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Suhaib Ilyas Class# /Section: 10 / A

A combination of management, financial, engineering and other practices applied to physical assets in pursuit of economical life cycle cost. Its practice is concerned with the specifications and design for reliability and maintainability of plant, machinery, equipment, building, and structures with their installation and replacement and feedback of information on design, performance and costs.

The total cost if an item throughout its life consisting of initial, maintenance and support cost etc

A combinations of any actions carried out to retain an item in or restore it to an acceptable condition

Acceptable Condition: The condition agreed for each particular usage. This condition shall not be less than that demanded by statutory requirements

Maintenance necessary immediately to avoid serious consequences

Maintenance organized and carried out with fore thought, control and record to a pre-determined plan is called as Planned maintenance Maintenance that is carried out as pre-determined intervals to other prescribed criteria intended to reduce the likelihood of an item not meeting an acceptable condition is called as preventive maintenance

Running maintenance is that which can be carried out while the item is in service

Maintenance that can ONLY be carried out when the item is out of service

Preventive maintenance initiated as a result of knowledge of the condition an item from routine or continuous checking

To restore an item to an acceptable condition by the renewal, replacement or mending of decayed or damaged parts

Maintenance actions intended to bring back an item to its original appearance or state i.e. to carry out maintenance and restore the machine to its acceptable condition

Extensive maintenance intended to property, building, equipment or a system etc, to bring it to current acceptable condition often involving improvements.

The ability of an item to perform a required function under stated conditions for a period of time. This may be expressed as probability.

A function of rapidity and ease with which maintenance operations can be performed to help prevent malfunctions or to correct them if they occur

A comprehensive examination and restoration of an item or a major part thereof, to an acceptable condition

The fraction of a specified period for which an item is capable of performing a specified function at a specified level of performance is called as availability Down time is that period of time during which an item is not in a condition to perform its intended function

UF: The ratio of the period of actual use to availability

AF: The ratio of period of actual availability of item/equipment to the total period of the plant/working area/factory etc

A written or verbal report of failures, defects, short comings and other experiences which can be used to influence design, performance and costs

Schedule A comprehensive list of maintenance and its incidence Planning Deciding in advance the jobs, methods, materials, tools, machines, labor, timings and time required for maintenance Program A list allocating specific maintenance to specific period

Policy A strategy within which decision on maintenance are taken Manual Collected information and devices on the maintenance requirements of an item