Elizabeth Lindsey: Elders' Wisdoms


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Elizabeth Lindsey: Elders' Wisdoms

Von Finding Mastery

Länge: 101 min


Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey is the first female and first Polynesian to become an explorer for the National Geographic Society. She has made it her mission to find, preserve and share the knowledge and traditions of indigenous populations before they disappear.
Show Notes:
8:43: Where she found her passion for understanding ancient traditions and ancient wisdoms
"True masters have nothing to prove to anyone" 10:27
19:20: Determining whether your psychological model or the environment is off
"The most powerful thing we can do, each of us, is to find stillness" 23:40
27:20: People who have influenced her and who she was able to learn from
37:47: The best place to bring yourself to when you're unraveling
43:42: How she was able to travel the world for six months without speaking and the tales of her journey
57:17: How to create depth within yourself
"Whatever story we choose to tell, if we choose wisely, the story becomes the medicine for others" 1:01:46
1:04:00: How to define an explorer
1:08:20: Habits that are absolutely necessary aside from basic ones in life
1:12:43: Her single most difficult moment in life
1:22:37: Can true elite performance take place if people don't get along on one stage?
1:35:10:Insights on how to become an expert risk taker
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