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One Week Short Term Training Program


Advanced Engineering Optimization through Intelligent Techniques

14-18 May 2012

Coordinator Dr. R. Venkata Rao Professor

Co:Coordinator Mr. V. D. Kalyankar Asst. Professor

Call for Participation

Mr. V. D. Kalyankar Asst. Professor Call for Participation Organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering Sardar

Organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SV NIT) (An Institution of National Importance of Govt. of India) Surat 395 007 Gujarat State, India

About the Institute:

The institute was initially established as Sardar Vallabhbhai Regional College of Engineering & Technology in 1961 and was upgraded as a National Institute of Technology on 4th October, 2002. SVNIT is one of the pioneering engineering institutions of the country which has contributed many outstanding engineers in India & abroad. It is conducting seven UG programs, eighteen PG programs and a Ph.D. program in all disciplines of engineering and applied sciences. Special attention is given to interdisciplinary research. The institute has an excellent placement record with a number of top ranking companies visiting the campus every year.

About the Department:

The Department of Mechanical Engineering came into existence in the year 1961. The department has 42 qualified and dedicated faculty members with the specialization in various areas. At present the department is conducting two UG programs (Mechanical Engineering & Production Engineering), five PG programs (Mechanical Engineering, TurboUmachines, Industrial Process Equipment Design, CAD/CAM, and Thermal System Design) and a research program leading to Ph.D. degree.

About Surat:

Surat is a top ranking industrial city of the country with clean wide roads. It is well known worldwide for textiles, Zari and Diamond industries. Several large scale industries and establishments are located in the city. Surat is situated on the main western railway route between Vadodara and Mumbai. The institute is located at Ichchanath on SuratUDumas road at

a distance of about 10 Km from Surat railway station.

About the Training Program:

The one week short term training program through Intelligent Techniques May 14:18, 2012. The main objective of this training program is to promote the application of optimization methods in the engineering sciences. The training program provides a forum in which the participants obtain information about recent advances of optimization sciences and learn about the needs of engineering sciences and successful applications of optimization methods. It tries to close the gap between optimization theory and the practice of engineering. The proposed training program presents all traditional and advanced methods of

optimization of relevance to applications in engineering sciences. It also highlights successful applications of optimization in various areas and contains sessions for the participants without

a strong background in the field, which offer material aimed at educating potential users of optimization methodologies. In addition to the expert lectures and tutorial sessions, one day of the training program will be kept for research paper presentations by the interested participants. Participants selected for the training program and working in various engineering disciplines in the field of advanced engineering optimization can present their research findings. However, presentations by the participants are not compulsory and only interested participants can do so.

Eligibility for Participation:

The training program is open to engineering college and polytechnic teachers. As the training program is of interdisciplinary nature, engineering faculty members of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer, Applied Mechanics, Chemical, Textile, and Metallurgical engineering disciplines can attend the program. Industry personnel can also attend this training program. Faculty members with Science and Mathematics background also can attend. Efforts will be made to provide opportunity to as many candidates as possible, depending upon various attributes. The candidates from far away distances will be informed at the earliest so that they can book their train reservations.

Topics to be Covered:

Classical optimization techniques Constrained and unconstrained deterministic linear and nonUlinear programming methods MultiUobjective optimization Genetic algorithms, Simulated annealing, Tabu search, Particle swarm optimization, Ant colony algorithm, Artificial immune algorithm, Artificial Bee Colony algorithm, Harmony Search, Hybrid methods of optimization, etc. Teaching:learning:based optimization technique (developed by the Coordinators and published in reputed international journals of Elsevier and Taylor & Francis) Neural network based optimization Fuzzy concept in optimization Graph theoretical optimization MultiUattribute decision making methods such as AHP, TOPSIS, PROMETHEE, ELECTRE, DEA, etc. Various interdisciplinary real world case studies Research papers presentation by the interested participants Guidelines on how to publish research papers in reputed international journals

Registration Fee:

The registration fees is Rs. 4000 for faculty members/research scholars and Rs. 5000 for those from industry. Selected participants are eligible for free boarding and lodging hostels. However, the candidates have to bear their own travelling expenses. The nonUrefundable registration

Research Papers Presentation by the Interested Participants:

As the training program is of interdisciplinary nature, candidates with different engineering backgrounds are expected to participate. One day of the training program is meant for the participants interested to present their research findings in the field of engineering optimization. This will help other participants to understand the potential and wide applicability of the advanced optimization techniques. The participants who make their research presentations will be given additional certificates of presentation (in addition to the certificate of attendance of the one week short term training program). It is to be noted that all participants including those who make their paper presentations MUST attend the training program on all 5 days (i.e. 14:18 May 2012) including the day of paper presentations. Paper presentation is not compulsory for the participants but all participants MUST be present during the presentations. For preparing the papers, t journal of Elsevier can be followed.

Program Faculty:

The coordinators and the senior faculty members of SVNIT Surat and industry will impart the training. This program was conducted by the Coordinator already 6 times in the past during 2008:2011 and the program was well appreciated.

Last Date of Registration:

The candidates can send their signed and scanned registration forms to the Coordinator through eUmail ( or After getting confirmation from the Coordinator, some of the selected and interested participants may send their papers. Paper submission is not at all mandatory. However, hard copy of the registration form along with the DD should reach the Coordinator on or before 30:04:2012.


One Week Short Term Training Program On Advanced Engineering Optimization through Intelligent Techniques 14-18 May 2012

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Correspondence Address Dr. R. Venkata Rao Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering S. V. National Institute of Technology (SV NIT), Surat 395 007, Gujarat, India Phones: 0261U2201661c 09925207027 EUmail:, For more details, visit: