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The New Scarlet Letter

For years, Kara Jefts lived with a terrible secret. When she met a guy, she wouldn’t reveal her last name until they had been on four or five dates. When she began a new job, she would immediately befriend the IT expert who could help her block hostile emails. When she spoke with a new boss, she would force an awkward conversation about her romantic history. Her secret was so terrible because it wasn’t a secret at all: for the past five years, nude photos of Jefts have been only one Google search, Facebook post or email away. Jefts is a thoughtful academic in her mid-30s, an archivist and art
3 min read

How Teens Use Tech for Sex Ed

Technology is the new sex ed class for many teens of the 2010s. While the internet may be rife with pornography, its role in teaching teens about sexual and reproductive health has been less well recognized. But a recently published report illuminates how crucial technology has become for adolescents.   The report, called TECHsex 2017 and published by Youth+Tech+Sex, a nonprofit organization based in Oakland, California, provides data and insights from a large national survey and small group interviews in seven U.S. cities. Following up on a similar report published in 2011, TECHsex 2017 take
The Guardian
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As Facebook Blocks The Names Of Trans Users And Drag Queens, This Burlesque Performer Is Fighting Back

When Caitlin Beach came out as a transgender woman, she decided she would announce the news to her entire network on social media. Facebook, however, wouldn’t let her. In spring 2015, she said Facebook flagged her profile after she changed it from her legal name to her new name, telling her she had to provide documentation to verify her identity. Beach, who had no supporting records at the time, said it was important to be able to introduce herself as Caitlin, and without that option, she decided to deactivate her account altogether. “It took away that experience of being able to come ou