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A New Day for Marijuana: with Kristine Owram (Bloomberg News)


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A New Day for Marijuana: with Kristine Owram (Bloomberg News)

Von Quicktake by Bloomberg

Länge: 12 min


Wednesday across Canada, the legal sale of marijuana will take effect. David Meyers speaks with Bloomberg News cannabis reporter Kristine Owram on what exactly is now legal and when the U.S. will follow suit. FOLLOW UP Kristine's latest report: As Cannabis D-Day Approaches, Winners and Losers Set to EmergeYou can follow Kristine at: @KristineOwram---- TicToc is a daily news podcast hosted by David Meyers (@davidfmeyers), produced at Bloomberg Worldwide HQ in New York City. You can follow up with us and watch our reporting @tictoc. If you like it, be sure to rate us on iTunes, and tell your friends!
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