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Aquamon 4000


Transmitter and Controller

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The Forbes Marshall Aquamon 4000 is used for measuring pH or ORP and temperature values. The pH or ORP values can be measured using proportional or limit control. The controller is available in two versions, one for panel mounting and one for wall mounting in an enclosure. The controller can be used for applications such as water treatment and monitoring, galvanic-decontamination, chemical processing, food processing, clean or wastewater control and neutralization processes.

Menu-driven program that simplifies set-up. Built-in memory backup to ensure that calibration and other information are not erased if power supply fails. Push-button for calibration and electrode offset adjustment from the keypad. Automatic temperature compensation (ATC). Manual temperature compensation setting without the ATC probe, with independent setting for calibration and process temperature. Two galvanically isolated current outputs 0/4...20mA 0 to 1999 seconds time delay adjustment on all relays minimizes false alarms. Software selectable, two modes - pH or ORP measurement. Special symmetrical configuration mode to facilitate operating in environments with electrical interference. Custom pH or ORP sensors are available with the potential matching pin for symmetrical mode measurement. In the ORP mode, the Aquamon 4000 is able to measure in mV or as % concentration, with independent calibration modes. All parameters can be operated in symmetrical or asymmetrical mode. Push button pH calibration facility. Calibration buffer sets include US, NIST and DIN standards. Electrode condition is updated and displayed after each calibration. For applications where Hydrofluoric (HF) acid is present, either Antimony or HF-resistant glass electrodes must be used. When Antimony electrodes are used, select 'Antimony' electrode option from controller menu to download relevant Antimony electrode data. Separately adjustable high and low set-point hysteresis (dead bands) prevent chattering of relays around the set points. Asymmetrical/symmetrical input for pH/ORP mode of operation. Three control modes: limit controller, P controller and PI controller (P/PI controller as pulse length or pulse frequency). Large dual display LCD for easy reading with clear multiple annunciators, alarm status, operational and error messages. Two switching contacts as set-point relays. Separate alarm relay alerting you to set point limits exceeded for a certain time and if the Pt100/Pt1000 wires are broken or disconnected during the ATC function. Wash relay. Hold function to freeze output current (0/4...20mA) and release control relays. LED indicators signal control activities to visually monitor controller status from a distance. Protection against electromagnetic interference. Back lighted and UV light protected LC display

Dimensions and Connections

144[5.67] 111.50[4.39] 27.5[1.08] 66.5[2.62] 21.5[8.5] 80[3.15] Max. 80 84[3.30] 1-22 [0.03 - 0.87] 29[1.14]

Holes for post mounting (4X) Holes for wall mounting (2X)


Seal gasket


approx. 14[.55]

39[1.54] 78[3.07]

Pg13.5(3 pcs)

24[.94] 57.8[2.28]

For Pg 13.5 cable glands


Unit: MM[Inch]
Threaded rod for panel mounting

Wall Mount Drawing Automatic Temperature Compensation with 2 or 3 wire Pt 1000 or Pt 100 temperature sensors. 3-wire system minimizes errors from the temperature sensor and cables. View temperature values in degree Celsius or degree Fahrenheit. Manual Temperature Compensation offers independent input of process and calibration temperatures.

(All measuurements in mm) Independent Relay A and B allows combination of H i andLo settings.

Liquid ground (potential matching pin) for symmetrical operations (pH / ORP controllers only)

Wash relay allows automatic, periodical cleaning of sensors used in conjunction with Wash program

Single-Pole-Double-Throw Alarm relay for fail-safe operations. When power supply to the controller is broken, the alarm relay activates.

Useful 12V DC output from the controller powers peripheral wash mechanism, preamplifiers, etc.

HOLD terminals allow for pH/ ORP Master-slave operations (pH analyzer controls ORP analyzer only under controlled pH values)

Dual 4-20 mA scaleable outputs for measured parameter and temperature. Unique Out-of-range current setting at 22 mA differentiates normal readings from O ut-ofrange values.

Detachable connectors for easier wiring.

Flat gasket 1mm [0.4] (to be inserted by customer)

92 +0.5 [3.62 +.02]

92 [3.62]

56 [2.20]

92 +0.5 [3.62 +.02]

32 [1.26]

Max. 45 [1.77]

Panel cut out

Unit: MM[Inch]

Max. 180 [7.09]

Panel Mount Drawing (All measuurements in mm) Wall Mount Opening

96 [3.78]

Range pH Resolution Accuracy Range mV Resolution Accuracy Range Resolution Temperature Relative Accuracy Sensor Compensation Function Integral time Adjustable period with pulse length controller Adjustable period with pulse frequency controller Set-Point and Controller Functions Pickup / Dropout delay Wash cycle Wash duration Switching pH Hysteresis Switching ORP Hysteresis Contact Outputs, Controller Switching Voltage/Current/Power Function (switchable) Alarm Functions Display Pickup delay Switching Voltage/Current/Power LCD Backlight Electromagnetic Compliance Emitted Interference (EMC) Specifications Environmental Conditions Immunity to Interference Ambient Temp. Operating Range Rel. Humidity Input Power Supply Main Fuse Pollution Degree Transient Overvoltage category Signal Output Electrical Data and Connections Load pH / ORP Input Connection terminal Dimensions (W x H x D) Mechanical Specifications Material Insulation Sr. No. Ordering Information 1. 2. Description Wall mounted pH transmitter Panel mounted pH transmitter Weight Wall mount Panel mount Wall Mount Panel Mount Wall Mount Panel Mount Wall Mount Panel Mount Wall Mount Panel Mount -2.00 to 16.00 pH 0.01 pH 0.01 pH 0 to 100% or -1000 to 1000 mV 0.1% or 1 mV 1 mV -9.9 to 125 C (15.0 to 257.0 F) 0.1 0.5 C ( 1.0 F) Pt100 / Pt1000 (jumper selectable); 2 or 3 wire Automatic ( 10 C / 18 F offset adjustment) / Manual Limit / P / PI Control (Pulse Length or Pulse Frequency) 0 to 999.9 minutes 0.5 to 20 sec. 60 to 120 pulses / min 0 to 1999 seconds 0.1 to 199.9 hours 1 to 1999 seconds 0.1 to 1 pH 1 to 10.0 % / 10 to 100 mV 1 SPDT; 3 SPST relays Max 250 VAC / Max 3A / Max 600 VA Latching / pulse 0 to 1999 seconds Max 250 VAC / Max 3A / Max 600 VA UV coat, backlit 14 segments display with symbols for status information On/Off selection with four level of brightness control EN 61 326 EN 61 326 -10 to 50 oC (14 to 122 oF) 10 to 95% (non-condensing) 80 to 250 VAC/DC 48/62 Hz 250 mA anti-surge 2 II Two 0/4 to 20 mA outputs for pH/mv and temperature, galvanically isolated Max.600 Screw Terminals (2 x 3-pins; 8-pin, 9-pin & 13-pin terminal blocks) (1 x 3-pin; 1 x 9-pin & 1 x 19-pin terminal blocks) 144 x 144 x 111.5 mm (5.67 x 5.67 x 4.39 inch) 175 x 96 x 96 mm ( 6.89 x 3.78 x3.78 inch) 745g (unit); 1100g (boxed) 550g (unit); 950g (boxed) PBT ABS NEMA 4X, IP 65 IP 54 (front) , IP 40 (housing) Code AQUAMON 4000 W AQUAMON 4000 P

Subject to change without notice

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