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1. Difference between entrepreneur and entreprendur? 2. What are the entrepreneurial traits? 3. Explain the various stages of planning? 4. Explain Characteristics of a feasible planning? 5. What is the need for a business plan? 6. What are the various steps in the preparation of business plan? 7 What is the need for market research? 8. Difference between operating and financial plan? 9. What are the reasons for Success and failures of business? 10. Entrepreneurial life plan? 11 What is Product life cycle? 12. Expalin the role of entrepreneur during various stages? 13. Difference between patent, trademark, copyright and geographical indication? 14. What do you mean by Intellectual Property Rights? Explain the Indian scenario? 15. Explain Venture capital financing? 16. What are the various Government agencies assisting in financing a project? 17. Explain Working capital?

18. Advantages and disadvantages of an established business? 19. Explain the various methods of valuing a business? 20. What is Franchise mode of operations? 21. Explain pricing strategies? 22. Explain Stages of planning process? 23. What are the Components of a business plan? 24. Difference between Marketing, sales promotion, advertising 25. Explain Small business environment? 26. Marketing research and its need?

Apart from this all notes given in the classes


1. Explain Retailing? 2. Characteristics of retailing? 3. Explain retail industry in India? 4. Service retailing? 5. What are the activities performed by retailers? 6. Expalin the Changing face of retailing and retailer? 7. What are the Drivers of success in retail? 8. Expalin Retail strategy? 9. Explain the various theories of retailing? 10. Explain Retail formats (modern & traditional) in India? 11. Explain World scenario with regard to retailing? 12. Functions and need for retailing? 13. Scope of retailing? 14. Merchandise mix? 15. Classification of retail units? 16. What are the factors that affect consumer decision making process? 17. Stages of consumer decision making process?

18. Targeting, positioning, segmentation in retailing? 19. Impact of location in decision making with regard to outlet? 20. Types of retail locations? 21. Difference between brand, branding, brand mixes, brand management? 22. What is merchandising? 23. Retail promotion strategy? 24. What is CRM? 25. Relationship marketing? 26. Difference between traditional and modern approach in retailing? 27. Explain Indias retail scenario? 28. Retail mix, Retail strategy? 29. Trends in Indian retail sector? 30. Ethics in retailing? 31. Buying process? 32. Retail promotion? 33. Retail pricing decision? 34. Store design and layout? 35. Store loyalty, customer loyalty? 36. Franchising? 37. Shrinkage? 38. Types of consumer goods? 39. Vertical marketing? 40. Explain the importance of atmospheric and retail space management?

Apart from that all notes in the classes.