos of Rom descent consider it a serious crime to feed from the Rom. You know about the act and nature of Treatments and what they are used for

You know of the Right to Challenge when your honor is questioned You understand that the Gangrel and Ravnos have a shared history. You have heard stories of Ravnos older than the Rom, though you may not have met one You know of the Kris - the Ravnos court You know the Krisnatori who keeps watch over your Kumpaniya and more or less where they are You have heard at least one legend of the origins of the bloodline (the Cainite version listed on p. 20 of the Ravnos Clanbook) You are familiar with the basic ideas of the Path of Paradox, whether you follow it yourself or not. *Some very old elders aren't even Romani Ravnos Lore 4: What any respectable Baro should know You probably believe in the Kaen's Favored Son legend, as you now have heard much more about it You have heard of mortal Rom who call themselves by the name of Ravnos You understand many of the reasons to avoid contact with the Rom; you know also that the Tsurara fear and hate the Ravnos Vampires You are fully knowledgeable about the Path of Paradox, and capable of teaching it with some skill. You are familiar with many Ravnos legends, including the Hok-Kanu Baro, the Seeds of Power and families of Vampire hunters among the Rom You have heard the other two origin tales of the Ravnos and have a view on which one is correct (depending on one's Path and background- Rom likely believe the Rom-based tale, followers of Paradox likely believe the Indian origins, others likely still believe the Cainite version) You know of the fight between Ravnos and the First Gangrel You know at least one other Baro and more or less where they are *You have heard rumors of chronicle specific events and developments, but don't know much in the way of details. * There was a time very long ago when the Ravnos and some werewolves fought together to protect Rom from harm at the hands of some corrupting force. Ravnos Lore 5: What a Krisatori must know to be worthy You may have some idea of the identity of others with as much knowledge as you. You know of the Samadji and the true power of the Amria You know a few of the Krisnatoria, at least by name and reputation, and what continent they travel on You recognize the signs of the passing of a Kumpaniya and can track one You know that Chimerstry can hurt the Fae You understand that phralmulo who feed on their mortal cousins absorb their power, and know of incidents in which kindred have slaughtered their Rom kin out of bloodlust. You know most of the Krisnatori and many of the Baros, as well as the region they are currently in You are familiar with the general travel patterns of the major Kumpaniyi You are familiar with every major decision of any Kris that has transpired You know the legends of some of the artifacts of Power and possibly the region or area they might be located You know of the actual words Kaen spoke to Ravnos (or at least the summary) You know more or less where to find the Ravnos in any city You know almost all of the Ravnos * All other information in the Clanbook, with the key understanding that some of it is

composed of half-truths, or flat-out wrong -- you simply don't know which parts. Toreador Lore Definitions: Common Coteries and Groups: Convocation of Houses, Rose Council (Australia), White Roses, Council Fire of Dreamers, Chronos Artistic Movement, Dusk Blossom. Rare Coteries and Groups: Council of Petals (USA), Dark Roses, Watchers, Toreador Knightly Orders (Libellus Sanguinus 2, Toreador section) Toreador Lore 1: What an unreleased childe would have heard through the grapevine Understands that Toreador are passionate about arts and humanities. Heard the terms Salon, Artiste, and Poseur, but does not understand what these mean. No lineage knowledge. Aware of arts in city. Toreador attend art shows, high society galas, and media events. Toreador Lore 2: What a newly released Childe would know Knows the current toreador scandal/politics (local) in relation to other clans. May have head rumors of the regional toreador scandals/politics, but probably doesn't know the inner workings behind it. Can briefly summarize local Toreador views of other clans in their sect. Would have to do some digging to gain a regional perspective. Has a basic understanding of Toreador ideals. Knows the difference between Artiste and Poseur. Hopes never to become a Burnout. Knows the names of the five Guilds; including their basic functions, focus, and structure. Knows there are lineages, and may be able to name a few houses. However, may not know if they are major or minor houses. Can recognize local Toreador. May have attended a salon Understands the Toreador status system and its uses. Has heard of the Virtual Salon (e-mail list) but might not know how to get on it. May guess there is a Virtual Salon on IRC but may not know where it is yet. Toreador Lore 3: What an up-and-coming Toreador Powerhouse would know Knows Toreador specific events and rumors from 1400 to present time, or history of Clan Toreador that spans the character's lifetime, whichever is greater. [CB Toreador 3rd ed. -- Begin with The Renaissance and the Founding of the Camarilla pg. 32] Knows the names of each Didaskalos for each Guild, all of the members of your Guild in the Region. Knows the proper etiquette for attending a grand salon. Recognizes the names of some of the common societies/coteries (see below) within clan Toreador, but is unsure as to their membership or their purpose. Knows the names of the major houses in Toreador, and can contact its most prominent member -- this is not necessarily the Head of the House; Can name some of the minor houses in Toreador. Understands the differences between the various Toreador gatherings, and may have even been personally invited to a Salon. Knows of the Toreador Virtual Salon on IRC. Knows the Virtual Salon Forum and how to interact on it (e-mail list) Toreador Lore 4: What an established Toreador has overheard Understands enough about the relationship between the Artistes and Poseurs to know that no one should feel threatened by being referred to as a Poseur. Knows Toreador specific events and rumors from Ancient Greece to present time (does not include Minoan Crete, First City, or Second City).

Knows the general history of Constantinople, the city of Michael. (However, the character is unlikely to know kindred specific details about the death of Michael and the fall of Constantinople.) May have heard some basic rumors about the clan founder. The founder was likely female, some call her Arikel and some call her Ishtar. She was a sculptor, a bull dancer, a courtesan, or a priestess, perhaps all of these and perhaps none of these. May have encountered or spoken with one the Rayeen al-Fen, the Islamic Toreador. [Note: if your character is a Rayeen al-Fen, you would likely know this information at Toreador x2] Knows most of the ideologies of the common Toreador Societies/ Coteries. May know a prominent member of that coterie or group. May have heard of some of the rare Toreador Societies/Coteries, but is uncertain of their membership or focus. May have several contacts within the Major Toreador houses, and knows the names of all of the minor Toreador houses. Can wrangle an invitation to major Toreador Balls or Grand Salons; knows the etiquette of how to host Salons and may know enough etiquette to effectively host a Toreador Ball. May know about some portions of the Book of Nod relating to the Toreador. Knows the history of the recent re-establishment of the Guilds and knows the Guild Membership of neighboring Regions. Toreador Lore 5: Gossip that takes real talent to uncover Knows Toreador specific events and rumors through the history of the clan, including the legends of the First City and Second City, as related from the Toreador perspective. [includes CB Toreador Rev 13-16] Knows of the rare Toreador coteries/groups/orders, and might have a means to contact a member. Very aware of Toreador Lineages. Knows the history of the guilds. Can generally identify a Toreadors guild affiliation. Owns or knows significant portions of the Book of Nod that relate to the Toreador. Have heard that there are fragments that may have additional Toreador information. Knows how to host a Grand Salon with all the proper etiquette. Tremere Lore NOTE: Knowing that a path or ritual exists (or what it can do) does not mean that you know the ritual or are able to research it; your character has merely heard about it. Note that certain rituals have a Tremere lore associated with them. Check the rituals table for minimum lore for particular rituals. NOTE: Items listed in the Tremere Only sections are 1 Lore level higher for people outside the clan, if they apply to a non Tremere at all. A non Tremere will never sit as Praeco at a Tribunal, etc. Use common sense. Tremere Lore 1: What a fledgeling Tremere or outsiders would know. You can remember parts of the Code of Tremere, but as bits and pieces, as fragments of the whole. It would require concentration to recite the entire Code of Tremere; You know that breaking the Tremere rules is a bad thing, and that loyalty to House and Clan is everything. The Tremere are an ancient and secret society of sorcerers, with a hierarchy composed of multiple ranks within the clan, but nobody is supposed to know that; The Pyramid everyone refers to is a mystical entity that oversees all Tremere; Tremere aren't supposed to take open positions of power in the Camarilla; You know who the local Regent is, or at least who appears to be the Tremere in power in the city; Stay out of trouble, because Tremere who get in trouble too often vanish mysteriously and

sometimes reappear greatly changed; Tremere refuse to teach their magic to anyone else; Nobody is supposed to know where the Tremere sleep during the day but the Tremere; Stupidity equals expandability; The location of the Chantry should never be revealed; The Tremere are run out of Vienna by incredibly powerful and controlling Elders; You know that when asked about their magic, the Tremere give the response: "that's a good question, let me do some research and I will get back to you" Tremere Only You know basic workings of your own chantry, and most of the general policies of the local Regent; Tremere aren't supposed to talk to those of higher rank without permission Tremere Lore 2: What a neonate Tremere would know Some of the internal politics within the chantry; You have memorized the Code of Tremere and know your Regent's interpretation of it; You've heard of some of the more common interpretations of the Code of Tremere; Demons are not to be conjured, they can trip you and claim your soul; The penalties for breaking the Tremere rules are very harsh ... you may even have learned this first hand; If you serve the House and Clan Tremere well, you will be rewarded. If you fail, you may end up dead; There are a couple of main factions of thought within the clan; You know the basics about what Path of Blood through advanced can do; You know what a few rituals can do, usually only the ones you have been taught or have seen in common use; Salubri are evil and monstrous three-eyed vampires that all loyal Tremere should kill on sight; Tremere never turn traitor to the Sabbat; The Tremere are the real reason there are only seven clans in the Camarilla; You know that Assamites hate the Tremere, and may have heard rumors about the curse; Going to Vienna is a euphemism for what happens to those that the clan is mad at; You may know who the Lord in your Region is. Tremere Only You know not to contact the Lord without the Regent's permission; Low ranking Tremere should consult their elders before taking a position of power in the Camarilla Tremere Lore 3: What an Ancilla Tremere or High Apprentice would know Believes the story that Tremere and his companions became vampires through the use of their magic; How the Regent interprets many issues in the Code; Suspects that secret societies may exist within the Tremere; May know general details about the Children of the Pyramid and one other secret society; A working knowledge of the history of Clan Tremere, as presented in the clanbook; however, NOTHING about the diablerie of Saulot (IGNORE section titled Diablerie on page 17 of the old clanbook); May have heard of Gargoyles or Homunculi; Has heard of the Assamite curse. You have a working knowledge of what 1-3 Paths will do (Other than the ones you can cast) You have a working knowledge of what about 1-7 rituals will do (other than the ones that you can cast) Tremere Only

Possibly has sat on a tribunal; Knows the Thaumaturgical areas of interests of those Tremere living within the chantry; Has heard that the Council has some sort of Secret Police Tremere Lore 4: What a high ranked or Elder Tremere Would know. Has some familiarity with parts of the Peripheral Code and its complications; Some knowledge about the Hierarchy in their Lord's Realm Can identify prominent traditionalists and transitionalists; How the Lord interprets the Code; The tradition of certamen. You have a working knowledge of what 2-6 Paths will do (Other than the ones you can cast) You have a working knowledge of what 3-12 rituals will do (Other than the ones you can cast). Tremere Only Knows the proper role of a panel member or a voice at a Tribunal. How to get someone sent to Vienna--properly (see Tremere Guide); The existence of the non geographic Pontifices. Basic knowledge of 2-3 secret societies (equivalent to the write-up in the clanbook); Knows of the Existence of the Astors, but no clue who any of them are. Tremere Lore 5: What a Tremere Loremaster would know. The many ways the Peripheral Code can be cited and interpreted; A great deal about Tremere History, including significant knowledge of the Peripheral Code, the rulings of past tribunals, and decisions made by the Councilor; The prevalence of secret societies (rough knowledge of 5-6); Some knowledge of the House and Clan's affairs in their region; The labrynthine complexities of the Peripheral Code; Not to talk about the events of 1133 (You know the Diablerie section on pg. 17 of the original clanbook); You have a working knowledge of what many Paths will do (Other than the ones you can cast) You have a working knowledge of what many rituals will do (Other than the ones you can cast). Tremere Only: When and how to contact a Pontifex (without being demoted to Apprentice 1 and sent to Antarctica). The true story behind the creation of the Gargoyles; How to approach the Councilor; Knows some of the Tremere involved in the secret societies; Knowledge of the hierarchy within their Pontifex's Order; Some vague ideas as to how the Councilor thinks and acts; How to serve as Praeco at a tribunal; Ventrue Lore Ventrue Lore 1: What a new Ventrue should be able to receive on their first Death Day Have the clan-centric model of understanding of the Clan Principles and Traditions. Be able to recite their lineage. A brief summary on how the Ventrue Clan views the other 6 Camarilla Clans, from personal experience, augmented by source provided in the Clan Book about views on the other Clans. The belief that the Ventrue are the Clan of Kings, the rightful rulers of the Camarilla, is the most common thought within the Clan. The Ventrue have rarefied tastes for vitae, each member of the Clan has a different taste. Ventrue Lore 2: What a newly released Ventrue has learned A base history of the individual's bloodline. Can name the most prominent members of their bloodline.

You know that the Ventrue usually meet on the first Tuesday of every month You know what The Expectations of Traditions of Clan Ventrue. You are aware of who your local Elders are. Ventrue Lore 3: What an up and coming Ventrue comprehends A good working knowledge of Clan Ventrue today: There are seals of for each of the Bloodlines, which may be called Sigils. You have a basic idea of what groups within Clan Ventrue exist [non-secret societies], and what their goals are. You know the terms Chancellor of the Order of Kings Justice, Head Diplomat, and potentially one or two more of the positions of each of the societies and how to contact them You know who the Clanhead is of the country you reside in. You know what a Major house is for. Ventrue Lore 4: What an established Ventrue has overheard during conversations with elders Hushed whispers concerning a group called The Secret Masters. The definition of Atavist. A good working knowledge of the Clan's history from their point of view. Rumors that the old ones control the societies through the Elders. The PC knows and can recite the Major Houses of their Bloodline Has developed an understanding of what a Sigil truly means A base knowledge that there are Ventrue Secret Societies Ventrue Lore 5: What a Ventrue scholar may have uncovered in musty archives A special title [not status] *scholar* may be granted. You have read some portions of the Book of Nod as it applies to the Ventrue Clan only. Has heard some of the legends of the First City- from the Ventrue perspective only. Has developed an strong opinion of the current history of the elders in power in relation to their own interactions with them Has developed his or her own version/ideas of what the societies are for, and who really controls what. Has speculation of who the Ventrue Antitribu line is. Ventrue Lore 6: What a Ventrue historian has spent an unlife researching The title of *savant* may be granted and replaces *scholar.* The complex subjective history behind many of the Ventrue Bloodlines A well established, working knowledge of the Ventrue Secret Societies, this may include the actual names of few prominent members. Some inkling of the role the Clan plays in the Jyhad. Has created his or her version of the Clan's historical timeline. Has traced last known locations of some of the 5th generations of the clan. Has a working opinion of who the 13 are. Ventrue Lore 7: What a Ventrue who has dedicated all their life to research would find The title *mystic* may be granted to replace *savant.* The true purpose of the Bloodlines. Knowledge of almost all of the Ventrue Secret Societies from ages past Knows where a few of the old ones dwell. Has formulated his own ideas of what the true role of the Ventrue Clan, and Caine's Vision Has found fragments of scripts from Veddhartha about the First and Second City. Knows what at least 3 sigils looks like and can identify the item belonging to the sigil.

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