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Advantages & Features of the Itag Pig VaIve

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From 1952 until now tag has produced more than 11500 pieces of scraper launcher and
receiver valves for a wide range of applications mostly in the oil and gas and chemical
industry. Today tag's Top Entry PC Valves are installed in onshore as well as in offshore
installation. Due to this long experience, tag is the leading company in the world market for
the production of high pressure, heavy duty scraper launcher and receiver valves. The first
Top Entry Pig Valves have been supplied in 1980. Up to now more than 4000 pieces of this
design have been produced with a size from 2 to 30 with a pressure class going up to ANS
class 1500. The tag Top Entry Pig Valve does have the following advantages:
- The tag Pig Valve is a simple and easy to handle method to launch and to
receive spheres and scrapers
- True Top Entry Design due to its unique vertically split seat ring design (for details
please see separate document). Very important feature for a pig valve, because
for a pig valve the ball to seat seal is the only isolation between the pipeline and
the pig trap. Therefore tight shut off is required. Since even the most reliable seat
to ball seal may leak, a top entry design where the internals can be replaced
without the necessity to remove the valve from the pipeline is a big advantage.
- Trunnion mounted ball will ensure a low torque even for large sizes and high
pressure classes.
- Anti blow out stem design
- Recessed bonnet design
- Single piston effect, pressure supported and spring pre-energised seat ring
- Soft seated, or on request: pure metal seated
- Double block & bleed in open as well closed position
- Trap cover as quick opening closure with safety locking device ensures that the
trap cover may only be opened after the pig valve has been depressurised.
- n comparison to a shut off ball a larger ball is used. Therefore the tag Pig Valve
is not only suitable for spheres but for cylindrical pigs with a length of up to 1,4 x
valve D per AP 6D as well.
- The cross sectional area of the bore of the ball is approx 25% larger than the
cross sectional area of bore of the end connection (only for types PC & PB). This
will ensure that the flow is not stopped after the pig arrived in the receiver valve.
- Fpr type PB, bypass channels being integrated in the ball will ensure a certain
flow across the closed valve without effecting the isolation between of the valve's
cavity against the flow passage
- Drain valve as ball valve ensures quick depressurisation of pig valve
- No welding. This is an important factor when corrosion resistance and/or
resistance against H2S is requested.
- Three different types available: PC, PB & PS
- Types PC & PS are acting as shut off ball valves in closed position

Advantages & Features of the Itag Pig VaIve

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Fig 1 Type PC

Fig 2: Ball of Type PB with integrated Bypass in closed Position

Valve in open Position Valve in closed Position
Advantages & Features of the Itag Pig VaIve

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Fig 3: Type PS for Separation Service

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