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Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart

Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart

Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart

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Rachel Brathen, known as Yoga Girl, is an international yoga teacher and speaker, bestselling author and serial entrepreneur who inspires millions every day. Now – Rachel offers an even more intimate look into her life and the inspiring journey. Weekly episodes of storytelling and talks from Rachel (sometimes alongside special guests!) dive into topics such as love, trust, finding balance, overcoming adversity and of course, yoga and well-being. The light you are seeking is within your own heart. Join Rachel as she helps you uncover it, from her heart to yours.

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How To Make It Through 2020

Today’s episode begins with a heart-centred meditation on acknowledging the feelings yo...

66 Minuten
Aug 28, 2020

Cancel Yoga Girl 

Following the recent Aruban backlash from a social media post of Rachel’s, Rachel and D...

95 Minuten
Aug 14, 2020

The New Normal: Love (and Masks?) In A Time of Corona with Dennis Schoneveld

Are you feeling like you are perpetually living in a state of not knowing? You are not ...

52 Minuten
Aug 07, 2020

Diversifying The Wellness Industry with Nicole Cardoza

As students and teachers we have a responsibility to look at who is missing in our yoga...

49 Minuten
Jul 31, 2020

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Life is full of so much doing. We move quickly through our day, from working to plannin...

56 Minuten
Jul 24, 2020

Were You Born This Way, Or Did You Learn It?

We spend so much time in our armor, protecting ourselves with layers and layers of cond...

63 Minuten
Jul 17, 2020

Healing Hurts - How To Take Your Spiritual Practice To The Next Level

After everything that has occurred in 2020, there is no going back to the way things we...

77 Minuten
Jul 10, 2020

Radical Honesty with Jessamyn Stanley

This is a time in history when we are finally acknowledge the problems we have as a soc...

59 Minuten
Jul 03, 2020

Diversifying the Wellness Industry and Using Joy as an Act of Resistance with Latham Thomas

The past few months have given us a glimpse of what the world has the potential to be –...

63 Minuten
Jun 26, 2020

We are Part of the Problem (And How to be Part of the Solution)

How many times have you thought that racism was perpetrated by a select group of ‘bad’ ...

66 Minuten
Jun 19, 2020