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diode questions 1.Does a zener diode voltage regulator need short circuit portection? a.yes c.

depends on the zener diode used d.depends on nature of load ans:b 2.In a full wave rectifier, if the peak AC input voltage is Vp, what must be the minimum value of the Peak Inverse Voltage (PIV) of the rectifier diodes used? a. 0.318Vp b. 4Vp c. 1.414Vp d. 2Vp ans:d 3.What is the current through a silicon diode connected to a 4V battery in 'seri es' with a 100 ohm resistance? a. 2.7 mA b. 33 mA c. 12 mA d. Cannot be determined ans:b 4.In a varactor diode, the capacitance is varied by: a. varying forward current. b. varying reverse bias voltage. c. operating diode in breakdown region. d. none of the above ans : b 5.Why is a schottky diode used in high frequency applications? a. operates in wider temperature band. b. reverse recovery time is low. c. is has a low forward voltage drop. d. is is cheap. ans:b transistor questions 1. In a series voltage regulator built, the Common Collector(or emitter follower ) transistor configuration is normally used,as output stage because of: a. high input impedance, high output impedance b. low input impedance, high output impedance c. high input impedance, low output impedance d. low input impedance, low output impedance ans: c 2. A silicon transistor is operating in the saturation region in common emitter( CE) configuration. The state of the base-collector junction is: a. reverse biased.

b. forward biased. c. cannot be determined. d. none of the above ans: b 3. om a. b. c. d. If you are asked to construct a low power, portable audio amplifer running fr a 12 V battery, what amplifier configuration will you choose? class A class B class AB class C

ans: d 4. is a. b. c. d. A transistor amplifier has following parameter, Vcc=15V, Vce=2V, Ic=1A. What the power disssipated in the transistor? 15W 30W 1W 2W

ans: d 5. The transistor emitter follower employs which of the below feed back topologi es: a. voltage series b. voltage shunt c. current series d. current shunt ans: a 6. when the collector current of a transistor increases, what happens to the cur rent gain? a. decreases b. remains the same c. increases d. any of the above ans: a OPAMP questions 1. When a square wave was given as input to a non-inverting amplifier(OP-AMP bas ed), it was found that the output was a triangle wave. What could be the reason? a. the opamp is faulty. b. the slew rate is low. c. input bias and offset current of the OPAMP. d. none of the above ans: b 2. n: a. b. c. d Which of the following OPAMP configurations has maximum bandwidth of operatio voltage follower inverting amplifier non-inverting amplifier none of the above


3. A OP-AMP based non-inverting amplifer with gain of 100 is built with a LM741 opamp. If the unity gain frequency of LM741 is given to be 1 MHz, what is the ba ndwidth of the circuit? a. 1 KHz b. 10 MHz c. 1 Mhz d. 10 KHz ans: d 4. a. b. c. d. Can a opamp be used as a comparator? yes no depends on the opamp N/A

ans:a 5. a. b. c. d. The closed-loop voltage gain of a OPAMP based inverting amplifier equals ratio of input resistance to feed back resistance. open-loop voltage gain. the feed back resistance divided by the input resistance. the input resistance

ans: c 6. a. b. c. d. Do you need a double ended supply to build a AC amplifier using opamp? no yes some times depends on the load

ans: a JFET and MOSFET 1. a. b. c. d. JFET's are generally used for high frequency applications because they have high gain. they have high input impedance. it has no minority carriers. it is cheap

ans: c 2. a. b. c. d. The gate-source diode for normal operation of JFET must be forward biased. reverse biased. either forward or reverse biased. none of the above.

ans: b 3. a. b. c. d. Power MOSFET's have which of following characteristics: high input impedance. both a and c low channel resistance. low input impedance

ans: b SCR 1. Can a SCR be used as a AC switch, a. yes b. no c. sometimes d. depends on input voltage ans:b miscellaneous 1. The output frequency of a 555 astable multivibrator is given by: a. f=.78/(r1+r2)*c b. f=.693(r1+r2)*c c. f=.5(c+r1)*r2 d. f=1.4/(r1+2*r2)*c ans: d 2. a. b. c. d. IC 7805 is a series voltage regulator. shunt voltage regulator. switching regulator. it is not a voltage regulator.

ans: a 3. a. b. c. d. IC555 can be used as a bistable multivibrator yes no n/a n/a

ans:a 4. A window detector a. b. c. d. detects detects detects detects windows voltages lying within a certain band voltages lying outside a certain band. noise in a certain band

ans: b