135 BPM - Hard Charger: All gas, no brakes


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135 BPM - Hard Charger: All gas, no brakes

Von PODRUNNER: Workout Music

Länge: 62 min


A high-energy mix with an escalating series of peaks. Keep Podrunner going with a contribution or purchase at https://www.podrunner.com/donate.html.l PLAYLIST: 01. Alex Dimou - Sodium (Mini Mode Mix) 02. Ricky Sinz - Oh You (Curt Cream Remix) 03. Hector Couto - Red Town 04. Kduzec, DJ Deco - Darkness 05. Ricardo Garduno - Senseless 06. Maxdal - Flute On 07. DJ Fronter - La Clave Mi Gente 08. Shockillaz, Flybug - Buttefly (PRATO Remix) 09. Andy Faze - Origins of the Mind (Trukers Remix) 10. Jaksaw - Damn! 11. Wender A. - Play My Piano (Zoltan Project Remix) == Please support these artists == Podrunner is a registered trademark of Podrunner LLC. Music copyright c the respective artists. All other material c2013 by Podrunner LLC. For personal use only. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized reproduction, editing, exhibition, sale, rental, exchange, public performance, or broadcast of this audio is prohibited.
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