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Cristian Carter


Of Cristian Carter What kind of people is beautiful? Beauty is a subjective

What kind of people is beautiful?

Beauty is a subjective issue; it depends on several factors, cultural patterns (the concept of beauty taken from our social environment), life history (the taught concept of “The Prince Charming”), education (the studied concepts on aesthetics), interests (what I can regard as beautiful), etc. All this factors tell us what is beautiful, because there is a different answer for everyone, without affecting the existence of theories (Theory of selection, Darwin), modern studies about certain proportions found on the likes of people about facial or corporal beauty; even so, it still depends on the eyes of the observer and its state of integral mental, psychological and spiritual growth.

The aesthetics, the ideal of beauty, as the good for ethics, is an important part of interest for someone who searches for growth in every aspect of life, integrity – body, mind and soul, as the Greeks stated - . The ethics itself doesn’t achieve the complete good without taking the aesthetics into account, v.g. a beautiful place to live in, will give, psychologically, a better level of life and behaviour predisposition on the person, and


Cristian Carter

the life improvements made by a person is expanded in a general social welfare. These are twin concepts, which together make the best part: a good act is also beautiful.

That’s why a person’s beauty is a harmonic conformed average and projection of a personal integrity. What that person projects to me will tell me if he/she is beautiful or not, and it will depend on several factors and not only on a mere material aspect, which would be quite basic. It will cause an attraction or a refusal, and even, to fall in love with that person.

Body, mind and soul – or the order you prefer, these are copulative factors -. A beautiful person is a person who fulfil these standards, beyond his “race” or sociocultural concepts – takes care of his/her body, exercises – proved on a sportive psychology, which also causes a positive behaviour projection; without absolutes, sportive people tends to be mentally healthy - he/she eats healthy, keeps hygiene in all aspects, takes care of his/her spiritual relationship, believes in a superior being, beyond entity, name,

religion; a direct relationship, which creates transcendental values in life, and over all, he/she has a special significance: He/she is intelligent, witty, a bright healthy mind, with values and with emotional and social intelligence, keeps in tune with others, and has a transcendental looking, tends to sublime and wisdom.

Intelligence is a concept which covers several sectors: literal, expression, social, interpersonal, empathy, emotions, mathematics, linguistics, music, arts, strategies, etc. The most this person has or is concerned on develop his/her mental capability in more aspects – a similar capability in all human beings, generally an 8% of their mental capability uses, more for ones, less than others -, the most I feel interested in, more beautiful this person seems to me, because he/she searches for the excellence or raises in more aspects, for education or talents, there is a quest for the best, the good and the beautiful – everything is related.

Clearly, not all the persons has all the intelligences, and I remark the emotional and social intelligence the most, because the person who has it generates richest affective links and exists a better predisposition to face life problems, greater and best management and manipulation of social factors (I mean, manipulation in a positive sense), and a healthier, more intelligent, more polite, better and more refined relationship in intellectual terms, which allows the fluency of love and to reach the love


Cristian Carter

more easily.

In my personal experience, a person can a priori physically attract me, but his personality, his scarce capability of empathy, politeness, values, his basic primitive form and mental stiffness, his low capability of internal control, especially in negative aspects such as anger; prejudiced ignorant people or directly antisocial, such as marginal, or wealthy but impolite people (I want to make clear that the most of the wealthy people I know has good sense, criteria, respectful to others, adequate, virtuous), or drug-traffickers, Nazis, fascists, terrorists, fundamentalist people in religion and politics, antidemocratic people, of absolutist ideals, or psychopaths and other people without empathy, without respect to universal human values, everyone at the same position: antisocial people, with a low level of social intelligence, who don’t regard the respect for people’s dignity, freedom and equality (What kind of beauty can these people appreciate? Can we consider as beautiful to someone who enjoys mistreating people or animals?) In this civilized world, people with good sociocultural, mental and spiritual levels generates refusal and would seem abominable.

Anyway, it’s good to build bridges with each and every human being, because through coexistence and exchange of ideas, it allows to knock prejudices down and rises the reflection in the others, which also allows the realization, and through this, the rehabilitation of behaviour, rising to this superior level which redounds in his/her greatest happiness, which is expressed and trespassed to the environment, being now part of a better world in conscious and clarity, which is also for us.

Physical beauty is not as important as mental sanity is, and more preferable – as I said before, beauty is an open but subjective topic, without detriment of our body care - . This person is charming, polite, of good level, cool, nice, lovely, and virtuous, with character whenever possible, who tries life’s pleasures healthily, of a tolerant and universal mentality, concepts that are sustained by a high level of humanity, wisdom, happiness, good sense of humour, good cultural level and marvellous criteria, who make them transcend as a person and bring up new positive energies, and existing a congruency between his external and internal image of him/herself; they find acceptance on me and are those kinds of people I can fall in love with, because I always

want the best, the excellence, and that kind of person is

is beautiful.