438: Chester Santos | International Man of Memory


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438: Chester Santos | International Man of Memory

Von The Art of Charm

Länge: 53 min


Think you have a lousy time remembering things? You're probably not giving your brain enough credit. According to this expert, it's never too late to expand your capacity for memory.
"Definitely everyone can dramatically improve their memory from where it currently is with the right training and practice." -Chester Santos
The Cheat Sheet:

Even the worst memory can be improved dramatically -- at any age.
Learn how you can (and why you should) give speeches and presentations without any notes.
What forgotten (and practical) skill can help you spark the powers of recollection?
Use all your senses to build a map for remembering.
You'll be as surprised as we were at how one memory trick can make a seemingly impossible task ridiculously easy within minutes!
And so much more...

Show notes at http://theartofcharm.com/podcast-episodes/chester-santos-international-man-of-memory-episode-438/
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