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have always taken me for granted Many times you treat me with shabbiness and indifference You never seem to like me In fact, you never appreciated me at all. Many times you hurl remarks about me That if it were not for me, you have more time to pursue your leisure, to make friends and to do other more enjoyable things Besides you expect me to give you something in return. Dont I provide for your food, your clothing, your shelter and money you spend on a thousand and more things? Doesnt your bank account depend on me? And, how about your prestige? Were it not for me, where do you think would you be? You must understand that I also have feelings because I care I also expect to be cared for, because I give I expect to receive and what I expect from you would be your unfailing loyalty, affection and your devotion Just supposing one morning, you wake up and find me gone Would you not face the day with uneasy feeling? Perhaps bordering in fear, hopelessness and despair? For then, hunger, deprivation, and poverty would be at your doorsteps And perhaps, the friends you have gained through me would slowly begin to desert you, and your bank account would begin to dwindle

So after all, Im important to you-----------I AM YOUR JOB