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CBD Update: Emerging Science and Implications


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CBD Update: Emerging Science and Implications

Von Super Human Radio

Länge: 58 min


SHR # 2366 :: CBD Update: Emerging Science and Implications : Dr. J. Matt Andry, MD - Cannabidiol (CBD) product popularity is at a frenzied level today. You can find CBD everywhere from grocery stores and farmer's markets to boutique CBD stores. All promising pain reduction, reversal of anxiety, better sleep and balancing the overall nervous system as just some of its benefits. With its growing cult following and acceptance as "safe" research is slow to catch up. A recent study showed that taking CBD in doses suggested by one pharmaceutical CBD-based anti-seizure drug, Epidiolex, damages the liver after just a single dose. Dr. Andry has positioned himself on the bleeding edge of CBD research, speaking and educating all over the country. We discuss this and other emerging research about CBD on todays interview.
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