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COMPUTER AWARNESS 15 M. Durga Prasad 1.

What is one thing that must be compatible with everything else in the co mputer a) RAM b) Mother Board c) CPU d) Hard Drives 2. a) b) c) d) 3. a) b) c) d) 4. a) b) c) d) 5. a) b) c) d) 6. a) b) c) d) What is the purpose of the operating system? To switch on computer To shutdown the computer To control programs on the computer None of the above Computer hardware includes all of the following except Input output devices A system unit Storage and communication devices Application programs ------ Holds data, instructions and information for future use Storage Memory Input Output All of the following are commonly used output devices except A keyboard A printer A monitor Speakers A modem is ---Small, handheld input device Communication device that enables computer to communicate via telephone line Storage device None of the above

7. On a personal computer, all of the processors functions typically reside on a single chip, often called a a) Mega processor b) Mini processor c) Maxi processor d) Micro processor 8. a) b) c) d) In what year was the 1976 1972 1980 1984 @ chosen for its use in e-mail?

9. What was the first ARPANET message? a) lo b) hellow world c) hellow d) hellow friends

10. BAK extension refers usually to what kind of file a) Backup file b) Audio file c) Word document d) Excel document 11. MPG extension refers usually to what kind of file a) Backup file b) Movie file c) Image file d) Word document 12. JPG extension refers usually to what kind of file a) Image file b) Movie file c) Word document d) Excel document 13. Who developed yahoo a) Dennis Ritchie, Key Thompson b) David filio, Jery yang c) Cerf, khan d) Steve, staff

14. OS computer abbreviation usually means a) Open software b) Operating system c) Optical sensor d) OK sir 15. What is the term to ask the computer to put information in order numerically or alphabetically? a) Report b) Record c) Sort d) Crop 16. What is the part of a database that holds only one type of information? a) Report b) Field c) Record d) File 17. On the task bar the time is shown in the a) Start menu b) Scroll bar c) Desk top d) Notification area or tray 18. The a) Data b) Disk c) Disk d) Data letters DOS stand for out system out system operating system operating system

19. Hardware devices that are not part of the main computer system and are often added later to the system

a) b) c) d)

Peripheral Clipart Highlight Execute

20. The main computer that stores the files that can be sent to computers that a re networked together is a) Clip art b) Motherboard c) Peripheral d) File server

21. Another word for the CPU is a) CPU b) Microprocessor c) Microchip d) Data disk 22. Which was an early mainframe computer a) ENIAC b) UNIC c) IBM d) BRAIN 23. Which of the following word processors came first a) WordPerfect b) Lotus c) MS_word d) WordStar 24. The general term describes the physical equipment of a computer system, such as monitor, keyboard, CPU etc., a) Hardware b) Software c) Output d) Input 25. What small, hand-held device is used to move the cursor to a specific locati on on the screen? a) Mouse b) Keypad c) Scroll keys d) Up-down arrows 26. What is the function of a disk drive? a) To print sheets of a paper b) To read from or write information to a floppy disk/cd c) To display information on a screen d) To calculate numbers 27. Which of the following is used to indicated the location on the computer mon itor a) Marker b) Scroll bar c) Light pen d) Cursor

28. Mrs.Kavitha needs to design an invitation for her ladies club s function. What type of computer programme would she most likely to use a) MS-Word b) Desktop publishing c) Simulation d) Excel 29. Creating a MS-Word document would accomplish all of the following tasks exce pt a) Create table b) Calculating expenditure c) Type a letter d) Write an essay 30. Which key moves the cursor to the beginning of the next line of the text a) Shift b) Enter c) Tab d) Backspace 31. Which of the following special function key would be used to key the sentenc e Sakshi News Daily a) Return b) Shift c) Tab d) ESC 32. Which combination of keys needs to be pressed to make percent sign (%)? a) Shift+1 b) Shift+5 c) Shift+7 d) Alt+5 33. For correct keyboard, what is the recommended placement of me row keys? a) Fingers on the left-hand side on A-S-D-F and Fingers on the n J-K-L-: b) Fingers on the left-hand side on Q-W-E-R and Fingers on the n U-I-O-P c) Fingers on the left-hand side on A-D-F-S and Fingers on the -J-L d) None of the above figures on the ho right hand side o right hand side o right hand side K

34. Ms.Bhargavi is entering a paragraph in MS-Word. When the cursor gets to the end of the line, what is the best way for her to get the cursor to the next line ? a) Press ESC key b) Just keep typing c) Press Enter key d) Use Tab 35. Yesterday Mr. Krishna Koushik wrote an essay using MS-Word. Today he wants t o print the essay. What must he do before can print the essay a) Select print b) Check the original c) Save the written document d) Retrieve the essay document 36. What process would be used to recall a document saved previously?

a) b) c) d)

Copy Save Retrieve Enter

37. Mr. Akhil has typed a document and realized that he left out a paragraph. Wh ich of the following is most efficient thing to do a) Type the needed text at the end of the document and use move command to place the paragraph at the proper location b) Place the cursor where he needs to type that paragraph and insert the needed text c) Type the needed text in new document and use Copy and Paste functions d) It is not possible to insert left out paragraph 38. Mr. Rushi has created a ten-page document, but only wants to print from page 5 to page 8. what print command should be select? a) From ---- To--b) Print all c) Print preview d) Page setup 39. Which of the following is used to indent text within a document a) Tabbing b) Spacing c) Sorting d) Closing 40. The term applies to a collection of related records in a database a) Field b) Layout c) Clipboard d) File 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 B C D A A B D B A A 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 B A B B C B D C A D 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 B A D A A B D B B 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 B B A B D C B A A D B

SBI 13 TOPIC: Computers M. Durga Prasad 1. a) b) c) d) In order to save an existing document with a different name, you need to Retype the document Use save as command Copy & paste the document None of the above

2. Which keyboard shortcut bolds selected text?

a) b) c) d) 3. a) b) c) d) 4. a) b) c) d) 5. a) b) c) d) 6. a) b) c) d) 7. a) b) c) d)

Ctrl + B File/format/Bold Alt+B None of the above How can you highlight text in that using the mouse? Use F4 key Use arrow key holding down the Ctrl key Use arrow key holding down the Shift key It is not possible In page You can You can You can None of preview mode see all pages of your document only see the page you are currently working see the title page the above

Which element of a word document can be displayed on colour? Only graphics Only text All elements None of these In order to create columnar data on word you need to Press the space bar until the cursor reaches the designed place Set tab or use the Table menu Use Excel Tab consequently until your cursor reaches the desired place. In word you can force a page break By positioning your cursor at the appropriate place and pressing F1 key By using Insert/Section break By positioning your cursor at the appropriate place and pressing Ctrl+Enter None of the above

8. a) b) c) d) 9. a) b) c) d)

Which keyword shortcut centers selected text? Ctrl+C Alt+C There no keyboard short cut Ctrl+E Which keyboard shortcut align left your text Ctrl+E Ctrl+R Ctrl+F Ctrl+L

10. Which keyboard shortcut right your text a) Ctrl+R b) Ctrl+E

c) Ctrl+F d) None 11. What is the default file extension for all word documents? a) .TXT b) .Word c) .Doc d) .Exl 12. Which of the key moves your cursor from one cell to the next cell in a table a) Tab b) Enter c) Shift d) Ctrl+C 13. How many documents can you have open at one time a) Three b) One c) As many as depends on memory d) Maximum 5 14. How many margins on a page a) Two (Header and Footer) b) Four (Top, Bottom, Right & Left) c) Two (Landscape & Portrait) d) Two (Top & Bottom)

15. In order to save a word document as a web page you need to a) Save the document in TXT format b) By using save as command c) Save as HTML d) None 16. A work sheet a) The worksheet b) The worksheet c) The worksheet d) All the above is better then calculator by hand because finds the answer faster is more accurate recalculate the result whenever you change a number in the cell

17. The cell where the 2nd Column and 3rd Row cross has the cell address a) C2 b) 2C c) 3B d) B3 18. What will happens if you type F5+F6 into a cell without a beginning equal si gn? a) Treated as text entry b) The cell will display the information F5+F6 c) Treated as formula d) None

19. The formula =(A4+A5+A6)/3 a) Will not work b) Finds the total of A4, A5 & A6 c) Find the average of cells A4, A5 & A6 d) None of the above 20. If a cell A1=10 and cell A2=5, what number will show in a cell with the foll owing formula =A1*A2 a) 15 b) 51 c) 50 d) 5 21. If a cell A1=10 & A2=5 what number will show in a cell with the following fo rmula =A1+A2 a) 15 b) 51 c) 50 d) 5

22. Which menu contains UNDO command? a) File menu b) Edit menu c) Tools menu d) Formal menu

23. The slide formats (Where textboxes, Picture, Tables, etc, are located) in a Power Point are known as a) View b) Slide layout c) Handout d) Speaker notes 24. Which menu contains the command to save and open a presentation? a) Tools menu b) File menu c) View menu d) Edit menu 25. How can you print a document? a) Click print button on the standard toolbar b) Flick on the file menu, then click print c) Use a keyboard shortcut d) All the above 26. The a) Hold b) Hold c) Hold d) None change from single to down the Ctrl key and down the Ctrl key and down the Ctrl key and double spacing, do the following press number1 press number2 press number3

27. What key do you use to indent a paragraph?

a) b) c) d)

Tab Enter Space bar Back space

28. To create a graph showing the receipts in each day in September. The best pr ogram to use is a) Ms-word b) Ms-excel c) Ms-Power point d) Basic

29. You need to type 3-page report based as your inspection. The best program to use is a) Ms-word b) Ms-excel c) Ms-Power point d) None 30. You need to give presentation about strategic plans of a company. The best p rogram to use in a) Ms-power point b) Ms-word c) Ms-excel d) None 31. Ms-excel is based on a) Windows b) Dos c) Unix d) Os/2 32. Ms-excel is a a) Word processing package b) Spread sheet package c) Graphic package d) DBMS 33. Ms- excel is used to automate a) Financial statements, Business forecasting b) Inventory control c) Accounts receivable a payable d) All the above 34. In excel you can run a large range of data by simply selecting a tool button called a) Auto fill b) Auto sum c) Auto correct d) Auto format

35. The file extension for an excel workbook is a) .XLS b) .XLB c) .XWB d) None

36. The first cell on excel worksheet is labeled as a) AA b) A1 c) Aa d) A0

37. Slides can have a) Title, Text & graphs b) Drawn objects & Shapes c) Clip art, Drawn art & Visual d) Any of the above

38. Select text means, selecting a) A word b) A complete line c) An entire sentence or whole document d) Any of the above 39. ABS (number) function in excel returns a) A number with out its sign b) A number with the sign c) +/- Number d) None 40. Average (Number1, Number2) in excel calculating the a) Average of the number b) Total of the number c) Standard deviation of number d) None 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 B A C A C B C D D A 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 C A C B C D D A C C 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 A B A B D B A B A A 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40



COMPUTER AWARNESS 10 1. ------- That provides access to your account by using debit/credit card PIN (Personal Identification Number) 2. ----- Is a machine that accepts deposits and withdrawals, as long as there is money in the account associated with the card Automated teller machine 3. The person who presents a cheque for payment is -----Bearer 4. A written order to a bank, by you to pay a specific amount to another party f rom your account is -----Cheque 5. ----- Means that the money in your account is available to withdraw Cleared funds 6. ------ Is a sum of money that is paid into your account, increasing your acco unt balance Credit 7. ------- Card that allows you to buy goods, services and obtain cash advances on credit Credit card 8. Your account is debited means ----Money has been taken out for something you have bought or to repay money you owe 9. To put money into your account is known as -----Deposit 10. A cheque, which is issued by a bank and not a customer, is called ------Bank cheque 11. A bond or a note backed by loan paper (not being mortgages) or accounts rece ivable is known as -----Asset backed security 12. The selling of banking products through insurance brokers is known as -----Asurfinance

13. The selling of insurance products through bank branches is known as -----Bancassurnance

14. Short or medium term credit provided to members of the public for special pu rpose, such as the purchase of durable consumer goods is known as -----Consumer finance 15. ------ Is a form of corporate financing in which a company transfers outstan ding debts to a factoring agency that, for a fee, assumes responsibility for the debtor records, risk coverage and financing Factoring 16. ----- Is an agreement in which one party gains a long-term rental agreement, and the other party receives a form of secured long term debt Leasing 17. ----- Loans that are impaired and/or uncollectible Non-performing loans 18. A paper attached to a negotiable instruments for signatures is known as ---Allonge 19. ------- Is a business that keeps money for customers, makes loans and provid es other money related services Bank 20. Summary of the deposits and withdrawals associated with a customer s bank acco unt is known as -----Bank statement 21. ----- Is a plastic card that works just like cheque Debit card 22. The chance of losing your money is known as ------Risk 23. ------ Is a loan in which a payment is overdue but not yet in default Delinquency 24. The amount of time a customer/user spends in time waiting in line is known a s ---- time Dwell time 25. Numerous sellers and buyers, none of which have the power to influence marke t price or output is known as ------- competition Atomistic

26. ------ Is a large extra payment that may be charged at the end of a loan or lease Ballon payment 27. Any banking activity, which can be accessed by electronic means such as ATMs , automated call centers, personal computers, is known as -----

Electronic banking 28. The original amount plus the compound interest thereon, stated as of a speci fic future date is known as -----Future value 29. ------ Is a written order for making payments Demand draft 30. ------ Is a method in which money is transferred from one bank account to an other bank account through a set of electronic instructions Wire transfer 31. Money that is not currently earning interest is known as -----Barren money 32. A check, which a bank returns because it is not payable due to insufficient funds, is ---- check Bounced cheque also known as Rubber Cheque 33. An account balance, which can be drawn upon on demand i.e., without prior no tice is ---- deposit Demand deposit 34. A form of electronic money that can be used to pay for goods and services, m ost often on the Internet or another electronic medium is known as -----Digital money 35. -------- Is a bank account whose funds may not be withdrawn until a lien is satisfied or an ownership dispute is resolved Frozen account 36. Highly liquid assets, which are, not cash but can easily be converted into c ash, such as bank deposits etc., are called ------Easy money 37. The process of assessing individuals credit worthiness is known as ---Credit scoring

38. The person who receives the payment is known as ----Payee 39. The person who makes the payment is called ----Payer 40. When a criminal uses the Internet to try to fraudulently obtain details of p eoples accounts so that they can use these accounts themselves, usually to take money out of is known as -----Phishing 41. ------ Is a regular payment out of a account which is of a set amount and is originated by the account holder Standing order 42. A rapid loss of deposits precipitated by fear on the part of the public that a bank may fail and depositors may suffer losses is known as ---Bank run

43. A savings account on which no transaction has occurred for a specific number of years is called as ---Inactive account or dormant account 44. An asset that can easily be changed into cash or a cash equivalent is ---- t ype of asset Liquid 45. A draft or a cheque written for an amount that exceeds the funds in the acco unt on which the check is drawn is known as ----Overdraft 46. ------- Is a situation where an individual is incapable of setting his/her d ebts Bankruptcy 47. A bank jointly owned by a number of other banks is known as ---- bank Consortium bank 48. The face value of currency, coins and stocks and bonds is known as ----Denomination 49. A twelve-month period commencing 1st April and ending 31st March of the foll owing year is called -------Financial year 50. A twelve-month period commencing 1st January and ending 31st December is cal led -------Calendar year

SBI COMPUTER AWARNESS 11 1. Allowing access of files and information to others via computer and networks is called ---File Sharing 2. A software that damages your computer system is ----Virus 3. A mail accessory that sends mail over the Internet is known as ----E-mail 4. A bunch of computers attached together to share information and programs is k nown as ---Network 5. ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute 6. Data in the form of continuous flow is known as ----Analog data

7. ASCII stands for ---American Standard Code for Information Interchange 8. The carrying capacity of a wire attached from one computer to another is know n as ----Bandwidth 9. The basic system of numbering using ones and zeros is known as ----Binary 10. ----- Is a section of the computer where data is stored before being used Buffer

11. A unit of space used to represent a series of eight digits representing a ch aracter is known as----Byte 12. A computer attached to an Internet server is known as ----Client 13. The process of converting analog information into digital information is cal led ---Demodulation 14. Physical items of the computer are known as ---Hardware 15. The software that manages the computer system and controls all the functions and direction is termed as -----Operating system 16. The method of processing data, the movement it is received is called as ---Real time processing 17. URL (Universal Resource Locator) means ---The address to a web site on the Internet 18. A person responsible for the maintenance and operation of a computer network is called --Network Administrator 19. Any computer or device attached to the network is known as -----

Node 20. ---- Is the process and functions that a computer goes through when it first starts up, ending and the proper loading of the operating system and preparing it to receive commands Booting

21. ----- Is a floppy disk that contains the necessary system files that will co mplete the computer boot up sequence and load a basic operating system Bootable disk 22. ----- Is an area of high-speed memory set aside to store frequently accessed data Cache memory 23. Any file that has been damaged or ruined is known as ---Corrupted file 24. ---- Software or hardware, used on networks, that prevents outside or undesi red access Firewall 25. A print on paper is called ----Hard copy 26. ---- Is a network of computers in a office or building that communicate each other and share files and resources Intranet 27. ----- Is the process of ending a session with a certain computer, network or internet service provider Logoff 28. ----- Is the process of typing in a password, and possibly a user name, to g ain access to a computer, a network or an Internet service provider Login 29. ---- Is a series of commands, keyboard or mouse actions that are recorded an d performed automatically when a certain key is pressed or a certain command is entered Macro 30 ------ Is the information processed by the CPU that is sent to another device or peripheral such as a hard drive, monitor or printer Output

31. ---- Is a socket or plug-in on your computer that allows you to attach an ex ternal device by connecting its cable Port 32. RAM (Random Access Memory) is ----- memory Volatile 33. ROM (Read Only Memory) is ---- memory Non Volatile 34. Internet advertisers and marketers sometimes send un requested e-mail to a l arge number of recipients Is known as ------Spam 35. ----- Is a permanent, ready-to-use document setup, including, layout, format ting and formulas that remain the same in each document Template 36. ---- Is resetting or restarting a computer that already on without turning o ff the power Warm boot 37. ---- Is a collection of commands that help users to communicate with the com puter that help users to communicate with the computer or help the computer to p erform specific tasks for them Software 38. ----- Is used to temporarily store information that the computer is currentl y working with RAM 39. ------- Is a permanent type of memory storage used by the computer for impor tant data that does not change ROM 40. ----- Is the main circuit board that all of the other internal components co nnect to Mother board

41. Large capacity permanent storage used to hold information such as programs a nd documents is known as ---Hard disk 42. ----- Port is commonly used to connect a printer Parallel

43. ------- Port is typically used to connect an external modem, mouse etc., Serial 44. ------ Is the process of giving mobility to skills, shapes, and letters Animation 45. ----- Is a window that appear on the screen when we work on a computer askin g next path of work or directing certain actions Dialog box 46. ----- The software integrated with the operating system capable of keeping, searching and name change of files File manager 47. ----- Is a technique to open another page from a web page Hyperlink 48. ----- is a technique to include sound and visual Multimedia 49. ----- Is a bar, which shows the facilities available in software along with a representative graphic Tool bar 50. ----- Is a turnover of users on an online service, especially after the expi ration of a free trial period Churn