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Shutdown Fullcast 3.38.0


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Shutdown Fullcast 3.38.0

Von Shutdown Fullcast

Länge: 77 min


A bloated 77 minute Fullcast is quite a bit to drop on you all at once, but everyone hired and fired a coach AND the championship weekend happened and we have to talk about all of it. ALL OF IT, WE SAY.
--Another installment of "Spencer Hall's Butt Lists"
--A lengthy examination of how everyone hired in the SEC East is boring and predictable and formulaic and boring and yes we said boring twice
--An equally lengthy examination of how somehow out of nowhere the ACC did nothing but make good hires, including somehow pulling Bronco Mendenhall out of Utah and Dino Babers away from Bowling Green
--A breeze through the conference championship games, where every single conference played its prescribed role to the hilt
--Jason's concluding appreciation of the greatest game of the weekend: Baylor trying to make up an entirely new offense live on the field against Texas while using only their fourth string quarterback who was really not the quarterback.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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