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Vishal Narbheram Savsani

Electronics and Communication, Faculty of Technology, Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad, Gujarat. E-mail:- Ph:- 09510476494

Career Objective:To frame a career that allows me to be compatible in any competitive environment, that uses up my capacities, knowledge, and energy to their positive full and a drive for selfimprovement with sincerity, dedication and hard work.

Personal Profile:Name Date of Birth Fathers Name Gender Contact Address : Vishal Savsani : 4th November 1990 : Narbherambhai Savsani : Man : Room No.-131, B.A.P.S Swaminarayan Chhatralaya, Nr. Vaniavad Circle, Nadiad(Guj)-387 001 Permanent Address : At: Dahinsarda(Aji), Tal: Paddhari, Dist: Rajkot-360110

Technical Skills: Known Programming Languages : Assembly & C for 8086, 8051 family, ARM7TDMI Processor C, C++, Matlab, Assembly, verilog for VLSI design
Known Softwares :

Matlab for Digital Signal Processing and Digital Image Processing. Keil vision for ARM7TDMI Processor. Tasm for 8086 microprocessor. Multisim simulator for 8051 microcontroller simulation, Spice simulator. IAR Embedded Workbench for 8051 microcontrollers. ExpressPCB for PCB layout design. QuartusII for VLSI design. Microwind for chip layout design Basic knowledge of Lab View.

Current Academic Performance:



Year of Passing Dec 2011 Apr 2011 Apr 2011 Apr 2010 Nov 2009 May 2009 Jan 2009

Percentage (%) Pursuing 61.45 66.85 58.66 62.12 60.80 63.46

University DDU, Nadiad DDU, Nadiad DDU, Nadiad DDU, Nadiad DDU, Nadiad DDU, Nadiad DDU, Nadiad

Aggregate percentage:- 62.21%

Educational Background:
Examination H.S.C. S.S.C. Board G.H.S.E.B. G.H.S.E.B. Year of Passing March 2008 March 2006 Percentage (%) 84.40 86.14

Projects Undertaken: E-Spectacles for Paralyzed Patients. (IEEE Bangalore) Automatic Temperature Controller for Industrial Application. Number Display for First Indicated Person in Quiz. Automatic Different Color Lighting Control. Fully own designed Line Follower Robot. Wireless Robot Finger Based Monitoring Robot Pharma code verification in MATLAB

Achievements: Achieved 2nd rank for e-Spectacles for Paralyzed Patients project in all over India at All India Young Engineers Humanitarian Challenge 2011 organized by IEEE Bangalore. Achieved Best Design award in Line follower robot Event at SVIT-Vasad (Baroda). Achieved 1st rank in Project Presentation Event at DDU-Nadiad. Achieved 1st rank in Circuit Analysis Event at DDU-Nadiad and Ganpat universityKherva (Mahesana). Achieved 2st rank in Circuit Analysis Event at L.D.C.E-Ahmadabad. Achieved 3st rank in Multisim Circuit Design Event at L.D.C.E-Ahmadabad. Achieved Creative Person Award in BAPS, hostel-Nadiad.(Throughout 4 year)

Co-curricular activities: Worked on e-Spectacles for Paralyzed Patients project under R&D Center, DDU, Nadiad. Member of Technical committee in resonance-2011, DDU, Nadiad. Visited Elecrama-2010, Techfest10 & Techfest11 at IIT-Mumbai.

Attended Workshop: Autonomous Robotics workshop at D.D. University, Nadiad. Matlab Basic workshop at D.D. University, Nadiad. Machine Vision Image Processing at D.D. University, Nadiad.

Area of interest: VLSI Design. Embedded Systems. Research Area

Communication Proficiency: English Hindi Gujarati

Hobbies: Karate & Yoga Travelling

Strengths: Powerful Technical Skill. Positive Attitude. Convince power.

Reference:1. Dr. Nikhil J. Kothari, Head of Dept. Electronics & communication Engineering, Dharmsinh Desai University. Nadiad (Gujarat). 2. Dr. H.S. Mazumdar Head of Research and Development Center, Dharmsinh Desai University. Nadiad (Gujarat).

Declaration:I hereby declare that all the information above given is to my best of knowledge. For any misguidance I will be solely responsible.

Vishal Savsani