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A project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement For CEC Evaluation (Module 5)


-: Submitted by :Your name FYMBA (Sem.2nd) Division :- B Roll No. : - 52

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In todays fast changing & technological developing world management of business is very important phase. It is useful in each and every part of business and there is a large gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge about handling and managing a business. Only bookish knowledge cant help in building up an effective administrator. A thorough and practical study, knowledge and learning can only be useful to become more eligible and competitive. Due to this point of view each and every student of MBA (GTU) has to prepare a financial Statement Analysis report as per Gujarat Technological University norms, which is really helpful to the students for making their bright career. MBA Course is design with the objective of preparing the most competent person with a view to achieve this objective in the best possible manner. It is compulsory for every student perusing MBA (GTU) to make a Report on Financial Statement Analysis of any company which is listed in stock market; I have prepared this report on Central Bank of India. I have prepared this report with great efforts and sincerity with gaining a lots of knowledge regarding the Analysis of Financial Statement. This whole project shows you that how to make the effective analysis of financial statement and come to know about financial soundness of the company. This project shows you a detailed analysis of Financial Statement of Central Bank of India.

Executive Summary
Undertake something is difficult, It will do you good, Unless you try to do something Beyond what you have already mastered You will never grow. RONALDE. OSBORN

I did my financial analysis of Central Bank of India. The concept of this project is to check whether CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA is performing well year after year or lacking in performance. The performance can be evaluated by doing Financial Analysis of Financial Statements of Bank. The purpose of this project is to evaluate the performance of CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA. It primarily aims at learning the various factors that can help I evaluation process. I have tried to find out the reasons or ground where it is lacking. I have also tried to find out the areas of improvement.

In order to do financial analysis of co. the various tools like RATIO ANALYSIS, COMPARATIVE FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND TREND PERCENTAGES have been used. In statistical tools, Ive used TIME SERIES ANALSIS (TREND VALUES) .

I, your name, hereby declare that work done by me is original and true to the best of our knowledge and belief. It is the result of my efforts. This project is a part of our MBA studies at Gujarat Technological University (GTU).

Place :- Gandhinagar. Date :- ______________


(Your name) F.Y.M.B.A. (SEM-2nd) Division-B Roll No.120

SR/NO. 1 INDEX About Central Bank of India Name & Address of Company Present Management Body History of Company Shareholding Patterns Capital Structure of Company 2 About Banking Sector in India Introduction of Banking Function of Bank Banks in India 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 Introduction Classification of ratio Key Financial Ratios of Company for last 10 years Profit & Loss Account Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statement Yearly Result Trend Analysis Banks-Public Sector(Comparison) Ratio Analysis PAGE 1-13 1 5 8 11 13 14-24 14 17 22 25 29 34 35 37 38 39 39 40 66

Dividend declared by company Graph of Ratio 9 Conclusion Bibliography

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