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About Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown has lived in Hammersmith & Fulham for over ten years. He lives with his wife, Kimberley and baby daughter Annabelle. in the healthcare industry. A graduate of Imperial College, Andrews main interests are healthcare, particularly maintaining all services at our local hospitals; and fighting crime, having been an active member of his local Neighbourhood Watch.

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Andrew also works a stones throw from Town Ward in offices next to Putney Bridge tube station, where he is a consultant

The Conservative record in H&F:

Five 3% council tax cuts and the largest rise in residents satisfaction with council services in the country. PLUS: 1.3 million a year round-theclock beat policing in our town centres plus major cctv upgrade on our estates. 93% of streets now cleaned to Tidy Britain standard with same day weekly (some parts twice weekly) refuse and recycling collections. Plus zero waste to landfill. Six local parks awarded green flag awards for the first time ever, with many more improved. Parking charges frozen for residents permits and pay & display this year. Maintained six libraries whilst other boroughs are closing libraries down. Opened a new secondary acadamy, 3 free schools and a bilingual primary school. Funding voluntary sector groups with nearly 4 million a year when others are cutting heavily. Building new homes with 2,880 affordable homes to be built over the next ten years.
Recycling is an import ant down tax bills and Andrew way to drive Brown wants to see recycling made eas ier for all local residents - such as rolling out of more dual chute systems on our estates (pictured) and increase in the num ber of different items that can be put in orange sacks.

Easier recycling


e to Andrew Brown believes there is scop resident parking bays, find more into converting unnecessary yellow lines ests for bays. He is also supportive of requ those in more motorcycle anchors, such as , installed in other parts of the Epple Road ward.


Problems from late night bars, particularly around Fulham Broadway have got better over recent years - but there remains more to do. Drunken revellers still disturb residents too frequently and Andrew Brown (pictured discussing action on problem premises with Cllr Greg Smith) pledges to do all he can to stop this.

With local NHS authorities consulting over the future of Charing Cross and Chelsea & Westminster Hospitals, Andrew Brown is committed to doing everything possible to maintain all existing healthcare services, including A&E depar tments at both hospitals.

Protecting our local hospitals

In these difficult economic times it is impor tant to back our local businesses. Andrew Brown supports measures such as the I n Fulham initiative and 20p stop and shop parking bays - and wants to see more done to ensure all local businesses are able to thrive; with no void shops.

Supporting local traders

In Town Ward its a two horse race between the Conservatives Con and Labour, 59% with the Lib Dems in fourth place
Lab Lib 23% Green Dem UKIP 7.7% 6.6% 3%
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Continued Council Tax reductions and value for money services compared to Labours 7.7% annual increases. Tough measures on crime and anti-social behaviour to make our streets and estates safe. Cleaner streets, easier recycling and same day refuse and recycling collections at least once a week. Schools of choice and a top quality education for all local children. A borough of opportunity, including low cost home ownership to help people onto the property ladder. Support for local traders and businesses to keep Fulham Road and New Kings Road vibrant. Pride in our local parks, ensuring they are properly maintained and improved. Andrew Brown is local. Hes lived in Fulham for ten years and works next door to Putney Bridge Tube. Andrew will always put Town Ward first - and will get his voice heard at the top table in the Town Hall. Andrew is committed to listening to local residents and being easily accessible.

Follow Andrew Brown on Twitter: @arbrown_town

Email Andrew Brown:


If youve got a postal vote please remember to post it ahead of Poll Day. If you forget, you can hand it in at any polling station before 10pm on 12nd July. You dont need your official polling card in order to vote, so long as youre on the electoral register. If youre unsure where your Polling Station is, or if you need a lift, call 020 7352 0102.

A strong local team

Andrew Brown is seeking your support to join sitting Conservative Councillors Oliver Craig and Greg Smith following Stephen Greenhalghs appointment as Boris Johnsons Deputy Mayor for Policing. Together they will be a strong local team, standing up for Town Ward.

Listening to you
Andrew Brown believes Councillors should be as accessible as possible and pledges to always be available to help local people. You can contact Andrew by calling 020 7352 0102 or emailing: You can also follow Andrew on Twitter at: @arbrown_town