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Recruitment It is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment.

The process begins when new recruits are sought out and ends when applications are submitted. The result is a pool of applicants from which new employees are selected. Recruitment constrains and challenges Strategic and human resource plans EEO legislation Environmental condition Organizational policies Recruiter habits Costs Incentives

Strategic and human resource plans: Strategic plans point out the direction of the firm and suggest the type of task and jobs need to be undertaken. The HR plan outlines which job should be filled recruiting outside the firm and which is filled internally. EEO legislation: Equal employment opportunity legislation prohibits discrimination in all phases of employment, including recruitment. Recruiter habits A recruiter past success can lead to certain habits. Admittedly habits can eliminate time consuming decision that yield the same answer but habits may also continue past mistake or avoid more affective alternatives Environmental conditions: External conditions strongly influence recruitments. The number of new entrance in the work force between the age of 18 and 24 has actually been lower in the 1990s than it was in 1980s. Not until the year 2000 will the number of people in this age group be the same level as it was 1988. The impact will be a scarcity of entry level workers military recruiters and college applicants. Costs: The cost of identifying and attracting recruiters is ever _ present limitation. Consider the observation of an analyst who has studied the study of recruiting cost. The cost of employment figures I have seen that

the average is over 7000$ per new hire. Careful HR planning and forethought by recruiting can minimize these expenses. Incentives: Inducement may be constrain as occur when other employer use them or they may be response to other limitations faced by the recruiter. Fast food chain usually have higher turnover. To reduce recruits and retain present employees longer , burger king introduced an educational assistance program that allows employees to accrue to $2000 worth of tuitions credits over two year. Organization policies: Organization policies are used to achieve uniformity economies public relations benefits and other objectives that may be unrelated to recruiting. At times policies can be source of constrain. Policies that reflect the recruiting are highlighted below. 1. Compensation policies 2. Employment state policies 3. International hiring policies