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By Cristian Carter, July 2012 Read: English versin by Daniel Lara

GOD DAMN IT! There are still people surviving with less than US$1,000 a month! They feed their families with this quantity! UNFAIR! In rich countries in minerals and natural resources, only few are given their wealth! - Royalties of less than the 35% of mining companies and hydrocarbons. - 90% of wealth are possessed by less than 1% of the population, with shocking fortunes, of hundreds, billions of dollars, and almost the entire Earth. And the other 10%, the scraps, remain for the 95% of populationthe middlelow class, the middle-high class, the ones who pretend to be wealthy and poor, and the ones who are permanently uncertain. These poor people also pay for the 80% of the State expenses; in which those few white collar delinquents, burglars, indecent, those same corrupt families, rule the politicians and authorities, who are also corrupt.while the rest live in uncertainty and fear, unpaid, and without decent conditions in pensions, law or health Dignity, equality, freedomTHATS RUBISHITS JUST FOR A FEW! This is a common pattern for all over the worldWHAT A NONSENSE! ITS IRRATIONAL, UNCONSCIOUS, ANTIDEMOCRATICAL, INDECENT AND GROSS! Something is getting wrong! But, dear friends, dont blame it on those indecent, old, repulsive politician who play with manipulation and hypocrisy for the stupid mass, taking advantage of fear, only with personal or institutional corrupt aims, to feed their egotistical attitudes. Only through your mirror can find somebody to blame; the people have the power of the State, and the right of choose and demand a better destinyauthorities represent us, but if they get it wrong, GOODBYE! That is why, facing those indecencies in this 21st Century, in which the human being is supposed to be an intelligent animal who can overcome trouble and be conscious, I REACT AND PRESENT MY PRO CANDIDACY FOR THE CITY COUNCIL OF TEMUCO, to make the world better, younger and healthier, in pursuit of the truth dignity, equality and freedom that all human being deserves. For all of this, I extend you the invitation to read my book UNIVERSAL MENTALITY, the Virtue Prince and the Bases of the Universal Democratic Party, at We can and owe a BETTER CONSCIOUS WORLD! Participate! Control your own present and future! Dont be a slave for the bad old rubbish allowed by the old schemes! Transcend.