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Wow in the World

Wow in the World

Wow in the World

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Hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz guide curious kids and their grown-ups on a journey into the wonders of the world around them. We'll go inside our brains, out into space and deep into the coolest new stories in science and technology.

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G-Force Vs. Wasabi: How The Brain Registers Pain (encore)

It’s time for another spicy smack down in the world of Wow, and this time Gramma G-Forc...

27 Minuten
Mar 22, 2021

An Eyebrow Evolution! (encore)

Once upon a time, our earliest human ancestors all had a permanent case of 'angry face'...

30 Minuten
Mar 15, 2021

Spit-Take! The Science Of Saliva And Those Bitter Bites (encore)

Having trouble breaking through the bitter bites of nature's leafiest greens and cocoa ...

28 Minuten
Mar 08, 2021

Are You Smarter Than A Toilet? (encore)

Are you tired of the same old toilet? Mindy is! And thanks to a team of engineers at St...

29 Minuten
Mar 01, 2021

What's Slower Than Slow? (encore)

Sloths, snails and salamanders, when it comes to slow animals there's a bunch of differ...

32 Minuten
Feb 22, 2021

Ah, BATS! (encore)

What in the world does Guy Raz's new micro house have in common with a tree hollow for ...

31 Minuten
Feb 15, 2021

Nice-Off! Cats Vs Dogs (encore)

It's a rivalry that goes back as far as time itself; Cats vs Dogs! For the past 10,000 ...

28 Minuten
Feb 08, 2021

Laughter In A Can: How Our Brains Interpret Funny Business (encore)

What in the wow is "canned laughter" and how in the world does it work? Join Mindy and ...

26 Minuten
Feb 01, 2021

Listen To Your Mummy! (encore)

A voice is calling from beyond the grave! Scientists from England have used computer mo...

27 Minuten
Jan 25, 2021

The Buzz on Bee Barf! (encore)

Once upon a time, scientists believed that bees chose plants with the sweetest nectar. ...

32 Minuten
Jan 18, 2021