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Fast Track To O-Town: Fast Track to O-Town


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Fast Track To O-Town: Fast Track to O-Town

Von Sex With Emily

Länge: 56 min


Today’s show is all about helping you effectively find your sexual bliss in the bedroom. No matter what issues are holding you back, Emily has the answers you need to get on the fast track to O-town!
Are you struggling to serve yourself up some satisfactory self-loving? Are you having trouble enjoying your partner’s best oral sex moves? Perhaps the sex is so great that you wish it could last a bit longer? We all want to find enjoyment in bed, and your secret to maximum fulfillment could be right around the corner. From kegel tips to breathing exercises to figuring out your fantasies, Emily’s got some tricks in her sexual toolbox to help you out of your bedroom bind.
Whether you’re missing your masturbatory mark, experiencing position problems, or are coming up against some oral obstacles, this podcast might be just what you need to turn up the pleasure in your sex life. Tune in!
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