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Introduction (Not another 2012 book) Well here we are after all this anticipation. 2012.

There has been a lot of talk, gossip, rumors, whatever we choose to call them about this infamous year. These talks have stated that 2012 was the end of the world as we know it or the end of the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius. There have been predictions made by the Mayans through their calendar, Albert Einstein, Terrence McKenna, and Nostradamus that December 21, 2012 was going to be a very crucial year for humanity. But in this book, my direct concern is not with 2012, but 2013. What will happen after all the hype about 2012 dies out? When we hit the date of January 1, 2013, what can we expect? 1) The doomsdayers will say that it wont matter; well all be dead before then. 2) The advocates of a new age, a golden age if you will, tell us that humanity will evolve to a higher consciousness. 3) Some Christians believe that 2013 will begin the seven-year tribulation spoken about in Revelation before the earth begins their thousand years of peace. 4) And of course, there are those that believe that everything will continue normally as they always have and nothing will happen. When I look at all these possible situations, anyone of them could manifest. Ultimately I believe that out of these four situations, whichever one we choose to play out in our minds will happen. When it comes down to it, I feel this way: whatever we believe to happen after 2012, will come to pass in 2013. This may sound New-Age to you, but I believe that this is where we are headed. The decision of what type of 2013 will manifest for us, is up to us. If we believe that there will be an evolution in the consciousness of humanity, it will play out in 2013. If we believe the opposite that it will indeed be the end of the world, then it will happen in 2013. My point is that we create our own realities. The fact is that the experience that we are having as human beings is all in our mindsand we can control it. If we want an age of enlightenment, all we have to do is picture just that and it can materialize. What I would like to do in this book is vividly paint a picture of the numerous situations that can manifest next year. Before we do that, we have to do a run through of the year 2012 so far (and I promise that I will only reserve one chapter for this). Once we have all the information that we can digest about 2012, we will move on to situations that can play out in 2013, good and bad, so that way humanity can make the informed decision about how they are going to handle what could (or could not) be coming. I ask you not to accept or reject all the information that I am about to share with you. Please do your own research, so that way you will see that Im not full of shit. What I do ask you to do is that once you have done all the research after reading the info in this book, is to make an informed decision as to what you believe will happen in 2013, while keeping in mind that humanity will have to make this critical choice. Prologue to 2013 To start off the only (I cant stress that enough) chapter that will talk about 2012, I would like to take quotes from several different sources about 2012. Well start from the one most people think will transpire; the doomsday scenario. Here are the doomsday predictions for 2012: 1) World War 3 2) The global economic collapse 3) The New World Order 4) The arrival of the Antichrist. Theres more, but as said before, this is not another 2012 Doomsday book.

Let's start with World War 3. First off, I want to say this: World War 3 can be prevented! But there are two elements to World War 3 so lets look at both of them. Well start with the exoteric and then end with the esoteric. First off, everyone at this point should be aware that the U.S. and Israel are itching to attack Iran (well actually Israel is itching to attack Iran, and the U.S. is just doing what Israel says). The reason, ironically, is that they believe that Iran is designing a nuclear weapon. Where do we remember hearing that exact same thing? Hmmm? The esoteric war is the war against humanity and their consciousness (soul). This war has been going on for quite a long time, we just havent realized it. This has been done through the public education system (crap!), the media (crap!), and our political system (Do I even have to say it?). We have unfortunately been conditioned on what to think, but never taught how to think. Hence, unless we taught ourselves things such as the trivium and the quadrivium, we were not capable of solving problems and had to rely on experts for our solutions. The powers that be have been controlling the minds of humanity, lulling them into a semi-sleep and also dumbing them down, making their minds primal and focused on physical reality for a very long time. The powers that be cannot control beyond physical reality, so it is in their best interest to keep humanity in their minds, which keeps us from evolving to spiritual beings. This leads to our protection as a species and even more importantly, protection of our consciousness. In order to do that we have to stop letting the assholes that control the show, control our thinking. What do I mean by this? Turn off the television, get your news from outlets that are not being pimped by corporate advertising, read a book (not just the ones with pictures), and dont believe a word that these lying ass politicians tell you. Do not conform. Remember you create your own realities and whether you believe it or not, weve always had the power to take back our government. The problem is that weve been conditioned not to for so long. Society has always been brainwashed not to question authority. I want to make it clear, all joking aside, I do not blame humanity as a whole for the problems of the world. We all were born into a system that has been going on for centuries. The Elite do not gain anything from a well-informed, well-educated public that knows how to think and see through a sea of bullshit. On top of that, it is absolutely impossible for them to control a population of billions that are capable of this critical thinking. Looking at it from this perspective, you can begin to question if there were other motives on why we have gone to war ever since after 9/11 (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iran). Shatter the Republican-Democrat illusion. For crying out loud, look at their symbols: an elephant (loud and hard-headed) and a donkey (this one is obvious, so Ill move on). No matter which one is in power, it will be business as usual. Okay lets now talk about the economic crisis. This is actually happening on a global scale. Almost every nation in the world is locked down with massive debt and their national sovereignty is in jeopardy. This is highly evident in the European Union, especially with the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain). This is shaping up to happening in America. But just like the WW3 situation, this also can be prevented. The whole problem is that currencies like the U.S. Dollar, the Euro, and the British Pound are fiat currencies. Meaning they are just paper. Look at it like this: people are killing, fighting, robbing, scamming people, putting people in the streets, and giving head..for PAPER! Think about how its going to play out when theres an economic collapse (remember that its paper everyone): looting in the streets, suicide, killing, raping, destruction, and then martial law.because you cant pay with PAPER anymore! Oh wait, were in the age of technology, so now its just DIGITS on a screen. NUMBERS on a screen! Its a mere illusion. If we look at it from this angle, its LAUGHABLE. It also proves that the economic collapse itself is an illusion. Think about this: If we can always print more pieces of paper and call it money, or we can always input as many digits as we want into a bank account, is an economic collapse even possible? Just get more paper, call it money and then just input digits on a screen. Who would have thought it would be so simple? Now I know you just read that and think that what Im saying is ridiculous. Well so is the idea of the economy being real. If we have paper, or can input some digits into a bank account, then you have money. An economic collapse is a fear mongering tool to cause us to panic and riot, giving the government a good excuse to implement martial law and micro-manage every aspect of our life. Money itself is a psychological tool to control our lives and pressure us into

feeling that you must purchase an external image that everyone will approve of. The matter of this I must have more material things than you not only keeps us separate, it keeps us living as our minds, meaning the mind is in control, we are not. Unfortunately, some of us look at an economic collapse to be a real issue as plain as the nose on our faces. This could lead to a disaster when the illusion is shattered by surprise. Those of us that are under the control of their mind due to the propaganda from the mainstream media will be the first to break. This is because the mind creates fear. If the mind creates it, it is not real. So its better for us to know ahead of time that the economy is illusory now, because they wont tell us on the evening news. This goes back to us creating our own realities. If we really believe the economic collapse to be an illusion, due to what our minds perceives it to be, because you have to remember that what the mind creates is not real, then it will not affect us. Now lets talk about the infamous New World Order. Ooooooo. For those that dont know, there has been a plan by the Power Elite to control everything in the world over many generations. Apparently, there are those of us that believe this will be the rise of the police state on a global scale. This becomes objectively evident, especially in the U.S. with the Patriot Act (no more due process), the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (U.S. citizens can be locked up indefinitely without charge or trial), President Obamas executive order: the National Defense Resource Preparedness (military controls every resource, natural or human [yes, that means slave labor] during war or peacetime), Trespass Bill (no peaceful protests in front of any government officials), the almost passing of SOPA (internet censorship), the FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act (drones in the American fly zone that invade privacy and will most likely have the ability to kill us), and now the highly possible passing of the Cyber Intelligence Safety and Protection Act, or CISPA (all internet information, [including nude photos] goes to our government, as well as private corporations). So I pose this question to all: Now that we are aware that this entire Orwellian-type legislation is being implemented (of course all under the guise of national security), is it wise for us to do anything that our government says? Shouldnt we say, Hell no! Were not funding any of this shit thats going to allow our government to take our property, invade our privacy on the Internet, lock us up whenever they feel like it, and then threaten us with jail if we peacefully protest any government official? Were being taken for a bumpy ride and we should get off right now. Back to creating our own realities: Any law that imposes on our lives, liberties and property are null and void. No law in physical reality trumps natural law, which is universal law. It is also spiritual law. That means that we do not obey their law that takes away from our freedom or our happiness to live as spiritual beings. No we wont die because were told to. No we wont go to jail for no reason. No we wont allow groping us wherever you want on our physical bodies. The more that we do not participate, the more control the mind loses and we can be fully in the present and regain control of the mind. This leads to the other part of this New World Order; the depopulation of humanity. This is being done through genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in our food (imagine corn injected with mouse genes, or tomatoes injected with fish genes), the spraying of chemtrails (no theyre not just pretty cloud-like streaks that look cool), the fluoridation of our water (bad for the pineal gland and our teeth), and the worse one, the vaccination of children (containing poisons like mercury and formaldehyde). Now if someone is attempting to inject anything like into us, we owe it to our species to refuse. Now lets end this section with the crucial points of this New World Order, and thats disarming the public. It is in our best interest to handle any situation peacefully as possibleBUT it would not be wise to give our guns, those who have them, up. Those of us that dont have guns, get them. Because when it comes down to it, the puppet military (those who choose to follow the orders of the Elite, and not protect the people) will have guns. This is absolutely last resort. Remember; try to diffuse the situation peacefully. Now lets talk about the arrival of the Antichrist. Before we get into that, here comes another illusion shattering: THERE WILL BE NO RAPTURE! After Gods divine plan (another mind-created concept), Jesus will not appear as a physical human taking any of us to heaven. After the damage is done, and theres no rapture, and Jesus doesnt appear to be showing up, those of us will be very upset when they find that their belief system failed them. Knowing that no rapture is coming, Christians may

think: Well, whos coming to help us? The answer would be: If we keep waiting for someone, the help offered is help that we will not want. The answer is within. We always look for someone outside of ourselves to tell us our next move, when the next move should be ours. We should not have to submit to a group to solve problems that we as a species have the rational ability to handle, Okay, knowing that Jesus will not come and no rapture will happen, maybe start becoming informed on this. Start asking ourselves what we want for ourselves and our loved ones. But most of all, what do we want for the entire planet? Then put those thoughts into action. The more thoughts that you allow to build up without action, the more dragged down and overwhelmed you get. This is what can cause anxiety, worry, fear, guilt, and fear. But once again, you can see that those creations of excessive thoughts are of your mind. This means that they are not real because you can control it by being where you are and be fully in the present. This is because the present is all that exists. It is a gift from God. Once a thought pops into our heads, put it into action right away. Our energy is best spent in the survival and evolution of the humanity. Will there be the appearance of an antichrist figure to try to convince humanity that he is their savior? If this does play out, knowing how governments have acted when they wanted to get a reaction out of the masses (false flags), this could be one of their homemade inventions to get people to believe the reality that the Elite want them to believe in order to better control them. After all, government literally means mind control. The goal for us is to keep our mind in check so that our government cannot. That requires being fully in the present and being who were really are: our spiritual-self. See how deep this rabbit hole goes? This is the War on Consciousness that has been going on covertly is now, as of 2012, going on overtly. Its all in our minds. Once we can fully believe and accept that, well be able to have better control over our lives and the Elite lose. Everything from the economy, to the statutes (not laws) enforced upon us and the personal and national debtall of it is an illusion. Once that is realized, we become free from the chains that bind us and live free as spiritual beings. The reason why all of these tyrannical statutes and bills are being shoved down our throats is because the Elite are fearful of something, and they are trying to push through their control grid as quickly as possible. What is coming is a major paradigm shift. Everything that we have ever known about our history, about science, about spirituality, and just about humanity as a species will be brought to light. No, 2012 is not the end of the world. I believe that 2012 is the end of the Elites world of control. But it would be in all of our best interest if we started to get the ball rolling by quickly tumbling their system by peaceful non-compliance. That means no working at those wage-slave jobs (slaving for paper and/or digits), no sending child(ren) to those indoctrination camps called schools, no television watching, no newspaper reading, no taking public transportation, no pumping gas, and most of all, no buying unnecessary material goods. Who cares what kind of car you drive and how many inches the rims are? Who cares that there are more than ten of them in your front yard? Hit the Elite in the only spot where they seem to feel any type of pain; their bank account. Humanitys Major Problem and the Solution One of humanitys major problems right now is that there are those of us that are obsessed with stroking their egos, which is in the mind, and wallowing in materialism. Just watch TV (yeah I know I said not to watch TV in the last paragraph, but think of it as a social experiment). It programs us on how we should act, what we should think, how we should dress, which guy/girl we should date, what food we should eat, and what medicines we should take. Simply put, television tells us who we should be and not who we really are. But wait, it gets better. The commercials forced in-between those TV programs are all about getting the newest car, getting the cell phone that does everything (theres an app for that), buying cosmetics that transform those with less than average physical features into that of perfect A-list celebrities, taking out a consolidated loan to get out of the debt that we already have (which, in turn, leads to deeper debt), and on and on. Now just so we are clear, Im not anti-capitalist or against buying nice things. As a matter of fact, capitalism (not corporatism) is a motivator and offers that best opportunities to take control of our lives, breaking us out of the master/slave paradigm, and also as a high form of innovation and creativity, allowing us to energize our passions and at the same time, do

something to benefit our species. The problem is that when the mind takes control of us, while in the capitalist mindset, we lose contact with the self (who we really are; our consciousness). We let the mind (who we think we are) take over and it becomes the main driver of the physical body that is you. This causes us to not give a fuck about anybody, allows us to cheat people, steal from people, and even kill people just to protect our finances and material goods. If we continue this destructive mindset when the new paradigm kicks in by 2013, we will face extinction. Look at it this way: When you die physically, the material goods (cars, designer clothes, money, and jewelry) that those of us have worked hard for will mean nothing. Everything in this physical reality is our adversary, including our minds. Its like a sports team have home field advantage, with the mind and physical reality being the home team and our consciousness/spiritual-self being the away team. One thing that we must remember is that although the advantage is on the opposite side, the away team still can win the game. This means that we as our true selves can win in this physical reality. The whole point of this is to let people know that things like fear, guilt, worry, anger, anxiety, depression are not real. I will say that again: Fear, guilt, worry, anger, anxiety, and depression are not real. They are creations of the mind. One thing that is very important for us to understand is that when it comes to physical pain, it is already hardwired into our minds. This is something that we unfortunately have to deal with in this physical reality. Lets look at the pending economic collapse. If its in the mind, its not real. Now there are those of us that are probably thinking: If these things are not real, how is it that we can feel these negative emotions? This is because the mind is controlling us. Thats right! The mind is the one that is telling us that were not pretty enough, or rich enough, or to be afraid of our government and not question it. So how do we overcome this? We remain fully in the present. Because it is the present that truly exists. People get caught up in the past (a bad breakup, loss of a good job, a friend screwing you over, a death in the family) and worry about the future (New World Order, pending economic collapse, World War 3). It is very important to keep informed about our true history and the issues going on in our world and use critical thinking. This is what we really should be using the mind for and nothing else. The mind is a tool, not who we are. We are spirit. We are consciousness housed in a physical body. With this said, the mind can be observed as a double-edge sword. The more we think, the more the mind controls us and keeps us out of the present. This causes us to worry about the past and the future. This is the reason that questions such as: Where do you see yourself in the next five years? should be irrelevant. What about the now? What about making the present the best moment possible? The past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift. -Kung Fu Panda Earth 2013 If we as humanity can get this right, then we can surely create a heaven on Earth. However, in order to do that, humanity has to change their selves. Now when I say humanity has to change their selves, I dont mean physically. There is no plastic surgery or liposuction needed. We need to change our inner selves. We need to give control to our consciousness and keep the mind in check. It is this and only this that will give us the opportunity to evolve into spiritual beings by 2013. This is the war that each and every human being must participate in. No one will be exempt. It is the mind vs. the spirit. If the spirit is victorious, then we will experience true bliss, not the mind-created bliss that is received when a new car is purchased, alcohol is consumed, drugs are done, or a lot of money is won. But true, natural, everlasting spiritual bliss that cannot be achieved by material goods. This is when we will be able to create our own realities with much more ease than before. If we can get every human being to successfully evolve, Earth will start heading in the direction of being a true paradise. There will be no corruption, violence, crime, or any other negativity because we will be able to keep in check the very thing that creates all of those things: the mind.

The most important thing that everyone must understand is that we are all one. There is no black, white, Spanish, Asian, Jewish, Catholic, Christian, and Muslim. Humanity is one race. We are all in this together. Division is what the powers that be want. They want us divided so that we keep fighting with each other while they fuck us over. Once we unite, realize the truth that we are not our minds and that we are all one species capable of an amazing spiritual evolution, then, and only then will we create the Earth for 2013 that we really should be striving for. Things like nationalism, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, financial status has kept humanity from evolving. Also we have always looked at this with a polar consciousness (good/evil, hot/cold, rich/poor). In life, everything is balanced. There will be good things and bad things that happen to people. Since we are all one, it is better to look at these things as one as well. Just to quote from Kung Fu Panda once again: There is no good or bad news. There is just news. This is an example of unity consciousness. This is where we must head as we march forward into 2013. We all as a species must tap into the collective unconscious, or Holy Spirit, if we are to survive and evolve as a species. Now if we decide not to follow this path and let continue to be a slave to the mind, understand that major consequences will arise. Those of us that desperately try to hold onto their material goods, choosing profits over people (remember that its only paper people), trying to have the hottest girlfriend in order to gain the approval and acceptance of our peers, thinking that one country is the greatest and that should bend to our will (think of America and its imperialistic attitude), etc. It is THESE things that will cause us to go into 2013 on a very dangerous path. The more we continue to desperately hold on to this paradigm, the worse it will be for all. As a matter of fact, it could be so bad that it will lead to our extinction as a species. If we hold on to this paradigm that is at its end just like the powers that be are, we WILL be under their control. The Elite control this physical reality and it will not change, otherwise this reality would not exist. This will lead to the global tyranny that is now being implemented as this year winds down. This is what will happen if humanity lets the mind take control instead of the spirit. The world will become a fear-based totalitarian police state. It will literally be hell on Earth. Now heres something to think about (yes, we can use our minds for now): After reading what was written, picture what may happen if we keep living like we are our minds. Would it really be worth it to hold onto all of your material goods (which you will lose one way or another) and money (which will be worthless soon enough)? I would hope that answer would be no. But if humanity keeps surrendering control to the mind and ignoring the spirit, this will be our future. A new world order is needed: one based on true meritocratic democracy, not the communist military dictatorship that the Elite want to push through. World government is needed to maintain environmental, social, political, and financial issues on a macro scale. The nations themselves can maintain their issues on a micro scale. Very important is that the leaders of this new world must not be of the mind-self. They have to have mastered being in the present fully in order to be leader of the new world. They must have control over their mind. If the opposite is done, we will be headed for disaster, and eventually, extinction. 2013 will be a new beginning. It will be the beginning of the enlightenment and the evolution of humanity or the beginning of the enslavement and the extinction of humanity. The point is that we as a species have a choice. We must make the right one though if we want heaven on Earth. This means we have to embrace leaving the Age of the Mind and get ready to enter the Age of the Spirit. There is no other way.