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#10: Rapid Biohacking, Rebuilding Our Brains and the Benefits of Time-Restricted Eating with Mike Mutzel

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Host: Dhru PurohitGuest: Mike MutzelHave you, or a loved one, been on a destructive path, and wondered how on earth are things going to change? Our good friend and Functional Nutrition expert Mike Mutzel opens up for the first time here on The Broken Brain Podcast about his experience as a child and young person doing drugs, stealing, and being on a path that was going nowhere fast.Mike shares with our host and executive producer of the Broken Brain docu-series, Dhru Purohit, how he pulled himself out of the deep dark hole of depression and turned his life around to be a Functional Nutrition scholar, interviewer extraordinaire, and social media master.Dhru and Mike cover a wide range of topics in this episode including insulin and leptin resistance, why you want to reduce your body fat, the benefits of time-restricted eating, what plays a role in good health, and much, much more!In this episode, we dive into:What drugs do to your brain (2:50)Mike’s life-shifting moments (9:54)Who is Metabolic Mike? (12:05)The detriment of insulin resistance (15:04)Leptin’s role in health metabolism and insulin levels (17:50)Reduce your fat, reduce your inflammation (24:17)Skinny fat—why it’s just as dangerous (25:52)Steps to pulling out of a negative cycle (28:05)Benefits of time-restricted eating (31:48)Safety of intermittent fasting through research (34:22)Ketogenic diet - what is it and should I do it? (39:54)Is there a best diet for everyone? (44:09)What other factors play a role in good health? (46:56)Gleaning information from Mike’s recent interviews (51:43)Why would anyone want to be in discomfort? (59:49)Raising healthy kids (1:04:37)Let’s find Mike online (1:07:48)

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