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Kiwanis ready for Fourth of July

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Delphos, Ohio

City waiting for power; good news on fuel cleanup


Kiwanis members Jim Fischer, left, Jamey Wisher and Jim Fortener prepare the grill to cook on for tonight and Wednesdays festival.

The beer garden is set up and ready to serve up cool beverages and entertainment.

Stacy Taff photos

DELPHOS City officials are anxiously awaiting news of when the power will be restored. Generators operating the wastewater treatment plant and reservoir are using $20,000 in diesel fuel a day, According to Safety Service Director Greg Berquist, if the wastewater treatment plant would go down, the results would not be disastrous. We have to keep those generators running or well be dumping waste into peoples basements and into the creek, he said. That wont make anyone happy, including the EPA. He added that some lift stations in the city are online and some are not. Workers are pumping them out daily. Councilmen also questioned if the city would be able to help those who couldnt clean up storm damage. Berquist said he is hoping neighbors will help neighbors and the mess will get cleaned up. He reminded residents they can drop off debris at the parking lot across from the city building beginning Wednesday. A chipper had been rented. Limbs up to six inches in diameter can be dropped off. He is working on getting someone to take bigger limbs and pieces of wood. Berquist said otherwise, the city was in pretty good shape with Waterworks Park receiving the worst damage. The Delphos Municipal Swimming Pool was closed for a day and a

We have to keep those generators running or well be dumping waste into peoples basements and into the creek. That wont make anyone happy, including the EPA.
Greg Berquist Delphos Safety Service Director

half to clean out the storm debris and then reopened. Good news was received on the cleanup from the Nancy Spencer photos diesel fuel spill at the citys pumps across from the city building. Berquist said only AEP workers prepare the new part at a substation in Delphos today afternoon. More than one-third of the city was 150 tons of contaminated dirt was removed and dis- still without power at 3 p.m. today. There was no official word on what time the power would come up to the remaining residents. The AEP web site said Saturday for full restoration of all areas. posed of at $45 a ton. Bluffton paving was awarded the bid for the Elida Avenue paving project. The cost is $212,592.45, slightly more than budgeted. The projects includes the widening and paving of Elida Avenue from Summers Lane east to the corporation limits. The project is to be completed by Aug. 28. Mayor Mike Gallmeier announced the city was now able to accept credit cards for payment of income tax, utilities and EMS billing. Payments can be made online, on the phone or at the window at the city building. Mike Ford photos Council heard on first reading an ordinance outlining the citys parameters for adult entertainment.

AEP crews working diligently

Clean-up continues


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Dont forget to keep generators away from windows and shut them down before refilling!

2 The Herald

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1.4 million still blacked This US summer out after broad US storm is what global
The Associated Press WASHINGTON Utility crews struggled to catch up with a backlog of millions of people without electricity for a fourth hot day today as frustration grew and authorities feared the toll of 22 storm deaths could rise because of stifling conditions and generator fumes. Power was back for more than a million customers but lights and air-conditioning were still out for about 1.4 million homes and businesses in seven states and the District of Columbia. The damage was done by powerful wind storms that swept from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic late Friday, toppling trees and branches into power lines and knocking out big transmission towers and electrical substations. Utilities were warning that many neighborhoods could remain in the dark for much of the week, if not beyond. Public officials and residents were growing impatient. This has happened time after time and year after year, and it seems as if theyre always unprepared, said John Murphy, a professional chauffeur from Burtonsville, Md., who was waiting for Pepco to restore power Monday to the homes of himself and his mother and sister, who live nearby. The wave of late Friday evening storms, called a derecho, moved quickly across the region with little warning. The straight-line winds were just as destructive as any hurricane but when a tropical system strikes, officials usually have several days to get extra personnel in place. So utility companies had to wait days for extra crews traveling from as far away as Quebec The Associated Press and Oklahoma. And workers found that the toppled trees and power lines often entangled broken equipment in debris that had to be removed before workers could even get started. Adding to the urgency of the repairs are the sick and elderly, who are especially vulnerable without air conditioning in the sweltering triple-digit heat. Many sought refuge in hotels or basements. Officials feared the death toll, already at 22, could climb because of the heat and widespread use of generators, which emit fumes that can be dangerous in enclosed spaces. After Maryland reported Monday that three people had died in the recent heat wave the deaths were not storm-related Deputy Secretary Fran Phillips stressed that people who are in areas without power need to take advantage of cooling centers. At the Springvale Terrace nursing home and senior center in Silver Spring, Md., generators were brought in to provide electricity, and air-conditioning units were installed in windows in large common rooms to offer respite from the heat and darkness. Residents using walkers struggled to navigate doors that were supposed to open automatically. Nurses had to throw out spoiled food, sometimes over the loud objections of residents. The lack of power completely upended many daily routines. Supermarkets struggled to keep groceries from going bad. People on perishable medication called pharmacies to see how long their medicine would keep. In Washington, officials set up collection sites for people to drop off rotting food. Others held weekend cookouts in an attempt to use their food while it lasted. And in West Virginia, National Guard troops handed out food and water and made door-to-door checks. When it comes to getting the power running again, all utilities take a top-down approach that seeks to get the largest number of people back online as quickly as possible. First, crews repair substations that send power to thousands of homes and businesses. Next, they fix distribution lines. Last are the transformers that can restore power to a few customers at a time. Some people said the destruction over the weekend was reminiscent of that caused by Tropical Storm Isabel in 2003 and Hurricane Irene in 2011. Last year, it took Baltimore Gas and Electric company eight and a half days to restore service to all 750,000 customers who lost power during Hurricane Irene. This time, the power company initially confronted more than 600,000 people without power. It said restoration efforts will extend into the weekend. Baltimore Gas and Electric said in a letter posted on its website that it would take hundreds of thousands of manhours to clear debris and work through outages. Crews were working around the clock in 16-hour shifts. This type of widespread, extensive damage also complicates our ability to quickly provide accurate restoration times, especially when original damage assessments are revised upon closer inspection of the work required, the letter said. However, Maryland Gov. Martin OMalley has been blunt WASHINGTON (AP) If you want a glimpse of some of the worst of global warming, scientists suggest taking a look at U.S. weather in recent weeks. Horrendous wildfires. Oppressive heat waves. Devastating droughts. Flooding from giant deluges. And a powerful freak wind storm called a derecho. These are the kinds of extremes climate scientists have predicted will come with climate change, although its far too early to say that is the cause. Nor will they say global warming is the reason 3,215 daily high temperature records were set in the month of June. Scientifically linking individual weather events to climate change takes intensive study, complicated mathematics, computer models and lots of time. Sometimes it isnt caused by global warming. Weather is always variable; freak things happen. And this weather has been local. Europe, Asia and Africa arent having similar disasters now, although theyve had their own extreme events in recent years. But since at least 1988, climate scientists have warned that climate change would bring, in general, increased heat waves, more droughts, more sudden downpours, more widespread wildfires and worsening storms. In the United States, those extremes are happening here and now. So far this year, more than 2.1 million acres have burned in wildfires, more than 113 million people in the U.S. were in areas under extreme heat advisories last Friday, two-thirds

For The Record

warming looks like

The Delphos Herald

Nancy Spencer, editor Ray Geary, general manager, Delphos Herald Inc. Don Hemple, advertising manager Tiffany Brantley, circulation manager The Daily Herald (USPS 1525 8000) is published daily except Sundays, Tuesdays and Holidays. By carrier in Delphos and area towns, or by rural motor route where available $1.48 per week. By mail in Allen, Van Wert, or Putnam County, $97 per year. Outside these counties $110 per year. Entered in the post office in Delphos, Ohio 45833 as Periodicals, postage paid at Delphos, Ohio. No mail subscriptions will be accepted in towns or villages where The Daily Herald paper carriers or motor routes provide daily home delivery for $1.48 per week. 405 North Main St. TELEPHONE 695-0015 Office Hours 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to THE DAILY HERALD, 405 N. Main St. Delphos, Ohio 45833
Vol. 142 No. 15

Mich. soldier fights to recover after losing limbs

VASSAR, Mich. Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills served two deployments to Afghanistan without suffering anything close to a major injury. Then, in a second, everything changed. On patrol during his third tour in April, Mills put his bag down on an improvised explosive device, which tore through the decorated high school athletes muscular 6-foot-3 frame. Within 20 seconds of the IED explosion, a fast-working medic affixed tourniquets to all four of Mills limbs to ensure he wouldnt bleed to death. I was yelling at him to get away from me, Mills remembers. I told him to leave me alone and go help my guys. And he told me: With all due respect, Sgt. Mills, shut up. Let me do my job. The medic was able to save Mills life but not his limbs. Today, the 25-year-old Mills is a quadruple amputee, one of only five servicemen from any military branch to have survived such an injury during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, said Maria Tolleson, a spokeswoman at U.S. Army Medical Command. And instead of serving alongside his unit, he has been spending his days based at Walter Reed Medical Center, working on rehabilitation after the accident that dramatically altered the trajectory of his life. Mills doesnt dwell on that. Sitting in his hospital bed, he describes his situation plainly: I just had a bad day at work. His family especially his wife, Kelsey admires him for that. I think hes Superman. I really do, she said. Its amazing to see just how lucky he is. I mean, hes the luckiest unlucky guy. Mills recovery is expected to last at least a year. Already, there have been victories: A procedure performed at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center alleviated the excruciating phantom limb pains Mills was experiencing in the first weeks he was stateside. He approaches each therapy session methodically, practically. Theres no reason to sit here and look out the window and feel sorry for myself, Mills told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from Walter Reed. It happened. I cant change the fact that it happened. I cant turn back time. At Walter Reed, Mills is doing exercises designed to make his body leaner while strengthening his core, hip flexors, pectorals and shoulders. He bounces on a trampoline, trying to execute 90-degree turns with his torso. Theres nothing I really dont like (about PT), except I cant do two-a-days yet, Mills jokes. While hes in the midst of getting his permanent prosthetics, Mills currently needs assistance to do things that most people take for granted, such as cooking and cleaning, or walking and running. As often as Walter Reed doctors let him, Mills makes his way to the Military Advanced Training Center to strengthen his body and prepare for long-term prosthetics. He currently has all four beginner prosthetics. They push you to your limit, then they push you a little more, said Mills, a high school football, basketball and baseball star who is more accustomed to bench-pressing and squatting to get bigger. While he works at learning to use his new artificial limbs, Mills has an army of supporters behind him. On the Facebook page, nearly 20,000 people are tracking his progress and cheering him on virtually through messages. The page serves as a window into his recovery, and his supporters watch eagerly as he surpasses milestones. When he began to walk on his prosthetics for the first time, a camera followed him as he nudged forward on a small track. With red and white sneakers laced on his prosthetic legs, and crutches gripping his artificial hands, he methodically takes one step at a time while tethered with a harness to the ceiling. He doesnt just take a few steps. He walks the whole track. This is your first day? an incredulous voice says from nearby. Yes, yes it is, he responds proudly, taking another step. A short time later, another video showed more progress: He walks faster now, swifter than his first deliberate gait. Videos also show him learning to roll and come to a sitting position in his bed, and

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learning, patiently, to use an artificial hand. One clip shows him removing colorful clamps from a bar and dropping them in a bucket. Another shows him using that same hand to feed baby food to his infant daughter, Chloe. Turkey and rice, tastes so nice! he sings, as the baby girl opens wide and flaps her hands. Only a half-year older than his injuries, Chloe has been a significant source of inspiration to Mills. He was there when she was born on the base at Fort Bragg, N.C. He left 4 months later for Afghanistan. Now, she sees him every day sometimes helping him with his recovery. Some videos show Mills doing crunches on his bed with an elated Chloe on his torso. In another video, he straps her into his wheelchair and zips around as she waves her hands in excitement. Mills repeatedly talks of how blessed he is to be alive. Now I can watch my little girl grow up and see my wife and family again, and everythings good to go, he said. I didnt die, so thats good. Youve got to look at the positive things. Mills prognosis moving forward isnt clear, but there have been advances in working with patients who suffer similar injuries. Dr. Karen Pechman, who runs the amputee rehabilitation program at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, N.Y., said only in the past few decades has the medical care existed that enables people who incur the trauma or disease states that would result in quadruple amputees to survive, so its not yet known whether those who lose all their limbs have their life expectancy diminished.

TONIGHT: Partly cloudy. A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms in the evening. Lows in the lower 70s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. INDEPENDENCE DAY: Very hot. Partly cloudy. A 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 90s. West winds 5 to 10 mph. Heat index readings 98 to 103. WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy in the evening then clearing. Lows in the lower 70s. Northwest winds COLUMBUS (AP) A around 10 mph. woman defrauded by an ex-Ohio State and Indianapolis Colts quarterback in a million-dollar EXTENDED FORECAST sports ticket fraud has pleaded THURSDAY: Very hot. guilty to her own involvement Mostly sunny. Highs in the in the scheme. Franklin County prosecutor upper 90s. North winds Ron OBrien says Anita Barney around 5 mph. THURSDAY NIGHT started out as a victim and then THROUGH FRIDAY: became an offender. Barney pleaded guilty to two Mostly clear. Lows in the felony theft charges Monday. mid 70s. Highs around 100. Shes been sentenced to three SATURDAY: Partly years of community control and cloudy with a 30 percent 100 hours of community service chance of showers and thunand ordered to pay $427,000 to derstorms. Highs in the upper 19 victims. 90s. Authorities say the 70-yearSATURDAY NIGHT old Barney loaned money to for- AND SUNDAY: Partly mer football great Art Schlichter, cloudy with a 20 percent then recruited friends to partici- chance of showers and thunpate in the scheme. derstorms. Lows in the lower Schlichter is serving a nearly 11-year sentence for taking 70s. Highs around 90. SUNDAY NIGHT AND thousands of dollars from his victims for college and NFL MONDAY: Partly cloudy. game tickets he never delivered. Lows in the upper 60s. Highs in the upper 80s. He has apologized tearfully.

Ohio victim of fraud pleads guilty to theft

of the country is experiencing drought, and earlier in June, deluges flooded Minnesota and Florida. This is what global warming looks like at the regional or personal level, said Jonathan Overpeck, professor of geosciences and atmospheric sciences at the University of Arizona. The extra heat increases the odds of worse heat waves, droughts, storms and wildfire. This is certainly what I and many other climate scientists have been warning about. Kevin Trenberth, head of climate analysis at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in fire-charred Colorado, said these are the very record-breaking conditions he has said would happen, but many people wouldnt listen. So its I told-you-so time, he said. As recently as March, a special report an extreme events and disasters by the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned of unprecedented extreme weather and climate events. Its lead author, Chris Field of the Carnegie Institution and Stanford University, said Monday, Its really dramatic how many of the patterns that weve talked about as the expression of the extremes are hitting the U.S. right now. What were seeing really is a window into what global warming really looks like, said Princeton University geosciences and international affairs professor Michael Oppenheimer. It looks like heat. It looks like fires. It looks like this kind of environmental disasters.

WEATHER FORECAST Tri-county The Associated Press

Answers to Mondays questions: Martin Scorceses parents, Catherine and Charles had cameo roles in GoodFellas (1990). The five U.S. Presidents with four letter last names were James Polk, William Howard Taft, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush. Todays questions: What was the name of the first commercially produced home robot to reach one million in sales? How much of an adult jelly fish is water? Answers in Thursdays Herald. Todays Words: ridotto: a masked ball or the place whre it is held mingy: mean and stingy

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Tuesday; July 3, 2012

The Herald 3

Ohio home destroyed in fire started near generator
NEW CARLISLE (AP) Firefighters say a blaze that destroyed a western Ohio home apparently began with a generator being used after weekend storms caused widespread power outages. No one was hurt in the fire Monday at a two-story house west of Springfield. An official from the Pike Township Fire and EMS Department tells the Springfield News-Sun flames were coming through the windows when responders got to the scene. He said its a reminder for residents to be sure generators are well-ventilated and are installed by qualified electricians. American Electric Power has urged customers using generators to report that to the company because improper installation can threaten the safety of workers trying to restore power.

Donations enable burial for baby found in freezer

TOLEDO (AP) A newborn found dead in an apartment freezer in northwest Ohio is being honored at a public burial service made possible by donations. The Blade in Toledo reports a man offered a burial plot that his family had in a memorial park after hearing about the homicide. Thomas Griesinger of Delta says he thought the newborn deserved a burial in a dignified place. A funeral home, a flower shop and the memorial park donated services for the Tuesday burial. A coroner has said the boy was born alive and was strangled and dunked in water. A landlord found the body in April while cleaning out a rental property in Toledo. The childs parents have been charged in his death. The newspaper says his maternal grandmother named the boy Alex.

Strike to strand bus riders for Columbus fireworks

COLUMBUS (AP) Spectators who planned to ride public buses to todays Fourth of July celebration and fireworks show in downtown Columbus will have to adjust their plans. Hundreds of public bus drivers and mechanics for the Central Ohio Transit Authority rejected a tentative contract agreement Monday night, indicating their strike would continue Tuesday. That leaves thousands of area workers, students and visitors without transportation for a second day. It also interrupts the plan for transporting some of the hundreds of thousands of people who visit downtown for the annual Red, White and Boom event. COTAs president tells The Columbus Dispatch there wasnt a backup plan.

COLUMBUS (AP) Used to be, Dad would stuff a half-dozen maps in the glove box before setting out with the family on a road trip to see the waterfalls at Yosemite or the granite faces of Mount Rushmore. Colorful maps bearing the logos of the oil companies that printed them names like Texaco, Gulf, Esso once brimmed from displays at filling stations, free for the taking. But of the more than 35 million Americans expected to travel by car this Fourth of July, a good chunk will probably reach for technology before theyre tempted to unfold and in a tradition that used to bind Americans as tightly as a highway cloverleaf, try to refold a paper road map. Websites like MapQuest and Google Maps simplified trip planning. Affordable GPS devices and built-in navigation on smartphones downright transformed it and transportation agencies around the country are noticing, printing fewer maps to cut department costs or just acknowledging that public demand is down. The drop in sales began around 2003, when affordable GPS units became the go-to Christmas present, said Pat Carrier, former owner of a travel bookstore in Cambridge, Mass. Suddenly, everyone was buying a Garmin or a TomTom, he said. Thats the year I thought, Oh, its finally happened. Transportation departments around the country are in the middle of reprioritizing their spending amid times of falling revenue, and paper maps could be on the chopping block, said Bob Cullen, spokesman for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. Just based on the current climate, there have been some cuts, he said. I would expect map printing to be one area thats been targeted. In late June, at the annual exposition of the Road Map Collectors Association in Dublin, Ohio, collector Terry Palmer was selling some of his beloved maps. The 65-year-old from Dallas, Texas, wore a T-shirt with intricate route lines of the United States on his chest, back and arms. The GPS of course now being so available, a lot of new cars are coming out with built-in GPS. People are utilizing those, and they dont want a road map, he said. A lot of the younger generation, theyre used to having their phone, and they dont need a road map to figure out where to go. In Georgia, officials are printing about 1.6 million maps to cover a two-year period less than half of what they were printing a decade ago. In Pennsylvania, where officials say public demand has gone down, about 750,000 maps are being printed way down from more than 3 million in 2000.

Paper maps: Amid GPS boom, nostalgia finds a place

The GPS of course now being so available, a lot of new cars are coming out with built-in GPS. People are utilizing those, and they dont want a road map. A lot of the younger generation, theyre used to having their phone, and they dont need a road map to figure out where to go.
collector Terry Palmer Officials in Oklahoma and Ohio also say map printing is down, and Washington state discontinued them altogether by 2009 because of budget shortfalls. But in other states, printing has remained steady because maps remain popular at visiting centers. In Missouri, officials say theyre printing about 1.5 million maps for a two- to three-year period, consistent with printing from a decade ago. Officials in Connecticut, Mississippi and Nebraska also say printing has remained the same. Its unclear why some states are affected more than others. Some speculate certain regions affect how people travel there. In Delaware, for example, officials attributed a jump in printing of about 100,000 maps to people visiting beach areas and renewed real-estate interest. Theres a universal theme to paper road maps, especially for baby boomers traveling after retirement, said Kevin Nursick, spokesman for Connecticuts transportation department. Paper maps, he said, offer an experience that dead batteries and unreliable service connections cannot. Simpler times are something everyone yearns for. And maybe looking at a map takes you back, he said. The technology is neat, but on a personal level, theres a sense of nostalgia when you look at the paper map. A lot of people are yearning for simpler times. At the collectors association exposition, a carpeted ballroom at an Embassy Suites hotel outside Columbus featured old road maps for sale, and gave collectors a glimpse into an era of romanticized advertising brightly colored paper maps promising the sunny beaches of Florida, the mountains of Montana and Chicagos famous skyline. Free roadside maps boomed between the 1920s and 1970s, when oil companies worked with a handful of publishers. As major highways were being built, those maps became synonymous with the possibilities of the open road. Dick Bloom, a founding member of the group, has been collecting maps since he was 10. The retired airline pilot from Danville, Ky., said there used to be an element of surprise in road trips. The paper map was all you had back then, Bloom, 74, said from his merchandise table. It was the only way to get around. It was a lot more of an adventure back then. Life was much more of an adventure. Transportation agencies arent the only ones printing paper road maps. Companies like AAA and Rand McNally have been in the business for decades and are just as synonymous with trip planning. Members of AAA, whose services are fully integrated online and include a TripTik mobile app, requested more than 14 million paper guides in 2010, spokeswoman Heather Hunter said. The number of paper maps AAA prints has declined, but she wouldnt go into detail. Rand McNally is known for its road atlases but also offers an interactive travel website and GPS devices; it declined to comment on how many maps its printing these days. Carrier, now a consultant in the mapping and travel publishing industry, said the additional services from traditional mapping companies show the incredible potential in the industry. Theres no question in the U.S. that traditional road maps are diminished, he said. But there are other areas of the map industry that are thriving and even growing. Charlie Regan, who runs the maps division for National Geographic, said the company has sold more paper map products in the past three years than it has ever sold since launching the division in 1915. He attributed it to customers learning to appreciate good map data and also noted that sales of international maps have remained consistent, and that sales of recreational hiking maps are on the rise. Its almost like a golden age in mapping. More people than ever before in history are using maps every day,


he said. For me, thats fantastic, and its an opportunity. What most people agree on is that paper road maps will not go away quietly, like pay phones and phone books. Chris Turner, a collector from Jeffersonville, Ind., shook his head at the notion of paper maps becoming obsolete. With a GPS or other mapping system that you might use, you feel like youre beholden to the GPS lady. You know? Turn left here. Recalculating. Well, with a map, you can trace your route and you can decide for yourself still where you want to go. And if you want to vary from the GPS lady, so be it, he said. But youre armed with that knowledge from that map to do that.

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4 The Herald

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.

Edna Ferber, American author and playwright (1885-1968)

US moving on nuke arms cuts decision

The Associated Press WASHINGTON The Obama administration is moving toward decisions that would further cut the number of U.S. nuclear weapons, possibly to between 1,000 and 1,100, reflecting new thinking on the role of nuclear weapons in an age of terror, current and former officials say. The reductions under consideration are in line with President Barack Obamas vision of trimming the nations nuclear arsenal without harming national security in the short term, and in the longer term, eliminating nuclear weapons. The White House has yet to announce any plan for reducing the number of nuclear weapons, beyond commitments made in the recently completed New Start treaty with Russia, which obliges both countries to reduce their number of deployed long-range nuclear warheads to no more than 1,550 by 2018. As of March 1, Russia had dropped its total to 1,492 and the U.S. stood at 1,737. Obama has been considering a range of options for additional cuts, including a low-end range that would leave between 300 and 400 warheads. Several current and former officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations, said there appeared to be a consensus building around the more modest reduction to 1,000 to 1,100 deployed strategic warheads. Officials have indicated that a decision could be announced this month. But given Republican criticism of any proposed further cuts and the heating up of the presidential election campaign, the White House might put the decisions on hold until after November. The administration has indicated it would prefer to pursue further reductions as part of a negotiation with Russia, but some have suggested that reductions could be done unilaterally. Any reductions are likely to stir opposition among Republicans in Congress, who believe Obama underestimates the importance of a stable nuclear deterrent, even though the cuts probably would save tens of billions


One Year Ago Delphos native Dr. Kevin Hemker was named the Alonzo G. Decker Chair of Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University and installed in that endowed chair on May 16. Dr. The Associated Press Hemkers moher, Mary Ellen Deffenbaugh of Delphos, was able to attend the installation and share Hemkers special moment WASHINGTON U.S. with his wife, Maria, and children, James and Michael. manufacturing shrank in June for the first time in nearly three 25 Years Ago 1987 years, adding to signs that eco Although it came wrapped in nearly four months of red nomic growth is weakening. tape, the canal boat Marguerite, sunk in the Miami-Erie Canal Production and exports for nearly seven decades, will soon be resurrected. The Ohio declined, and the number of Canal Commission and the Ohio Historical Preservation Trust new orders plunged, according have granted permits to Father Bredeick Circle, the Columbian to a monthly report released Squires, to undertake an archeological excavation of the Monday by the Institute for Marguerite wreck in order to recover the hull and begin its Supply Management. restoration. The slowdown comes as Kelly Meyer showed the grand champion rabbit of the U.S. employers have scaled junior fair rabbit show at the Putnam County Fair. Her brother back hiring, consumers have Nathan was also a winner showing the reserve grand champion turned more cautious, Europe pen of rabbits. They are both members of the Fort Jennings faces a recession and manuShowmen 4-H Club and are the children of Don and Kay Meyer facturing has slowed in big of Fort Jennings. countries like China. The Delphos Bass Club held its fourth tournament of the This is not good, said year at Randall Lake, Mich. The winners were Don Moore and Dan Greenhaus, chief economRon Bear tied for second with 53 points. Don also had big bass ic strategist at BTIG, an instiof two pounds four ounces. Dale Schleeter was first place with tutional brokerage. Though the 84 points. Third place was a tie with Denny Claypool and Norm report does not mean recesKunz with 52 points. sion for the broader economy, it is still a terribly weak num50 Years Ago 1962 ber. The Ottoville Miss and Master Chapter of the Child The trade group of purchasConservation League will hold a family picnic July 8 at ing managers said its index of Cascade Park. Chairlady for the event is Mrs. Jerome Turnwald manufacturing activity fell to and she will be assisted by the following committee members: 49.7. Thats down from 53.5 in Mrs. Roger Schimmoeller, Mrs. Eugene Wittler and Mrs. May. And its the lowest readKenneth Wittler. ing since July 2009, a month An all time record number of children, 174, attended the after the Great Recession offiFriendship Seven Reading Club picnic held at the Waterworks cially ended. Readings below Park, according to Mrs. Lowell Shaffer, childrens librarian 50 indicate contraction. at the Delphos Public Library. Assisting Shaffer were Diana Economists said the manuBrinkman and Sara Burgess of the library staff and senior Girls facturing figures were consisScouts, Alida Raabe, Kathy Giller and Linda Truesdale. tent with growth at an annual All is in readiness for the big Fourth of July Family rate of 1.5 percent or less. Day sponsored annually by the Delphos Junior Chamber of That would be down from Commerce at Stadium Field, according to Dick Schlagbaum, the January-March quarters president of the Jaycees. A highlight of the celebration this year already tepid annual pace of will be the kart races at the local kart track. The day will be 1.9 percent. climaxed with a fireworks display beginning at 10 p.m. Again Our forecast that the U.S. this year the fireworks were donated by Herman Meyer. will grow by around 2 percent this year is now look75 Years Ago 1937 ing a bit optimistic, said Paul Richard Young, Carl Hotz and Ralph Grothouse, left Dales, an economist at Capital Delphos Thursday to attend the 13th Citizens Military training Economics. camp which opened Friday at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana. Stocks fell sharply after Approximately 2,000 young men from the states of Indiana, the report was released at 10 Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia are expected to attend. a.m. But investors appeared to An entertaining program in keeping with the Fourth of shake off the bad manufacturJuly was presented at the regular meeting of Riverside Grange ing news by the end of the day. conducted in grange hall Thursday evening. The program was The Dow Jones industrial averas follows: song, audience; reading, Patriots Creed, Mrs. age recovered most of its early Stanley Peltier; Fourth of July story, T. G. Humphreys; read- losses to close down just 8.7 ing, Mrs. G. N. Copus; piano solo, Hope Fosnaught; account of points at 12,871. And broader first Fourth of July celebration, Mrs. T. G. Humphreys; reading, indexes ended the day up. Who Are the Brave? Mrs. J. K. Thompson; and vocal solo, Most economists arent yet Old Glory, Mrs. Don Foust. predicting another recession. Harriet Viel, an accomplished local violinist, is a member Though the ISM report sugof the Karmene Quintet which is filling a summer engagement gests manufacturing is conat Tremblean Hall, a summer resort located on Lake Champlain, tracting, it typically takes a New York. The Karmene Quintet, comprised of four violinists sustained reading below 43 to and a pianist, broadcast regularly over radio station, WAIU, signal the economy isnt growColumbus, during the spring. ing. Still, U.S. manufacturing, which has helped drive growth since the recession ended, is faltering at a precarious time. Americans have pulled back on spending, which drives roughly 70 percent of growth. Europes economy is likely in recession, which has hurt U.S. exports. And Chinas manufacturing sector grew in June at its slowest pace in seven months, according to a survey released Sunday by the state-affiliated China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing. Manufacturing will likely stay weak for the next few months. The ISMs gauge of new orders, a measure of future activity, plunged from 60.1 to 47.8. Thats the first time it has fallen below 50 since April 2009, when the economy was still in recession. Fewer new orders reflect growing concerns of businesses. In addition to slower global growth and less spending by U.S. consumers, many companies worry that U.S. lawmakers wont extend a package of tax cuts at the end of the year.

US manufacturing shrinks for first time in 3 years

At July lull, presidential race is close as ever

The Associated Press WASHINGTON The presidential race is entering the sultry summer, a final lull before the sprint to Election Day, with President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney neck and neck and no sign that either can break away. As both candidates take a breather this week Romney at his lakeside compound in New Hampshire and Obama at the Camp David presidential retreat each sees problems hed like to cure before Labor Day. Obama and his allied groups arent keeping pace with Romney and the Republican fundraising machine, and that places more pressure on the president to solicit huge sums himself. And the Supreme Court ruling that saved Obamas signature health care initiative last week didnt change the fact that most Americans dont like the law. Romneys fundraising is impressive. But, in a sign of his hurdles, hes spending heavily in North Carolina, a state he almost certainly must win to have a chance at the White House. And some voters in key states appear uncomfortable with his record at a corporate restructuring firm before he became Massachusetts governor. National polls suggest that Obama holds a small, perhaps

of dollars. I just want to go on record as saying that there are many of us that are going to do everything we possibly can to make sure that this preposterous notion does not gain any real traction, Rep. Trent Franks, an Arizona Republican who sits on the House Armed Services Committee, said when The Associated Press first revealed the scope of possible cuts in February. Beyond the argument over numbers are more fundamental questions: What role do nuclear weapons have after the Cold War, now that the threat of all-out nuclear war with Moscow has abated? Do nuclear weapons deter belligerents such as al-Qaida or other terrorist organizations? The administration considered these questions in an internal reassessment of nuclear weapons policy. James Cartwright, the retired Marine Corps general who commanded U.S. nuclear forces from 2004-07, thinks the U.S. should acknowledge that a large nuclear force is of limited value in deterring todays major threats.

meaningless lead as he awaits a new jobs report Friday that could bring bad news similar to last months. Romney is offering few details of his own health and economic proposals for now, perhaps thinking outside forces will dislodge the president. When its a 2 or 3 point race, thats not good for an incumbent president, said Republican strategist Rich Galen, who is not affiliated with Romneys campaign. Obamas political career is totally dependent on Angela Merkel holding the eurozone together, he said, referring to the German chancellor and Europes financial woes, which could further hurt the U.S. economy.

Buyer beware in health debate

The Associated Press WASHINGTON President Barack Obama promises nothing will change for people who like their health coverage except itll become more affordable, but the facts dont back him up. Mitt Romney groundlessly calls the health care law a slayer of jobs certain to deepen the national debt. Welcome to the health care debate 2.0. As the claims fly, buyer beware. After the Supreme Court upheld the law last week, Obama stepped forward to tell Americans what good will come from it. Romney was quick to lay out the harm. But some of the evidence they gave to the court of public opinion was suspect. A look at their claims and how they compare with the facts: OBAMA: If youre one of the more than 250 million Americans who already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance. This law will only make it more secure and more affordable. ROMNEY: Obamacare also means that for up to 20 million Americans, they will lose the insurance they currently have, the insurance that they like and they want to keep. THE FACTS: Nothing in the law ensures that people happy with their policies now can keep them. Employers will continue to have the right to modify coverage or even drop it, and some are expected to do so as more insurance alternatives become available to the population under the law. Nor is there any guarantee that coverage will become cheaper, despite the subsidies many people will get. Americans may well end up feeling more secure about their ability to obtain and keep coverage once insurance companies can no longer deny, terminate or charge more for coverage for those in poor health. But particular health insurance plans will have no guarantee of ironclad security. Much can change, including the cost. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the number of workers getting employerbased coverage could drop by several million, as some workers choose new plans in the marketplace or as employers drop coverage altogether. Companies with more than 50 workers would have to pay a fine for terminating insurance, but in some cases that would be cost-effective for them. Obamas soothing words for those who are content with their current coverage have been heard before, rendered with different degrees of accuracy. Hes said nothing in the law requires people to change their plans, true enough. But the law does not guarantee the status quo for anyone, either. So where does Romney come up with 20 million at risk of losing their current plans? He does so by going with the worst-case scenario in the budget offices analysis. Researchers thought it most likely that employer coverage would decline by 3 to 5 million, but the range of possibilities was broad: It could go up by as much as 3 million or down by as much as 20 million. OBAMA: And by this August, nearly 13 million of you will receive a rebate from your insurance company because it spent too much on things like administrative costs and CEO bonuses and not enough on your health care. THE FACTS: Rebates are coming, but not nearly that many Americans are likely to get those checks and for many of those who do, the amount will be decidedly modest. The government acknowledges it does not know how many households will see

Moderately confused

rebates in August from a provision of the law that makes insurance companies give back excess money spent on overhead instead of health care delivery. Altogether, the rebates that go out will benefit nearly 13 million people. But most of the benefit will be indirect, going to employers because they cover most of the cost of insurance provided in the workplace. Employers can plow all the rebate money, including the workers share, back into the companys health plan, or pass along part of it. The government says some 4 million people who are due rebates live in households that purchased coverage directly from an insurance company, not through an employer, and experts say those households are the most likely to get a rebate check directly. The government says the rebates have an average value of $151 per household. But employers, who typically pay 70 to 80 percent of premiums, are likely to get most of that. OBAMA: Because of the Affordable Care Act, young adults under the age of 26 are able to stay on their parents health care plans, a provision thats already helped 6 million young Americans. THE FACTS: Obama is overstating this benefit of his health law, and his own administration knows better. The Department of Health and Human Services, in a June 19 news release, said 3.1 million young adults would be uninsured were it not for the new law. Obamas number comes from a June 8 survey by the Commonwealth Fund, a health policy foundation. It said 6.6 million young adults joined or stayed on their parents health plans who wouldnt have been able to absent the law. But that number includes some who switched to their parents plans from other coverage, Commonwealth Fund officials told the Los Angeles Times.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Herald 5


Amish Cook takes a break; shares some recipes

By LOVINA EICHER The Eichers are taking a needed break during this Fourth of July week. Thanks to all the readers for your kind words and prayers for the family during the tough year of 2012. This week features a few favorite summer recipes from columns past. The first is a great recipe to try on some of the fresh lettuce from the garden. Fresh lettuce leaves from the garden or 1 head of storebought lettuce In a skillet, fry bacon until crisp. Remove bacon from the skillet to a paper towel lined plate, but reserve the grease in the skillet. Brown the flour and salt in hot bacon grease over medium heat. Have the sugar, vinegar and water stirred together and ready to pour into the flour when nice and brown. Be careful so it doesnt bubble over. Keep stirring the mixture. Cook a minute or so until it thickens. When the dressing is cooled off, you may want to add a bit of cream or milk if it is too thick. Pour over lettuce leaves that have been torn into bite-sized pieces. Add bacon, eggs and onions and toss lettuce GREEN TOMATO JAM 6 cups ground green tomatoes 4 cups sugar 6 ounces raspberry or strawberry gelatin In a large mixing bowl, mix green tomatoes and sugar. Boil over medium heat for 20 minutes. Add gelatin. Remove from heat and stir well. Put into sterilized jars and seal. HAM & PEA SALAD 2 c. green peas 1 1/2 c. chopped cooked ham 1 c. shredded Cheddar cheese 1 c. chopped red onion 1/2 c. ranch salad dressing In a serving bowl, combine the peas, ham, cheese, and onion. Pour the dressing over the top and toss to coat evenly


Happy Birthday
July 4 Madeline Weitzel Billy Estle July 6 Michelle Brotherwood

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TODAY 7 p.m. Delphos Coon and Sportsmans Club meets. Al-Anon Meeting for Friends and Families of Alcoholics at St. Ritas Medical Center, 730 West Market Street, Behavioral Services Conference Room 5-G, 5th Floor SWISS DRESSING 7:30 p.m. Alcoholics 4 slices of bacon, cut into Anonymous, First Presbyterian pieces and crumbled Church, 310 W. Second St. 1 tablespoon flour Pinch of salt WEDNESDAY 1/3 cup sugar HAPPY FOURTH OF 1/2 cup water JULY! 1/3 cup vinegar Join the Kiwanis at 4 fresh green onions, Stadium Park in Delphos for chopped the annual celebration. Two boiled eggs, diced THURSDAY 9-11 a.m. The Delphos Canal Commission Museum, 241 N. Main St., is open. 11:30 a.m. Mealsite at Delphos Senior Citizen Center, 301 Suthoff Street. 5-7 p.m. The Interfaith Thrift Shop is open for shopping. 6:30 p.m. Delphos Ladies Club, Trinity United Methodist Church. 7 p.m. Delphos Emergency Medical Service meeting, EMS building, Second Street. 7:30 p.m. Delphos Chapter 23, Order of Eastern Star, meets at the Masonic Temple, North Main Street. FRIDAY 7:30 a.m. Delphos Optimist Club meets at the A&W Drive-In, 924 E. Fifth St. 11:30 a.m. Mealsite at Delphos Senior Citizen Center, 301 Suthoff Street. 1-4 p.m. Interfaith Thrift Store is open for shopping. SATURDAY 9 a.m.-noon Interfaith Thrift Store is open for shopping. St. Vincent DePaul Society, located at the east edge of the St. Johns High School parking lot, is open. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Delphos Postal Museum is open.

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Registration open for Adult Weekend Camps

Burgei on Akron deans list

Name Name Name Name Telephone (for verification) Check one:

Birthday Birthday Birthday Birthday

The Arc of Allen County and Camp Robin Rogers are now accepting registrations for this summers Adult Weekend Camps. The Weekend Camps are for adults 18 years and older, affected by intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. The camps begin at 7 p.m. on Fridays through 1 p.m. on Sundays and are held on various weekends throughout the summer. All programs are age-appropriate and success oriented. Activities include swimming, fishing, music and crafts. Exercise programs, campfires, movies and nature programs are also part of the weekend. Meals and snacks are provided. For more information and/or an application call Joan or The following local stuBob at The Arc of Allen County at 419-225-6285. Dates are: dents were named to the June 29-July 1; July 13-15; July 27-29; Aug. 10-12; Aug. 24-26; Aug. 31-Sept. 2; Sept. 7-9. Attendance is limited each Spring Semester Deans List at Baldwin Wallace College weekend. in Berea: Ashley Kill of Spencerville To be named to the Deans A reunion is planned for or call 866-352-2469 or 716the USS Long Beach CGN-9 569-2314. Email lbcgn9@ List, students must receive at Association, Inc. Sept. 8-16 Website www.uss- least a 3.6 GPA for seven or more graded hours in a single at the Embassy Suites Hotel, semester. 1445 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield, Ill. 60015-5213. Contact: Mary Sklena, 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday basic computer training for adults through Friday. Phone Feel comfortable using a computer and the Internet, 847-945-4500 for your reservation. Ask for USS Be eligible for special Internet and computer offers Long Beach Reunion Rate Classes are FREE and forming ($99.68, including taxes on all rooms). NOW at community Cutoff date is Aug. 13. organizations in your area. For more information, contact Don Shade, 299 Call 855-NOW-I-CAN (669-4226) Kiantone Road Lot 92, for local class information Jamestown, NY 14701-9370

The following local students were named to the 2012 Spring Semester Deans List at The University of Akron: Evan Burgei of Delphos Amanda Ream of Van Wert These students maintained a 3.25 or better GPA for the semester.

Kill on Badwin Wallace deans list

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For Regional Intermodal and Dedicated Positions in Ohio


Experienced drivers and recent driving school grads should apply ($6,000 tuition reimbursement available)

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Ohios homes for aged and disabled veterans, located in Sandusky and Georgetown, provide a nationally recognized quality of care at a low cost. Sandusky also offers independent living. Come explore living in community settings where veterans are valued.
For more info, call 1-866-OHIO-VET (1-866-644-6838), go to, or visit your county veterans service office.

6 The Herald

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3, Indians 0: Rookies Mesoraco, Frazier Angelsloaded is slim Bases lead Reds over Dodgers pickings for Tribe
LOS ANGELES (AP) It wasnt until Zack Cozarts teammates were able to see him walking around the clubhouse and talking coherently to reporters that they could start feeling feel good about their victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday night. Rookies Devin Mesoraco and Todd Frazier each drove in three runs and the Cincinnati Reds kept their focus after Cozart sustained a concussion when he was hit in the helmet by Chad Billingsley, beating the Dodgers 8-2. They gave him all the tests and said that Zack should be OK tomorrow, manager Dusty Baker said. We took him out more for precautionary reasons. He was a little glossy eyed, so we decided to get him out of there because he got hit pretty good. It reminded me of when Goose Gossage hit Penguin (Ron Cey) in the (1981) World Series and I was on deck. Thats how loud it was, he said. Cozart singled his first two times up before being struck by Billingsleys first-pitch fastball in the fifth inning. The rookie shortstop held his head with both hands while lying on his stomach for several anxious moments before walking off under his own power. I think it just got away from him. I dont even really remember, to be honest, Cozart said. I just remember hearing a pretty loud bang then I had some ringing in my ears, and thats why I was on the ground holding my ears. Ive been hit before a couple of years ago in the minor leagues, and it was worse then because it got me under the helmet. But this one was scary because it was so loud when it hit the helmet, Cozart added. Thats why we wear helmets. The doc just said to monitor it throughout the night. I think everything should be OK. I feel fine. I feel a lot better than I thought I was going to be. Homer Bailey and the NL Central leaders sent the Dodgers to their 12th loss in 14 games. Cincinnati played without All-Star first baseman Joey Votto, who has inflammation in his left knee, and third baseman Scott Rolen, who was scratched after leaving Sundays game at San Francisco because of back spasms. But Mesoraco and Frazier helped pick up the slack. Were a team. Weve got 25 guys, and everyone is supposed to do their job and contribute, Mesoraco said. It doesnt matter if youve played 15 years or one year. This is our job to go out there and help the team win. Me and Todd came up big tonight, but throughout the year, everyone on the 25-man roster is going to have their good games and help us win. Bailey (6-6) allowed two runs and five hits in eight innings, striking out seven and walking one. Billingsley (4-8) lost his fourth straight start, giving up three runs and six hits in six innings with eight strikeouts and no walks. The righthander is 0-4 with a 4.70 ERA in his last eight outings at Dodger Stadium. Billingsley took a 2-0 lead into the fifth and retired his first two batters before hitting Cozart. Pitching coach Rick Honeycutt came out to settle down Billingsley after the scary incident, and he retired the slumping Drew Stubbs for the third out. We just thought it was a good time to take a moment, step back and absorb the whole thing and gather his thoughts so that he could keep pitching well, Honeycutt said. He was throwing the ball extremely well to that point, but there was just a change of momentum there, and unfortunately, he didnt escape that sixth inning. The first three Reds batters in the sixth got hits. Brandon Phillips doubled and scored Cincinnatis first run on Fraziers broken-bat single. With two outs, Mesoraco delivered a two-run double down the left-field line to put the Reds ahead 3-2. You want to be the guy up there with two outs, guys in scoring position, Mesoraco said. Ive always had a lot of success in those types of situations in the past. And its always a big pickup for the team if you can get those guys in. It was definitely a good feeling. Cincinnati tacked on two more in the eighth against Todd Coffey with Fraziers RBI triple and Mesoracos run-scoring single. Jerry Hairston Jr. sent a drive into the Dodgers bullpen in left field in the first inning only the second home run by Los Angeles in its last 18 games. Luis Cruz, whose contract was selected from Triple-A Albuquerque on Monday, made it 2-0 in the second with a sacrifice fly. Cruz started at shortstop and was 0 for 2 in his Dodgers debut after stints with Pittsburgh and Milwaukee. He signed with Los Angeles as a free agent in November.


The Associated Press

Lincolnview downs Wildcats who beat Van Wert


DELPHOS Both of the ACME summer baseball tournament games held on a warm Sunday afternoon at Wildcat Field in Delphos turned out the exact same way - 12-2 scores that ended after 5 2/3 innings. The first was Lincolnview (home on the scoreboard due to the coin flip) besting the Wildcats and then the Wildcats doing the same to Van Wert in the elimination game. In game 1, the Wildcats tried to score in the top of the first as Zach Ricker walked with one down against Lancer complete-game righty Kyle Williams (6 innings, 5 hits, 2 earned run, 4 walks, 8 strikeouts; 118 pitches, 70 strikes). Austin Jettinghoff bounced out to move him up and Zach Kimmett got a tough-hop single to third to put runners on the corners. However, Williams retired the next man for the third out. Williams led off the Lancer first with a tough-hop single past shortstop Jettinghoff. Nick Kayser singled to left. An error on Nick Leeths grounder left everyone safe. Tyler Lovetts bouncer resulted in another misplay, scoring Williams. Tyler Richey forced Kayser at home but Austin Leeth was plunked by Wildcat starter Ross Thompson (22/3 IPs, 5 hits, 7 runs, 4 earned, 2 BBs) to force home N. Leeth for a 2-0 lead. However, the next two were retired. Lincolnview made it 4-0 in the second with a 2-out rally. Dalton Schmersal and N. Leeth walked and both scored courtesy of a double to left by Lovett. The Wildcats got a single run in the third. Gaige Rassman walked to lead off and stole second an out later, scoring on a 2-out single to right by Jettinghoff. He stole second and moved to third on a wild pitch but was left stranded. The hosts made it 7-1 in the home half, again with two down. Derek Friesner singled to left and Eli Farmer was hit by a pitch. Both advanced on a wild pitch. Williams aided his cause with a 2-run ground single down the left-field line. A pair of passed balls put him at third. Schmersal walked to finish Thompson and bring Jordan Herron (3-plus IPs, 5 hits 5 earned runs, 6 BBs, 2 Ks). A misplayed grounder hit by N. Leeth plated Williams for the seventh run. Lovett was plunked (aided by another error) but Richey forced Lovett at second to end the uprising. The visitors made it 7-2 in the fourth. Thompson got aboard via a 2-base throwing error, moved to third on a bounceout by Seth Wollenhaupt and scored on a 2-out double to center by Herron to make it 7-2. A. Leeth led off the Lancer half with a liner into center but

was erased on a grounder by Troy Patterson. Friesner bunted him to second and Farmer blooped a hit to shallow center but they remained on base, two of 12 base-runners stranded. The Red and White tried to get closer in the fifth. Ricker walked to lead it off and Jettinghoff singled to left. A 1-out comebacker by Thompson advanced both runners but both were stranded. Lincolnview got a 2-out walk by Lovett in the fifth. In the Jeffcat sixth, Zavier Buzard beat out an infield single to short and stole second. He took third on a fly ball to center by Herron but was doubled off when Rassman lined out hard to first sacker Friesner, who threw over to record the twin-killing. The Lancers ended it in the home half. A. Leeth walked and stole second. Back-to-back walks to Patterson and Friesner loaded the bases. With one out, Williams walked to force home Leeth and Schmersal singled to center to score pinch-runner Troy Neate. An out later, Lovetts knock to center scored pinch-runner Cole Schmersal and a 10-2 edge. Richey blooped one to right to get home pinch-runner Wyatt Schmersal and with A. Leeth up to bat, a wild pitch plated D. Schmersal to end the contest. In the nightcap, it started out more of a pitchers duel. Van Wert, which lost to Crestview 1-0 at Stadium Park and the visitors, got a 2-out walk by Brandt Henry against Wildcat complete-game starter Andrew Kortokrax (6 IPs, 2 hits, 2 unearned runs, 3 BBs, 9 Ks; 93 pitches, 59 strikes). He was left there. Jefferson went up 1-0 in the home half against Cougar starter Mason Krugh (4 1/3 IPs, 5 hits, 4 earned runs, 2 BBs, 6 Ks). Tyler Wrasman commenced with a solid single up the gut, stole second, took third on a sacrifice by Ricker and scored on a knock to left center by Jettinghoff. He stood at second after an errant pickoff try but remained there. The Cougars got a leadoff error off the bat of Ryan Stoller and a stolen base in the second. Two outs later, Jacob Hoverman walked. However, Kortokrax ended up fanning the side. Kortokrax singled to left to start the home half and stole second. He tried to move up

on a pitch in the dirt but Stoller gunned him down at third. The Cougars took a 2-1 lead in the third. Tyler Williams got aboard via an error and advanced on a wild pitch. Krugh walked and Henry bunted his way aboard. Two outs hence, Cody Keirns got aboard on a misplayed fly ball, scoring both runners and putting Henry at third. He tried to steal home on the throw back to the pitcher with an 0-2 count on Tanner Norman but an alert Kortokrax nailed him. After a 1-2-3 Jefferson third, lightning was sighted and forced an hour, 40-minute delay. Kortokrax came back even better. He gave up a 2-out infield hit to Thad Carter but he was erased on a ground ball by Tyler Williams. That started a string of seven straight outs to end his pitching. Krugh registered a 1-2-3 fourth. The fifth was his downfall. He walked Seth Wollenhaupt and Buzard singled up the gut. Nick Fitch bunted them both up and both scored as Wrasman doubled to right center for a 3-2 lead. That finished Krughs day, replaced by Nathan Stoller. Back-toback free passes to Ricker and Jettinghoff loaded the bases. Kimmett lofted a fly ball to center that was deep enough to get Wrasman home for a 4-2 edge. Ricker stole third and Jettinghoff followed by swiping second. Thompson walked, finishing Stoller for the southpaw Henry. He walked Kortokrax to plate Ricker. Wollenhaupt beat out an infield single wide of first to score Jettinghoff and keep the sacks juiced. Buzard worked a free pass that plated Thompson for a 7-2 spread but the bases remained juiced. The Wildcats finished it in their half of the sixth. Wrasman walked and an error on a ball hit by pinch-hitter Herron left both runners safe. Wrasman and pinch-runner Gage Townsend stole the next base and scored as Jettinghoff bounced a single into center. Kimmett walked, ending Henrys mound stint for Williams.Thompsons rap to right plated Jettinghoff and a 10-2 margin, putting pinchrunner Ryan Bullinger at third. Thompson burgled second and Kortokrax walked. An out hence, Buzard grounded out to first to plate Bullinger and move the other two up a

Bases loaded, nobody out. How hard can it be, right? Like shooting fish in a barrel. Monday night, the Indians missed the barrel, shot themselves in the foot, wasted a terrific outing by Ubaldo Jimenez and lost, 3-0, to the Los Angeles Angels. The game went down the drain for the Tribe in the seventh inning, when, trailing Angels ace Jered Weaver, 2-0, they loaded the bases with nobody out. Sounds like a rally, but not for the Indians. Bases loaded and nobody out is a house of horrors for the Tribe. Your Uncle Rico hits better with the bases loaded than the Indians. The Indians team batting average with the bases loaded is .203. In other words, bases loaded is exactly where the Indians dont want to be. But there they were in the seventh inning and it was not a pretty sight. First, Johnny Damon, 1-for-5 with the bases loaded this year, grounded to third baseman Alberto Callaspo, who threw home for the forceout. Next, Casey Kotchman, base. Thompson scored on a 0-for-8 with the bags juiced, 2-2 wild pitch (with Fitch up) popped out to the catcher. to end the game. Then Shelley Duncan struck out. Hes now 0-for-4 LINCOLNVIEW 12, JEFFERSON 2 with the bases loaded. (6 innings) JEFFERSON (2) To review: bases loaded, ab-r-h-rbi Tyler Wrasman 2b/rf 3-0-0-0, Zach no outs, and the next three Ricker 1b/3b 1-0-0-0, Austin Jettinghoff Indians could hit only one ss/c 3-0-2-1, Zach Kimmett c/1b 3-0-10, Ross Thompson p/2b 3-1-0-0, Seth fair ball. Wollenhaupt lf 2-0-0-0, Andrew Kortokrax Can you have too many lf 1-0-0-0, Nick Fitch dh/c 2-0-0-0, Zavier Buzard cf 1-0-1-0, Tyler Rice 3b 1-0-0-0, ducks on the pond? Jordan Herron p 2-0-1-1, Gaige Rassman Not very good at-bats, cfr/rf 1-1-0-0. Totals 23-2-5-2. said Tribe manager Manny LINCOLNVIEW (12) Acta. Its part of the game. ab-r-h-rbi Kyle Williams p 4-2-2-3, Wyatt The pitcher is also working to Schmersal pr 0-1-0-0, Nick Kayser cf 1-0- get you out. We just couldnt 1-0, Dalton Schmersal cf 2-2-1-1, Nick Leeth ss 4-2-0-1, Tyler Lovett rf 3-0-2-4, push any runs across. Tyler Richey c 5-0-1-1, Youtsey pr 0-0-0In the eighth inning, the 0, Austin Leeth lf 2-1-1-1, Troy Patterson 2b 3-0-0-0, Troy Neate pr 0-1-0-0, Derek Indians had runners at first Friesner 1b 2-1-1-0, Colt Schmersal pr and second and no outs, but 0-1-0-0, Eli Farmer 3b 3-2-1-0. Totals Scott Downs relieved Weaver 29-12-10-11. and got Asdrubal Cabrera to Score by Innings: ground into a double play Jefferson 0 0 1 1 0 0 - 6 Lincolnview 2 2 3 0 0 5 and Jason Kipnis to fly out to Two outs in sixth when game ended E: Jettinghoff, Fitch, Farmer; complete the Indians 0-for-5 DP: Lincolnview 1; LOB Jefferson 7, night with runners in scoring Lincolnview 12; 2B: Herron, Lovett; SB: Jettinghoff, Buzard, Rassman, A. Leeth, position. Farmer; Sac: Friesner. The loss went to Jimenez, who actually pitched one of IP H R ER BB SO his better games, but saw his JEFFERSON Thompson (L) 2.2 5 7 4 2 0 record fall to 7-7. Herron 3.0 5 5 5 6 2 In his longest outing of LINCOLNVIEW Williams (W) 6.0 5 2 1 4 8 the season, Jimenez pitched 7 WP: Thompson, Herron, Williams; PB: Kimmett 2; HBP: A. Leeth (by Thompson), 2/3 innings and gave up three Farmer (by Thompson),Lovett (by runs. If nothing else, it looks Herron). as though the Indians have JEFFERSON 12, VAN WERT 2 (6 gotten Jimenez straightened innings) out. VAN WERT (2) ab-r-h-rbi In his first 10 starts, he Tyler Williams cf/p 3-1-0-0, Mason Krugh p/3b 2-1-0-0, Brandt Henry 1b/p/ was 5-4 with a 5.79 ERA. cf 2-0-1-0, Nathan Stoller ss/p 3-0-0-0, However, in his last six starts, Ryan Stoller c 3-0-0-0, Cody Keirns 3b/ ss/2b 3-0-0-0, Tanner Norman rf 2-0-0-0, he has a 2.93 ERA. Kevin Agler 1b 1-0-0-0, Jacob Hoverman Hes pitching like a No. 2b/rf 1-0-0-0, Thad Carter lf 2-0-1-0. 2 or No. 1 guy now, said Totals 22-2-2-0.
JEFFERSON (12) ab-r-h-rbi Tyler Wrasman lf 3-3-2-2, Zach Ricker 2b 0-1-0-0, Jordan Herron ph 1-00-0, Gage Townsend pr 0-1-0-0, Austin Jettinghoff ss 3-2-2-3, Zach Kimmett 1b 2-0-0-0, Ryan Bullinger pr 0-1-0-0, Ross Thompson 3b 3-2-1-1, Andrew Kortokrax p 2-0-1-1, Gaige Rassman pr 0-0-0-0, Seth Wollenhaupt rf 3-1-1-1, Zavier Buzard cf 3-1-1-2, Nick Fitch c 2-0-0-0. Totals 22-12-8-11. Score by Innings: Van Wert 0 0 2 0 0 0 - 6 Jefferson 1 0 0 0 6 5 - 12 Two outs in 6th when game ended E: Krugh, Keirns, Ricker, Kortokrax, Buzard; LOB: Van Wert 5, Jefferson 7; 2B: Wrasman; SB: Wrasman 2, Ricker, R. Stoller, Townsend, Thompson, Kortokrax; CS: Henry (by Kortokrax), Kortokrax (by R. Stoller); Sac: Ricker, Fitch; SF: Kimmett. IP H R ER BB SO VAN WERT Krugh (L) N. Stoller Henry Williams 4.1 0.1 0.1 0.2 5 4 4 2 6 0 3 3 3 0 2 4241 11021

JEFFERSON Kortokrax (W) 6.0 2 2 0 3 9 Henry pitched to 4 batters in 6th WP: Williams, Kortokrax.

AL Capsules The Associated Press RAYS 4, YANKEES 3 ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) B.J. Upton and Carlos Pena homered and the Tampa Bay Rays took advantage of Mark Teixeiras first error of the season to beat the New York Yankees 4-3 on Monday night. ROYALS 11, BLUE JAYS 3 TORONTO (AP) Mike Moustakas hit his first career grand slam, Everett Teaford pitched seven innings for his first win of the season and the Royals beat the Blue Jays. TWINS 6, TIGERS 4 DETROIT (AP) Trevor Plouffe hit a two-run single during Minnesotas four-run fourth inning, helping the Twins beat the Tigers. Minnesota had six singles in all during its big inning as it earned its fourth consecutive win to lift Ron Gardenhire to 900 career victories. MARINERS 6, ORIOLES 3 SEATTLE (AP) Casper Wells hit a go-ahead, three-run double with two out in the seventh inning and the Mariners beat the slumping Orioles. Miguel Olivo and Dustin Ackley added back-to-back homers in the eighth as the Mariners rallied for the win in their first game of the season against Baltimore. ATHLETICS 6, RED SOX 1 OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) Josh

MLB Capsules

Acta. Hes just not winning. Despite that 2.93 ERA, Jimenezs record in those six starts is 2-3, thanks to a lack of run support. In those six games, the Indians have scored a total of 16 runs. Monday, Weaver was even better than Jimenez, holding the Tribe scoreless on three hits through the first seven innings, which shouldnt be a surprise. Weavers 1.52 career ERA at Progressive Field is the second-lowest ERA by any starting pitcher in the history of the ballpark (minimum of five games started), trailing only Brian Bannisters 1.50. Weaver is 5-0 in his career at Progressive Field, and in his last five starts against the Indians, regardless of where the games are played, he is 4-0 with a 1.03 ERA. Sure enough, for most of the night Weaver blew through the Indians lineup with minimal resistance. He retired 15 of the first 16 batters he faced and finished with seven scoreless innings on five hits. He locates the ball well, never gives in and has confidence he can get out of anything, said Acta. He never throws anything over the middle of the plate. He pitches. The Angels got the only run they needed in the fifth inning when Jimenez hit Howie Kendrick, the first batter of the inning, who eventually scored on a sacrifice fly by Erick Aybar. The Angels made it 2-0 on a home run by Kendrick in the top of the seventh. Jimenez was removed from the game in the eighth inning. With a runner at second and one out, Acta ordered Albert Pujols intentionally walked. Jimenez retired the next batter, then intentionally walked Mark Trumbo, who leads the Angels with 20 home runs, to load the bases. Acta then made a visit to the mound. I wanted to see how Ubaldo felt, and I told him he needed to go after Callaspo (the next hitter), because that was going to be his last batter, said Acta. Jimenez walked Callaspo on four pitches to force in the Angels third run. Manny asked me how I felt. I told him I felt good, said Jimenez. I just lost it. Acta didnt second-guess leaving Jimenez in the game. Its the least I could do for him, for the job he did and the lack of support we gave him, said Acta.
Reddick and Brandon Moss homered against their former team to send Daisuke Matsuzaka to an early exit and lead the Athletics to a victory over the Red Sox. Jarrod Parker (5-3) was the beneficiary of the home runs, allowing one run and six hits in 6 2-3 innings to get the win. NL Capsules ST. LOUIS (AP) Allen Craig hit a pair of home runs and Carlos Beltran extended his RBI streak to a major leaguehigh nine games, helping Kyle Lohse and the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Colorado Rockies 9-3 on Monday night. Matt Holliday homered and drove in two runs for the Cardinals, who punished a pitching staff that entered with a major league-worst 5.37 ERA. BREWERS 6, MARLINS 5 MILWAUKEE (AP) Pinch-hitter Norichika Aoki drove in the go-ahead run with a safety squeeze in the eighth inning, lifting Milwaukee to the victory. CUBS 4, BRAVES 1 ATLANTA (AP) Jeff Samardzija had a career-high 11 strikeouts, Luis Valbuena hit a tiebreaking three-run double in the seventh and the Cubs earned their fourth consecutive win. PADRES 6, DIAMONDBACKS 2 PHOENIX Clayton Richard came within one out of a complete game, and Alexi Amarista hit one of three San Diego home runs.

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Writer wants daughter to divorce

Dear Annie: My daugh- closure. She is currently livter has been married to a ing in an apartment, and Rob drug abuser for 10 years. lives with his parents. With Rob cant keep a job and my financial support, she sells everything on the prem- has filed for divorce. So far, ises for money to buy more I have given her more than drugs. He even $3,000. She lives in took his 9-yearanother state and has old daughter with emotional support him to trade her from her siblings TV and other and us by phone. electronics for Heres the probnarcotics. lem. I feel like she is Rob has been wavering. She keeps in rehab three talking about what times and makes a great dad Rob is lots of promises, when hes sober and but always goes how hard the separaback to the drugs. Annies Mailbox tion has been on the My daughter has kids. I know how difa responsible job. ficult it is for her to She has taken Robs name be a single mom. But I have off of the checking accounts told her that if she does not and credit cards, and she go through with the divorce, hides her purse and jewelry I will not help her again. Is every night. She was unable this too harsh? I want to be to keep up the house pay- there for her, but I have to ments, and they are in fore- work, and my income isnt

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that big. Any advice on this situation? -- Loving Mom, Disgusted Mother-in-Law Dear Mom: You are not obligated to support your daughter regardless of the circumstances, but we are certain your financial assistance helps her to manage as a single parent. Still, she undoubtedly loves her husband and wants her children to have a full-time father. And its easier to forget the hardships once you are separated from them. Instead of issuing ultimatums, urge her to get into counseling to figure out why she continues to be drawn to someone so needy and incapable of being a true partner to her. Help her to be stronger so her choices will be better. Dear Annie: During the past year, I have noticed that my 73-year-old mother-inlaw seems to be losing her memory and becoming very rattled. She forgets where her son works, what day she is having dinner with us, and where her grandchildren attend school, although she has been there a hundred times. She writes everything down on pieces of paper that she sticks in her purse or strews about the house. Her friends convinced her to see her internist, which she did. He gave her a series of general questions, which she answered and from which he determined that she was absolutely fine. Mom was thrilled. How can we get her to see another doctor when she is now convinced that she is perfectly healthy? We know something is going on and it is just getting worse. -Want To Help Dear Want: Your mothers doctor should have tested her for executive functioning, which is probably a different test than the one he administered. However, it still may have been possible for her to pass any test if she was feeling OK that day and not under any stress. Your mother could benefit from seeing a geriatrician, and we recommend you have a referral handy for the next time she is concerned enough about her memory that she is amenable. Dear Annie: My heart went out to Worried Woman, the 54-year-old woman who has no family or friends. Please tell her to contact the Red Hat Society, an international organization for women of any age, single or married. The goal is friendship and fun. We wear red hats and purple clothes to all of our activities, including outings, dinners and travel. She can find a chapter in her area by searching -- M.L.







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European sea roof, New new furnace & central air, updated kitchen, bath, porary ACROSS Call Ulm!s Inc. in your spot. and $70,500. letter 1. *#34 more! with of interest stat- 419-692-3951 SERVICE http://harleychick92.zeekler. Down did this 3. Like old West MLS over *Declaration of Independence, e.g. ing recent experience to: monthly payment - $376.48 6. Pre-1947 British 4. rule India Approx. com/splash/ TRICO REALTY IS OPEN SATURDAYS road 208, Cairo, OH 9. *George 5. Roundabout more P.O. Box FROM 8:30 TO 12:30 TO SERVESALESPERSONS Washington chopped one details, pics and 419-586-8220 YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS for the weary 45820 NEEDED down as 6. None of this a lad Pets & Supplies Due to growth in business 13. *Popular feeling Friend from Provence HOMES 7. we are in need of 3-4 bird 8. Snowbird SUNDAY, MARCH 9TH FROM 14. Australian 1-3 P.M. CALICO Cat.15. _____ two shoes sales people. We have FREE: list 9. Type of 1109 S. Clay St.,than os spayed, de 16. Without illumination 10. Delp h can 4yrs old, - more leads we Multicolored horse 17. Greed or sloth, e.g. you are honest, 11. Jumpy AAP St. Marys leader in the and manufacture of cover. If clawed, litter box trained. Corp. is a design had one self-motivated take Owner moving-cant 18. April showers bring May flow- 12. Cyclops cast aluminum for OEM Asa subsidiary of Hi- sincere, wheels automakers. succeed we and driven to cat. home. ers, e.g. Must find new Major lead source of tachi Metals for America, ourreputation 15. high quality products and MLS SERVICE need totalk. Experience is Call 419-303-9359 Bullying, e.g. soldier to grow and provide us continue but not a 19. *British state 20. helped customer satisfaction has appreciated, 21. *Pre-Independence Day obliged pay 22. Be to TRICO REALTY IS OPEN SATURDAYS our associateswith steady employment. Now, our must. over 24 years of 419-394-7691 or 23. Used soaking for 24. Deep regret FROM 8:30 TO 12:30 24. Dirty Jobs host business growing again, creating TO SERVE YOUR REAL ESTATE is the following new NEEDS employment 419-586-5191. 25. *Between redand blue Kerns Ford-Lincoln 26. 25. NHLs rival, 1972-1979 opportunities: Shakespeare: Thou callst me 28. Deceptive maneuver dog thou _____ before Would you like to be an a cause... 415 TH 30. Lay to rest 27. Supreme Being Islams MACHINE REPAIR TECHNICIANS - To perform installation, trouble- in-home child care pro - Pet Food S. 35. Abrupt stop be, to 29. Day TH shooting, repair, and maintenance of various machinery & equip- vider? Let us help. Call Will according
urges our ASSISTANT To place an ad phonephos Heraldcontact ext. 122 419-695-0015 readers to The


T 080 Help Wanted


Telling IS IT Story Since 1869 DelADMINISTRATIVE The Tri-CountysA SCAM? The

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550 Eagle OPEN HOUSE





Dick CLARK Real Estate

retirement vision, and disabilityinsurance, 401(k) savings plan with the Delphos Public Library mum security achieved in at Company matching, paid youre side our fenced paid vacation, more. If holidays, and 6 PM facility -Van Wert SD $99,900 In the Classifieds agrowing opportunity with with access via your per looking for a career company, then we To This Home! Legals with Add Finishing qualifications sonal gate code. Why set- 999 want to hear from Please sendyour salary you. tle for less? history to: Phone any Call time 419-692-6336.

Place a 580 For Rent or Lease for showing ... Call 71. Orange part BY APPOINTMENT $99,500 -Delphos SD a competitive season Ideal In return for your expertise, AAP offers plus profit- Opportunity ___ wage DELPHOS 72. Tentanchor Storage 73. the House for excellent fringe benefits--including dental, and SELF life, sharing medical, Monday, March 10
High school diploma or equivalent required

31. India Company ware, pl. *East ment. S. Eagles St., St. 39. 928 source Delphos Rd.648 Jeffersonnest 32. window Bay and 12505 Bloomlock Qualifications: N. Franklin St., Referral at: 40. Not active Minimum Delphos w w w.tlr e a.c o m Delphos Delphos 1-800-992-2916 or 33. Kind of pie GENUINE 41. Deteriorate Janet 419-236-7894 34. *_____ Ross Janet 419-236-7894 Judy Bosch 419-230-1983 2 OPEN HOUSES At least three years of multi-trade experience/training with indus (419)225-5465. 43. Colloquial arent pneumatics, robotics, and of MOTORCRAFT Type trial electrical, mechanical, hydraulics, SUNDAY 12 - 1:00 On 44. and Nicholas, e.g. 36. seabird 309 Elida Ivan 38. Often PLCs required symbolized by light bulb School & Instruction 46. Pi times square of Monday, March 10 radius beaver gauges, Working knowledge of precision measuring instruments, Like a 47. Short spaces ofat the Delphos Public Library 42. time 45. Form of civil disobedience, pl. 6 PM 48. Type of food test equipment, and blueprints/schematics required VANTAGE POLICE Acad 49. Post-Soviet Union union 50. John Galsworthys Forsyte story beginning High school or formal vocational training emy -Classes diploma equivalent and 51. *Independence Day invaders Ohio September 10, 2012. land 52. Grazing required white pottery 54. Blue100-month style andwarranty 53. Effected by the moon Peace Officer Training with OPEN HOUSE 2 OPEN HOUSES These are just a few of our listings, call us we have more! 56. Brightly colored snake of south 55. Member of the Benevolent Order Commission approved. SUN., MARCH 9, SUN., MARCH 9, 3:00 - 4:30 PRODUCTION To OPERATORS - perform machine operations and eastern Asia 57. *Born on the Fourth Openings available. Fi 1:00 - 2:30 up 415 and testing products. 57. Wrap in cerecloth handling, inspection, of of July star nancial Aid available for 58. One inamillionhigher S. 60. Three-tiered Roman galley Some vehicles slightly Minimum Qualifications: those qualifying. Van Call Installation extra. 59. with mountain range 64. Gain Cass knowledge Russian exchange. Price valid At least one year of manufacturing, TH production operator experience tage Career Center 60. Therefore See Service Advisor for 65. Follows soh 1-800-686-3944 or required limited-warranty details. Taxes St. 61. Highest volcano extra.Europe in 67. Death _____ in Harry Potter 12505 Bloomlock Rd. S.R. 309 inJefferson St., 419-238-5411 Jane Collis and commitment to teamwork and continuous Excellent attendance On 648 S. Elida 62. Like those who will inherit earth 68. 2166 ext. Delphos c o mimprovement Delphos 408 W.Tapestry Delphos St. essential Third St. 1310 Joshua 11970 Sarka Rd. 69. H1N1, e.g. 63. Gaelic

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, MARCH 9 FROM 1-3 P.M. 419-692-SOLD SUNDAY, MARCH 9 FROM 3:30-5 P.M. 1109 S. Clay St., Delp h os YWCA Child Care Re 110


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Dick CLARK Real Estate


SUNDAY, MARCH 9 FROM 3:30-5 P.M. 928 N. Franklin St., Delphos


Pet Food Pet Supplies Purina Feeds




Dick CLARK Real Estate

Spencerville - $104,900

Judy Bosch 419-230-1983

Delphos - $104,900 Janet 419-236-7894 Janet 419-236-7894 Two in eighteen Delphos - $249,000 70.

around GENUINE 64. Once 66.MOTORCRAFT He a bee? stung like


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on Gressel Drive: Maxi-


(419) 235-8051

ARK Real Estate

By Bernice Bede warranty with 100-month Osol OPEN HOUSES OPEN HOUSE 2 An ordinance These just a few Marys call uswe more! are authorizing have AAPof our Corporation St. listings, CHRYSLER $47,000 -Delphos SD SUN., MARCH 9, 3:00 transfer - 4:30 SUN., MARCH 9, the City Auditor to Apts. for by Bernice Bede Osol A 1100McKinley Rent Road Fine Fix- up Find1:00 SEBRING certain funds within the - 2:30 There are strong indications inthe year ahead you St. that Marys,Ohio 45885 funds of of Del- the City engaging in fare Human or rent Attention: Resources FOR RENT to own. phos, Allen and Van Wert could much better enterprises that Some vehicles bath you allow a degree of slightly higher independence. Unproductive 2 Bdrm, 2 double counties, $74,900 -Delphos SD and declaring it Installation you in $ partners are apt to slow extra. down and/or completely Two-story That Needs Some TLC wide located Southside an emergency. Price valid with exchange. Delphos. in. community in Passed and Approved this do you See Service Advisor for CANCER (June limited-warranty details. Taxes on the safe side, 21-July 22) -- To be extra. Call 419-692-3951. day of June 2012. KNIP PEN 4th James Knebel you should check out a business matter in great detail. LARGE UPSTAIRS If you dont, a small detail couldderail things just when $199,000 -Elida SD Exquisite Sense Of Luxury Council Pres. Pro-tem Apartment, downtown 408 ATTEST: 1310 Joshua you think everything is locked St. down. 11970 Sarka Rd. W. ThirdSt. Main. Delphos. 233-1/2 N. LEO (July Delphos -- strange reason, Spencerville -$104,900 Delphos -Dining 2BA, $104,900Marsha Mueller, - $249,000 23-Aug. 22) For some 4BR, Kitchen, Council Clerk those are usually in accord with your thoughts or who area, large rec/living room. Call for Michael H. If them. showing ... Gallmeier, not in suggestions might instead resist they do, let it $650/mo. Utilities beliefs on them. $77,000 -Ft Jennings SD $99,500 -Delphos SD Bruce instead go cluded. Contact Mayor of trying to impose your Large & Luxurious 1 - 1 / 2 Story ORDINANCE #2012-23 (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Theres a strong chance Opportunity Ideal VIRGO 419-236-6616 An ordinance amending that youll overlook those whove the most for done Auto Chapter 1191 regarding and instead reward the undeserving. Watch out for Repairs/ you, for zon- faulty Parts/Acc. fees planning and judgment on your part in this area. $148,500 -Elida SD ing Construction Miscellaneous LIBRA If you really dont want to A Charming Personality Care Car ORDINANCE #2012-24 POHLMAN nice (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) --honestly do not like, avoid to An people whom you $99,900 -Van Wert SD Midwest Ohio ordinance authorizing be Add This Home! FinishingTo BUILDERS thefor the City of where they are in attendance. If you do run Auditor - OIL LUBE FILTER gatherings Tim Andrews ROOM ADDITIONS into them, be preparedto turn the other cheek. GARAGES Auto Parts to Stolly to issue athe Delphos Insurancewarrant SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- Take another hard MASONRY for $73,000 -Delphos SD $ SIDING ROOFING And Privacy BACKHOE & DUMP TRUCK Peace believe to be of extreme Specialist 2012-2013 insurance at an objective that you cov- look SERVICE RESTORATION Only quarts oil *up to 5 importance. Frankly, chances are it could turn out to be Installed, New erage and declaring itan FREE ESTIMATES Windshields relatively INSURED THINKING OF $47,0001ST TIME FULLY Lights, Grills, Fenders,Mirrors, emergency. worthless in the long run. GREAT -Delphos SD ORDINANCE #2012-26 Mark Pohlman SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -- Downplay your GREAT RATES A HOME-BUYER Find Fine Fix- up SELLING?? Hoods, Radiators An ordinance in support of education instead of flaunting it if you believe youre Enticing-Delphos SD $84,900 Two-storyFACILITY NEWER MAKE THE CALL INCENTIVES 419-339-9084 816 FIFTH DELPHOS Chimney E. ST. 4893 Dixie Hwy, Lima Allen Countys application smarter than around much wiser to ARE Repair those you. Its cell AVAILABLE!!! 419-233-9460 much Ph. 419-692-5801 THAT SAYS Attorney win with the Ohio friends instead of belittling people. 8-6, Sat. 8-2 Mon.-Fri. 1-800-589-6830 Generals Office CALL IT ALL: US 419-204-4563 FOR 22-Jan. Across from Arbys to the decision CAPRICORN (Dec. 19) -- Avoid joint MORE INFORMATION 692-SOLD $74,900 -Delphos SD participate in Mov endeavors view all listings going where the ante is not equal for all participants. To Forward to Ohio $ Two-story That Needs Some TLC grant If the Lawn Care Mobile Homes program and it contributions arent comparable but the takings declaring Tree Service are, people will be angry and nothing will work. an emergency. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- Guard against a strong ORDINANCE #2012-27 RENT Rent to Own. 2 OR inclination to be suspicious of the motives or intentions Transmission, Inc. bedroom, 1 bath mobile An ordinance authorizing home. 419-692-3951. the Mayor and/or Safety others. If you find yourself doing so, question of automatic transmission Needing work $199,000 -Elida SD enter whether youre projecting instead of evaluating. Service Director to OUR TREE standard transmission Roofing Remodeling Exquisite Sense Of Luxury PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- You know perfectly well into a contract with Allied differentials Bathrooms Kitchens SERVICE Environmental Services that your chances of productivity will be substantially Hog Drywall Barns Total Lawncare & case Thinning for the remediation of im- if you take on more than you can handle. reduced Trimming Topping transfer Sidewalks Additions Snow Removal Deadwooding brakes tune up & pacted area fuel line best to do less and do it well than founder due to leak Its 22 Years Experience Insured Concrete etc. Stump, Shrub & Tree Removal of Ottoville 2 miles north and declaring it an emer- excess. ESTIMATES FREE Since 1973 Commercial & Residential $77,000 -Ft Jennings SD MOWING gency. and Approved this Passed ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- One of the worst things LAWN 419-453-3620 Large & Luxurious 1 - 1 / 2 Story you 18th day of June 2012. can do is try to cover up an error, especially if it Bill Teman 419-302-2981 FERTILIZATION pertains to your work. Dont hide anything -- fix it. Ernie Teman 419-230-4890 James Knebel, TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- In reassessing CONTROL WEED PROGRAMS Council Pres. Pro-tem yesterdays happenings, I hope you figure out that its AERATION LAWN ATTEST: Mueller, to keep in-laws or relatives out of close family best Marsha matters, especially when the youngsters are involved. Council Clerk $148,500 -ElidaSPRING CLEANUP SD MULCHING GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- Dont think you have A Charming Personality & MULCH L.L.C. H. Gallmeier, Michael CONCRETE WALLS DELIVERY to what people ask For example, Mayor comply with begs you to tell itof you. is, its best to SHRUB INSTALLATION, like it A complete text of this leg- when someone Residential is on record at the sugarcoat the bitter truth. & Commercial REMOVAL TRIMMING & Trimming & Removal islation Agricultural Spears Needs Lindell Stump Grinding Municipal Building and Trying to patch up a broken romance? Astro-Graph The All Concrete Work 24 Hour Service Fully Insured can be viewed Matchmaker can help you understand what to do to during $73,000 -Delphos SD Mark Pohlman regular office hours. check us out at for KEVIN M. MOORE Peace And Privacy Marsha Mueller, make the relationshipto Astro-Graph, P.O. Box 167, set by mailing $3 work. Send your Matchmaker 419-339-9084 Clerk Wickliffe, OH 44092-0167. Council cell 419-233-9460

Dick CLARK Real Estate


Dick CLARK Real Estate



Dick CLARK Real Estate


419 695-0015

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Dick CLARK Real Estate





Dick CLARK Real Estate

Dick CLARK Real Estate


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Dick CLARK Real Estate


Dick CLARK Real Estate


Dick CLARK Real Estate


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