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Shutdown Fullcast 4.48 - Please Check On Your Undefeated Team


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Shutdown Fullcast 4.48 - Please Check On Your Undefeated Team

Von Shutdown Fullcast

Länge: 58 min


West Virginia and Boise and Baylor and Nebraska were all undefeated. They aren't now, which, well, sorry y'all. This episode has a good five minutes of I don't really know what at the beginning, followed by this:

- A conference referee taxonomy
- Pointing out that Tennessee lost to a child quarterback born after the last Volunteer national title
- Admiring Notre Dame's persistence in trying to lose yet again
- Explaining how PJ Fleck will beat USC three times in 2017
- The origins of the universe as they relate to Georgia football
- Doing Louisville a solid by saying very little about how they almost lost to UVA
- Doing Ohio State a MAJOR solid by not even talking about the Northwestern game
- A celebration of Wyoming winning by safety
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