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General Information: The purpose of this evaluation is to give an opportunity to unit personnel to assess the performance of other departmental personnel and identify grey areas that require immediate action. The feedback thus generated will provide a crucial input to the individual staff evaluation which will follow in the final phase. This evaluation covers the period September 2011 to May 2012. Each unit head will complete this form for the staff in their department and for every other unit head. The unit personnel will fill in the form for their unit head. Everyone who has filled in the form may seal it in an envelope and submit it by 18th April 2012 to VPAA.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------EVALUATION FORM Name: Rating Period: Performance Categories: Using the rating scale given below, read each category and reflect on the unit heads performance of job responsibilities. Select the rating that you believe that best matches the employees actual performance. O = Outstanding HS = Highly Satisfactory S = Satisfactory US = Unsatisfactory NA = Not Applicable Department: Reviewed By: Title: Date:

PERFORMANCE RATING Performance Category Quality of work : Produces a body of work that is accurate, conforms to organizational standards and meets expectation levels. Productivity: Volume of work performed meets unit goals. Job Knowledge: Understanding of daily job requirements and policies and procedures. Versatility: Shows flexibility to respond and adjust to fluctuations in the workload and operational priorities Managing Relationships: Works effectively with peers (with special focus on the reviewers unit) Attendance: Attendance and punctuality are consistent Communication: Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing Organizing: Effectively organizes and plans work by setting priorities and adjusts them to meet changing needs Teamwork: Can be counted on to help inside and outside the department to accomplish goals Initiative: Self motivated, initiates action to improve operations and prevent or solve problems Innovation: Identifies, develops and communicates ideas and opportunities that may improve service and reduce costs. Reliability: Is reliable and follows through on commitments in a timely manner. Can be relied upon to see tasks through to completion Customer Focus: Takes initiative to understand the needs of internal and external customers, students and parents, potential students etc Reviewers Comments Rating

Reviewers Comments: Summarize overall performance accomplishments and areas you would like the Staff/Faculty/Department Head to develop in the next review period.

Reviewed By (Print: Name /Title)