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I FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2012


A diamond roughed up!

Neeraj Nikhil Simon

Manu Prasad

stationery store named Staples on the ground floor, to a restaurant named Heera on the 4th, where time is purported to have stayed stationary - the capsule lift journey that takes you to the restaurant could seem like some layered Mughal intrigue. But time capsule it isnt, and you realise that when youre faced with a white door that makes you wonder whether youve gotten off on the wrong floor. Heera belongs to the Seven Star Group which also owns Chandini Chowk and Ruh. If you remember Heera Panna on Church Street, you can skip to the starters section. For those who dont, the Mughal theme is brought out reasonably well - there are alcoves separated from the main hall with bead curtains and multi-hued chandeliers from high ceilings which bring the theme to life. You even get to wear turbans and cloaks, and if youre so inclined, you can play with wooden swords too. If you happen to be sitting in the main hall, Rekha is likely to dance for you on the gigantic screen to In aankhon ki masti (Umrao Jaan); In case you arent floored by this, there is a good chance that one of those loose floorboards will do it for you!

Food Owner(s) Chef Alcohol Wine list Price range

Parking Wheelchair access Service

Indian Kapila Saigal Krishna Yes Fairly comprehensive, and includes wines and mocktails too. For about Rs.1500, you could share a mocktail, a non veg starter, a couple of rotis, a biryani and a non veg gravy, and end with a dessert. (Inclusive of taxes) Valet Parking available. No

Appetiser: One thing thats to be said

for the menu is that youll be spoiled for choice. We started with the Macchi Tikka whose red chili paste and subtle ajwain flavours made an excellent combination. The Paneer Kurkure was up next, and the crispy covering served as a perfect foil for the cottage cheese. Figuring out a clear favourite from among these two was difficult. I was expecting much from the Lal Mirch ka Murgh, but it really didnt deliver on the spice factor and seemed to be a dish that wasnt sure of its identity and aspired to be a Manchurian. The Mutton Chops Masala Nasheeli Champein had no idea that it had been classified under boneless and though its masala was quite good and had a fair share of spices, the lamb

pieces themselves whatever we could judge from the miniscule meat presence - were not really the best weve had. We also tried a couple of mocktails the Red Devil did a good job with the watermelon, apple, and orange combination but the mint leaves were a bit like moss on Kerala backwaters, quite spoiling the drink. The White Orchid lychee based, didnt turn out a lot better.

tional. There are some interesting options in the roti/naan section. The Baluchistan Kulcha with a kheema stuffing is definitely recommended as is the Harimirch ka Paratha, but you would want to stay away from the Channa Pudina ki Roti. The Gosht Dum Biryani was excellent flavourful, non sticky rice and well cooked meat complemented by a reasonably good raita.

Ghosht Dum Biryani, Ghosht Nihari, Macchi Tikka, Rabdi Malpua

Entree: The plethora of choice continues in the main course too. And though the Mutton Kofta curry we wanted to try out wasnt available, it turned out to be a blessing. The Gosht Nehari that was suggested to us instead turned out to be the best of the main course dishes with a silken rich gravy and well cooked meat. The Dum Aloo can be summed up with the fact that everyone approved of it until I smirked and told them that it was a Dum Aloo. Then everyone agreed that this wasnt the way it was supposed to taste. Cheap thrills. The Murg Masala was mildly spicy and not a bad dish, but for a special dish, it wasnt excep-

Afters: The Rabdi Malpua was easily

the best among the three we tried, since both components did their jobs well and worked as a combination too. The Kulfi wasnt bad but not really stellar either, especially on a relative note. The disappointment was the Flambed Gulab Jamun, which had such an overdose of rum that we felt that it should have been in the liquor menu.

Friendly, sometimes overly so. Sound level Bollywood, with a tinge of Arabic at just the right volume. Ambience A unique theme, which could do with some refurbishing Hours 12 to 11.30 pm Home delivery Yes Reservations Doesnt look necessary at this stage


In all: The food really wasnt bad at all.

The service was a tad too enthusiastic and we had to finally tell them that we would help ourselves. But what really takes away from the place, despite its

relatively unique theme, is its condition of disrepair. Its a bit sad to see it fraying, and not just at the edges, like a Mughal monument that no one seems to care about.

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In the 17th century, Great Britain was introduced to the concept of chops when the London Chophouse started serving individual portions of meat
Compiled by Ruth Dsouza; Pic: Neeraj Nikhil Simon & Durgesh Kumar Y

No 43/2 100ft Ring Road Kamakya Complex Kathriguppe, `60 his Mandya style place is Open for lunch and dinner. The chops here are served in the regular as well as gravy styles. They come 2 to a plate steaming hot and are best had with the ragi muddes. Also do not forget to ask for their pudina chutney which makes for a great combination with the tender chops. Supreetha Bajaj, Insurance agent

334, 17th 'C' Main, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala `50 ne of the few places in to serve military style food in this part of town. The mutton chops and ragi mudde combination here is brilliant. The meat is tender and well spiced. But be prepared to wait as service takes a while and there are times when the muddes are not up to the mark. Umashankar S, Entrepreneur

8th Main, 13th Cross, Wilson Garden `80 small non-descript place that has a tiny placard styled menu.The mutton chops "item" is popularly had with chapathis and ragi ball. They are strict about not giving you the ragi or chapathi unless you order the "item". Portioned for one person, its best this way as you wouldn't want to share this spicy treat with anyone. Rammohan Reddy, Retired govt official


19/1, Queen's Road Cross, Munniswamy Road, Cunningham Road`160/ ` hese chops are made dry. Served on frenched bones, these chops have a crispy skin and a cotton soft inside. The meat is often so tender, it falls off the bone when you pick it up. Be sure to blow on them a bit before you pop them into your mouth, they come steaming hot from the kitchen. Preetham K, Media professional

13, Double Road, K.H Road `130/ place that one can easily miss, Nagashree has a decent ambiance and great food too. The mutton chops comes in a gravy version here to be eaten with ragi mudde. Portioned for two people, the meat is tender, gravy well spiced and combined with the mudde, it gives a very satisfying start to a meal. Mohsin Khan, Student

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