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EP067: If Knowledge Is Power, Learning Is Your Superpower!: Working out your mind is just as important as working out your body.

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Drew’s guest today is Jim Kwik aka the personal trainer for the brain. Jim’s story is awe inspiring. When he was young he had learning issues due to a brain injury. He watched movies and read comic books to teach himself to read when traditional schooling left him behind. Jim’s desire to make his family proud and to become a positive role model for his younger siblings led him to find his superpowers. His story of overcoming obstacles, having unexpected help and his ability to name drop makes this episode pure joy. Jim offers Fit2Fat2Fit podcast listeners a free video course to help you work out your brain and increase the power of your memory. Be the first to get new ways to keep yourself healthy and fit in your inbox by signing up for Drew’s newsletter on   Key Takeaways: [7:52] Drew has officially started his 7-day fast today. [8:34] Jim Quick’s origin story; how he became a personal trainer for the brain. [18:15] Jim studied everything he could get his hands on about how to be a fitter, faster and smarter learner.  [22:19] Post-traumatic growth led Jim to discover his 3G (growth, grit and giving) superpower. [24:37] How to create new brain cells through nutrients and novelty. [26:01] A superhero is someone who is able to push past the pain period. [27:55] Inspire people around you through your grit and grace. [30:24] Do you have early on-set Digital Dementia?  [31:34] Jim says the age of your mindset and your heart determine how fast you learn. [33:29] Jim shares his unexpected Comic Con and X-Men surprise.    [42:10] Your perspective, your story and your beliefs shape your memory.  [45:39] Tactical tips to help you remember - Motivation, Observation, Mechanics.   Sponsors: EverlyWell - Use this special link for 10% off or use the code Fit2Fat2Fit when you check out Quest Nutrition Dollar Workout Club   Mentioned in This Episode: Kwik Learning Jim Kwik - Free Memory Training Videos    @jimkwik on Twitter MUSE Device Headspace Fit2Fat2Fit Fit2Fat2Fit Book Drew on Social Media: @fit2fat2fit Email Drew:

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