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128. The Five Essentials To Pitching Yourself: 128. The Five Essentials To Pitching Yourself


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128. The Five Essentials To Pitching Yourself: 128. The Five Essentials To Pitching Yourself

Von The Speaker Lab with Grant Baldwin

Länge: 18 min


Welcome back to The Speaker Lab! This week we've got another episode of listener Q&As. We have one question from Cathy about the absolute essentials to pitching yourself. We also have a question from Greg who asks about using past media appearances that are notable but not related to his current line of work. Can he do it and if so, how should he do it? Tune in to hear the answers. And if you'd like to ask a question of your own go to the Ask Grant section here and ask away! A big thank you to Cathy and Greg for chiming in, and thanks to you for listening to episode 128 of The Speaker Lab. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS SHOW: What is the point of a demo video? What is a topic menu and why do you need one? How many different topics and talks should you initially offer? Do you need testimonials and recommendations to pitch yourself? Why it's good to have multiple pricing options for your talks. Why you need a follow up system in place. Can you use media appearances and exposure from different industries? What is topic authority and human credibility, and why do you want them? And so much more!   EPISODE RESOURCES How to Set Up Your First Speaking Web Site - Episode 36 How to Create Demo Videos, with Wes Wages - Episode 56 What Do You Want to Speak About? - Episode 8 How to Get Speaking Testimonials - Episode 111 Questions About Speaking Fees - Episode 54 How to Follow Up on Speaking Leads - Episode 21 The Speaker Lab web site theme Bowery 315 web site Booked and Paid to Speak Free speaker workshop The Speaker Lab Facebook group Got questions? Send them in here Email me! Subscribe on iTunes, and leave us a rating or review
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