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EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE FEEDBACK FORM PART A Name : Amit Kaushik Designation : Qualification : B.

.E(Mech) Last Grade Change /Promotion: Emp. No. : 39915 Grade: Pervious Exp. (in Yrs.) : 9+ Assessor Name : PART B (Please provide your rating as per the rating scale given below): I General Information Assesses Rating (Self) 1. Job Knowledge A+ 2. Team Work A+ 3. Communication Skills A 4. Discipline & Punctuality A+ 5. Interpersonal Relationship A 6. Flexibility & Adaptability A+
(willingness to get involved in new projects & ability to stretch)

DOJ :02nd June2011 Location : Noida Last Review Date : Reviewer Name:

Assessors Rating

7. 8. 9. 10.

Customer Orientation Operational Excellence Integrity Respect

(Demonstrating respect for colleagues and stakeholders in all business transactions)

A+ A+ A A+

11. Cost Consciousness * 12.. Leadership Qualities * * Applicable for P3 & above. II Performance Indicators / Key Result Areas (KRA s) : Agreed Achieved Assessor s Rating

Assesses Feedback

Manufacturing Implementation eAM Implementation

Client Integration and UAT


Successfully Implemented the Discrete Manufacturing in Ravissant Pvt. Ltd. Implemented the Oracle Enterprises Asset Management and Oracle Inventory Modules in Usha Breco Ltd. Requirement gathering of Client with proper interaction and communication. UAT has been successfully completed with trainees satisfactory. Create As-Is and TO-BE Documents the each Modules as per Methodology.

Implemented Successfully Single handedly done And Go-Live. UAT has been Signed-Off.

To-BE Document Signed Off.

Rating Scale: A+ - Excellent; A -Very Good; B+ Good; B - Development Needed; CUnsatisfactory

III Special Achievements during the period of Review:

Assesses Remarks Single handedly done the eAM Implementation and GO-Live. Assessors Remarks

IV Strengths & Weaknesses: Assesses Remarks Hard Worker and Quick Learner Ability to Work in any Critical Situation.

Assessors Remarks

V Training Needs Assesses Remarks

Assessors Remarks

HR Action Plan

VI Customers feedback (if any) _Got the Appreciation mail by Usha Breco_____________________________________ Mail Attached___________________________________________________________________ VI Overall Rating & Remarks (if any): Assessee Assessor



Signature of Assessor: __________________

Date: _____________

I agree to the overall assessment rating : Yes No Signature of Assesse: ____________ Assesses Comments (if any) _________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Signature of Reviewer: __________________ PART C VII - The Following must be filled by Assessor or HOD/Reviewer: Recommendation Percentage Current CTC
(per month) + VP/Loyalty Bonus (if any)

Date: _____________

(per Month) + VP/Loyalty Bonus (if any)

Increments based on rating Increments based on rationalisation

Rating Scale: A+ - Excellent; A -Very Good; B+ Good; B - Development Needed; CUnsatisfactory