597: Should You Drink Kombucha?: Listener Q&A with EB and Sarah


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597: Should You Drink Kombucha?: Listener Q&A with EB and Sarah

Von Primal Potential

Länge: 34 min


Should you drink kombucha? In this Q&A episode we're answering your questions about probiotics, kombucha, menopause, why diet's don't work & much more! We love tackling your questions and topics and you can submit them here. The questions we answer in today's episode include: Can you suggest a good brand of probiotics? Should I drink kombucha? Does it even help? What are your thoughts on being proactive for menopause? Is it worth listening to all primal potential episodes from the start or better to start at the end and work backwards? Why haven’t diets worked for me? I'm eating better but I'm still eating too much. Have you done episodes on overeating? Do you have any tips? I want to get up early but I just can't. EB's Resources: Join me for the 1 Week Spring Cleaning Mindset e-series!  Hop on the wait list for the Summer 2019 12 Weeks to Transformation Gut Health Resources: Episode 055 - Probiotics and Body Weight Episode 432 - How Your Microbiome Can Help You Burn Fat Episode 482 - Microbiome & Your Health Episode 504 - Avoid, Minimize, Indulge Episodes on Overeating Include:  Episode 548 Episode 527 Episode 209
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