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Virtualized Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure
This new breed of architect brings cross-domain planning and design expertise to
deliver virtualization and cloud designs based on business strategies encompassing all key
technical domains (systems, storage, networking, security, etc.). List and incorporate the critical
aspects of cloud services as elements of cloud/virtualized infrastructure planning including
business process, service requirements, governance, audit, compliance, and more.
Prepare for your Specialist-level Cloud Architect (EMCCA) Certification.
Certification Alignment
Expert E20-918 Exam
Specialist E20-018 Exam
Associate E20-002 or E10-001* or E20-001
Purchase Options
Virtualized Infra. EMCCA ValuePak
CE-VALPAKVI $5,000 or (50 TU)
Includes one Instructor-Led course.
Course Course Objectives
Virtualized Data Ctr & Cloud Infra. VILT
CE-VILTVDCCI $1,200 or (12 TU)
Includes one Video-ILT.
Instructor-Led Training Video-ILT (VILT)
(5 Days)
VDCCI Self-Paced Team Pack
Includes a package of sixteen Video-ILTs for
use by sixteen individuals.
VDCCI Onsite
CE-OSVDCCI $42,000
If you are interested in a qualified instructor
to deliver this course at your companys
location, or EMCs closest training facility,
please contact your EMC sales representative
or a Training Registrar. Contact information
can be found on page 27.
*E10-001 exam is aligned to ISM v2 and E20-001
exam is aligned to ISM. For more details, see page 9.
Virtualized Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure
This course will cover in-depth details and considerations for planning,
designing, and migrating to Virtualized Data Centers (VDC) and cloud
environments. This course will enable data center technology profes-
sionals to design VDC and cloud infrastructures maintaining the most
robust and elastic compute, network, and storage environments. The
course will be premised on an open architecture focusing on core
components, principles, and technologies constituting both VDC and
cloud deployments utilizing best-in-class EMC examples. This training is
designed to be at the forefront of the changing IT landscape as traditional
physical data centers evolve and morph into virtual entities and cloud
In addition to EMCISA, it is assumed that the candidate will have
knowledge and expertise in virtualization and networking technology. The
expected breadth of knowledge is that which is typically acquired through
VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certificationfor compute and
virtualizationor Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) certificationfor
network/converged network design, though VCP, CCDA, or equivalent
certification is not a hard prerequisite. Also, the candidate should have
more than three years of architecting/design experience.
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capabilities including core VDC components and cloud elements
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infrastructure planning
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cloud planning and design
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